1So I was busy doing the standard theorizing and thinking we in S&T are so used to when it dawned on me.
2We really have no idea what sort of inclination the Mask of Life itself has. The mask is sentient, and therefore it has the ability to guard itself from anyone coming. But surely it has some idea of its own destiny, right? This would seem to indicate, to me at least, that the Mask would want the Inika to find it. However with it attached to Vezon's head it seems like most people assume the Mask does not want to be found. So exactly what are its motivations? It does want to help Mata-Nui right? If it saw a Toa Inika, would it try to assist them, or is it more of an outsider in the whole good and evil battle, merely doing its job of...protecting itself...as well as it can? Is it aware of Mata-Nui at all? If you can give any kind of hint or explanation about the Mask itself, it would be much appreciated. Or in any case at least a promise that we will get a look into it ourselves :)

3Good question. I don't see the mask as being inherently good or inherently evil -- I see it as almost being an avatar of its element, Life. That means it can be wonderful or cruel, balanced or capricious, and can provide plenty of tests and challenges. Even if it knows, for example, that a particular Toa is destined to use it, that Toa still has to overcome the challenges in the way. The Ignika allowed Vezon through because it was an emergency, and now probably regrets having such a loon for a guardian. So no, the mask will not act to help the Toa or go out of its way to help the side of good or the side of evil ... nor is the mask even that well aware of the extent of its own powers. Sometimes it can bestow upon someone what it thinks to be a blessing which is really far from it, because it simply does not understand how hard it can be for a normal being to control the power of life.

4Insight into the workings of the Mask of Life.
1I have a few questions, but I would like a moment to say that this is one of the best story years so far. I don't recall being this excited since 2001.
21)How was Comic-Con? I might try to go next year... 32)The original Story Bible back from 1999/2000/2001, is it still being used? If yes, at least how many more years will BIONICLE last? 43)Did Vezon enter through the passageway to the Mask of Life in the Green Belt? (The one that the Inika went through). 54)How long before the other Piraka did Vezon go to Voya Nui? 65)Will the Nui Caves play any part in the story at all? 76)Will the Nuva attempt to get the Mask of Life at all? 87)Is Voya Nui really just floating, not at all attached to the seafloor? 98)Is it possible there are more than 2 sunholes above Metru Nui, making the "suns" appear to "move" as the planet rotates? 109)Does the legend about the mutated Kane-Ra bull guarding a maze of tunnels have any significance in the story? 1110)Does the Order of Mata Nui know where Artahka and Karzahni are? 1211)Were there any OoMN members stationed on the island of Mata Nui, keeping track of Makuta's actions? 1313)Are all Toa repelled by the archway force field in Karzahni? 1414)Do the Kanohi of Elemental Energy, Takutanuva's Mask, Karzahni's Mask, or the Mask of Stealth have official names? 1515)I have heard that the title of Karzahni's Mask is "The Great Mask of Alternate Precognition". Is this true?

181) Fun, but frantic. 104,000 people over four days ... whew: 192) The original concepts are very much in use, yes. And BIONICLE will last as long as the sets sell and it is profitable for the company. 203) Yes, that is the only way to get down there 214) Oh, he got there probably a day or so earlier than them, maybe even less 225) Not in the books, maybe in the online material 236) They are not in a position to do so, they've been captured 247) I can't answer this one. 258) No. 269) You never know .. I like to throw those things in there to keep myself interested and challenge myself to come up with story for them later 2710) Yes and no -- they know where Karzahni is, they don't know where Artakha is 2811) Most likely, yes 2913) I would say no -- the archway keeps out those with the power of Light. 3014) No 3115) No, that is a BZP name for it, not ours
1Just have to say kraahkan-user3000, that the whole Alternate Precognition thing was my idea, but I did state right next to it that it wasn't an official term.
2Also, InnerRayg thanks for that insight on the Ignika, I think I'm gonna use it in the Official Collectables Topic. I'm gonna make some credits and be sure to have you in it :).
3- :t::l::h:
1Yeah, no problem. I'm kinda surprised it never came up before-it seems so obvious to me now that being Sentient the Mask of Life had to have some kind of opinion on what's going on....

1Hi Greg, I just wanted to ask a couple of questions about the Ignika.
21) Are the following actual powers of the Ignika: Future sight, hovering (more of an ability than a power), fusion, enlargement of other beings.
32) I'm aware that you've said this ability is limited, but exactly how far into the future can Vezon see thanks to the mask? Seconds? Minutes? Hours?
43) Can the Ignika transform beings?
5I think that's it. Thanks Greg :).
6- Toa Lhikan Hordika
71) Yes, along with other powers related to life, such as accelerating plant growth, healing, and who knows what else I will come up with. Think big picture -- eliminating the idea of resurrecting the dead (which it can't do), what else could the power of Life do? 82) Hours, probably 93) I need you to clarify what you mean by "transform" -- give me an example of the kind of transformation you're talking about and I can give you an answer.

103) Um....well I know that it can enlarge beings (Protodax, and Fernrakk), but can it transform in the sense of, well I guess completely changing the form (not just the size) of a being. I guess almost like what EP does to a being when it's their destiny to transform. Did that make any sense?
11- Toa Lhikan Hordika

12There are certainly beings in the BIONICLE universe who believe it can do that -- but there is no evidence yet that it actually can. (The question of whether it can or not will be dealt with in future storyline)

13Off Topic: By the way InnerRayg, you're in the credits of the Official Collectables Topic now.
14- :t::l::h:
1hey greg i have a question about toa energy
2Since toa energy can also be used for other things rather than acheiving destinies like healing creatures,do the toa who gave up a little energy become a little weaker? Say Tahu gave up half of his toa energy for some reason. After giving it up, would tahu be half as powerful as he was before, or do toa stay just as powerful until they give all of their toa energy, when they become turaga?
33 more random questions
41)If Roodaka and Tahu were to fight(and roodaka would actually fight not use her spinner), who would win?
52)Is there a reason why the BOM turned evil, or was it just random?
63)Why would makuta throw the fight against takanuva? If he did I'm guessing he didnt expect to get flattened by a huge door, right?
7thanks for your time

81) A Toa who gave up half his Toa power would be weakened, yes. 92) On Roodaka and Tahu -- if she did not use her spinner, and only relied on her shadow energy, I would probably give the edge to Tahu. 103) Yes, there is - hunger for power. 114) Simple. Makuta knew that eventually the Toa and the Matoran would make it back to Metru Nui, once they knew it was there. He also knew that the Toa did not suspect what his real plan was. By throwing the fight and letting the Toa think he was defeated, they would go back to Metru Nui and forget about him, leaving him free to carry out his real plans.

12Go Tahu: He must be good to beat Roodaka in an actual fight: 13Toa energy question was bugging me

1Is Makuta truely evil enough to kill himself by purposely putting Mata Nui in his dying state, of which if he dies that all in the Bionicle universe - that includes Makuta - will die? Read this quote, and decide for yourself.
2Here's a few more questions, Greg.
31. The book describes it as a Toa Metru-like figure. The video game depicts it as a legless version of the 2003 Makuta. 4Which is the official appearance of the EP Entity from Maze of Shadows?
52. Did Makuta - or even the BOM - know that by putting Mata Nui to sleep would cause Mata Nui to die? 62b. If yes, then he must surely realize that the universe - which he's in - will die as well. Would he seriously want to kill himself just to get rid of Mata Nui?

71) Books always take precedence over video games. 82) I would say that Makuta probably did not know that would happen when he put Mata Nui to sleep, but I would also say that if he did know about it, he would find some way to use the possibility to his advantage

1Hi Greg. I'm sure that by reading the title of this message, you can guess what I'm gonna ask about. I know that you can't really answer anything to spoiler-y right now, so I'm going to ask some simple (hopefully) questions that are answerable as of right now.
21) Can you confirm that Fenrakk and Kardas are not the same being?
32) I don't know if this is in the storyline, but I realized that in the combiner set Vezon carries a shield (using Axonn's ax pieces set-wise). Where did he get it seeing as he only had the spear of fusion when he was fused to Fernrakk?
43) Can you give any hints at all to Kardas' powers? (You may not be able to answer this one just yet, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask)
5That's it for now. Thanks in advance :happy: .
6- Toa Lhikan Hordika

71) Not discussing this subject 82) That's a set thing, not a story thing 93) Yes. Kardas constantly generates a concussive force inside of himself, which he can then release through his mouth (the way a dragon breathes fire). As Vezon puts it, "It's either release it by blasting you, or go boom himself."

10Looky, there's a quote from BL5.
11- :t::l::h:
1Yeah some things I asked Greg
2Ok if you remember me asking you a bunch of questions on how the Inika are stronger then the Nuva. But then you said how the Nuva are strongest Toa because they can use each others mask powers and have more elemental energy then any Toa that has ever existed.
3But now I have defferent way to close in on these questions.
4Ok I do infact beleive the Toa Nuva are stronger then the Inika in a team. But it seems like a Inika would fair much better in a solo fight then say a Toa Nuva. Sure The Toa Nuva have powerful masks and more elemental energy. But they have pretty standerd Toa tools while as the Inika have a bunch of weird and somewhat effective masks(Not Nuva lvl but effective none the less). Their Toa Tools are either energy charged blades(light sabers sound familair?) mega laser/energy pulse blasters that can either punch whole in the thickest of armors are blow things into atoms. Plus their elements are intertwined lighting.
51. Now can you honestly say a Toa Nuva could not defeat a Toa Inika of the same element in a one on one fight? and if not please explain how a Nuva could beat a Inika and viceversa.(Parden my spelling)
62. Can Hewkii's, Jaller's and Matoro's blades really cut through anything just like a star wars light saber?
73. Oh and what do you think of spiderman's worst enemy Venom?

81) Simple. Toa Nuva have way more battle tactics experience, for one thing. And while the Inika do have great powers, Tahu can just shield everyone with his mask of shielding so they don't get hurt. Then Lewa and Onua share their mask powers with everyone and you have super-strong, super-speedy Toa on your hands. (Jaller, Hewkii, and Nuparu's masks would help them, and Kongu's would be of some help too -- the Mask of Detection and the Mask of Spirit are not huge helps in a fight.) Also keep in mind that the Toa Nuva can call on other masks, since they have all the Nuva masks, the Inika only have the ones they're wearing.
92) Probably
103) I think he was overused in his day to the point that he stopped being scary. Sort of like Ghost Rider -- a cool character when he was first revived, then he was guest starring EVERYWHERE and it got old.

11The Nuva... will reconstruct you.
11: What book are you on? 22: Will the Toa Nuva appear next year? 33: Will Takanuva? 44: How far spread are the Battles in the BOM DH war? 55: Do the BOM and DH forces battle for islands, or are they mainly Skirmishes. 66: Have the BOM or DH armies attempted to invade each other's HQ's yet? 77: will we visit any of the new islands in the atlas in Legacy of Evil? 88: Being as the BOM created him, whose side is Voporak on? 99: Do the Matoran, Turaga and Takanuva know about the war? 1010: Do any of the organisations know about the Bohrok awakening or the Bohrok Kal?

111) Just starting BL #7 122-3) I can't discuss 2007 134) Pretty widespread 145) Mainly skirmishes -- this isn't a fight for territory, it's a fight to annihilate each other's organization 156) No 167) Briefly, yes 178) Far as I know, he is still working for the DH 189) I would say no, because they have been on Mata Nui for 1000 years and cut off from what is going on in the rest of the universe. 1910) Sure. Makuta woke the Bohrok, so the BOM knows, and the OOMN knows because they keep track of what the BOM does.
20There you have it:
1Just one question that may already been asked :).
2The Toa Inika have electricity wrapped in all their elements, so if they decided to create a protodermis cage would it be different from the rest due to the electricity?
3Yes, probably

4So there you go :):
1Hey, I got a few... :rolleyes:
21. What is the connection between the Bohrok and the Toa? 32. Have the name changes from Naming Day been erased from the canon along with the original names (like, instead of "Jala" being changed to "Jaller", having Jaller's name always "Jaller")? 43. Would the Toa Olda have only 2 fingers if they were in a movie made by LEGO™ (and not by non-LEGO™ members)?
Zantova: Toa of the Force

1Hey, I got a few... :rolleyes:
21. What is the connection between the Bohrok and the Toa? 32. Have the name changes from Naming Day been erased from the canon along with the original names (like, instead of "Jala" being changed to "Jaller", having Jaller's name always "Jaller")? 43. Would the Toa Olda have only 2 fingers if they were in a movie made by LEGO™ (and not by non-LEGO™ members)?

5You have to PM Greg these questions, he rarely looks through this topic.
1I thought you people might want to know these:
2Hello, Greg. I just have a few more Qs for you today:
31) You know how you said that the Matoran language is not the same as English? So does that mean every time we see some Matoran words(i.e. in the movies) which, when converted to the regular alphabet, we can understand, the words have been changed?
42) What are all the reasons you have for the world of Bionicle not feeling as mysterious as before? I think that one factor of it losing its mystique is the way the characters talk. It sometimes sounds like they aren't really speaking a different language which has been translated into English.(which I think they actually are) Instead, they sometimes use many modern phrases.
53) In Bionicle Adventures#3, chapter 9, it starts a paragraph saying, "The Krahka said nothing in response, but the mask she wore smiled." Would it be more accurate to say, "The Krahka said nothing in response, but the face behind the mask she wore smiled."?
64) Since Mr. Thompson left the story team, who exactly is the head now?
75) What exactly does a zamor sphere do once it hits a target, or does only Zaktan know the the answer?
86) Is Kopaka's personality the way it is because of anything Nuju might have taught him or because of the way he was programmed when he was created?

91) Yes. Think of the movies as being a foreign film dubbed into English. 102) True, but we have modern readers and modern viewers. That is why we use expressions they understand. You have to keep in mind that the majority of the people reading the books are not 14 and over, they're 6-9, so if everything is obscure and odd-sounding, they will get frustrated and give up. I think if BIONICLE has lost its "mystique" for you it's because a) nothing retains the same mystique it has when it first starts -- Lost isn't the same second season as it was first, for example, because the more you learn, the less mystique there is and it is 5 years since it started, the original fans are five years older, and their tastes have changed. 113) I see your point, but remember that the books have to live within the movie universe because they include movie adaptations, and in the movies the masks are capable of expression. 124) The global brand director in Denmark. 135) The sphere turns immaterial to pass inside the target, at the same time releasing its contents. It then passes through the target and resolidifies once out again, so it can be reused. 146) No, Kopaka had that personality long before he ever came to Mata Nui or met Nuju. Kopaka has been around for well over 90,000 years.

11: Did Vezon have an eye power before the Ignika?
22: Does the Fenrakk have any special powers, such as immunity to certain things or capable of doing other stuff?
33: Axonn can create Lava Balls with his hands, so, does Brutaka have a power like that?
44: If you are a part of the order, you're not supposed to tell anyone that you are a member, correct?
55: What is the name of Axonn's Axe?
66: What is the name of Brutaka's Blade?
77: What is the name of Botar's blade?
88: Who's more agile, Brutaka or Axonn?
99: Who's physically stronger, Brutaka or Axonn?
1010: Are both Brutaka and Axonn one of a kind? If not, will we see more of their kind later?

111) No 122) Fenrakk shares Vezon's ability to absorb kinetic energy 133) No, Axonn can't do that. That info comes from an outdated version of the story bible. 144) Except in extreme circumstances 155-7) They don't have special names 168) Brutaka 179) Axonn, by a little 1810) No, they are not one of a kind, but no idea if we will see more of their respective species in future or not

194a: Is Botar coming because they have given out that info?

20No -- because there were extreme circumstances, so what Axonn did is allowed.

214b: Yes, but what about Brutaka?

22Brutaka has done far worse things than tell people he is from the Order, don't you think?


1You have to PM Greg these questions, he rarely looks through this topic.

2Oh, Ok. Sorry. :blush: I'll go PM him right about... NOW:::
1Some new stuff from Greg. Question 9 is certainly interesting:
21) How do you feel about involving a fairly well-known band like the All-American Rejects into Bionicle.
32) What exactly IS the promotion "Free the Band"?
43) Will AAR be writing any new songs for Bionicle?
54) When you say concussive energy builds up in the Kardas Dragon, does that basically mean that when he breathes on his enemies, it feels like they're getting hit with a colossal sledgehammer?
65) For fanfiction reference, what exactly do the Matoran (or anyone intelligent enough to) use to write on/with? Do they just carve into stone tablets, or do they have material similar to our paper (or papyrus) with some type of "ink"?
76) Any news on a release date for the Voya Nui online game?
87) You said that the Inika don't necessarily have to find Mata Nui to use the Ignika to save him. Well, since they're not on Voya Nui next year, and the Ignika is on Voya Nui this year, they obviously have to carry it someplace. Is this place somewhere we already know of, or is it someplace new?
98) I've heard Inika pronounced both i-NEE-kah and i-NIGH-kah. Which is the official pronunciation?
109) Am I correct in assuming that the Toa Nuva go back to Metru Nui after they get their stuff back from the Piraka's stronghold at the end of the year?
1110) About how large is Voya Nui?
1211) Does the continent Voya Nui broke off of have an official name as of right now?
1312) For the most part, BL#5 takes place beneath Voya Nui's surface, correct?
1413) Will we ever see Rahkshi again sometime soon? Not necessarily as lead characters like in 2003, but maybe like they were in 2004.

151) Doesn't really make any difference to me, because it doesn't affect storyline. Anything that might spark some interest in BIONICLE among new fans is okay with me.
162) I am not allowed to discuss it until the site goes live in August.
173) Not that I am aware of, no.
184) Actually, more like they are getting hit with the force of an explosion.
195) They use tablets. There is no paper or ink in BIONICLE.
206) No new news.
217) I can't discuss future storyline
228) Commercials pronounce it I-nigh-kah, which makes that the official pronunciation.
239) No, you're not.
2410) I don't have official measurements from the designer
2511) Nope, cause we don't need one yet.
2612) Yup
2713) At some point, I'm sure you will, but probably only in the books.

28If they don't go back to Metru Nui, where will they go? O.o The mystery deepens...
29Oh, and the reason for # 13 was because I like the Rahkshi. A lot. :P
1Number ten is really opened ended. All it means is that they aren't going to Metru Nui at the end of the year. Remember its a three year arc, so they could just be staying at Voya Nui.
1Sure, but I really don't see the purpose. Their destiny is to awaken Mata Nui, and I really don't think Voya Nui has significance in that. The Ignika does, but not the island itself; the only place we know of that does is Metru Nui.
1Metru Nui does have significance, but remember that Greg said going to Metru Nui was only the first step to awakening Mata Nui. And considering that we know very little about Voya Nui, the next step could be there for all we know.
1Just got some questions answered, edited for convenience.
2Hey, GregF. I hope you won't mind answering a few questions I have.
31. What exactly does the Shadowed One do with all of the wealth he obtains through his Dark Hunters? What does he have to "buy"? 41) Power and influence
52. Was the island of Mata Nui ever at some point in the past anything but a barren wasteland before the Matoran arrived on it from Metru Nui? 62) Can't answer it
73. Does Karzahni's power to make others see alternate futures come from his Kanohi? 83a. If not, does Karzahni's mask even have a power? 93aa. Would it be considered a great Kanohi? 103ab. Would it have three or four different powers because it is shaped from that many different Kanohi? 113) It does come from his mask, it is a Great Mask, and no, it does not have four powers.
124. Do you sometimes wish Scholastic would order longer BIONICLE books so you could fit in more storyline? 134) No, because they wouldn't sell. Outside of Harry Potter, long books don't sell well to kids, and most of my readers are 6-8, not 14
145. Is Vezon capable of tolerating the Kardas Dragon's presence (his need to release the concussive force built up inside of himself) specifically because of his ability to absorb kinetic energy? 155) No, he is able to tolerate it because Kardas is not aiming at him.
166. Has Makuta been actively fighting in the BoM-DH war in his time on Mata Nui? Is Mangaia his "assigned" territory of operation? 176) His minions probably have. Generals don't fight in wars, they send others to do it for them.
187. Kini-Nui has been shown on the map of Mata Nui in a couple different locations. See this map. Which location is it -- 1 or 2? 197) Don't know. If it's not something that's relevant to a story I have had to tell, then I don't have the time to worry about it.
208. See this map. Does the Lost Land of Voya Nui encompass area 1 or 2? 218) I would say somewhere between 2 and 1, simply because I don't think the land mass that sank was that large. I could be wrong, I don't know what the map designer had in mind, but that is my read.
229. Just to clarify about the mini-contest about Bohrok in the Maze of Shadows: InnerRayg's winning entry is official storyline, right? The Toa Metru really did encounter Bohrok during their journey back to Metru Nui from Mata Nui? 239) That was the deal with BZP, but there is no reason for me to go into it in storyline since that story has already been told
2410. See this image (sorry about the poor editing quality). Would Vakama as a Matoran look like 1 (maroon Matoran with a great huna with silver markings) or 2 (maroon Matoran with a noble Huna with silver markings)? 2510) Vakama as a Matoran was shown in B2, so just look at that.
2611. My understanding of the events surrounding the 2001 Toa's quest for the masks is this: The Turaga had hidden the Great Kanohi they had brought from Metru Nui all over Mata Nui as Toa Metru. Makuta was obviously able to find some of these Kanohi and guard them with his Rahi. The Turaga also kept the Noble Kanohi from Metru Nui in their Koro on their Suva. Before the Toa arrived, Makuta's Rahi stole into the Koro, took the Noble Kanohi, and hid them all over Mata Nui as well. When the Toa arrived, they sought out the 30 Great Kanohi, teleporting each Kanohi they put on their face back to their empty Suva. Then, they retrieved the 30 Noble Kanohi and physically returned them to the Turaga because there was no more room on their Suva. The Turaga put those Noble Kanohi in a safe, hidden place. The Toa having collected six Great Kanohi each, their six Kanohi became one Gold Kanohi on each of their Suva. 27Does that sound right? 2811) Yes, seems to be, although we know the Toa also used some the Noble Kanohi during that period
29I hope the visual representation was effective: Thanks for your time.
30-- Planetperson

1Hey GregF: Hope you've had a good week with Comic-Con and everything:
21. You said that in the 2007 BIONICLE Atlas we'll learn where the Toa Mata came from. But my question is, will they find out, too? Like in the storyline, I mean. Will they find out at the same time we do?

41) No -- the Atlas is written by the Order of Mata Nui, it's not a document the Toa get to view.

5I'll edit this post when I get some answers back from a batch I just sent...
1Hi Mr. GregF,
2I just read Power Play and I have to say it's an amazing book. However, a few things left me puzzled, so I was hoping you could answer the following questions:
31) When Garan, Velika, Kongu and Nuparu went into the Piraka stronghold, they discovered a few chambers, one of which contained trophies and training equipment. How did the Piraka ever get those things to Voya Nui? I doubt it would fit into the canisters they arrived in. 41) I realize that's incongruous, but I had to add it in the match the animations done for the Piraka. So call it artistic license.
52) They also discovered a room with the words ''Vezok'' and ''Vezon'' carved into the walls. Who carved those words? And why? 62) Vezok carved them in a fit of rage
73) Does the fact that the staircase to the Chamber of Life has 777 stairs have any significance in the storyline? Is it a coincidence, or does it have some symbolic meaning? Or is it just because it would sound better than, say, 801? 83) Has 777 stairs because Denmark told me that was what they wanted.
9And a few that are not specifically about Power Play:
104) Is there more than one Protodax? 114) Yes
125) When the Ignika created the Protodax, did it also enhance its intelligence? 135) No
146) Would Avak be able to create a cage for the Ignika? 156) I would say most likely no, not without destroying it. Its power is life, which makes the counter to that power death.
167) Am I correct in saying Botar's job includes killing rogue OoMN members such as Brutaka? 177) No, you are not. Botar's job does not involve killing.
188) What are Botar's powers? (You may not want to answer this yet, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask since you gave us Kardas' power as well.) 198) Not yet
209) This isn't a question, but I just wanted to say that I am impressed by BIONICLE 2006 so far (both the sets and the storyline) and I'm really looking forward to the next books. LEGO's really doing a great job. 219) If you like 2006, wait until you see 2007 ... sets and story should make 2006 look like Little Bo-Peep.
22Thanks for your time.

23That's it. I'm getting more and more curious about Botar...
24LZ :)
12007 sounds great the way Greg puts it: The Atlas, the sets, the story . . . I better PM him
1QUOTE 2Hi Greg, hope you've recovered from comic-con. I just have a few questions,
31) I was wondering were the first ever toa toa inika? I'm asking because the red star is able to turn matoran into toa, and the only other way we've seen is when toa give their energy to matoran. 41) No 52) When a toa gives up his toa energy does his spirit star go out? 62) No, it goes out when he becomes a Turaga 73) Have tahu & co's stars been shining since they were created or only since they were active on mata nui? 83) Since they came into being 94) You said to someone that order of mata nui members may have been on the island during 2001=2003, how is that possible with makuta's barrier? Did they go up through one of the sun holes? 104) I'm not sure what barrier you are referring to. We know there were multiple ways to get from Metru Nui to Mata Nui (since the Toa Metru did not go the same way the Toa Nuva did) ... and that those ways were guarded by various Rahi, Rahkshi, etc. Do you think an OOMN member can't handle a few Rahi and Rahkshi? 115) Have you ever seen the movie or read the book i-robot? Is it possible that the bahrag will evolve beyond their programing, and say take a side in the conflict? 125) The Bahrag aren't robots, they are biomechanical beings. And no, I haven't read the book. For the sake of the universe, I hope that would not happen, because the Bahrag have an important role to play. Their job has to be done. 136) What happens if the mask of life is destroyed? 146) Well, besides the fact that Mata Nui would die, the days before his death would be messy. Imagine the power of life unleashed -- imagine everything around you coming to life, your furniture, your clothes, rays of light, everything -- imagine that all of it has wants and needs and starts making demands -- imagine every creature you see evolving constantly into new and nastier forms -- and that's just the start. 157) If a toa dies before he completes his destiny or betrays his destiny, will another toa possibly be created to carry on and complete that destiny? LIke say tahu and co were killed off for some reason would another group of toa be created to awaken mata nui? 167) No. If that were the case, then Toa dying would not matter and the story is robbed of its drama. 178) If the bohrok were once organic, and only evolved into their biomechanical state, then when did this happen? Are they older than artahka an d karzhanni? 188) No, they are not older. 19TY in advance:

1Just some questions and answers i got from gregf
2QUOTE 31) how does hakaan mental blast affects an oppents physically?
42) Can you give me a quote in the lecacy of evil?
53) Is there possible to have a toa of psychics or vegetation?
64) What is that sheild thing that vezon is carrying on the kardas dragon box
75) Can Inrakkk speak matoran? If yes, can you give me one quote pretty please

81) Simple -- all pain is mental. Your body does not feel pain, your mind simply interprets certain stimuli through your nerves as pain. So someone who can attack your mind can make you feel enormous pain. 92) No 103) I would say no to the first, because we already have masks that do things like telepathy and telekinesis, so a Toa who did that would be redundant. And I would hesitate to do the second because it cuts really close to Swamp Thing. 114) Just a set design thing. 125) Irnakk is a creature of legend, who exists in the fears of the Piraka. So my guess is he speaks their language, not Matoran.
1Hello Greg hope it was nice at the Comic Con. 2Here are some new questions.
31. How many Ignika guards are they?
42. Which Legends book are you on now?
53. Will we see some new characters this year like Toa Jovan and The Great Beings?
64. In Legacy of Evil, will we see some new Islands the Piraka have been on, like Zaktan when he was a slave?
75. Will they be a new contest next year like Rahi, Dark Hunter?
86. Order of Mata Nui members do they have code names?
97. Do the Order have a base like the Brotherhood of Makuta?
108. In the Dark Hunter/BoM war, was it like Star Wars Clone Wars with many island wars. It would be cool?
119. Which chapter are you now in the Atlas?
1210. Will we see some BoM members in the Atlas in the BoM base chapter?
1311. Will it be many new figures who is illustrated?
1412. In the Atlas will we see the Specie(s) name who live on the islands?
15(Thanks for a your time, and have a good day) :usa:

161) It varies. In this storyline, the characters encounter Irnakk, Umbra, the Protodax, Vezon and Fenrakk, and various tricks and traps. 172) Just starting #7 183) You already have -- Toa Jovan and the Great Beings 194) Briefly 205) I don't have plans for next year made yet 216) No. 227) Yes 238) Yes, but it's not a fight for territory -- it's a fight to annihilate the other side 249) Done with it 2510) No 2611) No 2712) Yes
19) This isn't a question, but I just wanted to say that I am impressed by BIONICLE 2006 so far (both the sets and the storyline) and I'm really looking forward to the next books. LEGO's really doing a great job. 29) If you like 2006, wait until you see 2007 ... sets and story should make 2006 look like Little Bo-Peep.

3:OMG: WOAH: Did he exagurate right there, or will they be THAT good? I cant wait (litteraly) for the 2007 sets:: :OMG:
14. In Legacy of Evil, will we see some new Islands the Piraka have been on, like Zaktan when he was a slave?

2Where did you hear Zaktan was once a slave?

1Where did you hear Zaktan was once a slave?

2It is mentioned in the DH Guide. The Shadowed One first met Zaktan when he was working as a slave in a protodermis mine.
1...but....I kinda like Little Bo-Peep....;_;
2Heh, but still sounds cool.
1Hey Greg, how was comic-con?
21. Can the Kardas talk?
32.Are all the 2007 sets you'v seen so far prototypes?
43. Can the Kardas fly? Or is it to heavy for its wings to carry? You know, like an penguin.
54. How old is Vezon? 64b. What about the Kardas?
75. Can the Ignika shapeshift?
86. In BL3, Matoro created a pile of snow for Axonn. How come this snow wasn't covered with electricity? Same goes for Hahli when she created a swamp to trap Thok in.
97. If a toa of fire and a toa of eath merged, would the result have total control over lava?
108. Could Gali and Lewa create a thunderstorm? (According to matoran legend, they can)
119. Can I have a quote from Irnakk?

131) No 142) Yes 153) No 164) Both are relatively young 175) Not that we have seen thus far 186) If you read carefully, it never says Matoro shot snow out or Hahli shot water out -- they were working with existing moisture in the air, not creating new, so the lightning did not come into play. 197) I don't really like answering hypothetical questions 208) Yes -- they did it in the comics 219) No

1Here's some answered questions.:) 2QUOTE 3Hi Mr. Farshtey.
4I had 2 Questions about Bionicle adventures #3.
51. Did Krahka, when she trapped Whenua in web, turn into a Visorak? 62. How was Krahka able to transform into a combination aof all 6 Toa without seeing the combination before? Is she able to merge appearances she has seen before?
8Toa Tempus

91) She turned into a spider creature, as I recall, but I did not have a Visorak in mind at the time simply because they did not exist as such when that book was written. And, of course, you have to then question when she would have seen a Visorak active, since they weren't on Metru Nui in active form until the invasion in the next story year 102) Yes, she is. She can merge the forms of anything she has turned into before. That is why the idea that what she turned into is what a Toa Nui would look like is misguided -- she has no idea what a Toa Nui would look like, if it existed, that is just how she looked when trying to use all six forms.
11Toa Tempus
1I asked Greg a couple of question
21.. What are the Piraka's species called? 32. How strong is Botar compared to Brutaka? 43. Will Vezon and the Kardas Dragon appear after the 2006 storyline is done? 54. Is Botar sent to go after Axxon and Brutaka? 65. Is Botar trying to get the Mask of Life for the Order of Mata-Nui so they can save Mata-Nui? 76. If the Order of Mata-Nui does all the behind the scenes work and the Toa protect the matoran and generally do good to the world, what does Mata-Nui do? 87. What do the great beings do?

91) That gets revealed in the Atlas next year 102) About equal 113) I can't discuss post-2006 story 124) No, Axonn has done nothing wrong 135) No. The Order can't save Mata Nui because they are not destined to do so. 146) Mata Nui holds the universe together. Think of it is like this -- if the Greek Senate ruled the country, and the Greek army protected it, then in their mythology, what did Zeus do? 157) They create universes 16I have a couple questions that I have.

171. How strong are the Inika compared to the Toa Nuva? 182. How strong is Axxon compared to Keetongu? 193. Who is your favorite Bionicle character? 204. Does Umbra have an eye power since his eyes light up? 215. What would the Shadowed One do if he caught Vezok?

231) Depends what you mean by strong. The Toa Nuva can share mask powers, the Inika cannot, so the Nuva are still the more powerful team. 242) Axonn could beat Keetongu 253) Kopaka 264) No 275) Probably execute him, as he would any of the Piraka
1Hi Greg. I've got a few more questions.
21) I got the Rahi guide a few weeks ago, and in the Blade Burrower info, Bomonga says the tunnels they make may actually make something. Will this have any part in future storyline?
32) Will the Inika have to go through the Zone of Nightmares?
43) Will the first sets of 2007 be small sets of six like the Voyatoran and Rahaga, 6 canister villains, or 6 canister heroes?
54) Do you think, after the MoLi is gotten and Mata-Nui is saved (if this happens, of course), it will be any harder to write the story?
6I hope Comic-Con was excellent, and eagerly await your response.

81) I like to throw these sorts of things in there, as story hooks for possible future use. 92) Yes 103) The first sets of a year are always the small sets. That's how we do it. 114) No, because "saved" does not mean "awake."

1Just 2 this time:
21)Is there an OoMN member on the mainland? 32)Could the Crystal Serpents be considered Rahi?

61) Most likely 72) Yes
1What are the Crystal Serpents? Maybe I've just forgotten...or I've been ignorant.
1greg doesnt make it sound awesome he makes it sound as if the inika will face something stronger than the piraka or even brutaka or umbra... maybe they face botar and who knows?

1What are the Crystal Serpents? Maybe I've just forgotten...or I've been ignorant.

2We don't know what Crystal Serpents are, though thanks to kraahkan-user3000, we know they are some sort of Rahi. What they are and why you don't want to be around one on a sunny day we'll find out in the Atlas.
21)is karazhani a toa or more like makuta?? 32) will there be any more toa or just 12? 43) how old is botar older than axonn and brutaka?? 54)Does botar know about the ignika does he know the location?? 65) does karazhani know about the toa inika?? 76) you said toa dont kill unless they are in danger why didnt the toa nuva try to kill the piraka as soon as they knew they would lose?? 87)Did dume know about jovan and was jovan in the DH/ toa war? 98) Was krakua the toa of sonics the piraka killed or just his predaccesor? 109)How do the turaga feel about another set of toa? 1110)roughly how many matoran are in the known world?? 1211)Who is the major leader in the BOM now that makuta is incappacitated?? 13thanks for answering my questions _icon_joy_.gif


151) Neither 162) In this storyline? We don't plan to make new Toa on top of the Inika for this story arc as far as I know. After 2008, though, I don't know. 173) I doubt he is older than they are 184) Yes 195) Karzahni didn't even know there was such a thing as Toa until recently, and he isn't on Voya Nui, so how would he know the Toa Inika came into being? 206) I didn't add "unless they are in danger" -- all I said is Toa don't kill. If Spider-Man might lose a fight, does that give him permission to kill his enemy? No. 217) Dume did not know Jovan and I doubt very much Jovan was ever in Metru Nui. 228) Actually, I think Krakua is from further in the future, not pre-Piraka 239) They have no way of knowing about them, Onepu -- they are on Metru Nui, the Inika were formed on Voya Nui, so how would they know it happened? 2410) Can't answer it, we haven't explored the entire known world in the story yet. 2511) Can't answer it