1Here are the questions I promised you:

2Hi Greg, just a few questions I want to ask you
31) Does the Bionicle Board Game this year have any significance to the storyline? 42) Assuming you said yes, their is a card that reads 'You have a zamor sphere to stop the Kardas Dragon', does this play any importance to the story? 53) Who was Zaktan a slave for when the TSO found him? 64) Who does Reidak and Vezok face in Power Play? 75) Can you confirm that the Toa Nuva will be seen again after book 5? 86) How did the Toa Mata lose their memory inside their canisters? 97) Can you reveal anything more about the atlas?
10Thankyou for your time

111) To some extent, the figures pictured all are part of the stairway sequence 122) Follow the story and find out 133) Hasn't been revealed yet 144) I am not sure what you are asking -- Power Play is already out if you want to find out what happens in it 155) Since Book 5 is the last book of the year, and I can't discuss story post-2006, no, I can't. 166) Well, they were in there for 1000 years, a lot can happen in that time. 177) Nope

18Interesting huh?
11. Does Axonn know of the Kardas Dragon? 22. Does Vezon know of the Kardas Dragon? 33. Does Brutaka know of the Kardas Dragon? 44. Does Botar know of the Kardas Dragon? 55. What does Kardas mean in the Matoran language?
6Thanks in advance.

71-4) No. 85) Doesn't have an official meaning

1Hey, Greg: How are BL 6&7 coming along? I really appreciate your time to answer my questions.
21. How come when Vezon entered the MoLi chamber, he was just allowed past Umbra and everything, but the Toa Inika (whose destiny is to have it, no less:) have to go through all of that?
32. How did Umbra know to back off and let Vezon through? Did the mask telepathiclly tell him or something?
43. What was Umbra's thoughts when he saw a crazy Piraka with a cape being able to just run pass him to the mask?
5Thanks again:

71) The mask knew the Piraka were coming and so it felt the need for a new guardian right then. It also knew Vezon could not use it and that the curse would not allow him to take it out of the chamber, so it was safe to let him approach. The Toa, like anyone else who seeks to remove it from the chamber, have to earn the right.
82) There are ways to reach the mask chamber that don't involve going past Umbra -- the Piraka don't encounter Umbra either.
93) See answer to #2

10Oh...do you mean like going right in that tunnel both the teams encounter? Because I have a personal theory that the Kanohi Ignika chooses which path the person goes, according to what their destiny is and who they should face.

13No, the reason for the two different pathways is that the Toa don't walk in on the Piraka's nightmare, but rather get their own.

14There's my batch...
1Phew, this is the longest set of questions I'ver ever asked:
2:superfunny: Please excuse the title.
3We shall start with the compliments:
4Thanks for sticking with us from the start and advancing from then. You were introduced to us by the comics and a few years later you became the writer of the bionicle books. Probably, at that time, you looked down a bionicle and were amazed at how fast it has grown and how fast you've grown with it.
5And here we are, chatting. If you hadnt joined BZP i can garuntee you that at least a few people would have lost intrest. If you hadnt wrote the books, our bionicle story line wouldnt have sounded half as good. If you arent sitting here reading this, you will never get to answer the question I have:
6Thank you Gregf, thank you:
7Moving on to the questions:.....(20 minutes later) I said, MOVING ON to the questions: :uhuh:
81. How big would the Kardas dragon be compared to Tahu nuva?
92. Seeing that Makuta's element is shadow, can we assume that Mata-nui's is light?
103. When the toa turned into kaita, did their consience/spirit/mind reside the the kaita? What i mean is that if lewa,gali, and kopaka turned into whiruha their mind is still there and seeing every thing thats going on.
114. Do Nuparu's claws illustrate the coming of a story detail or is it just a minor set thing?
125. How much better than the Inika are the 2007 sets?
136. How many more prototypes do you think will be used before the offical 2007 sets are made?
147. This is more of a suggestion than a question: If we have the ussual six elements in the canister sets of 2007, I think that it would be wise if the fire element wasnt the leader.
158. Are there any more "piraka"?
169. What element would Vezon be?
1710. Did the Ignika ever belong to a toa?
1811. Though the toa inika's mask are organic can they be removed?
1912. I am esspically fond of the Nuva, will they be the main stars next year?
2013. What did you like/hate the most about 2001?
2114. What did you like/hate the most about 2002?
2215. What did you like/hate the most about 2003?
2316. What did you like/hate the most about 2004?
2417. What did you like/hate the most about 2005 ( I can guess :) ) ?
2518. What do you like/hate SO FAR of 2006?
2619. What is your favorite toa team? Why?
2720. Once, I asked if there was ever a toa of time. (I think you remember that) Why did you despise the idea? :P
2821. Who are the known member of the order of makuta?
2922. Are there gonna be any new Exo-force sets next year?
3023. I read the exo-force online comics just today for the first time. :wakeup2: Do you prefer writing on a older level than Exo-force?
3124. Do you think exo-force would be more interesting if was ment for 12-14 year olds?
3225. Being a person thats HUGEly involved with bionicle, do you have all the sets from 2001-2006?
34OMG: Did I really ask you 25 questions?:?: Thats it greg, no more questions from me until 2007: And enjoy your banana cream pie: :happydance:

351) Significantly bigger 362) No, you can't assume that 373) Yes 384) Just a set thing, like Onua's claws were 395) I can't discuss anything about 2007 406) No idea, I don't have any involvement with set design. 417) Okay, but then how do you address the fact that red sets always sell the best? Does it make sense to not have your best seller front and center in the story? 428) There are more of that species. "Piraka" is a job title, not a species name. 439) He doesn't have one 4410) Belong to? No, the Ignika has always been where it is now. 4511) Yes, they remove them in BL #3 and in comic #3 4612) No. They can't be main focus unless the sets get re-released, and there are no plans to re-release them at this time. They haven't been out of stores long enough to bring them back. 4713-18) I don't really have time to go into this, and it would be silly of me to talk about things I dislike in a line produced by the company I work for. 4819) Probably the Toa Metru 4920) Simple. The easiest way to mess up a continuing storyline is to introduce time travel into it (and a Toa of Time who couldn't time travel would be dull). If you can go back in time and change things, or go forward and see the consequences of your actions, then you have unbalanced the story. A Toa of Time would simply put be too powerful compared to all other Toa, and would destroy the storyline. 5021) Makuta. That's it, as far as members you have actually met. 5122) Yes 5223) I have written for everything from Highlights for Children to college age and older. The age of my target audience doesn't matter to me -- writing is writing. 5324) Actually, no. Based on our latest survey in the magazine, EXO-FORCE is popular across the board, with kids aged 6 to 14, so we are obviously doing something right. We already have an action figure line aimed at older kids -- BIONICLE -- we don't need another one. A second one would just be competing directly with BIONICLE for audience. 5425) No, I don't have that kind of room in my house or my office. And, as most BZPers know, I don't get sets for free -- I get a discount, but I still have to buy them if I want them.

1Warning: Spoiler Bolded Below

2Hello again Greg. I have more questions:

31. In the Atlas, will we find out a few things about the Toa Olda's past as well? Or just where they came from? (I'd like to know who trained them).
42. Were their canisters on the same island of their origin?
53. Is there an official name to the Toa of Mata Nui team?
64. If we find out Tahu and co's island name, would we call them by the island first part (i.ie. Metru, Mata etc.)? 74b. Would that be the official name if we don't already have one?
85. Is there a name for the combo of the Avohkii and Kraakhan?
96. Are there any other secret tidbits you'd like to share from the Atlas? Maybe about the Crystal Serpents?
107. Do the Crystal Serpents play a role in the storyline?
118. If the Inika conquer Vezon, how do the get the Ignika? Does it just hop off into Matoro's arms?
129. Does Matoro find out he carries the MoLi this year?
1310. Do the Nuva escape this year?
1411. What will become of the Inika's Zamor launchers once the all the Matoran are cured?
1512. Is Botar coming to Voya Nui because of Brutaka? 1612b. Is Botar going ot punish him?
1713. I heard that the Piraka who become fused become unfused afterwards. Is that true? 1813b. If so, is it because of Vezon's staff?
1914. A while ago, I asked you what good would the Elda be to Hahli once the Ignika was found, and you said that I was assuming that she would still have that mask at that time. Did you imply that she or all her team would recieve new masks sometime in the 3 year arc?
2015. You said that the Piraka may retuen next year. Could this be a result of the Staff of Fusion? 2115b. Could the Inika have somehow shot Energized Zamors at them, causing them to transform (they could be destined)?
2216. About how much of Makuta's plan did Takanuva see? 2316b. Was he shocked/surprised? 2416c. Has he told anyone about the plans?
2517. What is the returning hero exactly?
2618. Are there any quotes you'd like to share from Bl4 or 5?
2719. What was the purpose of putting Jalle, Takanuva, and Hahli in the virtue "spots"? Was it just to revive Takanuva, open a gateway of some sort? 2819b. How was Takanuva revived exactly? Was there something in the virtue "spots"?
2920. Could the Rahaga get turned back into Toa, or are they Rahaga forever?
3021. What good would the Bohrok be to clean a barren island (Mata Nui)? 3121b. What exactly does "cleanse the island" mean?

32That's all for now. Thank you.

331) No, just their origin point 342) Yes 353) I decided to go with one of the fan names, Toa Mata 364) See answer to #3 375) No 386) Not at this time 397) Not as yet 408) Follow the story and find out 419) Can't discuss future storyline 4210) See answer to #9 4311) They won't need them, most likely 4412) See answer to #9 4513) Yes and yes 4614) Yes 4715) No, if the Toa shot EP zamors at them, they would be killed. 4816) Takanuva? Takanuva knows next to nothing about Makuta's plans. 4917) See answer to #9 5018) Nope 5119) I did not write the movie or the novelization of it, so I really can't answer this 5220) They could get turned back by Roodaka's mutation spinner 5321) You don't clean a barren island. You clean an island that has trees, mountains, lakes, rivers, etc. on it, which Mata Nui does, to make it barren. And "cleanse the island" means scrape all that stuff off.

54For number 14, did you mean that they recieve new masks after the find the Ignika, or when Karzanhi gave the Matoran they twisted masks?

55They already received the masks from Karzahni before they came to Voya Nui, so those are not the new masks I was referring to.

1I have ap pm about jallers mask of lhikan i will get it..

2What was number 1 for that ost in OGD.
3I cannot say, it is FAR too early to post.
4Plus, if Greg doesn't get his way, it won't happen. Let's hope he gets his way -Swert
5Please i will not tell anyobdy by too early means like in 03 he siad Vakama betrays the hordika that early.
7It involves Jaller's Mask.
8And I don't mean the Calix. -Swert

1Hey Everyone, 2No Q&As, well actually, I have a question. What do you mean Vader, I just don't understand it. I don't mean to be rude at all. (I'm really tired). If I understood you correctly you mean that you have a hint to another mask that Jaller will recieve. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
3TL007 out
1Hey, Greg: I've got some questions about Vezon & Fenrakk:
21) Is Vezon's cape flame proof? The reason I ask is because he and Fenrakk come up from under the Lava in BL3 and it dawned on me that his cape would melt. 31) No, the cape is protected the same way the rest of him is by the curse.
42) Where exactly did Vezon get the chain to put around Fenrakk's neck? Did the Mask of Life give it to Fenrakk when it enlarged him? 52) It could easily have been something Vezon picked up on the way to Voya Nui to use as an extra weapon
63) Does Zaktan know that Vezon is alive? 73) He assumes it.
84) If so, does he believe that he can order Vezon to hand over the MoLi? 94) No
105) I thought there was no hair in Bionicle? Proof:

11There was no answer, just the sound of the lava dripping off the hair on the creature's legs

125) I don't recall ever saying there was no hair. Just because you haven't seen it on characters up to now ... we have only seen a small corner of the universe. If Fenrakk's legs have an organic sheath, they could very easily have tiny hairs on them.
136) What does Vezon think about the other Piraka? 146) He has no use for them.
157) Does Vezon know about his connection to Vezok? (I know Vezok does) 167) Yes
178) If so, how does Vezon feel about this connection? We know Vezok isn't too fond of it biggrin.gif 188) He hates Vezok as much as Vezok hates him
20So, there you go, just some questions I've been wondering about.
1Just some interesting questions I was wondering, most of them most people know.
2Hey Greg, got some qs.
31. Where does Vakama keep his disks as a Toa? Do they just enlarge from a pouch?
42. When will we find out more of the Kratana from Maze of Shadows?
53. In Maze of Shadows, on page 50, Nokama discovers a carving of the Bahrag dipping something into what I'm guessing is EP, and pulling out krana. What are they dipping, and does it have any importance?
64. I believe in Dark Destinies we discovered that the Manas come from Karzahni, and that Makuta's are just strays, correct? You also said that the secret or the importance of the Mana-Ko will be revealed in the atlas. What do you mean by that?
75. I forgot if this has been answered, but are Bohrok Kal just elite Bohrok, or are they created through EP or another substance?
86. In what form will BL4 be in? By this I mean, will be a flashback of the Piraka, carvings on a wall, or just stories of their history, without any lead-ins?
97. Do Matoran sleep? I was just wondering since reading the S&T entries.
108. I have a theory on the creation of Matoran, and I wanted to se if it is legitamate in any way. Seeing as Matoran have such long lifespans, and most islands live in peace, I believe that casualties of Matoran were rare, and therefore reproduction of Matoran was not needed. But, if a certain area of Matoran was low on figures, Mata Nui or the Great Beings would send more down, filling in the gaps. We haven't seen this happen because of the rarity of such an action, seeing as there huge lifesoans, and we haven't seen many Matoran die. Is this possibly correct in any way?
11Thank you for answering:

121) They don't need to enlarge, the pouch is the right size for them. 132) No idea at this time 143) Hasn't been revealed yet 154) You will find out when you read the Atlas 165) Bohrok-Kal are mutated Bohrok, but there is no proof that EP had anything to do with their mutation 176) It's Zaktan remembering both things he has experienced and things he has heard about from the other Piraka 187) Yes, anything that has organic parts requires some form of rest 198) I cannot discuss in any way, shape or form how Matoran come into being, by decision of the story team.
20EDIT- Vader Hater means that once when Swert posted, he left out number 1, and Vader wanted to know why. Swert said it was too early, but now we know it has to do with either Jaller's future mask, Lhikan's Hau, or Jaller's mask before the Hau. At least, that's what I think.
1Hey GregF: Just one question...

25. I forgot if this has been answered, but are Bohrok Kal just elite Bohrok, or are they created through EP or another substance?
35) Bohrok-Kal are mutated Bohrok, but there is no proof that EP had anything to do with their mutation

4You answered that for someone else, but when I asked you this back in '03 when the Kal came out, you said that they were created by a mixture of the Bahrag's energies and Energized Protodermis. So, what is the story reason behind this?

6How about the fact that you asked me three years ago, and can't reasonably expect me to remember what I answered three years ago?
7The Encyclopedia states that how they were mutated is a mystery, but that it is rumored the Bahrag distilled energy from a mutagenic substance, possibly Visorak venom or some variation of that.

8Well, I wasn't expecting him to remember...I was just wondering. He seemed a little tense to me... :unsure:
1Alright, I'll briefly explain what Vader is trying to say.
2The question I left out had an answer that was set for 2009, if Greg could work it in. It involved Jaller's Hau, the rest could be interpreted from there any way you would like to. I think I've pretty much explained all that I needed to. -Swert
1Alright, 2Makes sense now, thanks to all who answered this. 3TL007
1What page was it on?
3Say there were Kraata on Voya Nui. Could the Inika masks be infected by Kraata?

5Yes, but since there are no kraata there, it's a moot point

6Cool. Say, I didn't know you were the writer for Alpha Team as well: [img]http://www.bzpower.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif[/img] Do you know if there will be more sets?

8No, there aren't any plans for more Alpha Team sets in the next year or so.

1Here's a new batch. Some of it may be old info, but I didn't know it. Answers are in bold.
21. When Hakann and Thok absorbed Brutaka's energies, did they get his powers? Or did it simply add to their natural energy and strength? 3A. Yes, they did get his powers.
42. You stated that Brutaka's sword didn't have an electric cutter. Does it have some form of cutting tool that allows it to cut through things (like Jaller's sword)? 5It does give off energy, it's just not electricity.
63. In Power Play, Axonn is curiously inspecting the already made Zamor spheres. Does this have anything to do with how Brutaka gained strength from them? 7No
84. If Axonn and Brutaka are part of species (plural), is their immense power natural, or was it bestowed upon them from the OoMN. 9It's natural
105. Does Fenrakh have any powers besides being able to survive in lava? 11Yes, he shares Vezon's ability to absorb kinetic energy
126. Did Vezon have the spear before he came to Voya Nui? 13Yes
147. Will we ever learn Umbra's spinner power? 15Probably not
168. It was stated that the Brotherhood knew what the Bohrok were for, when the Matoran did not. Was this because they had operatives and scouts on Metru Nui at the time when they discovered this, or were there Bohrok on another island? 17It was because the Brotherhood knows most things about how this universe works. Don't forget, they were working as servants of Mata Nui for many thousands of years, so of course they know about the Bohrok.
189. During the 1000 years between MoL and LoMN, did Makuta command attacks or defenses against the Dark Hunters? 19I am sure he has had involvement in the course of the war, yes
20I find 4 very interesting...

1Here's some information on Bohrok you might find interesting:
21) Where did they get their individual names? I know the word "Bohrok" was found near one of their nests, but where did the names for each type of Bohrok (Tahnok, Gahlok, etc.) come from?
32) Similar to question 1, where did the word "krana" as well as all of its different names (Xa, Vu, etc.) come from?
43) How did the Bohrok without krana obey commands from the Matoran? Was it just verbally?
54) Can Bohrok without krana use their elemental powers?
65) Are krana capable of moving by themselves (i.e. without being held by Bohrok)?
76) Can krana use their powers (flight, telepathy, etc.) without being inside Bohrok or when attached to the face of a Matoran/Toa/Turaga?
87) Does Lewa still retain his ability to intercept Bohrok comunications?

91-2) I would assume from whoever first brought them into being. 103) Yes 114) Yes. Krana provide additional power and direction, they do not provide the elemental power 125) Yes, but they move like slugs, very slowly 136) No. 147) Yes, but they are all asleep, so the point is moot

151-2) I guess I didn't word this correctly. What I meant was how do the Turaga know all these names?

16Same way they know most things, legends.

1And like many of the "legends" the Turaga know, it's most likely they learned it on Metru Nui. Remember that Bohrok and krana were on display in the Archives, so if any of the Turaga had ever been there and remembered then they'd know all the names. Nothing particularly mystical.
1Here's some questions, I bet you can't guess who answered them...
2I have a few questions, if that's okay:
31) What does Umbra's Rhotuka do? 42) What will the Toa Nuva do now that the Inika have come to Voya Nui? 53) Will we ever see any Toa that aren't of the main 6 elements in sets? After all, the only times we've ever heard of Toa like that were in books and stuff, never actual sets. 64) Will the 2007 island really be called Akua Nui, because that just sounds like aqua. 75) Will there ever be sets for the rest of the Hagah, or the rest of Lhikan's team? 86) Will there be more new masks next year? 97) What is your favorite mask power, and why? 108) If the MoL already existed before the 1st movie, was there a Toa of Light before Takanuva who used that mask and then died? 119) What is your least favorite set? 1210) What will happen to Voya Nui and its inhabitants after the Mask of Life is found?
13Thanks, I'll stop ranting now.

141) I didn't come up with a power for it, because the model did not have it when I wrote him into the story. 152) The Toa Nuva are kind of busy being imprisoned, so they can't really "do" anything. 163) Asking the wrong person -- that depends on the set designers and what they choose to do in terms of model colors, etc. 174) No, it won't. There is no Akua Nui in BIONICLE, nor will there be. 185) Right now, we aren't planning any more year-long flashback stories, so odds are we won't be doing sets of those characters anytime soon. 196) Yes 207) Probably Concealment 218) No 229) I don't have a least favorite 2310) I guess we will find out after the Mask of Life is found

1Good questions, I wanna know what Umbras Rhotuka do?
2Message Forwarded From GregF
3Hello Mr F. and I also had some thing else to ask.
41. In Web of Shadows, where in the end tells the origin about the Rahaga, well why does it say "The chroniclers from Takua" and in the end of that, Vakama says that, "Whether they wait for us or not Takua, they deserve to be remembered as the greatest Toa" Why does it say "Takua"?
52. Can a Toa of Fire just let their fire burn in water by using the O2 on the water?
63. In the movie, the Toa have compartments in their back like a bag. Can you explain this? You see, I know in the books write it as "bag" but it seems like that Toa wouldn't carry a little bag or a purse. And how do the Toa carry their tools? Do they just attach themselves on the back, because in the movie, the Toa just it in the compartment. I just don't see it.

71) Are you talking about the book or the movie? 82) No. Normal fire cannot burn in water. 93) I'm sorry you don't see it, but outside of a bag, where do you suggest they carry things? (A bag is not a purse or a pocketbook -- it's usually a canvas sack.) They carried bags for their supplies in Lord of the Rings, so why not in BIONICLE? As for the tools situation, the moviemakers took license with that because otherwise they have to show the tools on the characters' backs all the time, which makes shots from behind hard to do. So they had the tools pretty much disappear when not in use.

10Thank you but, the book is what I was talking about. Page 132-137 to be exact.

11Simple. Takanuva wrote this chronicle, but since his chronicles were all under his old name, they remain as the Chronicles of Takua. And Vakama's comment at the end was simply a slip of the tongue, since he knew Takanuva as Takua for so many millennia.

12That also brought me one thing. It seems to me that Hahli wrote the chronicles of Metru Nui except for Time Trap. Why did Takanuva write the Web of Shadows chronicle when Hahli wrote the rest?

13Takanuva only wrote the origin of the Rahaga portion, the rest was written by Hahli. My guess would be that Hahli simply was not present when Vakama decided to share that, and Takanuva offered to record it.

14Oh, boy.
Toa Lanha,Toa of magnetism

1Good questions, I wanna know what Umbras Rhotuka do?

21. You must PM your questions to Greg. You added a question mark at the end, so it makes it seem like a question. If you were just making a statement... Then you need to learn grammar. 32. In the post just above you you got the answer; Umbra's Rhotuka does not have a power.
13) Will we ever see any Toa that aren't of the main 6 elements in sets? After all, the only times we've ever heard of Toa like that were in books and stuff, never actual sets.

2What about takanuva.
will toa of plasma

1What about takanuva.

2Well I think he meant Toa with elements like Sonics or Plasma; like the Kal.
1Well, there is Toa Jovan; he's a Toa of Magnetism. And Krakua, Toa of Sonics.
1Guys, I think he meant like will there ever be a full Toa team of Kal, etc. powers that comes out as sets and are the main focus, instead of Fire, Water, Ice, Stone, Earth, and Air.
1That would be cool, although I'm not sure how they'd be color-coded.
2Anyway, some random questions:
3Hey Greg. Just a few questions, if you don't mind. Sorry if I ticked you off with the last barrage. Anyway...
41. Does the OOMN consider itself above making twisted experiments like the BOM? (I'm guessing the answer is no.) 52. So, from what we've seen so far, Botar's job is to punish those who have somehow, as Axonn puts it, "dishonored" the Order, correct? 63. Besides raw strength and the concussive force, does the Kardas Dragon have any other powers? 74. I remember reading somewhere that you said Zaktan only had so many protodites. Yet in the Dark Hunters Guide, it is said that he can regenerate them, so which is it?
8Thanks for your time.

91) I would say that in general they do. 102) Yes, or those non-Order beings who are beyond all redemption 113) Nope 124) But it is a limited regeneration, ala Dr. Who

115: 15 new Q & A:
2Okay, I admit, only 13 of them are Bionicle.
3Hey, Greg, I just got Power Play today. I've got a few questions concerning it...
41. At the end of Dark Destiny, it says that the Matoran Resistance Team is "awaiting Reidak's not so gentle means of questioning." Why is it, then, that Vezok is the one who questions Garan in Power Play?
52. You said that Piraka.com and the Piraka bio commercials were unofficial, right? Then why is the description of a chamber on pages 66 and 67 very similar to that of which the Piraka bio commercials take place in?
63. Somewhere in the book, I can't remember where, I remember reading about "Tahu Nuva's orbs." I've never heard of these before. What are they?
74. Is the Nightmare Zone, Protodax, Irnakk, etc. found on the 777 stairs leading to the Chamber of Life?
8And for some non-Power-Play-concerning questions...
95. Will we ever see - or at the very least, hear from - Onepu and Macku ever again in the storyline? Or have Nuparu and Hahli truely "replaced" the old favorites?
106. If yes, will it include Macku's reaction to Hewkii becoming a Toa?
117. What is the difference between a Kualsi and a Kakama?
128. Can the Komau read minds as well as control them?
139. Surely, the 2001 Kanohi weren't the only Kanohi that the Toa Metru brought to Mata Nui. I mean, were there great Huna, Rau, etc., noble Hau, Kaukau, etc., or the masks that we never heard of before 2004, like the Kiril and Kualsi?
1410. Is it possible that the Mask of Stealth's appearance is that of Iruini's Kualsi, due to that Iruini's Kualsi isn't its true shape? After all, the Kualsi's shape fits perfectly with Nidhiki's head.
1511. The Mask of Life enlarged the Fenrakk so that Vezon could ride it. That enlarged Fenrakk is, in ratio of proportion, tiny compared to the Fenrakk spiders that the Toa Inika use in the Piraka Stronghold and Piraka Outpost sets. Why?
1612. Is the Nekktan available in the Piraka Stronghold set? 1712b. If so, then where is it?
1813. Where is the "gate" of the Lava Chamber Gate set? I only see the bridge.
19And some non-Bionicle LEGO questions:
2014. Who writes for the LEGO themes Johnny Thunder and Alpha Team?
2115. Why was the "Ask Redni" stopped?

231) Simple. Vezok showed up first. 242) Because at the time I wrote the scene I had not seen the animations and discovered how radically different they were from the tone of BIONICLE. 253) "Orbs" is another word for eyes. 264) Yes 275) Only if we go back to Metru Nui. Onepu and Macku are there, and the story is not, so no reason for them to be mentioned at this point. 286) Again, that can't happen until and unless the Toa Inika go back to Metru Nui, which isn't happening for at least a couple years. 297) Vast difference -- one allows you to run at super speed, one allows you to teleport. Very different means of travel. (Think how Flash gets around vs. how the crew of the USS Enterprise gets around.) 308) No. 319) They didn't have vast amounts of time to be gathering masks before their trip -- they were kind of in a hurry to save the Matoran -- and why would there have been a Great Kualsi on Metru Nui for them to take? That was a Toa Hagah mask, and the Hagah were not from Metru Nui. 3210) Pretty sure it is not. Remember, Nidhiki's head shape is after his transformation, his head did not look like that before. 3311) You can't measure ratio of proportion between constraction figures and playsets, that's pointless, because the set designers are not doing that. Playtheme sets look the way they do based on what has to be done to give the set added value and the total number of pieces they have to work with -- they aren't sitting there going, "The Fenrakk can only be that big because he's this big in the constraction set." 3412) Yes, an immobile Nektann is. It's the launcher the Piraka is manning. 3513) On one end of the bridge there is a barred gate. 3614) I and Daniel Lipkowitz write for everything in the company, just about. 3715) In the magazine or on the web? I have no idea about the web, it was dropped in the magazine because 99% of the questions we were getting were, "Are you going to do Lord of the Rings?" There was very little worth publishing.

1hey greg just some random questions
21)if a matoran found out too much about the OoMN(unlikely) and was planning to reveal it, would the order have him killed?
32)Can Zaktan regenerate protodites?
43)Is botars job punishing order members who are beyond redemption?
54)You said in a topic that jaller is not the leading canidate to wear the ignika. Who are the leading canidates?
65)Since the inika(or rather just matoro) are desting to carry the inika and so they wont get cursed, isnt it better that the nuva didnt get to it? then something bad would have happened to them right?
76)If the nuva had gotten as much of a breifing abot the piraka as the inika did, could they have beaten them?
87)when it syas that zaktan knows exactly what is going on, does that refer to his knowledge of previous story years, or is there something bigger behind the whole 'get the ignika' story?
98)When does BL#4 come out?
109)what about BL#5?
1110)Can you reveal botars powers, or are you waiting closer to the release of legends #5?
1211)Is TSO still just as powerful as he was before he aged 3,00 years?
1312)you said in a post in OGD that the inika's swords/axes(jaller, matoro, and hewkii) were like lightsabers. can they cut through the piraka's weapons?
1413)doesnt kongus weapon seemed a little to powerful since once shot from it will kind of beat anybody(doesnt it make your molecules split apart or something)?
1514)Who is your favorite villain?
1615)Do you like lord of the rings? 1715b)Who is your favorite character and why?
1816)i read that you like "Lost", what do you think happened to locke, eko, and desmond in the season finale?
19thank you for taking time out of your busy day:

201) I doubt it. There are easier and more merciful ways to handle a situation like that. (I'm not entirely sure where this notion that OOMN members go around killing people who find out about the Order came from.) 212) Yes, says so in the Dark Hunter book 223) And others who are beyond redemption 234) I can't discuss that, relates to future storyline 245) Right 256) Maybe, but in the end, the Nuva were felled by an ambush by Brutaka, and that would have felled the Inika too. 267) There's something much bigger. 278-9) No idea, Scholastic almost always releases things earlier than the announced schedule. 2810) The only power Botar demonstrates this year is teleportation. 2911) Yes -- remember you are dealing with characters who have life spans of tens of thousands of years 3012) No, I never compared them to lightsabers. I think you were reading someone else's post. 3113) No, it doesn't. 3214) Makuta, Karzahni, and Vezon. 3315) I liked the movies, but in general, I am not that into high fantasy. 3416) Well, we know Desmond lives, because they have already said you will find out about some characters through his flashbacks next year. And if Locke or Eko were off the show, we would know by now.
35botar can teleport::: 36number 3 reveals botars job(though it was already revealed in an above post)
The Big Cheese

1botar can teleport::: 2number 3 reveals botars job(though it was already revealed in an above post)

3Perhaps Botar teleports Brutaka to the Pit.
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2Anyway, I've got a few here:
3First off, I'd like to thank you in advance for answering these. I really appreciate it:
41. Say someone was imprisoned in a protodermis prison like Makuta was by the Toa Metru. Could six other Toa that were Fire, Air, etc. come along and free him, or does it have to be the original six?
51a. In response to #1, if it could be a different set of Toa (such as Fire, Air, etc.), then could a different set of say, Magnetism, Plasma, Gravity, etc. free the prisoner by combining?
61b. Does it have to be six Toa to imprison/free the person? Or could it be more/less?
72. Do Dalu and Balta have a crush on each other? Because the books made it seem like that.
83. You might not be able to answer this, but I was just wondering -- Why is it that Zaktan is immune to the giant crystal's effects?
93a. If you can't answer this, can you tell me when we'll find out?
10Thanks again:

121) Yes, six Toa with the same elements could free him. 131a) No 141b) It needs to be Toa with the same six elements, which is why Roodaka needed all six powers to free Makuta. So you can't do it with four or five Toa. 152) No. I don't do romance in my books. 163) Someone had to be, otherwise how could the virus ever be spread? Remember that all viruses in nature are living things, and perhaps this one chose Zaktan to be the one who could handle it.

1Botar can teleport:: yeah: :happydance: :happydance:
11. In a rough estimate, how many members are in the Order of Mata-Nui? 22. How strong is the Kardas Dragon compared to a Toa Inika? 33. How strong is the Kardas Dragon compared to Keetongu? 44. When the Bohrok swarms woke up in Mata-Nui did the ones found under Metru-Nui wake up to? If not, how come? 54a. If the Bohrok woke up in Metru-Nui were there Kal in Metru-Nui? 65. Does the Order of Mata-Nui know of the Bahrags existence? 76.How strong are the Hagah compared to the Nuva? 87. Will the Rahaga appear in the storyline again? 98. Will Keetongu appear again? 109. What are the Rahaga and Keetongu doing? 1110. Why do the Piraka want the Mask of Life if they can't use it? 1211. Will we find anything about the Toa-Dark Hunter war in Metru-Nui in Legacy of Evil? 1312. What are Botar's powers? 1413. Are the Piraka species war-like or not?

151) Can't answer it 162) One Toa, or six Toa? 173) Kardas Dragon would probably mop the floor with Keetongu. They are both Rahi, and Kardas is bigger 184) Yes, they did. But who was there to notice, other than Dume? They all just go up to Mata Nui. 195) Sure 206) Nuva can share mask powers, Hagah cannot, that's your answer. 217) No idea. If they do, it will be in the books. 228) Same answer as #7 239) Traveling the universe looking for other victims of the Visorak to help out. 2410) Ransom. 2511) Yes 2612) So far, all he has demonstrated is a teleportation 2713) Yes
112) So far, all he has demonstrated is a teleportation
2So he may have more but we only know of teleportation.
1So he may have more but we only know of teleportation.

2Greg said that a while back.
1Hello Greg,
2May I ask you a few questions:
31. Do you have anything to do in the BIONICLE Movie Department?

42. If the Bohrok were created to return Mata Nui to "normal", who created them?

53. What are the Makuta's TRUE intentions?

64. When will the BIONICLE Atlas be released?

75. How major will be the role of Botar in 2007?

86. Are organic masks sentient, or just organic?

97. Will our characters on Voya Nui come back to Metru Nui next year?

108. Is the Makuta Nui being true?

119. When will we know what happened to the Great Being who wasn't supposed to touch the mask?

1210.If the Makuta Nui being is true, when will it appear?
The Ancient

1Hello Greg,
2May I ask you a few questions:
31. Do you have anything to do in the BIONICLE Movie Department? 42. If the Bohrok were created to return Mata Nui to "normal", who created them? 53. What are the Makuta's TRUE intentions? 64. When will the BIONICLE Atlas be released? 75. How major will be the role of Botar in 2007? 86. Are organic masks sentient, or just organic? 97. Will our characters on Voya Nui come back to Metru Nui next year? 108. Is the Makuta Nui being true? 119. When will we know what happened to the Great Being who wasn't supposed to touch the mask? 1210.If the Makuta Nui being is true, when will it appear?

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1I have a few questions:
21. Are The Nightmare Zone, Irnakk, Protodax, on the 777 stairs themselves? Or are there several landingson the staircase in which they inhabit?
32. Was Zaktan a slave for an OoMN member. Is that how he got his current knowledge?
43.Since Makuta knew that Mata Nui would die when he put him to sleep, did he influence the Piraka to hunt for it to make sure that Toa would not get at it?

51) Mostly on stairs, although protodax and Umbra are in a chamber 62) No, OOMN members do not keep slaves 73) Makuta did not know Mata Nui would die as a result of this, though he knew it was a possibility.
8Ooo..Irnakk falling down the stairs...
1I have gotten the answers I need, thanks Canama.
2Hello Greg,
3May I ask you a few questions:
41. Do you have anything to do in the BIONICLE Movie Department? 52. If the Bohrok were created to return Mata Nui to "normal", who created them? 63. What are the Makuta's TRUE intentions? 74. When will the BIONICLE Atlas be released? 85. How major will be the role of Botar in 2007? 96. Are organic masks sentient, or just organic? 107. Will our characters on Voya Nui come back to Metru Nui next year? 118. Is the Makuta Nui being true? 129. When will we know what happened to the Great Being who wasn't supposed to touch the mask? 1310.If the Makuta Nui being is true, when will it appear?

141) No. 152) Can't answer it 163) Can't answer it 174) Spring 2007 185) Not major 196) They are sentient, yes 207) No. 218) It is an alternate form of Makuta 229) 2007 2310) There are no plans for it to appear. Makuta is not in the story right now, and that alt. model is from years ago -- we don't do a lot of featuring of sets that are no longer available for purchase
2I've been wondering, but how does the disintigration blasts from the Shadowed One's eyes work? I know he tried used them against Zaktan to (assumingly) destroy him entirely or burn off armor, but does the beam just destroy entire structures(like the body or a brick wall) or the part of the target hit (like a portion of armor or the exact brick hit on the wall).

3A: Destroys the entire structure