11: Are Piraka completely incapable of using Kanohi, even if they were crafted so that they were able to wear them?
22: What would be the point of a Miru if you have a Kadin? I would think that Kadin would make Miru unneeded.
33: Did the Suletu that Kongu wears once a Toa's, or was it one that Karzahni had made?
44: What did Karzahni do to Jaller/Lhikan's Hau?
55: Is energized Protodermis soon to make an important comeback, save the counteraction of Antidermis?
66: Did the BoM craft Antidermis?
77: Is Antidermis new, or ancient?
88: Did the OoM create Umbra, or is he just a natural being?
98b: Are there other of Umbra's species?
109: About the Piraka species, say there are two green ones like Zaktan. Would they have different facial features, like one has a smaller nose, or one doesn't have horns on his head, or like that?
119b: If so, does their color determine the general appearance of the being? Say, all blue ones have a similar appearance, but different features?
1210: If Inika were to become Turaga, would they be energized like their Toa forms?

131) Yes, because they do not have the mental discipline to use them. It's like taking a street thug and trying to teach him the fine points and philosophy behind martial arts. 142) But what if you don't have a Kadin, as Lewa did not, and neither did anyone else in Metru Nui? What is the point of, oh, a Piper Cub if you have jumbo jets? Or a Toyota Corolla if there are Formula 1 race cars? Or a steak knife if you have broadswords? 153) It once belonged to a Toa, yes. Karzahni does not make masks. 164) He kept it. 175) I can't discuss future storyline 186) Can't answer it 197) Both 208) He was created, but then, so were all other beings. 218b) No 229) No idea 239b) Again, until and unless we see others of their species, which would be a function of artists or set designers, there is no way I can give an accurate answer 2410) Yes

1Hey Greg: Some random questions that I've been wondering about.
21) Was BIONICLE formed from the words "biological chronicle" or "biomechanical chronicle"? (this is for something on Wikipedia)
32) If Botar is supposed to go after beings who are beyond redemption, why hasn't he gone after Makuta (the one we know) or TSO?
43) Has Botar "gone after" other members of the BOM or Dark Hunter organization?
6torritorri 7:t: :t:

81) Biological chronicle 92) Simple. Botar is not a bounty hunter. He doesn't track beings down and capture them. He handles them after they have been captured. 103) Probably not the DH, because their actions generally do not constitute massive enough threats to require his involvement.

11Very interesting. Now, there's something I'm confused on. If Botar only handles beings that have already been captured, does that mean that Brutaka will be defeated/captured? Because right now, isn't Brutaka free?
12Thanks in advance.
13torritorri 14:t: :t:

15Yes, but you know there has to be a Brutaka-Axonn showdown coming, don't you?

16Yes: YES: YES: Can't wait to see that showdown. (Although I was hoping that Greg would outright reveal that Brutaka lost.)
17torritorri 18:t: :t:

1Turaga Tahu, that post is complete spam. Please read the Rules before posting in a topic. 2That's a little...odd. What on earth does he use it for then? I mean, it's meant to be a climbing chain...but how can he use it if it's attached to him at both ends?

4Well, put simply, if there's a rock jutting out of the wall he can throw the chain over it to climb up. Also, it's attached to his axe rather than his hand, so he could use some swinging moves or dangle from a cliff wall by having the axe jammed into the rock.
1Hello Greg I have some questions.
21. I saw in a topic here, 2007 set names. Are they true?
32. When comes Bionicle Legends 4 out?
43. Will we see Lhikan`s Toa team?
54. Will we see new names?
65. Will we see Piraka`s specie name?
7Thanks and have a good day. :)

81) I can't discuss anything having to do with 2007 92) Amazon says October 1 103) See, but not learn much about 114) Not really, no 125) In the Atlas next year, yes
1My question is:
2Is the Fikou Nui considered part of the official canon?

4Sorry, that is not something I have ever heard of.

5There's a picture of it here.
6It's from the canceled BIONICLE: Legends of Mata Nui PC game.
71)Also, was Legends of Mata Nui meant to be official canon? 82)And I've heard of a game called BIONICLE World. Is this true? And is it official storyline? 93)Lastly, I read that when Takua found the Avohkii, two Matoran were inspired by this event to try and find Artahka, the Great Refuge. But they ended up in Mangaia, meeting face-to-face with Makuta, wishing that they never left. Is this true? If so, did makuta kill them?

11If it's from a cancelled video game, it was never introduced into the universe, so no, it is not canon. 121) If this is the 2001 game was that was cancelled, then yes, that was originally intended to be canon, but since it never came out, the point is moot. 132) Never heard of it. 143) No, Makuta did not kill them -- but that did happen, it was part of the online game connected to Mask of Light back in 2003. In fact, if you go to www.maskoflight.com and click on "The Legend Continues," the game is still available to be played.
1An amalgamation of all my Ask Greg PMs...
2Are the suvas the actual lids of the Toa's canisters? 3No. The lids are meant to be used as suva when you play, but the suva already existed on the island before the Toa ever reached Mata Nui.
4When did Lewa start speaking in Le-Koro treespeak? In the comics, he didn't start until the MoL issues, but in the books, he's done so from the beginning. 5That was a retrofit. When they made the movie, I was told to change the comics so that he spoke like that, and that it would now be canon that he had always talked like that.
6Are the Toa Mata the only ones who have ever received Golden Kanohi? 7Far as we know

8Are there (real) Bohrok anywhere other than Mata/Metru Nui? 9Yes
10Was the Bohrok's purpose to uncover something hidden in the foliage of Mata Nui? 11No.
12Is the purpose of the Bohrok to keep light shining in Metru Nui? 13No.
14Is the Bohrok's purpose repeated? I.e., are they supposed to bring Mata Nui to the Before-Time more than once? 15If necessary.
16Lewa (and all of Le-Koro, in fact) was captured by the Bohrok and had a Krana on his face. However, why did the Bohrok/Krana do so? Their mission was to make everything on Mata Nui as in the before-time, and they ignored others "unless [they got in their way." 17The Le-Matoran got in their way, so they made them into helpers.
18Also, when Lewa was captured by Bohrok, the comic shows a scene with a Lehvak Va carrying a golden Hau. Lewa's, however, was a golden Miru. Was this a mistake, a reference to the Quicktime movie (where Tahu gets captured, though this apparently is not canon), or proof that Golden Kanohi are different from normal Kanohi (and become a Hau when lost)? 19It was a reference to the Quicktime movie, which reflected the key visual for that year -- a Bohrok holding Tahu's mask.
20Where, geographically, is the entrance to the Bohrok nest on Mata Nui (the one Kopaka shows Tahu)? 21I really don't remember, that was four years ago.
22Do Bohrok usually travel in squads of eight unless greater numbers are needed? 23No, Bohrok travel in multiple squads of eight.
24Whenever Bohrok lose Krana, the rest of the squad tries to get the Krana back unless it's futile, correct? 25No, not necessarily. That is what Bohrok Va are for, to bring replacement krana to Bohrok who have lost theirs.
26Krana control Bohrok. What controls Bohrok Va? 27Bohrok Va largely operate independently, which is why they were able to serve the Kal after the Bahrag were imprisoned
28You said that there are Bohrok outside the vicinity of Mata Nui. Are the other Bohrok free of Bahrag control? 29No.
30Are Bahrag the same species as Krana? 31No.
32Are Krana "slaves" of the Bahrag, since they're not of the same species? 33I would call them a dependent species, not slaves. Slaves implies they don't want to do what they do, which is not the case.
34The Bahrag are apparently quite dim. Are the Krana more intelligent? 35Why do you consider the Bahrag to be dim? There is a difference between being stupid and simply being unaware of what is going in the outside world.
36Did the Bahrag create the illusion-wall that trapped the Toa (the one that Lewa stopped believing in)? 37Yes
38Did the Bahrag know of the Exo-Toa? Lewa's vision would seem to indicate it. 39Yes
40The Bahrag knew of the Exo-Toa. For what purpose were the Exo-Toa placed there, and did the Bahrag know of this purpose? Did the ones who placed the Exo-Toa put in the protodermis tubes beneath the chamber? Did the ones who placed the Exo-Toa hide the Kanohi Nuva? 41Can't answer it
42Do the Bahrag each control three Bohrok elements (fire, water, etc), or do they each have all six? 43Both Bahrag can control all six swarms
44Are Cahdok and Gahdok the only Bahrag, or are there more (of the same species, say)? If so, can the others control/create Bohrok and Krana? 45They are the only two
46Cahdok and Gahdok are the only Bahrag. Are the Krana they make the only Krana in existence? 47At present, yes
48Had the Bahrag been sent to opposite chambers, would the Toa Mata have been able to destroy them? I.e., would the weakening of the Bahrag have been enough to cause them to be defeated by only three (or however many after splitting up)? 49If they were far enough apart, it's possible, yes.
50Had the Bahrag been destroyed, would that have been a bad thing? After all, they're just doing their job (and it's apparently quite important). 51Yes, it would have been a bad thing.

52Did the Nuva symbols appear at the Toa Mata's transformation, or were they always there, waiting to be found at the time of the destined Toa? 53The former
54The Kanohi Nuva... were they created at the same time as the Toa Nuva, or placed there by others beforehand? Were they hidden in Mata Nui by the Turaga, or by the same ones who put the tubes of energized protodermis under the Bahrag's lair? 55They were created beforehand and placed on Mata Nui when they were needed. They were not hidden by the Turaga, nor were they made by the same people who put the tubes there.
56After being defeated by the Kal (Comic 10), the Toa Nuva split into two groups: Gali/Pohatu/Onua, and Kopaka/Tahu/Lewa. The first group searched for the Bahrag, and the second tried to fight the Kal. However, in Comic 11, they were split differently -- Kopaka, Gali, and Lewa Kaita'd and fought three Kal, while Pohatu and Onua fought Tahnok-Kal, and Tahu (with the Bohrok) tried to beat Nuhvok-Kal. Was there simply a long time between the comics? After all, Onua said in 10 to look for Kanohi Nuva, but they didn't do that except in the books. 57Exactly, and the quest in the books took a long time.
58How exactly does Krana Xa-Kal work? 59Activating the Nuva cube is only part of the process to unlock the door, and if you're not a Toa, the process is dangerous. Thus the need for a krana-kal that could protect its Bohrok until the task is done.
60Could a Krana-Kal (e.g., the one in Kohrak-Kal that escaped) enter a regular Bohrok and use it as it would use a Bohrok-Kal (minus the Kal powers, of course)? 61No.
62Now that the Bahrag and the Kal are defeated (for now), what are the Va doing? Did they go to the nests at the same time as the rest of the Bohrok? 63Yes
64Did the Kal send the signal that recalled the Bohrok to the nests? 65Yes
66After the Kal's demise, Kopaka said "The Turaga will know what to do with the Kal." What did the Turaga do? 67Cleaned up the mess.
68The Ussanui is made of Rahkshi parts. Was it also made of Kal parts? 69No
70Sometime after the Bohrok-Kal, the Turaga taught the Matoran how to rebuild themselves. Is this basically a method of giving them their former Metru Nui stature? 71Yes, and also to reflect their new appearance in the movie and sets based on the movie.

72In Po-Metru, there is a place where protodermis parts are stored before being crafted or assembled. It is also viewable on the Toa Onewa promotional CD (Click here to see a picture). Is it just a coincidence that it looks like a Bohrok nest? 73Yup
74Ehrye was angry because Nuju wouldn't promote him. Vhisola was jealous because she felt overlooked by Nokama. Ahkmou was... what? 75Ahkmou was just a creep. Some beings are just rotten by nature, and he is one.

76Would one be correct in saying that the Toa Metru became Hordika, not Toa Hordika? 77They were referred to in sets and story Toa Hordika. Although they no longer had access to mask powers, they still had elemental abilities.
78Who's older, Lewa or Iruini [or rather, Mata or Hagah? 79Lewa.

80Do the Inika's masks (or the Mask of Life) have anything to do with Krana? They're alive and attach to people's faces, after all. 81No, there is no connection between the two. The mask does not attach itself to your face, you put it on and take it off.

82What happens when a Matoran wears a Great Kanohi or a Noble Kanohi? 83Nothing. Matoran cannot use mask powers, so for them, it's the same as wearing a Matoran mask.
84I've heard that Kanoka were invented in Metru Nui -- specifically, Ga- and Ko-Metru. What did Matoran use to make masks before then? 85Assuming they were making masks at all before that, it would have probably been a case of just sending the liquid protodermis straight into the mask-making process without the extra step.
86The Mask of Life was created by the Great Beings. Did they use Kanoka? 87Highly doubtful.
88Toa, Turaga, and Matoran are all of the same race. Is Mata Nui of the same "race"? After all, Makuta once appeared to the Toa Mata as a Tohunga, saying "I am that which you have sworn to protect," though that may have just been a deceptive tactic. 89No. Mata Nui is not.
90Are Infected Masks more rusted or just dirty (like soot or slime)? What does the "contamination" involve? 91I am not sure what you mean by "involve," but we perceive them as rusty, yes.
92Is there any reason that the Metru Nui Matoran (2004) have almost no unity? There's so much rivalry between each Metru. 93There are rivalries between neighborhoods and boroughs in our cities as well. It's human and Matoran nature.
94Does Bionicle stand for Biological Chronicle or Bionic Chronicle? 95Biological Chronicle
96Was Metru Nui the original (as in very first) living place for the Mata Nui-ans? Did the Voya Nui-ans live there before? 97No, the Matoran of Voya Nui never lived there. It was the original home of the Mata Nui Matoran.

98Are there any Toa (or characters in general) who can actually control the Vahi? 99None that you have met yet.
100Have we ever seen Makuta's true form? He's a shapeshifter, but surely he has a real body. 101No
102Is there any connection between the Avohkii and the Kraakhan, other than the characters who wear them? 103Haven't decided yet

104What parts of the Bionicle universe are considered "canon"? The books, comics, and movies (thus excluding the TCG and games)? 105Yes.
106Will Lego ever create a Bionicle video game that is considered fully canon? 107LEGO does not create the video games, which is part of the reason they are pretty much not considered to be canon. The demands of a video game mean they are often in a situation of conflicting with the rest of the story.
108It is actually not accurate for me to say that games are not considered canon -- much of MNOLG and MNOLG 2 and The Legend Continues are official. The ones that tend not to be canon are the video games, etc., which generally are not connected to story.

109In Exo-Force, I notice that the Mobile Defense Tank has the symbol 光, which in Japanese is hikaru, or light. Is this a reference to the character Hikaru or just decoration? 110No idea, I don't do set design.
111Was Exo-Force created due to the increasing popularity of anime and manga (Japanese animation and comics)? 112I'm sure that was part of it -- we generally don't do things based on genres that are unpopular and no one is interested in.
113Have you ever met Rob, "The Voice"? If so, what's he like? 114I have no idea who you are referring to.

115And finally... What question would you say gets asked far too often? 116Stuff about the next year's products or story, when people know I cannot answer such things this early.
1Someone asked you a while back why Zaktan was inmune to the pain the other Piraka feel near the antidermis collection sphere, and you answered that you needed one of them to be able to reload the zamor. I have an explanation that you may like: 2Since antidermis tries to seize control of a being's mind, the Piraka's pain is mostly a psychologic thing. But then, Zaktan's mind (and conciousness) is spread all through his body, making it near-impossible for the antidermis to have any effect. Sounds good? 3In a sense -- basically, the virus needs to cut somebody some slack or else no one can work with it.
4The Inika masks are organic, so my question is, can they show facial expressions in the story (I don't mean like in the movie, where every character can show expressions even when they're using an inorganic mask over their faces)? If yes, I would like S. Sayger to add this to the comics, if you could tell him :). 5Stuart probably would not do that, simply because it would make them look too different from the toy.
1I have 2 today:
21)Would it be safe to assume/is it possible that the making of the Kanohi Olmak involves a Teleport disk? 32)What are all the Rahi found on Voya Nui?

61) No, because that is not what the Olmak does. It opens dimensional gates -- that is not the same as teleportation. Teleportation means one second you're here, the next you're there, with no awareness of movement -- what Olmak does is dump you someplace else, that you are aware of, and then dump you out someplace else, often requiring measurable time in the intervening place.
72) Sorry, there is no way I can make you a list of every possible Rahi found on an island. It would take way more time than I have for BZP.
11.Is the kardas dragon the final gaurdain of the mask of life?
22.is the rahi-nui comeing back in Bionicle Legends #5 cause thats the only enemy that makes sense
33. is the mana-ko gonna be in the book too cause i heard he was

41) Final one the Toa face 52) No 63) Mana-Ko is in Book 4, not 5
7all are useless execpt #1 that should be added to the V&F and kardas dragon topic.
8does that imply that the piraka face something different. :notsure:
Titan XP

11.Is the kardas dragon the final gaurdain of the mask of life?
22.is the rahi-nui comeing back in Bionicle Legends #5 cause thats the only enemy that makes sense
33. is the mana-ko gonna be in the book too cause i heard he was 41) Final one the Toa face 52) No 63) Mana-Ko is in Book 4, not 5
7all are useless execpt #1 that should be added to the V&F and kardas dragon topic.
8does that imply that the piraka face something different. :notsure:

9Perhaps the Inika fail against the Kardas? Or the Piraka are defeated beforehand?
11. When are you going to publish the Turaga Dume webisode scripts? I saw the first a while ago, but haven't heard anything about the rest. 21b. Speaking of unpublished information, what about the gold/silver/black Zamor powers? 31) I have episodes two and three, but have not had the time to send them on to Moderator. 41b) See my topic in Storylines and Theories
52. Could you give dates for the following events? 6a. Makuta begins to cause Mata Nui to suffer. 7b. Sidorak betrays his clan leader to the Brotherhood, and the leader is mutated into Voporak. 8c. Brutaka sends Tahtorak to Metru Nui. 9d. The Order of Mata Nui sends Axonn and Brutaka to guard the Ignika Mask of Life. 10e. Toa Jovan leads a team to use the Mask of Life. 112) I can give you an order, not dates -- Brutaka and Tahtorak, OOMN sends Brutaka to join Axonn and Voya Nui, Jovan gets Mask of Life, Makuta attacks Mata Nui, Voporak comes into being -- that should be about right.
123. What is Cable Crawler's Rhotuka power? I thought it was vertigo, but I recently realized that that power is always described as a "blast of energy" and never specified as a Rhotuka. 133) That is his Rhotuka power
144. I know you've been getting some questions about Graalok/Makuta Nui recently. Now, you said that the model is a form of Makuta, but in the Maze of Shadows video game, it's labelled as a "Graalok Ash Bear". Since no other canon material contradicts this ("Makuta Nui" never appeared in the storyline after all), should we take the game as official? 154b. Just double-checking: Graalok is the name of one specific ash bear, right? 164) But Makuta Nui did appear as a named alternate set, and video games do not take precedence over named sets. And yes, Graalok is a proper name
175. You recently told someone that the Bohrok nest illusions were made by the Bahrag, but in Tales of the Masks some of the Toa Nuva encountered another one (a wall of fire) and concluded all of the illusions were actually by Makuta. So which is it? 18You just answered your own question ... "the Toa Nuva concluded" .... not stated by the narrator, stated by a character, and therefore their conclusion, not necessarily fact.

19Can't say I'm too thrilled with the answers to 2 and 4... Putting the events in relation to each other doesn't help me much, but I suppose I'll get answers sometime next year. And I don't think that keeping the model labeled as "Makuta Nui" makes sense when Makuta Nui never existed and Graalok did, but then again, it's not up to me. Oh well.
1Here are my answers. There are a lot of interesting things in here.
2QUOTE 3Dear Greg, 4I have a few questions if you wouldn't mind answering them. Thank you in advance:
51. Next year in book 7, are we just going to learn how the krana came into being as in how they are created, or will we see what characters were involved in their creation and for what purpose they are created?
62. Will we learn the bahrags origins and true purpose next year?
73. Will we learn about the exo toa and their relation to the bahrag/bohrok as well as who placed them where they were?
84. Will the inika transform and be next year's principle heroes in their new form?
95. Will we learn any new specifics about the toa mata and how and why their canisters were sent from krazahni?
106. When will the atlas be coming out next year?
117. This was about the 2007 set lists which can't be discussed yet on BZP.
128. Will we see much of the fourth organization you spoke of next year?
139. Will we ever see other members of the BOM?
1410. Can you share any information about any of the above questions that you haven't stated before ?
15Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to your response.

161) You already know why they were created -- they were created to be "Bohrok brains." And you will learn who first created them, how, and out of what.
172) The Bahrag's true purpose is to oversee the Bohrok as they carry out their mission and to make krana to aid in that mission.
183) No.
194) I can't discuss that.
205) Their canisters were not sent from Karzahni. If they had been, there would have been no canisters there for Jaller and his team to find.
216) Probably around April
227) This was about the 2007 set lists which can't be discussed yet on BZP.
238) Yes
249) Don't know at this point


11: We know that Umbra shoots lazers out of the tips of his staff, but since he has two different shaped ends with two different colors, do both of their powers vary?
22: Umbra has a mask, however, you said to assume it powerless. But, are you happening to be making a power for it, as others have claimed? And if so, have you figured it out yet?
33: You also said his Rhotuka has no power, because when you created his powers, he didn't have a launcher at the time. But, I must ask, if you are not including his power into the story by other means, could you just make one up and tell BZP? That would make people feel better about this 'Mysterious Rhotuka' on a set that lots of people like alot.
44: On the Umbra set, he also has the Piraka light-up eyes. Since the Piraka's light-up eyes have storyline significance, does Umbra's aswell? Again, if not, would you mind creating powers for it, of course, if it is not too much to ask.
55: Who was placed first to protect the Ignika, Axonn or Umbra?

71) No 82) No, I have no plans to make a power for it 93) I will if I have time, with two books and a comic due in the next two weeks, I don't have a lot of time right now. 104) I will try to, I was not aware the eyes lit up because we do not have any Umbra sets at work. 115) Umbra

1Just got some, and posted them in the corresponding topics ^_^
2Hey Greg: Jut had a couple of questions for ya, mostly involving Kardas and Botar. 31 What is the weapon that Botar carries? 42 Will Botar appear in 2007? 53 Is Botar part of the Kardas? 64 Is Botar in any way connected to the Kardas? 75 If yes, in what way? 86 Is Kardas' concussive force power, a result of fusion? 97 Aside from Vezon, is there a connection to Kardas and Vezon? 108 Is the Spear of Fusion Brown for a reason? 119 The Shield Vezon carries in the Kardas set, is that in the storyline? 1210 If yes, how did he come by it? 1311 If yes, is it related to Botars weapon?
14Thanks if you can answer any of these

161) Would have to check the model 172) I can't discuss 2007 183-5) No 196) No 207) Huh? 218) Cause that is what color the set designer made it 229) No 2311) No - Botar has no relation to Vezon, Fenrakk or Kardas 24Edit: Oh, and just got this:
257. Are Vezon and Kardas related, more or less ^^; 268. So it has no storyline purpose? 27Thanks ^^

297) No 308) The spear does, the color has no significance
1A question that just popped up into my head; 2A while back you said to another member that the Kardas Dragon was sort of native to Voya Nui. So my question is, is the Kardas Dragon also native to the mainland that Voya Nui broke off of?
3Thanks, in advance.


5Something I sort of expected, and didn't at the same time.
1When you posted the powers for the Zamor pack Zamor, I thought of a couple of questions I'd really like for you to answer.
21. You said the gold Zamor sphere was used to return Brutaka's power, that it was like a power siphon. However, if what I have been told is correct, Hakann used a gold Zamor to take Brutaka's powers. It would still go along with the power siphon part, but the question still remains; Can it be used for both?
32. Antidermis and Energized Protodermis are liquids, which is how they can be put into the Zamor. But how do these new powers get in there? Are they just energy trapped inside the Zamor, and like Antidermis and EP, are released when shot?

41) True, but that zamor is pictured as blue in the comic book, and a lot more people read the comics than the books, which is why I had to make the change.
52) Yup

6So Hakann's power stealing Zamor is now blue in color...

1Can't say I'm too thrilled with the answers to 2 and 4... Putting the events in relation to each other doesn't help me much, but I suppose I'll get answers sometime next year. And I don't think that keeping the model labeled as "Makuta Nui" makes sense when Makuta Nui never existed and Graalok did, but then again, it's not up to me. Oh well.

2Makuta Nui does exist. That's the whole point. The model is right there-we haven't seen it in the story, but it's canon.
3And guys, can we leave Umbra alone already? I don't know if Greg is getting irked by being asked five hundred times if he'll give him a Rhotuka power, but I know I am. He said no, and no means no :P
1He said no, and no means no :P

2How many times have you said that in the last page and a half? :lol:

1And guys, can we leave Umbra alone already? I don't know if Greg is getting irked by being asked five hundred times if he'll give him a Rhotuka power, but I know I am. He said no, and no means no :P

2Well, actually, as I had posted, GregF told me that he will make a power for it. He's just been too busy. He may also give Umbra eye powers too, however, there will be no mask power.
Takua11 Inika

1Well, actually, as I had posted, GregF told me that he will make a power for it. He's just been too busy. He may also give Umbra eye powers too, however, there will be no mask power.

3Well, it's not like his mask power would be some big surprise-it's a Ruru. Night Vision.
4But yeah, I guess he got tired and gave in *shrug* Oh well, at least now he can get to work on other stuff :P
1Did Mata Nui ever intend for Matoran to live on the island Mata Nui? 2No
3Is there any connection between the words Matoro and Matoran? 4No
5Why did the Bohrok Swarms avoid the Place of Shadow? 6Wouldn't you avoid a place with a name like that?
7You said that there are Bohrok that aren't around Mata Nui, but are still under the Bahrag's control. Do they all move to Mata Nui when the job begins? 8Yes
9Do the Voya Nui Matoran have memories from before the Great Cataclysm? 10Yes
11The Voya Nui Matoran knew of the significance of beings coming in canisters -- that they would (normally) be Toa. Did they get this idea from the same legend/prophecy that the Turaga of Mata Nui did? 12Or from another, similar legend
13I've heard that Mata Nui, Metru Nui and Voya Nui are very small islands and that there is actually a large continent in the Bionicle world, thus meaning that the island lifestyle is atypical. Is this true? 14I don't if you could call it atypical, but there is a large continent, yes.
1I PMed Greg about a few questions, this are his answers.
21. I read somewhere about a Matoran Civil War? 3Where was this? Could you explain more of it? 4Answer:Outside of the fact that one took place in ancient times, no info has been released on it.
52. Who would you consider strong in chronigal: 6- Axxon. 7- Roodaka. 8-Sidorak. 9- MAnas. 10- Makuta. 11Answer: Makuta, Axonn, Manas, probably Roodaka and Sidorak about equal.
123. Do the BoM know of Takanuva? And do they fear him? 13Answer: They know of him, I doubt they fear him. He's a powerful Toa, but just one Toa, and they outnumber him.
144. To cleanse the island what the Bohrok do, is their 15a special reason for? 16Answer: Yes, there is a reason.
175. Vezon means 'double'. Does that mean that there are 18two Vezon's? One riding Fenrakk and the other one riding Kardas? 19Answer:No, that is not what it refers to
20I found answer 2 interesting. Manas are stronger then Roodaka and Sidorak. 21Hmm, that means that Keetongu is stronger then Roodaka too. 22And what is the place of shadows??
1The Place of Shadow was an area on Mata Nui that Tahu, Kopaka and Gali (I think) went to in search of their last Kanohi Nuva. Wasn't a nice place.
1-Bent-, to answer your question about the entrance to the Bohrok nest, BC#2 says it's located in the rocky wastes between Ko-Wahi and Le-Wahi.
1Forgive my ignorance, but, just for future reference...we're just allowed to pm GregF? :???: 2Just wanted to make sure.
1Yep, right here. Click the PM button and you're on your way. :)
1Thanks, Advocate. :happydance: :)
1All the Piraka have 'code names,' such as Zaktan "The Snake."
21: These code-names are names given to them by TSO, correct? Such as "Ancient" and "Lurker?"
32: Obviously, Vezon, too, would have a code-name. What would this name be?

41) Yes 52) No, Vezon does not have a code name -- see issue #4 of BIONICLE in September to find out why.

1Read the BOLDED question.
21. Why did the Ignika give Vezon limited looking-into-the-future? 31) So he would have advance warning if someone was coming for the mask
42. Is the Ignika fused to Vezon its only form or are their others? 52) The Mask of Life can appear in different ways, just as Life itself can
63. Is the 2007 location the other part of Voya Nui (The part that sank into the sea)? 73) I cannot discuss 2007
84. When will this Ancient Evil appear star in the storyline? 94) How do you know he hasn't already?
105. About when did Vezon acquire the Staff of Fusion? 115) Not long before going to Voya Nui
126. Could Vezon just defuse himself from Fenrakk but not the Ignika? 136) No. He is fused to Fenrakk because of the Ignika's curse, which is more powerful than the Spear of Fusion is

147. I am very happy 2006 is going so far and I quite like it. Is 2007 going to be better or about the same? 157) Better, I think
168. When will the Kardas Dragon appear in the storyline/books/comics? 178) Book 5 and November comic
189. What is going on on Metru Nui right now? 199) Being rebuilt

2010. Will the Turaga (Dume included) ever find out about the six new Toa? 2110) At some point, probably, yes
2211. The first 2007 sets will be available in Late December '06/Early January '07? 2311) No idea
2412. How will 2006 end? Not asking for BIG things but rather a small statement. 2512) I can't answer this

26I think Number 4 is pretty cool.
1Actually read my number one. Then you won't find your number four so interesting ~TNH - IgniterInika~. And I could have sworn that it said somewhere that Kardas shared kinetic enrgy with Vezon. Funny how Greg only answers one part of my question about Fenrakk and Kardas.. Hmm.

2Hi again Mr.F: I have a few questions.

31. Recently another member asked you when the AE would appear in the storyline and you replied, "How do you no he hasn't." To confirm things then, does that mean the AE is male?

42. Does the AE have a name?

53. In which book will we discover the truth about the AE?

64. Will it appear in other books (if not already) past BL5?

75. In your blog you stated that Vezon slams Matoro's head into a wall. I assume that Matoro obtained the mask in BL5 right(I like to think that Vezon is like Smeagol, he 'loves' the Ignika and is mad when he doesn't have it)?

86. You say that the Kardas Dragon is young and can share kinetic energy with Vezon as did Fenrakk. Could Fenrakk have been mutated/transformed by the Ignika because the Ignika saw that they had a stronger opponent coming then they had first thought?

9That's all I could think of. Thanks.

101) Nope, just means I needed a pronoun 112) Yes 123-4) Can't answer it 135) Actually, Vezon hates the Ignika -- as far as whether or not Matoro has the mask at that point, that is 2007 storyline so I can't discuss it. 146) No, Kardas cannot absorb kinetic energy like Fenrakk did.

1Me: 2will the second volume of the encyclopedia contain a short story?

4Impossible for me to say at this time. I would like it to, but I don't even start work on the book for another two to three months.
5Let's hope it does. :)
Shouryuuzan Zero

1Actually read my number one. Then you won't find your number four so interesting ~TNH - IgniterInika~. And I could have sworn that it said somewhere that Kardas shared kinetic enrgy with Vezon. Funny how Greg only answers one part of my question about Fenrakk and Kardas.. Hmm. 21) Nope, just means I needed a pronoun 32) Yes 43-4) Can't answer it 55) Actually, Vezon hates the Ignika -- as far as whether or not Matoro has the mask at that point, that is 2007 storyline so I can't discuss it. 66) No, Kardas cannot absorb kinetic energy like Fenrakk did.

7Heh, I think he (as well as me) was more interested that the AE could've been a star in the storyline before, not what gender it is.
1Hi Greg, first of all, thanks for posting those Zamor sphere powers. I just have one question:
2What color was the one that Hakann used? I thought it was gold (where I heard it from I don't remember)
3Thanks Greg.
4- Toa Lhikan Hordika

5I thought it was too, but in the comic it is pictured as blue, and since way more people read the comic than the books, I did not want to contradict it.

6Okay, so officially it was blue?
7- Toa Lhikan Hordika

8Looks that way

9- :t::l::h:
1HI greg.
21.how come my dark hunter entry didnt show in the guide? (i created katerak.)
32. how about my piraka fusion? ( mine had a keerakh staff, a blunt shooter, and hordika whenua's head.)
41-2) Were you a winner of either contest, or did you just submit entries?
53. can you tell me a bionicle name on the "okay" list that hasnt been used yet?
63) No.
74. read the following names:
8Kurtrahk 9Rala 10Kahturahk 11Rhaana 12Xante (zah-n-tay) 13Luki
14are any of these on the "okay" Bionicle name list?
154) No, none of those are existing BIONICLE names or names that have been cleared through Legal for use. Three of the six bring up over 900,000 hits on Google, making it unlikely they would get through our legal checks.
165. are you making any purple Bionicles soon?
172) Not up to me, up to the set designers
18thanks Greg:
1Wow, I haven't posted here in a while, but, anyway...
2In a recent topic, you posted the name of some Islands that would be in the BIONICLE atlas. So, I'm wondering, what are the following Islands? Like, are they name of islands that are already known but have never been named, or areas that are new for this or next year?:
3Daxia 4Xia 5Odina 6Zakaz 7Destal

8They are pretty much all places that, if they have not appeared in the story yet, people at least know exist.

9So these places would include perhaps the homes of Sidorak/ Krekka, Roodaka, and Keetongu/ the Tahtorak?

10Might be a lot of places. There are quite a few islands we have mentioned in the fiction over the years.

11Okay then. Just one more question. In the Toa Olda origins topic, it said that the Olda were orbiting the BIONICLE planet before they fell in the Mata Nuian Sea. Yet, Bionicle Legends #'s 1 & 2 seem to suggest they shot up from under ground and then fell back to the ocean. So, which is true here?

12That's easy -- the latter. The BZP topic is based on the info BZP had, which is based off of Matoran legend. We have indeed stated that the Toa "fell from the heavens," and they did -- we never said they started out from there or were in orbit for years. That is fan theory, not fact.

14So, when the Toa use there powers, it is a combination of their element and lightning. But, could the Inika just manipulate their element like previous toa? Like, could Jaller heat up the air around someone or such in the heat like Vakama did, or could Hahli make a wave rise from the ocean with out the lightning part of their powers interfearing with stuff like that?


16---Just to note, these are a little old, but, yeah---
17~Toa Freak27~
1This is really old, but I found some of them interesting. 2[quoteGregF @ Jul 12 2006 11:31 AM
GregF @ Jul 12 2006 @ 11:31 AM
31) Are the Toa Hagah mentioned at all in Bionicle Legends #4 (i.e. a character mentions them in passing or something like that)? 4No, I don't believe so, I had no room for them. 52) Are zamor spheres and the mysterious black EP-holding vial in BA #6 made of the same substance? 6Close to the same substance, yes 73) How does one make zamor spheres? 8Don't know, Zaktan never told me

9jetslandingboard :silver:
1I just got these:
21. are Nuparu's claws natural, or artificial? 31) Natural
42. when Takua turned into a Toa, why did he change his name to Takanuva, instead of keeping his old name, just Takua Nuva instead? 52) Simple. If we called him Takua Nuva, then everyone would have known who turned into the Seventh Toa the second they saw a list of characters in the movie. Also, Takua Nuva would have meant he was a Toa Nuva -- and he isn't.
63. are Matoran mask names the Matoran word for its power (as in Ignika means life; Vahi means time, etc.)? 73) That seems to be the pattern
84. how do you pronounce the following:
9Inika 10avak 11reidak 12vezon 13vezok 14lewa? 154) In-nigh-kah, Ay-vack, Ray-dack, vay-zonn, vay-zock, lay-wah
165. wich way do you spell it: Fenrakk or Fenrahk? 175) Fenrakk
186. you said Artahka and Karzahni would be in the Atlas. are we going to see what they (the places) look like? 196) Possibly, in illos
207.are you going to make a Karzahni set? 217) No plans for that right now, but you never know
22thak you a lot::
1To GregF
2In the the third bionicle "Ignition" Comic in the profiles of the inika it says Matoro is connected to the ignika, What does that mean?
1you have to PM greg your questions:
1Konguair, like sgran said, you have to PM Greg. This is because he doesn't check this topic, this is for members to read the answers to each other's questions. You can PM Greg here.