1Okay, this is my first post so I don't know what I'm doing. But Apperently you ask questions. And I've got questions.
21. Did The Shadowed One create Zaktan's prototites on purpose?

3No, he did not intend to. He was surprised at the effect, so the book said.
1Hi there Greg just a few questions again.
21. If the Barakki were to get into a fight with the Piraka who do you think would win?
32. Is Sidorak and Roodaka more powerful then most foes to their size which allows them to be strounger, faster and of course their really smart.
43. Do the Barakki have any connections to anyone know right now? Or they just a new breed of enemy?
54. I hear that Veson's canister belonged to a OoMN member and that Makuta KILLED him was this a easy feat for Makuta?

61, 3) I can't discuss 2007 storyline or characters. 72) Well, Keetongu killed Sidorak, so I am not sure you can say Sidorak was more powerful than him. 84) I am sure he had to exert himself to win.

9Hmm interesting...
11) I've been wondering if the following Toa once were Matoran: 2a) Krakua 3the Toa Hagah 4c) Nidhiki 5d) Lhikan 6e) Dume 7f) Jovan
82) Is Barakki a species or a team name?
93) Do you have timelines for Mata Nui or Voya Nui?
104) As a suggestion, maybe you could come up with a name for Nidhiki's Mask of Stealth in the second Encyclopedia.
115) I heard that Makuta killed an OoMN member and stole the canister Vezon used to get to Voya Nui. 12a) When did that happen? 13How did Makuta find this member? 14c) Did he even know that his victim was a member of the Order? 15d) Why did he want that canister at all?
166) Is Makuta older than Metru Nui?
177) Is Mata Nui older than Metru Nui or did his creation and the construction of Metru Nui happen almost simultaneously?
188) About when were Axonn and Brutaka sent to Voya Nui? Umbra?
199) How old is Jovan's team?
2010) OK, Mata Nui somehow "controls" the universe and without him it can't survive. But according to the Artakha/Karzahni info, there were at least 500.000 years before he came to be - who did his job during that period of time? The Great Beings?
2111) Is the AE older than Mata Nui (the being)? Metru Nui?

241) Yes, all of them were. 252) I can't discuss 2007 263) No -- not that much happened on Mata Nui. The timeline basically amounts to, 1000 years ago the Matoran got there, 1000 years or so later, they left. 274) We'll see 285) I never said Makuta wanted the canister. If he had, he wouldn't have left it on Mata Nui. A stranger arrived on Mata Nui after the Matoran got there, Makuta encountered him, they fought, and Makuta killed him. Makuta had no idea who he was, just that he was powerful and opposing him, and that was enough. 296) No. 307) I would say that technically Metru Nui is older than Mata Nui. 318) Umbra was there 100,000 years ago, Axonn and Brutaka not too long after. 329) 80,000 years 3310) I'm confused -- what info are you referring to? There's nothing in the Encyclopedia entries about 500,000 years. 3411) No and no.
1I have asked some questions and this are the answers:
21: Did the Great Catalysm effected the lands of Karzahni and Arthaka. 32: Karzahni is still alive, can we assume that Arthaka is too? 4B: If not, would Karzahni felt it or known it at any other way? 53: Can avaks prison powers also capture for example Makuta or Axonn or 6Keetongu. 74: Who would you consider stronger: The Shadowed One or Axonn. 85: Why did Botar never captured the The Shadowed One and send him to the Pit? 96: What is the pit exialy? Somesort of prison?
10Answers. 111) Yes 122) Can't answer it 133) Yes 144) Physically? Axonn 155) Because that is not Botar's job. Botar acts after someone has been defeated, he does not combat them himself. 166) You'll find out in '07
17Here are some more questions and answers.
181: Why did Makuta kill the OoMN member on Mata Nui when he/she first 19arrived. 202: What happened to the OoMN member that was put on Metru Nui after 21the great Disruption. Is he still alive? 223: Are there also female member in the OoMN. 234: Do the Toa taka advantage of the war of the DH/BoM. Do they attack both 24sites? 255: When will we see the nuva and the Bahrag again? 266: How is Axonn? I mean for example in voice, feeling, personality, how does 27he think of the Nuva etc? 287: Do the OoMN know what is happening on Voya Nui and on Metru Nui?? 29(are here also agantson this island?

301) Why wouldn't he? Anyone on the side of Mata Nui is Makuta's enemy. 312) No, he was killed by the Karzahni plant 323) Probably 334) No, the Toa are too few in number at this point to risk starting a war with either side. 345) No idea at this point. 356) Axonn is an Order of Mata Nui member, so of course he has a good opinion of Toa. Axonn is a very loyal type, which is why Brutaka's betrayal saddens him so much. He is also capable of great anger. 367) They are well aware of what is going on.
37Hmm, I think question #2 and question #4 very interessting.

12: What happened to the OoMN member that was put on Metru Nui after 2the great Disruption. Is he still alive?
32) No, he was killed by the Karzahni plant

4Interesting. That's two mysteries solved -- what happened to the OoMN member who was stationed on MeN after the GD, and who the OoMN member that Karzahni killed was.
1"Great Disruption"? Is that the same as the Great Cataclysm, or is it something else? (asking you guys, not Greg :P)
11)Does Makuta have a different name that is his real name, since "makuta" is a title?
22)Would you say that any of the DH's are more powerful than TSO?
33)About how many DH's are there total?
44)Does the alliance of the island in the atlas(xia, i think) have members of new species we havnt seen yet?
55)After the 06-08 arc, how long will the next be, like 09-10, or 09-11?
66)I know that the Hau doesnt protect against mental attacks or ambushes, but is there any physical attack that the Hau cannot protect against?
77)Is the ability to share powers the only advantage of nuva masks? or are their powers increased? like say, would a pakari nuva make you stronger than a regular pakari?
88)How did Vezon get his cape? it doesnt say in Bionicle Legends#4?
99)you probably cant answer this but, is mata in a "physical place" that someone could just walk to? or is he in his own little spiritual realm?
1010)Who is more powerful, Karzahni(not the plant), or Makuta?
1111)Who is the most powerful piraka?
1212)Do all the inika get new masks later in the stoy? or just some?
1313)are they organic, or metallic?
14thanks so much for taking tiem out of your busy schedule to answer my questions: BTW i got ignition 4 today. uber cool:

151) Yup 162) It's entirely possible. But a ruler is not always the most powerful, physically -- think of the number of supervillains who have henchmen that are stronger than they are. 173) Can't answer it 184) Yes 195) Hasn't been determined yet. One of the things we are discussing in Denmark next week is post 2008. 206) Not that I can think of 217) There are other advantages, just as there are advantages of Great Masks over Noble Masks. For example, the Kaukau Nuva lets you stay underwater longer than the Kaukau and breathe at greater depths. 228) Just a part of his origin. 239) Mata Nui does exist in a physical place, yes indeed. 2410) That's a tough one. The easy answer would be Makuta, but I like to think Karzahni has depths he has not revealed yet. 2511) Depends on what you mean -- intellectually, physically, or in terms of additional powers? 2612) I can't discuss future storyline 2713) My BELIEF at this moment is that they are not organic.

28Wow. So makuta has a real name. sweet. and mata nui is in a place that someone could walk to.
29Also i edited the actual "question" part of question one as to not reveal Bionicle Legends#4 spoilers. But the Q&A of it is still the same just shorter and more to the point, and spoiler free.
1Hello. In the newest issue of the Lego magazine a combiner is featured, a Rare Rahi that has been modified by the Piraka. I assume you are the one who wrote the description of it, so hopefully you can give me some more info on it. Most pressingly I would like to know if this "Caravan Crawler" is in scale with the mini figure sets it is constructed from, or to scale with the full-size figures. There is no real indication of either in the magazine, but one would assume the description of the creature as "massive", as well as the idea that it would work as a platform for Piraka makes me assume it is in scale with the Playsets, but I'd like some official word on this.

2Yes, it is meant to be in scale to the playsets, not the action figures

3More info on our first Playset combiner, the Caravan Crawler. For those not in the know, this is a new Rahi featured in the Lego mag that is built from the Playsets. it functions as an armored hub for the Piraka, modified to hold a platform and Zamor launcher atop it's giant shell.

1"Great Disruption"? Is that the same as the Great Cataclysm, or is it something else? (asking you guys, not Greg :P)

2Greg gave BS01 (Technically Swert, but it was for all of BS01) a Metru Nui mini timeline. Here's the event and all we know about it at this point:
379,500 Years Ago – The Great Disruption. Matoran civil war breaks out in Metru 4Nui.

5BS01 is down, but I have a copy of this on my desktop ;)
1Well, I PMed Greg about some geography and got the following:
2Hello, GregF. I sent this about a week ago, and it seems you didn't get around to answer it. Could you answer these questions please?
3Hey Greg. I have a few questions today I would like answered. :)
41) How big would Metru Nui be compared to a real life city, like New yorak for example? Same for Voya Nui as well.
52) Would Botar be considered a bounty hunter for the OoMN?
63) Is the pit a sort of prison? Because I am theorizing that Botar is a bounty hunter who brings beings who have committed crimes here, as a jail cell for their crimes.
74) Even though the Visorak horde was disbanded, could there still be some who haven't left Metru Nui? Would the Matoran know how to deal with them? Or could Vakama still order them around?
85) Since there are "domes" underground that are hugae and contain many islands, including the mainland, how big would the actual planet be comapred to one in our solar system?
96) If a Reconstitute at Random disk at a high enough power level were to hit a Matoran, Toa, or Turaga, would they have the power of Zaktan? By that I mean his protodites.
107)Similar to #1, how big would Mata Nui or the mainland be compared to continents/islands in our world? Could Mata Nui or Voya Nui be considered a continent? If so, how much compared to any of ours?
118)Are Visorak considered as Rahi? If they are, then could a Stage Six Rahi Control Rahkshi have the ability to control a portion of the horde? If enough of them were in the area, could the Rahkshi have the ability to steal the horde instantly from Sidorak? Note that I am talking about before Vakama was placed as their leader, unless the horde is being reconstituted somewhere else.

12Thanks in advance: :)

131) I don't have official measurements for Voya Nui. But Metru Nui is 40.46 miles long, and 20.4 miles wide at its widest point. By contrast, the island of Manhattan is 13 miles long, and only about 2.3 miles wide at its widest point. 142) No. Bounty hunters hunt down and actively bring down their prey. Botar only shows up after his target has been defeated by someone else. 153) Can't answer it 164) No. Any Visorak who remained on Metru Nui after the events of B3 would have been hunted down and killed by the Rahaga or Keetongu. The horde scattered, and were later reformed to serve as part of the Brotherhood of Makuta's army. 175) Can't answer it 186) I would say the odds against it are astronomical, considering the word "random" and the number of things it is possible for a being to be reconsituted into. 197) No, neither Mata Nui nor Voya Nui is big enough to be a continent. Mata Nui is roughly 300 or so miles long and 151 miles wide. 208) Yes, Visorak are Rahi. Who could steal the horde from Sidorak is sort of academic, since Sidorak is dead. But it is possible this could take place, although I can't see why it would -- wild Rahkshi would have no interest in controlling the horde, and Makuta already controls the horde so he has no need to have Rahkshi do it.

1Would it be possible that bionicle time moves faster then earth time? 2and how would the nuva be rescued if they got took to a "unfindable place"? 3painfully, painfully interrogating brutaka?
1You have to PM Greg those questions.
22. Have you watched Alien 1-4?
33. Have you seen Predator 1-2?
44. Did you see AVP(Alien vs Predator)
55. Since your big on comics and read them alot when you were younger did you read any of the AVP comics?
6ok now for some Bionicle questions.
76. So do Zaktan and the BoM know alot about years 2007 - 2008?
87. What is more dangerous? Rahkshi sent by Makuta on a mission armed with staves with lvl 7 kratta out to go get some item... Or the Piraka going after the samething. (The item their going after is like Maoki stone important)
98. Has this whole DH/BoM war put alot of time in the hands of the forces of good?
109. If the DH or BoM suddenly found out about the OoMN would the instanly declare war on them too?
1110. If all OoMN members are stronger then any Dark Hunter. Whats keeping them from killing off imporant DHs.
1211. In a rescent PM someone asked who was stronger. TSO or Axonn. And you said Axonn was strongest physically. Does this suggest that TSO is smarter/more cunning then Axonn?
1312. If Brutaka wanted to, could he warp himself over to TSO and kill him then take over the DH?
1413. Sence Botar doesent take care of foes he just sends them to the pit. Would this suggest that he is weaker then the other members? Like say if he went after Brutaka himself without Axonn taking care of him first. Brutaka would blow him over and then Botar would be in a pickle right?

152-4) Nope, don't watch scary movies. Have a very low threshold for gore. 165) No, I pretty much only read superhero comics. 176) They know what the BOM hopes will happen. They don't know what WILL happen. 187) I would say Piraka, because Piraka think on their feet better than Rahkshi do. Rahkshi are very powerful, but not known for cunning plans. 198) I don't understand your question. 209) Probably not -- fighting a two-front war rarely ends well. Ask Germany. 2110) Couple reasons. One, there is no reason to -- the DH are dangerous and generally bad guys, but they don't pose a threat to the existence of Mata Nui or the order of the universe. And two, you can't really exterminate an entire organization without someone figuring out you exist -- and the OOMN isn't out to let everyone know they are there. 2211) TSO fights dirtier. As we saw in a recent comic, Axonn can mop the floor with Piraka, but still gets back-shot by Brutaka because he isn't expecting it. 2312) I doubt it. TSO is very well-protected and probably has safeguards built into his fortress to prevent someone just popping in through a dimensional gate. 2413) Botar wouldn't do that, first off. And Botar is perfectly capable of fighting, it's just not his job to do so. If, for example, Axonn attempted to stop Botar from taking Brutaka, Botar would fight Axonn -- and if he beat him, Axonn would be going to the Pit too.

1Look at this: :br:
2Hello, Greg: :)
3I've some questions on mind:
41) What kind of "magic" did Gali use in MOL to hover in the air at Kini-Nui? A Kanohi Miru?
52) How did Jaller's mask waver in this bright beam after he died?
63) And how did this mechanism at Mangaia which opened the gate to Metru Nui by placing Jaller, Hahli and Takanuva at three circles at the floor work?
74) On which book are you working at the moment?
8Thank you so much for answering: :)


101-3) These three are all Mask of Light questions, and I did no work on the movie or on the movie novelization -- the screenwriter put those elements in, and I don't know what his reasoning was behind them.
114) EXO-FORCE Book 4

1I was wondering, since the Turaga decided to keep Takanuva on Metru Nui to defend it, wouldn't it have been a better idea to leave a much more experienced Toa to defend a whole island single handedly?
21) Nope. For one thing, keeping one of the Toa Nuva back would mean breaking up a team that had been working well together for a long time, in order to insert a rookie. And second, as far as the Turaga know, Takanuva singlehandedly beat Makuta -- none of the other Toa can claim that. So which Toa do you want on Metru Nui in the event of a Brotherhood of Makuta attack?
3How would a Toa of Magnetism fight? I mean, other then throwing metal at your opponents and throwing them around (If they are wearing metal), what else could one do?
42) Read any old X-Men comic featuring Magneto or see any of the movies. A Toa of Magnetism in a world where virtually EVERYTHING is biomechanical would have a field day. He could not only lift you and throw you around, he could pull you apart, twist you, shape you, crush you, etc., etc.
5Would this Toa of the Green be able to materialize vines out of nowhere to attack a foe, or can he just manipulate existing plantlife?
63) Like all Toa, he would be able to create his element.
7Since the Inika are getting new masks next year, would it be safe to assume that they will be available somehow (Like in mask packs or new sets or something). If the answer is yes, you don't have to say how the masks will be available, I'm just curious because I don't like the idea of having Toa with outdated masks.
84) They will be available, yes, but not in mask packs.
9If the Ignika wanted to protect itself, then why doesn't it enhance Vezon instead of just giving him a big spider and future sight?
105) I would think having a monstrous spider and the ability to see what's coming AND the ability to absorb kinetic energy so that no physical attack hurts you is already pretty darn enhanced.
11If Vezon were to find a pool of EP, could he use his Future Sight to see what would happen to him if he touched it?
126) Only if the mask allowed him to do so. It controls when and how he uses that power.
13Can Toa be assigned new destinies? Like, if the Toa Nuva awaken Mata Nui, could they get a new destiny?
147) No. That doesn't mean they couldn't have further adventures, but your destiny is your destiny.
15Since Takutanuva revived Jaller, is it possible that there is a part of Makuta inside him?
168) That is something I originally hoped to explore in 2007, now not sure I will have space to do so.
17Is Vezon pronounced VEEZ-ON or VEZZ-ON?
189) I believe it is vee-zon in the commericals. I have always pronounced it Vay-zon, but have to go with what the commercial says.
19Are Brutaka and Axxon aware of Umbra's presence as a guardian and vice-versa?
2010) They know he's there, he probably doesn't know they're there.
21Why didn't the Ignika put Vezon on a Mana-ko or something stronger then a Fenrakk?
2211) Because there was no Mana-Ko there, they are not native to Voya Nui. The Mask of Life does not create organisms out of nothing, it evolves what is already there.
23That's all for now, thanks in advance =D.

24I find number four intresting. Does this mean we'll be getting new versions of the Inika?
1Since Takutanuva revived Jaller, is it possible that there is a part of Makuta inside him?
28) That is something I originally hoped to explore in 2007, now not sure I will have space to do so.

3Hmm, perhaps this could be one of the reasons why Jaller is the leader in 2006. It would be intersting to see Jaller turn into a dark Toa.. And then fight Takanuva: Wow. I am very imaginative.
1Okay, this is my first post so I don't know what I'm doing. But Apperently you ask questions. And I've got questions.
21. Did The Shadowed One create Zaktan's prototites on purpose?
32. What the heck are Barraki?
43. I read somewhere that destinde Kanohi turned into Kanohi. How can a Kanohi have a destiny?
54. Was there a particular reason that Tahu chose the name Nuva?
65. In Bionicle Legends 4, The Shadowed One said he hed uses for Sidorak after Gladiator defeated him. Can you tell me what those uses were?
76. In BL3, why was Kongu driven towards the vat if antidermis?
87. Why did Avak end up in the Piraka? Because when they were originally going to rebel, Zaktan left him out.
98. Is Botar aware of Vezon, the Piraka, the Inika, etc.?
109. Does Botar have a species?
11[spoiler10. I read that the current form of the Antient Evil is antidermis. How is this possible?[/spoiler

121) No. 132) Next year's January canister sets. 143) I don't understand your question. How can a Kanohi turn into a Kanohi, it already is one? 154) I have always seen nuva as meaning "new," myself. 165) Well, think about it -- Sidorak wound up a high-ranking employee of the Brotherhood of Makuta. Had he not been killed by Keetongu, he might have wound up running Metru Nui for Makuta. If TSO could get him to be a double-agent, he would have had influence over Metru Nui and the Visorak horde. 176) He's wearing a Mask of Telepathy, and the mask picked up on something from the vat. 187) They needed his skills. 198) Yup. 209) Yup. 2110) Not sure why it wouldn't be possible. After all, the first requirement of the AE would be that it is a living being -- and all viruses are alive, that's basic science. And we have seen at least two characters in the storyline who can shapeshift, plus Roodaka's spinner can turn people into different things. So someone having multiple forms is not new in BIONICLE

223. Sorry, I meant to put Nuva after the second Kanohi. Destined Kanohi turned into Kanohi Nuva. How does a Kanohi have a destiny?

23Well, we know from the Toa's encounter with the energized protodermis entity in BIONICLE Adventures #6 that objects can be transformed by EP -- and EP can only transform something that has a destiny to be transformed, otherwise it destroys it -- we also know EP transformed the Toa's armor and tools as well as their masks, all of which are objects. So it must be possible for an object to have a destiny. Remember, there is a difference between having a destiny and having consciousness or free will. If my printer breaks tomorrow, I could say it was destined to break down.

24He's seen Nuva as new. Interesting.
1Hmmm...actually, in our world, viruses are not alive...
2jetslandingboard :silver:
1Hi GregF, I've got a few more questions
21. Could it be possible that (a) Krahka could be almost as powerful as the great spirit?
31) No. You saw what happened when she tried to use the power of six Toa -- she couldn't handle it. There is no way she could ever even approach handling the power of a Great Spirit.
42. Do you know who will win the fight between Axxon and Brutaka? You just have to tell me whether or not you know who will win, not who will win.
53. Is Takanuva's destiny in any way related to the great spirit?
64. You write Exo-Force books? :???:
75. In Exo-Force, who do you like better, Hikaru or Ryo?
8Back to Bionicle questions
96. If you could be any Toa Metru, who would you be?
107. I know Hakann was in the Toa-Dark Hunter war. Were any other Piraka in it?
118. If The Shadowed One fought a non Antidermis enhanced Brutaka, who would win?
129. Which team of Toa would you say is more expirenced, the Toa Nuva or the Toa Metru?

131) No. You saw what happened when she tried to use the power of six Toa -- she couldn't handle it. There is no way she could ever even approach handling the power of a Great Spirit. 142) Yes, I do, book was written months ago 153) I can't answer this 164) Some, yes 175) Hikaru -- my staff writer, Daniel, is the big Ryo fan 186) Don't know 197) Probably some were 208) Hard to say, because both would cheat 219) The Toa Nuva are much more experienced. They're over 90,000 years old, and even if you just look at their time on Mata Nui, they were active as Toa a lot longer than the Toa Metru were active in Metru Nui

1Hello Greg, I just want to ask, are any of the Rahi seen in the VNOLG canonical?
2Thanks :) 3~ Bioran

4My best information is that all of them are.

5~ Bioran
1QUESTION: You once said the Artakha/Karzahni era was about 500,000 to 100,000 years before the Voya Nui saga. But still if that isn't the case, Artakha and Karzahni are definitely older than Mata Nui, so who had his job during that time?
2ANSWER: Yes, it was 100,000 years before the Voya Nui saga -- and yes, Artakha and Karzahni both existed before Mata Nui came into being, during which time the Great Beings were maintaining the universe.
1Hi, i was wondering if Bionicle will sell mask packs again, like they did for the Toa ,Toa Nuva, and Bohrak?
Axonn's Fury

1Hi, i was wondering if Bionicle will sell mask packs again, like they did for the Toa ,Toa Nuva, and Bohrak?

2You need to Pm Greg your questions here.
11)Does Voya-Nui's original continent still exist, or was it outright annihilated in the Cataclysm? 21) Yes, it does still exist 3If Jovan ever was a Matoran, would it be safe to say he was one of the most long-lived in the Bionicle universe. 42) Jovan was a Matoran, but I am not sure he could be named one of the longest-lived. We know he was active as a Toa 80,000 years ago, but we don't know how long before that he came into being. There were Matoran much further back than 80,000 years, but we do not yet know what their lifespans ended up being -- but certainly the Matoran in Karzahni's realm were among their number.
1Hey Greg got 2 questions
21. Is Ahkmou reformed? Did he stop working for Makuta and just wants to be a good little Matoran?
32. If Toa Stones unleash the power inside a Matoran that would mean that not all Matoran have this power right? So then why was Mata Nui worried if Ahkmou and co were given Toa stones by Lhikan? I mean they weren't destined to be Toa so they won't be. Or does this suggest Ahkmou and the others DO have this power inside them?

41) No, he's not, but there has been no Makuta for him to work for for some time, since the events of Mask of Light. So he is biding his time.
52) I am confused by your question. Let me see if I can do an answer for you --
6a) Vakama and his group were destined to be Toa. 7If Makuta had found that out, he might have had them killed or captured so they could never become Toa. 8c) Mata Nui thus arranged it that Makuta thought six other Matoran would become Toa, and made it so that Makuta would think to fool Lhikan. Makuta tried to fool Lhikan by pointing him in the direction of Vakama and his group because he thought they WEREN'T supposed to be Toa.
9Mata Nui was never worried that Lhikan would give Ahkmou and his group Toa stones -- he was the one who rigged it to look like they were supposed to be Toa to start with, to trick Makuta into helping the truly destined ones to become Toa.
10Had Lhikan ignored this and given the Toa stones to Ahkmou, Nuhrii, etc., then Vakama and Nuju and his group could never have become Toa, because they wouldn't have had the Toa stones to start with. But Mata Nui knew Makuta would never allow that to happen, because he wouldn't have wanted Nuhrii and Vhisola, etc. to get the Toa stones if he thought they were going to turn into Toa.
11Make any sense? 12Greg

13Well yes you did answer my question. But I remember you saying Toa stones just unleash the power inside a Matoran. So no average Matoran can be a Toa.
14Anyway LHIKAN?: He rigged the whole Ahkmou and company being Toa scam? I thought the OoMN did that? Or was he working with them?

15Exactly. Only a Matoran destined to be Toa would have the power that can be triggered by the Toa stone.
16No, no -- I think you misread. Mata Nui arranged the Ahkmou and company scam and the OOMN planted evidence to make it look like they were intended to be Toa. Lhikan chose Vakama and his group because Makuta placed their names in his mind, because Makuta believed Vakama, Nuju etc. were NOT supposed to be Toa.

17Ok then I have just one last question... Since the Spear of Fusion was in Makuta's lair does this suggest he used it on experiments and such? And did he use it to defuse the Toa Kaita before they fought him? Has he done other or similar things with this tool? How long has he had it? Did he make it? And if not where did he get it?

18No, he did not make it. The Dark Hunters stole it from someone else, and handed it over to the BOM, who stockpiled it. I doubt Makuta ever did much with it. No, he did not use it on the Toa Kaita -- the Kaita never fought him, they fought the Manas and split apart on their own before facing Makuta.

19Didn't Makuta use it on his "Rahi projects"? And if not why would he keep something around he is never gonna use?

20Why do we keep nuclear bombs around, if we never intend to use them?

1gregF i have some Questions? for you
21.what did jovans team use the mask for and if not when can you tell us
32. when is the earliest you can post pictures of the barakki and when you do do you think you could pm them to me

41) Same basic thing the Inika will be using it for. 52) I never post pictures, Krakua.

6Well that solves what jovans team did with the mask 7Do you know if thats new info or not
Toa Krakua The Zivon Rider

1gregF i have some Questions? for you
21.what did jovans team use the mask for and if not when can you tell us
32. when is the earliest you can post pictures of the barakki and when you do do you think you could pm them to me 41) Same basic thing the Inika will be using it for. 52) I never post pictures, Krakua. 6Well that solves what jovans team did with the mask 7Do you know if thats new info or not

8Well to me it's kinda old news as I had asked the same question to Greg and he replied that it was used for Mata Nui. Though how it was used ti unknown still.
1but now we know for fact they used it to heal mata-nui right
Toa Krakua The Zivon Rider

1but now we know for fact they used it to heal mata-nui right

2Not exactly sure what purpose it had in relation it had with Mata Nui, but it was used for Mata Nui. That's the fact.
1Hey, guys, VNOLG isn't completely unofficial:
2Yes, I have more questions...
3You said that VNOLG is not official. But I was wondering if the Rahi of VNOLG were.
41. Is the Gafna of VNOLG official?
52. Is the Burnak of VNOLG official?

6Yes, the Rahi are official.

11. How's are things going with the Legends #7 campaign? Not in terms of emails recieved, but how is Scholastic reacting?
21) My editor is on vacation, and I am off to Denmark next week, so no updates for a while. At the end of the day, it is going to come down to book sales.
32. Can you tell us more about the Gafna and Burnak in the VNOLG? It doesn't have to be much; I'm just wondering if you've written up blurbs like you did for the Dagger Spider and Lava Hawk in the first Ignition comic. 42b. Is the "Kanoka Quadruped" at the bottom of this article a Gafna? It sure looks like it could be one.
52-2b) I really had nothing to do with VNOG, so have very little info on anything to do with it.
63. Speaking of the VNOLG, are the various kinds of Nektann seen in it canonical?
73) Yes
84. For the new villains, do you spell it "Barraki" (two Rs) or "Barakki" (two Ks)?
94) Barraki
104b. You told us "Piraka" was based on "pirate"; what word is "Barraki" based on? (I'm guessing "barracuda".)
114b) I don't know, I didn't come up with that name.
1QUOTE 2Hey gregF 3Am i aloud to post kardas instructions on Bzpower

4Do you own the set? I wasn't aware it was out yet.
5I replyed that i bought it off a european ebay seller and i am waiting a response
6I just want to make sure it is not illegal
1What parts of the Voya Nui Online Game are now canon? The Rahi, right? Would the different elemental types be considered canon, or are the Burnak and Gafna just that, Burnak and Gafna?
2And are the three renditions of the Mask of Life canon? One of them being this?

31) The Rahi are, yes, I am not famiiar enough with the other elements of the game at this point to speak to anything else. I didn't work on the game.
42) The Mask of Life can take multiple forms, so yes.

1Not sure if this is old news or not; I know Xia is old news. I will assume that all of it is, though.
2I have questions concerning these two topics.
31: I am dead sure that you said Xia wasn't the Lost Land, correct?
42: Is the Lost Land the City of the Lost from book #7? It would make sense, since in book #3 they talked about Matoran still alive in the Lost Land. (next year's location)
53: And if so, since we know that Turaga Jovan was lost in the dissaster, was he lost just like the Matoran of the Lost Land? Does that mean that he is actually still alive underwater with the Matoran?

61) That is correct, yes. 72) Yes 83) No. I had to change the word "died" to "lost" in the copy because McDonald's insisted (as did Europe). He's dead. He died 1000 years ago.

1My Gosh: So the lost part of Voya-Nui is the lost land:

2:pirate: Vahiki :pirate:

1i got some questions for ya. thanks.

21. in ignition #4, vezon says "the six piraka had traveled to the lair of the evil makuta near the city of metru nui, hoping to find some weapons to steal. they found one, oh yes, thy did...the legendary Spear of Fusion." does thi s mean the SoF is one of a kind? or does it mean something else? 31) Yup, that's what it means
42. in the new LEGO magazine, the caravan crawler instructions say "this rare Voya Nui rahi, the lava crawler, has been reporposed by the piraka into a war machine." 5which one is it, caravan crawler or lava crawler? 62) It was a lava crawler, it was repurposed into the caravan crawler
7thank you .. a lot. yeah.

1Cool "Lava Crawler", do you have a pic of it ? And when comes the new magazine ? 2:)
11:Do each of the barraki have their own species, or are they all the same? 22:Does Takanuva still have a pakari? if so, can he use it's power?
31) I can't discuss 2007 42) No, his Pakari did not transform into a Great Mask
1Yay: The Rahi in VNOG are official :D I was so dissapointed that I heard that none of VNOG was official: YAY:::::::
1This question is directed at you guys, not Mr. Farshtey, so please don't tell me he "rarely visits this topic". :P
2Where was the "Toa of the Green" or the "Toa of Flora" revealed? Was he in Bionicle Legends #4? I have the book, but I haven't seen him (of course, I've only skimmed through it).
3Thanks, 4Sidorak The Hunter