1I asked GregF this: 1) Are the toa nuva more powerful than the toa metru? No. Do matoran celebrate Christmas, Halloween, etc.? 2) I don't think so.
2Oh yeah, the first answer was "yes", not "no". ~ Quadra ~
1This post is actually 2 PMs and their replies.
21. Were all of the Great Masks and Noble Masks created at the same time? 3Not at the exact same time.. over a period of time.
42. If they were, what about the Vahi and Avohkii? 5The Avohkii was proably created earlier than the rest.. as for the Vahi, I believe that would have been created later. Its creation is detailed next year.
63. Is there any storyline significance to the Trans-Neon Green Miru? 7Not that I know of.
84. How much input did you have into the Mask of Light script? 9None

101. What was in the pools in Makuta's lair? Protodermis, or something else? 11Protodermis.
122. If Takanuva took the Avohkii off for long enough, might he revert to Takua? 13No, he would simply weaken the way any Toa does when his mask is off for long enough. He cannot go back to being a Matoran.
143. Do you know if a set of instructions exists for Graalok?
15Not as far as I know. Graalok was created by the movie animators, the LEGO product designers weren't involved.

16- ToP
1I meant when Makuta is in the Matoran form, is the Hau that he wears just a part of his Matoran form or his real mask at that time?
2Oh, I see what you were saying. No, Makuta is able to take on any shape he wishes, the Hau was just part of his disguise. A Matoran wearing a Mask of Shadows would have been an immediate tip-off t the Toa that it wasn't a Matoran.

3Did he have the Mask of Shadows at that time when the Toa first faught him?
5Has he always owned the mask of shadows?
6Always? In the appearances I know about, yes, but I only know so much about his past.

7You said that all matter, living and non living is made of protodermis. Are Matoran made from protodermis?
9Were Onewa and Ahkmou rival carvers? What are the relationships between Nokama-Vhisola, Matau-Orkahm, Vakama-Nuhrii, Whenua-Tehutti, Nuju-Ehrye?
10That would take way long to go into here. There will be more on that when the Matoran bios go up on BIONICLE.com in Feb. and in the first Scholastic novel.
11If the Toa came from the sky, the heavens would have to be up there, correct?
12Well, the Matoran think that is the case.
13If the above is correct, then Mata Nui had to have come from the heavens, right?
14Again, you are interpreting Matoran legend literally. It's not always wise to do that.
15Did Metru Nui become the first island of the Matoran because they could sustain life easily because of Protodermis being right there?
16I can't discuss why they are living there.
17Did Mata Nui make all the creatures and stuff of Protodermis?
18Not directly, no.
19Is there a direct tunnel or path off of Metru Nui to elsewhere? Or is the Mangai hole above and the entry out at the edge by the ocean (where Takanuva, Jala, and Hahli found in Mask of Light) the only ways into Metru Nui?
20There are other points of entry, but some are extremely dangerous and home to nasty Rahi.
21What power level is the Vahi? Is it a 9 or 8?
22Can't answer it.
23Can the Turaga use their noble mask powers?
24Yes, they have used them before in the story. Nuju once rescued Kopaka using telekinesis.
25Can a Matoran use a power level 6 Kanohi?
26Understand, the disks have levels, not the masks. A level 6 disk loses most of its energy in the casting process, which is why it is made into a Matoran mask. Since Matoran can't use mask powers.
27Were the Bahrag born around the time of the Toa Metru or before that?
28Don't know, but I believe before the TM.
29Who was intended to awaken the Bohrok so they could clean?
30It is supposed to be an automatic signal.
31If Lhii isnt a Matoran, wouldnt he look different?
32Different from who?
33Does Lhii wear a Kanohi?
34Everyone in BIONICLE wears a kanohi.
35Was he ever a Matoran?
36Don't know.
37Do the Toa Metru have elemental powers? Are they stronger than the Toa's elemental powers?
38Yes, they do, and no, they're not. The TM are basically at the same power level as the original Toa.
39Are the enemies in Metru Nui all working in tie with Makuta or do some work on their own?
40We don't know that Makuta is even in this storyline.
41Do the Turaga remember a lot about Metru Nui, like even stuff before they turned to Toa?
43Was their life already on the island later to be named Mata Nui when the Matoran arrived their from Metru Nui?
45Did any Metru Matoran stay behind?
46Don't know at this point.
47You said that Nuju's weapons can become snow shoes and I've seen Matau's swords turn into wings. Do you know what the others alternate weapons are? If not, do you know if they all have alternate weapons?
48They should have alternate uses, but I do not know what they are.
49Does the current storyline (Toa Nuva) take place in the 'time before time?' Does 'time before time' translate to 'the time before the Vahi was made?'
50No, the Toa Nuva are not living in the time before time. The time before time was the era when the Matoran lived on Metru Nui, before their memories were wiped.

51WOW: I didnt mean to type that many questions... I was just going to reword a confusion from my last PM but I kind of went off again... Well sorry for you having to read that many questions, I hope they are easy to answer (or not answer lol)
52Thanks once again:

54Read this quote and the next (from Exo-Toa of Plastic's questions) 55"The time before time was the era when the Matoran lived on Metru Nui, before their memories were wiped." 56"as for the Vahi, I believe that would have been created later. Its creation is detailed next year."
57The Vahi was created after everything else. Time started when the Matoran lost their memories. The Vahi is the mask of time. When the Vahi was created, maybe the Matoran lost their memories...


11) Who are these Vakhi guys and when did we learn about them? It's weird because every time I come to the Greg answer thread, everybody is talking about something I've never heard of.
2I mentioned the name to someone on here but have not explained what they are yet.
32) I believe you sasid that only energized protodermis is able to change a being. How rare is this type of protodermis?
4Fairly rare.
53) I'm not trying to nit pick about the storyline, but I thought this might have some significance in the story. How exactly is the "sky" held up since Metru Nui is underground?
6Why does it need to be held up? The island of Mata Nui is basically a sphere ... Metru Nui is in the center of that sphere, suspended in a sea of protodermis. Think snow globe -- sphere with something inside suspended in liquid. Top of the sphere does not need to be "held up."

74) Why don't Muaka like Rahkshi?
8Same reason mongoose hate snakes. They are natural enemies.
95) How powerful are these Vakhi guys?
10You'll find out.
116) You said that if you transformed a lv. 9 kanoka disk into a mask, it would be something more than a Great Mask. What powers would this kind of mask have?
12Depends on which disk you made it out of.
137) Can you combine kanoka disks (lets say all of the lv. 9's) in protodermis into one ultimate disk and then transform this into a mask?
14Can't answer it.
158) If Mata Nui did have a mask, how powerful would it be.
16No idea. I really can't answer anything on the subject of Mata Nui himself -- my knowledge is limited on him, anyway, and anything I do know is highly classified.
179) You said that below the maintenance tunnels in Onu-Metru, no sane matoran would go (WoW, kinda sounding like Yoda there ). Why would they not go? I mean, I know that there is probably something terrible down there, but what? And do the Matoran know about it?
18I doubt they have encountered it personally. But I am sure that Onu-Matoran have come back from their times in the maintenance tunnels with enough stories to put others off of it. Let's put it this way -- occasionally, things escape from the Archives. Big things. Nasty things. Occasionally, even worse things wander to Metru Nui from who knows where and know enough to stay out of the city itself. So they wind up down below or in other less visited places.

1910) What are the kanohi mask levels in relation to kanoka disk levels (in other words, if you made a mask out of a level 5 kanoka, would it have that same level as the disk it was made out of (5)?
20Masks don't have levels. The way it works is -- Level 7 disk makes a Noble Mask, Level 8 disk makes a Great Mask. Below 7, the levels are important if you are using the disks AS disks .. as masks, 1-6 lose most of their power in the casting process and are only good for Matoran masks.

2111) Are the Vahi and Kraahkan some of those masks that are "more" than Great Kanohi?
22No idea.
23Thank You

26See answers above.


28Pretty cool. I am especially interested in number 7. :D
29Thanks GregF
1Hey, bestest pal Greg,

313. How did Rahi end of in Metru Nui? Are there supposed to be wild Rahi living underground?
4They basically wandered in.

5Wandered in from where? I doubt a Muaka would like swimming through protodermis to get to land.
6Oh, they have their ways ... and the "from where" I have to keep a mystery.
72.) You say protodermis is like water on Metru Nui, but can Matoran and animals see through it? I mean, water is usually clear, I always thought liquid proto was silver.
8Yes, they can.
93.) You said Noble masks are Kanoka power level 7. Sooooo, couldn't someone make a Huna from a level 8 so in theory Toa could wear them? (I still think it's silly they wouldn't use Noble masks, I mean, power is power, no matter how weak, right?) Anyway, the question is, could you make a Huna, Komau, etc. from Level 8 Kanoka?
10Yes, you probably could.
114.) The Toa Olda (Tahu, etc.) DID fall from the sky above Mata Nui, right?
124b.) Or at least, that's what the Matoran believe, right?
13That's what the Matoran believe, and yes, they did drop into the ocean. I think that was established in some of the early CGI work, not certain.
145.) I know you didn't work on the MNOLG, but why did Makuta have a Hau instead of the Krahkan (sp?) 15Can the Mask of Shadows shape-shift like it's owner?
16Yes -- shapeshifting would be a useless power if his mask always stayed the same. He would never fool anyone.
17Thanks Greg:

1Hey Greg, Ehrye again, with more questions.
21) First off, why do you answer these questions for us? I bet it's time consuming looking and answering all of these questions.
3Cause I enjoy itAnd I think it helps keep fans interested in the story.
42) Do the Toa Metru's Kanohi have powers?
63) Are the Toa Metru's Kanohi Great Masks?

84) If the TM's (Toa Metru's) Kanohi have powers, do you have any idea what they are?
9Yes, but not sharing them until Jan.
105) Is the Morbuzahk a plant creature or a non-plant creature that controls plants?
11It is a giant plant.

126) Where are the points of entry on Metru Nui?
13Really don't have complete info on that.
147) Where do the points of entry lead to?
15Can't answer it.
168) Are there any other civilizations, habitats, islands, or villages at the time besides Metru Nui?
17Can't answer it

189) Is the TM's destiny just to defeat the Morbuzahk? Or is it bigger than that? Can you tell us what it is?
19Oh, no, it is bigger than that.
2010) Is Takua a mask maker in Ta Metru? Is he of any importance in this part of the BIONICLE story?
21He does show up, but he is not of much importance at this point. I doubt very much he was a mask maker, he is too irresponsible by nature.
2211) What power level is the Kanoka that made the Vahi?
23Can't answer it.
2412) Do the Metru Matoran know who Makuta is? Have they seen him before?
25I believe they know of him, yes. From where, I do not know.
2613) Have any Matoran seen Mata Nui before? Do they ever see him in the storyline (not counting the very end when he gets awaken)?
27Can't answer it.
2814) Do we get to see who were Toa before Vakama and co?
29Possibly, someday.
3015) Did they chose the path of power or wisdom?
31Don't know.
3216) Is there anything special beneath Metru Nui, its archives, and all of that?
33Well, yes, the archives extend under much of the city.
3417) Was Metru Nui always a city? Or was it a tropical island like Mata Nui is?
35I believe it was always a city.
3618) Is Mata Nui sleeping in/under Metru Nui?
37Can't answer it.
3819) Are there any Bohrok in the Archives?
4020) Are there houses on Metru Nui?

4221) Are the Toa (Tahu and Gang) different than any other Toa?
43In what way?
4422) Did Toa (Tahu and Gang) really come from the sky in canisters? Did any Matoran see the canisters come from the sky?
45The canisters did fall from the sky into the ocean, yes.
4623) Will we recognize any of the Matoran we know from Mata Nui in Metru Nui? Will lets say Jala and Takua resemble their Metru Nui forms?
47I have no idea how they will look, because I have not seen them animated. I know Kongu is in the movie.
4824) Does Takua have anything to do with the making of the Mask of Light?
49I have no idea who made the MOL, so can't answer you.
5025) Are there other islands besides Mata Nui and the encased Metru Nui?
51No idea.
5226) Since Dume is a Turaga, was he once a Toa?
53Don't have any background info on Dume.
5427) Naparu discovered that Bohrok are nonliving and are made of mechanical parts, and thats how he made the Boxor. Were Bohrok built by someone?

5628) Were Krana created by someone?
57Most likely.
5829) Does Mata Nui or Makuta have anything to do with the creation of the Bohrok and Bahrag?
59Mata Nui doesn't, and no idea whether Makuta wasinvolved either directly or indirectly.
6030) Did Lhii live in Ta Koro with all of the rest of the Matoran?

6231) Does Lhii look like a Matoran? (When the Matoran were in short McDonalds form was Lhii in that form?)
6432) If not, wouldn't anyone question why he looks different than everyone else?

6633) Does Vakama know what Lhii really is?
6834) Does Lhii (current time) have any memory of his past or was it wiped out with the Matorans?
69Can't answer it.

7035) Why didnt the Turaga tell the Matoran about their past earlier? Why did they wait until now?
71Simple. Why tell them if there was a good chance they would never be able to get back there?
7236) How far do the memories of the Turaga go back?
73Long way.
7437) Is the casting of the spell over Mata Nui happen before or after the Matoran went to the island known now as Mata Nui?
75Ummmm .... sorta during, sorta after.
7638) You said the legends may be false. The legends said that Mata Nui brought the Matoran to the island later to be known as Mata Nui. They named the island after him. Then Makuta cast the spell. This means that Mata Nui was awake even after the Matoran left Metru Nui, right?
77You will know more about this at the end of '04.
7839) Does Makuta's void have any significance? Or was it just an effect for the battle in MNOLG?
79No idea.
8040) Would Mata Nui suffer from pain if he was awoken?
81Can't answer it.
8241) Did Makuta cast the spell to spare him from the pain?
83No, Makuta is just one of the great rationalizers of our time.
8442) Is there an evil besides Makuta that caused that pain?
85Can't answer it.
8643) When does a new set of Toa come? Each time there is a danger or great thing that needs to be done?
87Or when the old Toa are gone.
8844) How many sets of Toa have their been? When have they started to come?
89No idea.
9045) Did all life on Mata Nui come from Metru Nui? Even plants?
91The plants probably grew on their own. The animals came from Metru Nui and environs.

9246) Do the Turaga know what the Bohrok were really supposed to be used for?
93Ummmmm .... I don't have an official answer, so I am going to say ... there's a good chance they did.
9447) Does Makuta know about his Rahkshi running around Metru Nui? Does he want them to be?
95I doubt he wants them to be, no.
9648) Does Mata Nui have a physical form (like Makuta does)?
97Can't answer it -- just about all Mata Nui questions are classified.
9849) You said that there is a spiritual center in Ga Metru and they praise the Great Spirit. Is the spirit they are praising asleep or conscious at that time?
99Can't answer it.
10050) Does the city of Metru Nui end up getting destroyed, or is it abondoned?
101Oh, I can't tell you anything about the fate of the city, would give away too much story.
102...phew. I just saw the oppurtunity to get some stuff off of my mind and hopefully you can answer some of those. Thanks so much for reading all 50 of those. Thanks once again Greg:

1Hi, Greg: I have some Qs for you, if you don't mind...
21) I once asked you about Takutanuva expelling a Kraata and you said you'll have to think about it. Got anything? Could it be a Kraata of Light or soemthing like that?
3I doubt it would be a kraata of light, kraata are a dark force by nature. I tend to doubt Takutanuva would do that if it could, and since he doesn't exist anymore, it's not really relevant.
42) Why didn't Makuta expell some Kraata at the 1st ,,meeting'' with Toa?
5Honestly? Because the idea of Rahkshi and kraata did not exist in 2001, Exo.
63) Why didn't he use his Makuta Nui form in his 1st confrontation with the Toa?
7Same answer as 2. Until a Makuta set existed, there was no design for an alternate model, so it couldn't show up in the story.
84) I am not really sure - you said Lhii wasn't a Matoran?
9Not when you see him in the story, no.
105) Can a Toa Metru become Nuva?
11They probably could, but they won't.
126) I don't really get the Kanoka -> Kanohi thing... So is it like: 13Get prufied Protodermis, make it round, give it some power, then melt it again and shape a Kanohi. 14Right? If so, why

15a) don't Matoran just shape Kanohi out of nothing?
16Easy. Because that would be like you buying a LEGO set with no pictures on the box. You would have no idea what you were getting or if it was something you wanted. The disk creation process determines the power level, the power level determines what sort of mask it can be.
17don't Matoran do them on Mata Nui?
18Easy again. Making a disk requires purified liquid protodermis, which they do not have on Mata Nui ... and equipment which they do not have on Mata Nui .. it's like saying, why don't castaways on desert islands just build TVs and DVD players? Cause they can't.
197) Is Kanoka good for something else than making masks and playing Kolhii? Which is about making masks again, by the way...
20Disks are also used for defense.
218) Why wouldn't Makuta just amke lots of Rahkshi and make a police force? It seems to me that he could make an army of Rahkshi, lots of Turahk, and rule Matoran easily...
22Because Rahkshi are by nature destructive. They would be more likely to pound the Matoran into mulch, which is not what Makuta wants.
239) So the list of 2004 sets are whole year or just first half?
24Can't answer it, as the release of the list was not authorized by us.
2510) Does Vakama get his own discs or does he use any?
26He can use any Kanoka disk.
2711) Will we get Vakama's disc(s) in Kanoka packs?
28Not sure what you mean. Vakama comes with his Toa disk, but he doesn't have any disks that are unqiue to him other than that one.

2912) How many ,,Vakama'' Kanoka are there?
30One, the one he comes with.
3113) Does the power o the Kanoka depend on the level or village where it was made?
32It depends on the level, not the metru. The metru only dictates the flight characteristics.
3314) Do all Metru Matoran have that silver top of the mask?
34Don't know, haven't seen how they are animated in the movie.
35Thanks for any answered question:

1Hi Greg. I have some questions bothering me for a while. Please take your time answering them.
21. How powerful are Vahki?
3Well, I wouldn't want to run into one in a dark alley .. or a light one, for that matter.
42. What monsters live in the silver sea?
5Ummmm ... sea monsters
63.Why don't Muaka and Rahkshi like each other? Are they put in the same cage?
7No, they are just natural enemies, like a cobra and a mongoose.

84.Does Metru-Nui have restaraunts?
9Not that we know of, no.
105.What pets do Matoran have?
11Ta-Matoran sometimes keep lava eels as pets, we don't know much about the other metru yet.
126. What was Takua's job on Metru-Nui?
13Don't know -- probably not something requiring a lot of responsibility.
147. What was Jaller's job on Metru-Nui?
15Don't know.
168. Can you destroy a Krana?
17I would think so, yes.
189. Can you destroy a Kraata?
19Same answer as 8. They are organic, so they can die.
2010. Could every Vahki on Metru-Nui kill Makuta?
21No. Their powers do not work that way. They are designed to keep order, not kill things.
2211. How do the Matoran with "light boxes" as there mouths eat? Ex: Turaga Vakama's mouth.
23We don't know that they do. There is a debate in the story team about whether Matoran eat or not. I think they do, but others think they don't.

2412.Were the Toa destined to change into Toa Nuva?
2613. Could a Matoran beat one of those wrestlers on T.V?
27Don't know, don't watch wrestling.

2814. Do Matoran have blood?
3015. Why does Hahli represent Unity?
31You would have to ask the screenwriter, I don't know.
3216. Are Matoran made in factories?
33Can't answer it.
3417. How tall is Turaga Dume?
35Probably as tall as the rest of the Turaga.
3618. What happened to the Toa before the Toa Metru?
37Can't share info on that.
38Thank you for your time.

39Hmm.. Matoran don't have blood. Then how do they live:? :blink:
1Ive just got a few questions. 21. Did Takua see a panel with weapons when he changed into takanuva?
3No, his kolhii staff morphed into his tool.
42. What are the Vahiki and those others. I sorta missed that?
5You haven't missed anything. I haven't released the info.
6Thanks 7Here are some awnsers I got. But I dont remember takua having his kolhi stick when he morphed
1Here is my PM... This one is edited though. Question 2 will be fully answered as soon a Greg replies with the full answer.

2Hi Greg, I have a few questions...
31) Apart from ussal crabs, what other rahi come from metru nui?
4Just about all of them. Nothing is native to the island of Mata Nui.
52) There have been two ussal crab sets now, the one in the master builder set (the original one) and the takua & pewku one. Is the original crab a baby version of the pewku one or is it an entirely different species? For the original crab, look here: 6http://www.lego.com/eng/bionicle/character...?charid=onukoro 7For the larger Pewku crab, look here: 8http://www.lego.com/eng/bionicle/character...?charid=takua03
9Don't know, have not seen the MasterBuilder set one.

103) We know of things such as airships, chutes and crabs but what other means of transport are there on Metru Nui? Also, can you give me some information on them a tiny bit?
11Those are the primary means of transport. Freight sleds are also used to move cargo through the chutes.
12Thanks: 13RedXIII

1Hi greg:I'm wondering about some things and I need some answers.I hope you can answer them ^_^
21.I'm little confused about Kanoka levels and powers.What is that three digit code on them about? 3I've heard that there is 9 levels and 6 powers.Is that correct?
4No, there are nine power levels and 8 powers that we know of. All this info will be in the comic in Jan.
52.Can you tell me what is Vahki?Is some kind of a creature?
6No, I am not discussing them yet.

73.Are there more discs to collect than kraata?
8I don't have an exact number of disks that are being produced.
94.Is on Metru-nui temple like is Kini nui on Mata nui?

115.Were masks made from Kanoka discs?
136.Are matorans on metru-nui workin non stop or do they have off-time?
14No, they have off time too.
157.Are three virtues on metru nui untity,duty and destiny as well?
178.Will makuta play any role in 2004 storyline?
18Can't answer it.
199.Was bohrok destiny to clear mata nui that metrunuians could build there?
20No, it had nothing to do with the Matoran.

2110.Rahi are put in "Archives''...what did you mean with that?
22The Archives is like the Museum of Natural History.
2311.What does it mean to purify Protodermis?
24Just what it says -- to remove the impurities from it.
2512.Who is Morbuzakh?(i live in time before time)
26It's a giant plant.
27Thank you for your time, 287th-

29See answers above 30^_^

1Hey GregF: I just have a few questions for you, if you wouldn't mind answering.
21. It seems that the Toa Metru's weapons are well-suited to fight the Morbuzakh/Morz. Is that why they chose the weapons they did? When new enemies come, will they choose different weapons?
42. Are the Kanoka the six "keys" to the Morbuzakh's defeat? Because the '04 Matoran are the ones who are missing and hold the keys to the Morbuzakh's defeat, and they are holding Kanoka. Is that why the Toa will do anything to get their hands on it, or just because masks can be made from them?
5Yes, they are vital to the Morbuzakh's defeat. However, the Kanoka those Matoran are carrying are not the Great Disks. All Matoran carry Kanoka. The Great Disks are hidden in places only Toa can reach.

63. Does Toa Nuju talk the way he does as a Turaga? Or does he have normal speech, and gained his "unique" way of talking when the Matoran's memory was wiped out? Or...what?
7He did not start speaking in whistles and gestures until later.
84. The King Root of the Morbuzakh is as tall as the Chrysler Building, right? I believe you have said that it is stationed in a tall knowledge tower on Metru Nui. Wouldn't a Matoran accidently wander in, see the Root, and notify Turaga Dume or the Vahki? Or, would the Matoran be instantly destroyed? If the Vahki are called in, does the Root turn them evil, thus turning them into the "akhs"? (If the Vahki are the "akh" enemies?)
9No, the Morbuzakh does not infect other beings. And it is not in a Knowledge Tower, it is in the Great Furnace. Matoran have been chased from that neighborhood by the vines, as they have from other sectors of the city.

106. "Morz" is the name of the Morbuzakh King Root, right?
11No, that is some nickname someone on here came up with.
127. I've heard people saying that there were Toa before the Toa Metru. Is this true?
148. If promotional Disk Launchers were made for the Toa Metru (like Vakama's), and they were included in the storyline, would Toa Matau use it? Doesn't he make fun of Vakama for choosing the Disk Launcher?
15Yes, he does, before he sees it in action.
169. Will we ever see the Rahi Nui? When?
17See it? As in see it in a comic? Doubtful. No model exists of it, so artist would have nothing to draw from.
1810. It seems like Bionicle is modeled alot on the world's history. Metru Nui is a lot like the Greek and Roman Empires, becuase it seems like its in the golden age of technology and knowledge for the Matoran. When the Matoran went to Mata Nui and their memory was erased, it resembles the destruction of the Greek and Roman empires, when all their knowledge was lost. Mata Nui seems a bit like the Western Europe countries during the Middle Ages, with simple technology and a barter economy. If the Matoran ever go back to Mata Nui, will they try to revive the technology of Metru Nui, like the Byzantine Empire did with the Greek knowledge? Is Bionicle really modeled on history itself, or is my European History class finally taking a toll on my life?
19I have no idea if that is the inspiration for certain aspects of the storyline or not ... BIONICLE has a lot in common with other fantasy universes as well. But yes, when the Matoran return they would begin operating the tech again.

20Thank You:

21See answers above.
22These were just a few random questions I had. I wonder how the Kanoka are vital to the Morbuzakh's defeat...
1QUOTE 2Can you please answer these questions?
3Ok you said this about the random disks: 4"Sure, I love that one. Basically, you toss it at something and when it hits it randomly scrambles the molecules of the target. It might end up something bad or something good. There is a scene in the March comic where you get to see what happens when you throw one at a Morbuzakh vine? 5Does this mean that the random disks kind of go against the no violence policy?
6No. How is that violence? You might scramble someone molecule's and have them come out better than before. And no one said it was a painful process.

7Also if it hits the Morbuzahk vine, wouldn't the power of the disk affect all of it?
8Nope. Morbuzakh is too big for just one disk to affect it.
9So, the random disks can affect organic things, right? If it can can if affect matoran?
10Yes. And keep in mind Matoran are not organic -- they are biomechanical.

11Are those three tall buildings in the center of the island (shaped like this: / I \ ) are they part of the coliseum (I am looking on the cover on the matoran mini comic) or are they the knowledge towers?
12I don't have the mini-comic with me, so really can't answer.
13Do each of the disk stamps represent something in the metru? Orkahm's looks like a big highway, Ehrye's looks like the knowledge towers, but I can't make out the rest. If the the disk stamps do represent something in the metru, what do the rest represent?
14If they do, no one has told me what they stand for.
15What are environs and where are they?
16Environs refers to surrounding area.
17Do the Vahki have some sort of power, or is it brute force?
18Yes, they do have a power.
19Do the Vahki walk, or hover, or go on tank treads, or something else?
20You'll have to wait and see.
21You probably have already answered this before, but are the vahki coming out as sets?
22Not allowed to discuss product releases beyond the Toa.
23Can toa nuju use his crystal spikes as snowshoes and use them to climb or walk on the knowledge towers?
25Do the toa metru's heads move the same as the metru nui matoran (side to side) or do they move all around like makuta's head?
26Don't have a Matoran model here, so can't answer.
27What is the last digit on the disks?
28Power level.

29Do any of the toa metru have clear masks like gali olda? It seems like Toa Onewa and Toa Matau have clear masks (judging from the comic pic in the metru matoran mini comic)
30I don't believe so, no.
31What 2 toa metru will we be able to get first from the lego club mag or s@h catalog?
32I think it's Vakama and Whenua
33Do the toa metru have those big gears in the back like the toauva did?
35How do Toa Nuju's crystal spikes hook on his feet
36Don't know, don't have the model.
37How do you pronounce the metru nui matorans' names?
38Vih-so-lah 39Air-yay 40New-ree 41Ack-moo 42Tuh-hoo-tee 43Or-kam

44Thanks greg:

45See answers above.
1QUOTE 2QUOTE 3QUOTE 4Q. How was Lewa infected that time in the hive?

5Which time are you talking about? In MNOLG?


8Afraid I can't help you there, Mas. I had no involvement in either of the online games, and I believe much of MNOLG 1 was developed before I even started at LEGO.
1QUOTE 21. What does the symbol on the side of the original mask packs mean(the one with a face and some kind of a mask on it with a question mark below the face)?
3I don't have a mask pack so I do not know what you are referring to. But my guess would be it is meant to imply that there are masks inside which are randomly packed, hence the question mark.
42.Will we ever see the toa that were before the toa metru?
63. Aren't the toa that were before the toa metru the ones we know(toa olda) just more powerful?
7No. We have no idea if the Toa Olda were active at any time before they arrived on Mata Nui.

84.Do you still not know how many kanoka disks there will be?
105.When did makuta get his mask?
11No idea.

126.Are there other supreme beings like makuta and mata nui?
13Not that I am aware of.
147.How much longer does lego plan to with bionicle?or how far have they gotten into the future with storylines?
15BIONICLE will keep going as long as the sets sell. Preliminary discussions are now being held on product plans through 2009.


17See answers above
1Howdy Greg,

314. Do Matoran have blood?

5Woah, woah, little red flag going up here... We know that they breath, and humans breath to get oxygen into our system, and that oxygen is transported by blood. So when Matoran breath, is it for some other reason? (Rather than having air to talk.)
6Far as I have been told, they do not have blood. Given that only a very small portion of their bodies is organic, and most is mechanical, it would make a lot more sense for them to have some sort of lubricant, but I do not know that that is the case either.

72.) I've asked you this before, but I think I'll go into more detail:
82a.) Can you call other members of the story team at times, and can they call you? I.e. "Yo, Greg, Vahki = nono, don't talk about them yet."
102c.) Or am I totally screwed up here? I mean, this is the Bionicle story staff, you're like a team, right? And yet only the movie people know how Takanuva was brought back to life, etc, you'd think more things would be shared, ya know?
11The movie is put together by a very small portion of the story team -- basically the head and whatever screenwriter is hired. The rest of us see the screenplays and if we have questions we can talk to them. But unless the question impacts the work I have to do, I generally prefer to spend the time I have in contact with them on issues that matter to what I am working on. How Takanuva came back to life isn't really that important to the story I have to tell -- just the fact that he did. And some of these things, even if I asked, the answer would probably include "and don't share it."
123.) We know Matoran don't eat Rahi meat, (if they even eat) but do Rahi? Think about it, Matoran steer away from Muaka, etc. I'd steer away from a tiger cuz I don't wanna get EATEN: So it makes sence certain Rahi eat meat... I hope...
13My own belief is that Rahi either eat as we understand eating or else they absorb energy directly from sustenance without actually consuming the food in question. That is still being debated, but no, I personally do not believe every Rahi is a vegetarian.
144.) In the movie, Vakama has a Huna, of course, but Matoran's Hunas in the movie look different, smaller. Obviously, they did this o kids could more easily tell the difference between Vakama and an verage background matoran. I KNOW that you weren't involved in the movie, but is there at least a storyline answer? Are there different sizes of Huna or other Kanohi, or slightly different shapes?
15There is no storyline reason that I know of. As you said, it was done for differentiation purposes in the movie, the same way the look of the Toa was changed for movie animation purposes.

165.) This is off-topic, but in the MoL, before the Kohlii match, they announce the teams, right? Well when they announce Po-Koro, when the "Po Matoran" cheer, you realize that it's the exact same sequence when the Ta Motoran cheer, only the fram is reversed to the Matoran are facing the other way:: They are just backwards Ta Matoran cheering for Po-Koro. Lolol. Did you notice that? I thought that was funny.
17No, I didn't.
18Thanks Greg:

15.) This is off-topic, but in the MoL, before the Kohlii match, they announce the teams, right? Well when they announce Po-Koro, when the "Po Matoran" cheer, you realize that it's the exact same sequence when the Ta Motoran cheer, only the fram is reversed to the Matoran are facing the other way:: They are just backwards Ta Matoran cheering for Po-Koro. Lolol. Did you notice that? I thought that was funny.

2Heheh. I noticed

31. QUOTE 4Rahkshi show up in the city, but do they do any damage, or are they just kinda wandering around?
5If a Rahkshi shows up in the city, they are hunted down by the order enforcement squads and more often than not slapped in the Archives. Oh, and a special piece of BIONICLE info that only you know -- Muaka and Rahkshi HATE each other.
6a. I think what he meant to ask was, do the Rahkshi actually damage the city? Do they intentionally cause harm? Or do they wander around aimlessly?
7Rahkshi generally cause damage the way a bear will cause damage if it wanders into a town.
8b. Why do Rahkshi and Muaka hate each other? Is it territorial (occupy same environmental niches), just natural, or is there some other reason? If we will find out later then you don't need to waste your time explaining it to me.
9They are simply natural enemies.
102. QUOTE 1118. forgot another qestion i had about the movie if vorahk draind onuas power how di he came back to normal so quickly does the pakari has the abilitie to bring back strangh?
12The power comes back in time.
13Yes, but does the extra strength of the Pakari aid in the recuperation? I think it helps with replenishing physical strength, but not elemental. Am I right?
14Yes, you are.
153. QUOTE 16Besides the fact that it's just plain cool, is there a story reason for protodermis being water in the city of Metru Nui?
17Basically, yes. Metru Nui is essentially in an enclosed shell, so where would sea water come from, unless the shell was leaking?
18So is Metru Nui like those solid glass aquariums with the little shrimp? They can survive inside for a long time as long as nothing escapes or is introduced? In other words, is Metru Nui a fully self-supporting recycling environment?
19The way I have described it to people is that if you think of Mata Nui as a big rock, Metru Nui is inside the hollow center of the rock. If, for example, sea water leaked in, it would most likely turn the protodermis sea into a corrosive.
204. Once someone asked you about Metru Nui's lack of plants and how that affects oxygen. You replied that we do not know if they necessarily need oxygen. Well, they obviously need some type of gas to survive. If not, then why would Kaukau be necessary?
21Yes, but we have no way of knowing it is oxygen. Actually, if you were to design the ideal creature to live on Earth, for example, it would breathe nitrogen -- there is a lot more of that in our atmosphere than oxygen.
225. You also once said that some plants on Mata Nui are organic, and some are protodermis. Is that true, or a typo? How would protodermis plants be created? Would they be alive, or decorations?
23They are alive .. Rahi are made of protodermis, and they're alive. Everything in BIONICLE is made of protodermis, of one kind or another.
246. QUOTE 25Well, in the case of the '04 movie, the characters were created for the film before I started writing them. So while there are a few differences, they are things I am able to reconcile within the story.
26Does that mean that from now on, all of the sets and storyline will revolve around the movie? I hope not, because that would severely hamper the creativity of the storyline team. As well as the fact that some people don't like the look of movie style characters, while I never heard anyone complain about the originals.
27No, it means that, as last year, the second half of this year will be the movie storyline. The toys will not be based on the movie look, nor will the comic. I was talking about personalities, not appearances, and it's not like we do a movie every year anyway.
287. Is there one police force (Vahki) for the whole island? Or are there Metru-specific ones? (White, green, blue,etc.)
29Metru-specific one.
308. In comic 15, why did the Kaita Vo's blast reflect off of the rock? Why didn't it just break apart?
31I am sure the Kaita can control the intensity of its blasts.
32Just a comment. . . do you think that you could ask the comic penciller to stop drawing the Toa hips sideways, facing back? He's doing it all the time now, and it looks VERY strange. Not to offend anyone, I was just wondering.
33I don't know what you are referring to .. he draws from the sets we provide him.
34Thanks a bunch, Greg:

35Maybe the sets are built wrong. Has anyone else noticed this? It really bugs me how the characters are built differently in every panel. . .
1I have some Kanoka info with some Vahi along with the Kakama debate.

2Hi, how you doing, Greg? 3More questions... what fun:
41.a What are the powers of the 6 Great Kanoka Disks?
5Can't answer that yet.
61.b Are the symbols on the Great Kanoka Disks (GKD) different, so we can tell one Metru GKD from the other besides the code?
82. If the Vahi never existed in the storyline, how would the Kal have been defeated?
9I would have come up with some other idea.
103. If the Vahi never existed in the storyline, how would the 2004 storyline be altered, for instance, no origin of Vahi just an empty void, or another story (alternate storyline)
11Again, we would have come up with another story. If the Vahi never existed, we might simply have invented it for 2004.
124.a If the Disk Launchers for the other 5 Toa are made, will there be any differences?
13Most likely color, not sure about symbols.
144.b Would they be in the storyline?
15If they are made, yes, hopefully they would be.
164.c Would there seperate Kanoka for the new launchers?
185. This has been pondered for while, the Kakama grants the user superspeed, but what about stamina? Does the user have a infinate supply of stamina or just more speed/distance with limited stamina? (Maybe confusing but think)
19I see the Kakama as giving powers equivalent to the Flash. Super-speed, the muscular control to handle it, the enhanced senses to enable one to still see things moving at that speed, and some way of protecting the mask-wearer from friction.
206. Is there any way to contact the Bionicle Design Team and Storyline Team?
21Only through me. And I have to add LEGO does not accept outside ideas for product -- legally, we are not allowed to.
22I think that's all. Thanks:

1hey there. you havent heard from me in a while,but ive been around.well to the point...
21. are these "vahki" sort of like bond enforcers?(i.e. 3cops without the rulebooks)
52.ive heard that vakama's kanoka is a level nine disk. 6is this true? if it is:
7No, it is not. Only Great Disks are level 9.
83.could he make a very strong mask from it?he was a mask maker after all....
94.what is the name of the female villain?
10Can't release it yet.
115.i heard nuparu is on metru nui.is he as prominent as he is on mata nui?
12He was an inventor on Mata Nui, he is an inventor in Metru Nui.
136.are the matoran kaita new rahi?
157.if so what are there names? 168. and also the name of of the toa metru kaita?
17I am answering these from home, so I don't have the names with me.
189.how many kanoka disks are there?
19I have no info on that.
2010.and is the amount of mask's possible to make exact to the number of kanoka disks?
21No, because lots more disks are made than are ever made into masks.
22whew.... my fingers are getting cramped.... 23well thanks for the answers in advance.
24nothing really good here but pretty good...
1This was info regarding the guy in the backround of the Press Kit.
2Is that guy in the backround in the Press Kit Turaga Dume, or one of the Vahki?

4It's not a Vahki. Beyond that, I cannot comment.

6So its not a Vahki in the backround. I am still thinking it is Dume.
1Hey Greg,
21.) I was just wondering, I recall you saying that they have Bohrok in the Onu Metru Archives, but when the Bohrok first appear on Mata Nui, they act like they didn't know about them. "We hoped they were just that; legends." So were the Turaga faking again, or what?
3Yup -- if they said, "Oh, yeah, those guys" everyone was going to want to know how the heck they knew about Bohrok.
42.) Do you know if these Golden Kanoka I read about have any story explination, perhaps like the Copper masks?
5Not that I know of -- I think they are just golden versions of Kanoka disks being used as prizes for the contest.
63.) Do you like Skittles? I'm eating Skittles right now. I like Skittles.
7Don't think I have ever had them.

9OMG OMG OMG::: Never had Skittles?:? :o :blink: :bored:
1These questions were answered by GregF (obviously):
21)What is a Vahki
3Cant answer it
42)Apparently Lhii is going to have a fairly signifigant role in things to come. You said we would see him soon. When? Jan? Feb? two days ago?:
5Um, well, you wont really learn much about him in the comics until later in the year, there may be some mentions in the scholastic books earlier, but he doesnt get much exposer until mid late '04.
63)Morbuzahk is a plant. Does it look like a big tree? Or different, like Flaagra from Metroid Prime?
7You can pretty much tell its a plant, a really big plant.
84)The new/old metru sociaty seems much stricter. Like, the matoran now have jobs. In current time they have jobs, but they do it on there own time, not all day long. Why is this?
9I disagree, matoran on mata-nui work just as hard, it was just ones like Takua that wandered off whan they were supposed to be working. If they seem more driven, its because they have a large sity to maintain.
105) Turaga Dume, being the leader, controls this. Is he some sort of Tyranical leader?
11No, I would not say so.
126)It seems that Mata-Nui does not interact the matoran, why is this?
13Mata Nui is the Great Spirit, that is all I can tell you.
147)Is the figure in the background of the press release image with all the toa in it Turaga Dume, or a Vahki ( being that it has such short arms )?
15Cant comment on that.
168)Do Onewa's pitons actually swing in the set?
189)Is the king root just a giant root, or does it have a core/brain?
19It is intellegent.
2010)So Lhii is not a Matoran (in the time before time)?
1Where in the news does it say that? I don't remember reading that anywhere.
21: What parts of the Matoran are biological?
3Well, if they are like the Toa, they have some muscle tissue and they have lung tissue.
42: This kind of ties in with #1, but are their brains biological?
5No idea. We don't even know if they have brains as we know them, or if their consciousness is somehow tied into their masks.
63: Will the whole traitor thing last throughout the whole Metru-Nui story, or will it obly last through the Morbuzakh?
7It's only first half of the year. It doesn't play a role in the movie.
84: At what power level would you rate the Krahkann?
9Wouldn't even attempt to answer this without more info.
105: Will '05 focus on the Toa Metru?
11Can't comment on '05 storyline.

126: Do all the great Kanoka have paowers?
147: If so, then what do the Kanoka that the six Matoran have do?
15The Kanoka the Matoran have are not Great Kanoka -- the Great Kanoka are hidden in places only the Toa can reach. Anyway, each disk has a code which explains what its power is -- the chart will be available in the comic in Jan.

1Let me get this straight—Krekka is not a Matoran, right? 2No, he's not.
3When can you start answering questions about Krekka and the Vahki? Like, questions about them—where they're from, who they are, what's their background. 4I can start answering questions on the Vahki in Jan.-Feb., once the comic is out. Krekka it's going to be a while longer, because he doesn't really come into the story in a big way until the movie. He does appear in one of the Scholastic books, but not for very long.
5Do the Great Kanoka have different powers from the normal ones? 6No, just at a higher level.
7About the creature inthe first picture in this topic, the huge thing behind the Toa Metru. Have we heard of it before? 8Yes.
9In one of the new pictures, it shows two Toa Metru canister lids connecting into a sphere. What exactly is it supposed to be? 10Ahhh ... that is another thing that does not come up until the movie, so I can't tell.
11It also says that Toa Vakama has visions of the future. Did these start when he turned into a Toa? Or has he had them his whole life? 12Actually, he has had them all his life, but he has kept them to himself. He was afraid others would think he was nuts.
13Are there really tall towers in Po-Metru? Cause I've seen images of a few. 14Yes, and tall sculptures.
15Please look at this picture. Is that one of the transport tubes, with the magnetized protodermis? 16Yes.

17[COLOR=red[BThank you, Greg, for all these answers. 18Well, this is interesting...especially the fourth question, to me at least. This extremely shortens the list.
19-Master of the Rahkshi
11. The NEW PAGEer with the big head that is looming over the Toa Metru is very mysterious. Can you comment on that being? Personally, I think it is either Krekka, Nidawk or Mata Nui, but I'm not sure.
2It's not Mata Nui, and it's not Nivawk. That's all I can tell you.
32. What is a 'memory' and 'knowledge' crystal? They were mentioned in Nuju's bio and I am curious as to what they are.
4Those are what make up Knowledge Towers.
53. Just to clarify something... is Nuhrii the mentor to Vakama? Or is Vakama a mentor to Nuhrii?
6I believe, if I recall correctly, that Nuhrii was originally the mentor to Vakama but Vakama has now surpassed him in skill.

74. My understanding is that each Matoran has possesion of one of the Great Kanoka. How are they found if they are hidden in places only Toa can reach, as I understand?
8They don't have possession of them. They know where they are hidden.
95. It syas Vhisola is a long time friend of Nokama. Two questions about that one. One, was Nokama her teacher when the Toa Metru of Water was a Matoran?
116. And has Vhisola acted in any way in the past few days to make Nokama think that Vhisola is angry with her?
12The relationship between Nokama and Vhisola has always been stormy.

137. Did Tehutti and Whenua work together as Matoran? It doesn't mention a relation in any of their bios.
14They may have, they were both archivists. But there are hundreds of archivists, and the Archives are huge, so there is no telling how often they ran into each other.
158. Ehyre's bio: "He hopes to be more someday, but Nuju believes he is too reckless to advance." Is Nuju like the chief seer, because obviously he has some say in whether or not the Matoran will advance. Or is Nuju like his personal teacher?
16Nuju is a seer of some influence, enough to keep Ehrye from getting hired.
179. What will happen to the Matoran after all is said and done? Will they be pacified by the Vahki? Or will they be brought before Dume?
18Have to wait and see.
1910. What Matoran that we have met in the past will be featured or mentioned in the Morbuzakh storylline?
20Ummm, let's see .. Kapura shows up in BIONICLE Adventures #1, I think ... Nuparu shows up in BIONICLE Adventures #3 ... those are the two I recall offhand. And there are other familiar faces who show up in the movie.
1Hey Greg, sorry to write again, but the new BZP story, you understand.
21.) In one of the pictures in THIS new story has a Matoran giving Matau a Kanoka that has his face on it.... And Vakama comes with a disk that has HIS face on it... And it has symbols for the other Toa too in one of those pictures... What are the purpose of these disks, why are they different?
3That is an artist's rendering of Matau receiving a Great Disk. Since the picture was done while the disks were being manufactured, the artist did not realize the Great Disks look similar to other disks and used the Matau disk for the picture.

42.) In THAT same story, bottom left, there is some spidery thingy behind Whenua, if you could take a quick peak? What is that thing?
5I would like to keep that secret a little bit longer, I think.
6Thank you thank you, Merry Christmas:::

11. ok the set that we can see in the press release behind the toa(Links to sites that link to forums are NOT allowed in the forum./archiveimage.asp?i=3674 ) have you seen it in a clear picture?
2I don't know what you are referring to. You mean the figure looming over them in the poster?
32. if you have does the fact that it has a disk thrower in his mouth kinda make his head big compared to his body?(yes i sew the disk thrower in his mouth)
4If you are talking about that figure, I do not believe he has a disk thrower in his mouth, as I recall.

53. what level is vakamas disck? can you make a mask of it? couse it doesnt look like the matoran disk's
6Vakama's disk has no disk code on it.
74. the guy behind the toa's again is he with or against the toa's
8Can't answer it.
95. do the toa get to see and maybe work with the vakhi?(i have this dream were vakama and onewa help the vakhi against 2 rahkshi)
10Vahki don't need any help.
116. do the great kanoka have a role in the story beyond the merbuzakh?
137. how are your work hours couse sometimes your ansewring us at home and sometimes at work do you work in an office or what?
14Yes, I do. I work from 8 am to 4:30 pm.
158. have you seen a picture of turaga dume?

179.if so is he like the other turaga i hope not he comes in a big set and i wouldnt pay 20$ for a turaga(well i would couse i need parts but it doesnt matter right now)
18He comes with a Rahi, it's not just him, that's why it is more expensive.
1910. when are the toa metru coming out the press release says march but i heard they come in feb
20Feb. 04.
2111. did you get a press release couse you said you have vakama and vhisola and they come with the press release too
22No, I don't get press kits.
2312. how many people are in the story team?
245 to 6. If we are doing a software game in a particular year, then the game producer sits in on the team meetings.
2513.how long will it be till the story comes back to the toa nuva? i'll tell you the truth i dont really like the hole coming back to the past when things start to get so intresting for the toa's
26No idea. But put simply, if we went right to the Toa Nuva coming to Metru Nui, the story would make no sense. You need to see what happened before to understand what happens later.
2714. will the kanoka cards be available in all the world or just the USA?
28Just in the US. However, elsewhere in the world you will still be able to get the special code to help access info on the web, I believe. You just won't have the instant win game.
2915. if it is only in the USA why cant you please give something to israel isnt it enough that the sets here cost 5 times more then in the US
30What promotions are done where are decided by the LEGO marketing people for that part of the world and what they can afford in their budgets. All of that is decided locally.

3116. how low do the onu metru levels go? dont they get to the planet core so deap?
32I doubt they reach the core of the planet.
3317. does the proto sea stop after a while in a wall or does it go on all under the planet
34Don't know. Maybe we will find out someday.

3518. same with the mata nui sea just stops at lands
36Yes, that is the case with the Mata Nui sea.
3719. how do the matoran make the magnetic flow that runs in the tubes?
38It is magnetized protodermis, and the flow is controlled from control centers in Le-Metru.
3920. you said once a long time ago when someone ask't you if makuta will come back in 2004 you said "yes but not how you imagine him"(not an exact quote) was it right or just plans couse i dont really see him fitting in the story
40Can't comment.
4121. well we learn about turaga dume or will he be one of those unimportent guy's that get no background story like greelok the ash bear
42No, he plays an important role in the movie.
4322. has there ever been a war between metrus or koros couse matoran are not such a peacefull race as i see it(jaller wanting to kill greelok, napura making a boxor tank, capturing rahi and holding them in stasis prisons) spaicelly since in metru nui they dont have the turaga for each village that are friends and dont want to fight
44Well, there hasn't been a war between the boroughs of New York City, which only has one mayor. So no.
4523. can you tell me more about whenua's personalty as a toa? couse you dont get to see him much as a turaga
46Whenua is much more comfortable in his own metru than he is in others. He has a vast knowledge of Metru Nui's past, which he draws on to solve problems, but he is probably also the most cautious of all the Toa. He really doesn't feel cut out to be an adventurer.
4724. same on nuju
48Nuju is somewhat like Kopaka, in that he would really prefer to be left alone. His focus has always been on the future and he feels that protecting Ko-Metru should come first before anything else.
4925. how many vakhi are there couse you probbly need a hole lot of them to take out a rahkshi
50Quite a few.
5126. are the vahki divided to metru's like blue vahki in ga metru and red vahki in ta metru or are they all just grey or something
52Yes, there are different types in different metru.

5327. do the vahki have kanohi? or are they powerd by something else?
54No, the Vahki are machines. They don't have Kanohi.
5528. how can there be rahkshi in metru nui i thought the kraata just gone for a swim and then tray'd to destroy the city but you said that only energized proto could make them rahkshi and it's very rare
56Yes, but I never said the Rahkshi CAME from Metru Nui -- only that some had wandered INTO Metru Nui. They came from someplace else.

5729. rahkshi dont seem to be able to get to be by accident you said it takes month's for a kraata to become one and if on accidently falls and faint for a month how does the other kraata from the same kind find and drive the rahkshi?
58I don't understand your question.
5930. will we learn about lhii the surfer this or next year?
6131. the toa metru wernt the first toa. where did the first toa go? and why cant they just come back and save the day from the merbuzakh insted of poor less expirience matoran?
62Can't answer it.

6332. i thought you said that matoran cant make mask's even if you gave them the tools to do so but i see that the matoran are the mask makers what changed?
64They can't make masks on Mata Nui, because they don't have the tools or the materials to do it with.
6533.what does the mebuzakh do i mean what threat can he be to the city all he wants is to be left alone in his new fleamy house no?
66Um, no. The Morbuzakh vines are crushing buildings into powder.
6734. how many diffrent powers do the disk's have and how can you tell the power diffrence between the disk is it by power level?
688, and yes.
6935.makuta was protecting the matorans from something. why? what could be so harmfull about them returning to metru nui?
70Makuta doesn't want Mata Nui reawakened. Returning to Metru Nui is the first step toward reawakening him.
7136.the movie that comes up next year wont include the mebuzakh right?
72No, it won't.
7337.do the matoran feel heat and cold? same for toas and turagas
74Yes, but Ta-Matoran have a natural limited resistance to heat, and Ko-Matoran have the same to cold.
1Merry Merry Christmas:
21.) QUOTE 3the artist did not realize the Great Disks look similar to other disks and used the Matau disk for the picture.

4THE Matau disk?? Well, we know there is a Vakama disk, and "the Matau" disk, and they both have the "Toa Metru Symbols" on them... Does each Toa have a disk, and why?
5Yes. When they find their Toa tools, they also find disks with their masks on them. This proves they were destined to be Toa. It's not in the movie, but it is mentioned elsewhere.
62.) The two Toa canister lids combining has a story purpose?? (Lol, and I just thought it was some Kanoka container.)
83.) In the MoL, in the "It's gone, Lewa... Burried by the very lava that sustained it," scene, I noticed that under Lewa's armor, it was purple:: And it looked like a brain. I noticed this on a few other Toa, but they had correct colors, (Tahu red, etc.) Do you think that was some muscle tissue?
9The purple tissue I recall seeing was under the chest plate, and was lung tissue.
104.) Have you seen any part of the 2004 movie? Read the script?
125.) I know you can't give away anthing but... Well this year, will we get any big shockers, or big secrets revealed? I mean, something that'll make you go "Oh my god:" There seems to be more and more secrets piling up.
13I'd like to think so, but BZP always seems to end up leaking anything we try to keep secret.
146.) Will any story take place way way down down, under the Archives where those "nasty things" are?
15BIONICLE Adventures #3 goes down to that general area.
167.) Some guy asked you a question a while back and you didn't quite get it, and I'm curious, so: He asked, do the Ussals on Metru Nui look like Pewku in the movie, or Ussals from the master builder set? You said you didn't know what the master builder set looked like. Well, the Ussal from the MBS is exactly like the MNOLG Ussal. So the question is, do the Ussals on Metru Nui look like Puku Olda, or MoL Pewku, or both?
17I really can't answer this, because I have no idea how Ussal look in the movie.

187b.) Oh yeah, ever get an answer on Pewku's sudden growth spurt?
19I assume he grew with age, and/or it was necessary to redesign him for the movie.
208.) Pretty obvious Lhii isn't a Matoran, but ya get the feeling he is still around... If he is still around, do the Matoran recognize him for what he is? (Whatever that is.) Or are they like "He doesn't look like I do, but I'm not asking questions."
21Still around where? On Mata Nui?
228z.) By the way, I love how Lhii will play a part in the story; bringing little old characters to the front, that's great:: Like the Comet Ball Traitor.
239.) Is the completely mechanical Toa combiner smart (C-3PO)? Or more like a mindless machine?
24They are intelligent -- sort of like the old Manhunters in DC Comics, which probably doesn't help you any 25MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS: Thanks:

1Here's some more questions, I've been saving some of these up for a while. Please answer as many as possible.
21. Are the discs the Vakhi launch Kanoka?
42. Could the Vahki be transformed to be more powerful? (Perhaps the 04 baddies?)
5Possibly, but they are already pretty powerful.
63. Why are the matorans making more masks? Are more matorans being continuously made?
7Can't answer it.
84. What are all the matorans working so hard to make? You've talked about furniture and masks, but you only need as many masks as you have matoran, and the same with furniture.
9Things break; things wear out; and there are other reasons I cannot go into yet.
105. Is Metru Nui considered a paradise? I mean a communist dictator and the fun police breathing down your neck doesn't sound that great to me.
11To the Matoran, it is. Dume is not a dictator, anymore than Vakama was in Ta-Koro. He is the Turaga. And the Vahki are there to keep Matoran safe and make sure the work gets done.
126. Does Dume accept the new toa? Or does he see them as rivals?
13Not rivals, but he wants them to prove that truly are Toa.
147. Are the Vakhi sentient? Or are they just robotic drones working for Dume, Nedhiki and Krekka?
15They have an intelligence, yes, like lions do. And how did Nidhiki and Krekka get into this? You don't even know who they are yet
168. What about the Vakhi? Do they see the toa as rivals?
17The Vahki only care about the Toa if they are a) ordered to or if the Toa cause disorder.
189. Is Dume a puppet for someone else? (I'm probably coming across as a conspiracy theorist)
19Can't answer it.
20I think he just did
2110. Can a toa or matoran be put into stasis? Could there be a toa locked somewhere in the archives?
22Yes, they could, but I can't see the Matoran doing that.
2311. Do toa or turaga die of old age? You've said there were toa previous to the Metru. Did they die or are they still around somewhere else?
24All we know is that these beings have phenomenally long lifespans. As for what happened to other Toa, I can't comment.
2512. Is the archives just rahi stasis containers? or is there a written library as well?
26Most of the written artifacts, prophecies, etc. are kept in the Knowledge Towers.
2713. Is there some sort of machine that generates rahi and or matoran?
28Can't answer it.
2914. Is "The Mask Maker" a machine?
30Nooo, definitely not.

3115. You've said the matoran do not use the wheel. Is this to make them look more futuristic? Because on Metru Nui the matoran look anything but primitive.
32It's because the head of the story team says they don't.
3316. Also, we've seen mining carts in MNOLG1 and the directors of MoL talk about designing them for the movie. Do the matoran use the wheel on Mata Nui?
34Again, what I know is what I have been told, which sis no wheels.

3517. There seem to be major differences between the MNOLG1 and the other mediums of storyline (eg the manas battle, wheels used, etc.). Did the creators take too much creative license when designing it? Or is that what really happened?
36What you have to remember about MNOLG1 is that it was produced at a time when a) a lot of the rules of the universe had not been written and we had no way to know BIONICLE would last past 2001. So there were less worries about future storyline consistency.

3718. In the MNOLG1, the Kaita defeat the Manas by destroying those computerized radio towers. Was this just creative license, or is that how Makuta controlled the Manas? And is this how Makuta controls all infected mask wearing creatures?
38No, it is not how he controls all Rahi. He does that by willpower. As for the towers, yes, that is what happens in MNOLG1, although I prefer the way it was done in the Scholastic books.
3919. You've said that Akamai and Wairuha were legendary heroes, and the Metru Kaita don't have special names. Were they ever physical beings, perhaps acient toa; and were their beings residing in the gold and silver kanohi?
40Well, as you may have seen from the Toa combo models, there are no Toa Metru Kaita.
4120. How would Gold and Silver Kanohi be made from Kanoka?
42You are assuming they are made from actual gold and silver. There is no such thing in BIONICLE -- they are made from protodermis, like everything else.
4321. Does Kanohi power have anything to do with Kanoka power (ie would a Hau have to be made from a sheilding disc?)?
44I don't believe so, but it is something I am researching
4522. If not, does the power of the Kanohi come from its shape?
46Again, can't give a definitive answer at this time.
4723. Why weren't any Great Turaga-shape kanohi made? Why no Noble Toa-shaped?
48All we know is what the Toa found. Doesn't mean that is all that was ever created.
4924. Could a matoran mask maker make a Nuva, Avohkii, Kraakhan, or Metru shape mask?
50No idea on Avohkii or Kraakhan, because we do not know who made those or when. The others yes.
5125. How can the Great and Noble Kanohi be the same power level (8)? The Nuva seem much more powerful (they're all shared and have additional power, kakama includes phasing through things etc.) .
52They're not. Great Kanohi come from level 8 disks; Noble Kanohi come from level 7 disks.
53That's a typo, I meant Nuva. I'll send that in again next week if someone else hasn't already.
5426. Are the Toa Metru's masks called Kanohi Metru?
55No, we haven't called them that in the stories.
5627. Are the toa stones the Metru take to the Great Temple the same toa stones the takua collected? or are they carved to look like the metru toa?
57I believe they most likely are the same.
5828. You said something about the "clan of Lhii". Didn't Jala always call himself the "son of Lhii"?
59Yes, he did.
6029. Is there any way to take the archived rahi out of stasis?
61Yes -- crack the inner cylinder.

6230. Why can't the rahi on Metru Nui be tamed by removing their masks and weakening them like on Mata Nui?
63Because they are not wearing infected masks -- they are simply wild animals. Try taming a lion that has not been raised in captivity.
6431. How can there be Bohrok in stasis in the archives? Aren't the Bohrok completely robotic?
65But the krana aren't robotic.
6632. Are there krana in the archives?
6833. If the Bohrok leveled Mata Nui wouldn't that flood Metru Nui with seawater? I mean, there'd a rather large drainhole where the Mangai was.
69Could be a problem. But if you assume the beings who built the Bohrok knew about Metru Nui AND Mata Nui, I am sure they saw to it there were safeguards.
7034. If the Bohrok did level Mata Nui, wouldn't that make the island wider by filling in ocean with rubble?
71Yes, unless, of course, the Tahnok melted the rubble.
7235. Were the Bohrok to be a one-time-use thing? Or is there a periodic purge of the island?
73Can't answer it.
7436. Is Makuta really a spirit like the turaga call him? He seems pretty material to me. And what about the toa/matoran? Is this just a term they use for a living being?
75Well, Makuta refers to himself as a spirit as well. And at this point, we do not know if the forms we have seen are really him, or simply his spirit inhabiting them.

7637. I know you can't release too much, but is Nivawk a land animal or a bird-like thing?
77All I can say at this point is he is a Rahi.
7838. You said the matoran have "airships". Are these like hoverbarges, the Ussanui, or are they helicopters?
79I have not seen how they are depicted in the movie, but from what I have heard, they kind of sound like dirigibles.

8039. I know the Morbuzakh is just a filler storyline until the movie, but why aren't Dume and the Vakhi around until then? I would think a giant plant decimating the city would concern the mayor and police force.
81The Vahki are around, in the Scholastic books, and to a lesser extent in the comics -- and Dume does not interact directly with the new Toa until after the Morbuzakh's defeat.
8240. Do the different Metru of Vakhi have different powers? Or do all have one power, like stasis?
83They all achieve the same result -- the maintenance or order -- but in different ways.
8441. Is Lhii a present day character in Metru Nui or something from even the past of Metru?
85Can't comment.
8642. A few of the CG images from the press packs show the 6 matoran helping the toa metru look for the discs. Will all six team up with the toa?
87Well, if a Toa wanted you to do something, you would probably be hard-pressed to say no. They are not all happy about it, though.
8843. Is that spider thing in the background of the Whenua pic the robotic toa combiner?
9044. You've said Lhii, Krekka and Nedhiki aren't matoran. There's always the possibility they're the previous toa or turaga, but that isn't likely at least for Nedhiki or Krekka, as theyre larger sets. Is there another species on Metru Nui or could these be robotic characters?
91Can't answer it.
9245. You said that matoran masks can't be used. In the MNOLG1, Matoro uses his Akaku as sort of a telescope. Was this an error in the storyline of the game, or was it perhaps a higher level matoran mask that Nuju taught him how to use?
93Actually, it's not an error, and I can tell you why. If you look at Nuju's mask, it seems to have a sort of telescoping eye, however the mask power has nothing to do with vision as such. But because vision is important to what he does with it, it is fitted with a mechanical enhancement to make him able to see better. Same with Matoro. That wasn't a mask power, it was an enhancement.
94Well, I think that's enough for now, although I'm sure I'll have another batch soon .

95See answers above.
1Okay, here is GregF's reply to the Toa Metru powers.
2The Toa Metru are tied to the same elements that the Toa Nuva were, with some differences: 31) They don't know how to use their powers that well at first, so they tend to use too much too fast and run out. 42) At the same time, they improvise a little more and do some things the old Toa did not think of -- for example, Vakama gets out a flaming deathtrap by absorbing the fires into himself. 53) They have to be more careful about how they use them. Unlike the Nuva, they are not in a wilderness. Creating huge tidal waves or walls of fire or blizzards would do a lot of damage to the city, so they have to more subtle about how they use their energies.

1QUOTE 2You have said that protodermis needs to be pure to be made into a Kanoka. What if nonpure proto was turned into a Kanoka which in turn was for some reason made into a mask, what would happen?

3Well, you kind of answered your own question. Since Matoran realize that proto needs to be purified before it is made into a disk and then a mask, they obviously must have discovered it does not work well if it isn't purified.
1Hia Greg, first of all merry christmas in advance : second, I hope you don't mind a few questions.
21. Did Krekka make the Kraahkan?
3No, not even a little. Krekka is not a mask maker.
42. What is the collecting name of the Kanohi Metru? is it just Kanohi Metru, or a special name?
5We are just calling them Kanohi at this point, because there are no mask packs next year.
63.On this, the under left picture of Whenua and Tehutti, that spidery silhouette in the background, is that a Vahki
84. When will we learn about Krekka
9Not until mid-year, he shows up briefly in one of the Scholastic books, but his role in the story really doesn't begin until the movie.
10That's all, I didn't have much did I?
11see you after Christmas.
1QUOTE 2Do you look in the BCO (art,building,RPGs etc)?

3No. I sometimes spend half a day just getting through all the questions I get on here, especially when I am home (since I am on dial-up, it goes a lot slower). I don't have time to do much more than occasionally visit the message boards.
5Whoa that's a long time to answer all of our questions.
1I asked him some:

2Hi Greg, I got some questions:
31. If Kanoka can be molded into Kanohi, can Kanohi be molded into Kanoka?
4It's possible, not sure why you would want to though.
52. Can a Mind control mask(Ownea wears it, forgot name) work on a Kraata, or Makuta?
6Possibly on a kraata, not sure on Makuta.
73. Can a kraata infect any mask? Even Makuta's?
8Infecting Makuta's mask would be kind of pointless, since it would just give him control over ... himself. But in general, yes.
94. Do Matoran ride on the Kanoka or Kanoka launchers through the Transport tubes om Metru-Nui?
10Sometimes they ride on their disks in the chutes, yes, though that is frowned upon.
115. Do Matoran ride in Ussal Carts?
12No, I think those are mainly used for cargo hauling.
13If yes could you do 5a?
145a. You said that Matoran don't have wheels. So if Matoran ride in ussal carts, do Ussals just drag around these wheeles boxes?
15All I know is what I have been told by the head of the story team -- no wheels.
16Thanks a ton.


1From what you have seen of the Mask Maker movie, are there more weapon to weapon fights, or are they all just blasts like in the MoL? In other words, is it more violent?
2The movie has a lot more to do with mask powers than it does elemental powers. And as you know, LEGO has very strict policies regarding depiction of violence, so if you are looking for violence, Bionicle is probably the wrong place to look.
3Is Lhii a significant charachter in the 2004 movie, or early 2004?
4Can't answer it.

5Is 2005 still in the past, or does it have to do with the toa nuva on metru nui?
6Can't answer that either, way too early to talk about 2005.

7Will we learn the origin of the morbuzakh this year?
8I would say probably, yes, at least for the most part.

9Do the metruan know where the bohrok and rahkshi coem from?
10No, I don't believe they do.

11Is the average metruan scared of attacks by rahkshi or rahi, or are they not worried about it?
12Oh, sure they are -- that is why the average Matoran supports their local Vahki squad.

13Do bohrok attack metru nui as well?
14No. Bohrok have no programming with relation to Metru Nui.
15Does anyone die in the movie?
16You know I can't discuss movie plot before the film comes out.

1QUOTE 2I have got a question about the storyline. Didnt you say that Great Kanoka disks were in places only Toa could reach? Then how did orkham find one? 3Thanks

4Knowing where it is, and actually getting your hands on one, are two different things. He knows where it is, he doesn't have it in his possession.

6Heres the awnser to a question that I got that I was confused about
1Here are two Pms.

21)You said that we have heard ot the thing on the cover of the press kit,did you say something about it,or was it in the story before??

32)Are those two blades on the press kit cover the tools of the thing??

43)That thing on the press kit cover seems to have a toa/turaga body,is that correct???
54)In the picture of the proto tube and Matau, the blue matoran is wearing a hau,I thought that no one on mertu nuihad masks like the first mata nui toa had??I'm confused...
65)When will we find out what the thing on the front of the prees kit is???
8I really can't comment on that character, because he/she/it is not really featured in the story until mid-year. As for the masks, as far as I know, no rule was ever written that Matoran in Metru Nui cannot be wearing simulations of Great Masks .. we just hadn't shown any before.

101)Could the Mol be infected???
122)Will there be a Vahki set???
13Can't comment on sets beyond the Toa yet.
143)You said that riding a disk in the chutes is frowned on,what would happen to a matoran that does it,and why is it frowned on???
15For the same reason some people get mad at kids doing skateboarding on a crowded sidewalk .. it can be dangerous for other people. Generally what happens is a Vahki squad will come and pacify the offending Matoran.

164)What are the houses/towers like on the inside??
17It varies depending on what metru you are in.
185)Do all matoran live in the towers/houses???
19Yes, all Matoran live in some kind of dwellingplace in their respective metru.

20See answers above.

1Hi again. A few questions popped into my head... 21. In this picture we see Orhkam giving a Kanoka to Vakama. Is this a great Kanoka?
3It's an artist's rendering that was done before the Great Kanoka were manufactured. So it is SUPPOSED to be a Great Kanoka, but that's not what they look like. They look like every other disk, except for their code.
42. Are the Great Kanoka needed to defeat the evil after the Morzubahk?
5Can't answer it.

63. How far ahead do you know the Bionicle storyline?
7Through the end of '05 at this point.
84. Do you ever wish you didn't know the storyline so some things would be a surprise?
9No, I couldn't do my job if I didn't know it.

105. Do you consider any BZ members "friends?" (You seem to be pretty tight with Raptordx.)

11I basically consider them all to be friends, to an extent. There aren't really any that stand out more than others, but there are some people I have gotten used to hearing from, like Raptor, Crystal Matrix, Black Metal Kopaka, people like that.
126. Metru Nui seems like a True Communistic Society. (Which should in thoery be a Utopia. If you've read The Giver you know what I mean.) Is the island run by Communism?
13Not to my mind, no. It is run the same way the koro were run on Mata Nui. The difference is, there was a need for law enforcement on Metru Nui which the dire situation on Mata Nui made unnecessary.
147. Will the being shown in this picture be produced as a set?

15Can't discuss sets beyond the Toa at this point.

16See answers above.
1Hello Greg,
2Hope you have a good Christmas
31)There are 6 kinds of Kanoka, so 6 different powers, right?
4No, there are 8 different powers that we know of.
52)There is a noticeable difference in each power level?
73)A Vahki against a Rahkshi (any kind), who'd win?
8One on one? Probably the Rahkshi. A squad of Vahki against one Rahkshi -- might be more competitive.
94)One member asked what level Noble masks were made of, but he meant to say Nuva.Nuva are much more powerful than Great, but I don't think they can be made, correct?If they could be, what level would be needed?
10They would be level 8 as well. Nuva are different, in terms of the the fact that they confer the ability to share the power, but they are not so vastly more powerful than Great Masks they could not be made. Someone had to make them, right?
115)Does the power of the disc directly relate to the power of the Kahoni? (not power level, what the Kahoni does)
12Not necessarily.
136)You say that Morzy is too large to be affected by Kanoka powers, how large an area can a level 8 (or whatever type Vakama uses) affect?
14First off, Vakama's disk has no code, so we don't know yet what it affects. And he uses disks of all sorts of different power levels. But you are dealing with a creature that is the size of a city.

157)If a human was hit by a Random Kanoka, do you think it'd be painful? (After all, your molecules WOULD be re-arranging)
16We have seen no sign at this point that it is a painful process. After all, Star Trek guys get their molecules taken apart in the transporter, doesn't hurt them.
178)When something is hit by a Random, does it change shape?I don't really get it, I just know that the molecules are scrambled into something better or worse.
18Yes, normally it does.
199)What's your favorite game to play? (dunno where THAT came from.. lol)
20My favorite PC games are Civilization and Starcraft.
2110) Why doesn't Morzy just bring a whole Metru down?Surely he (wait... he, or she?Or is it an it?) could rebuild it quickly, if he wanted to, and with the Matoran helping.
22Well, first, why would the Matoran want to help a giant plant that is wrecking their city?

2311)Can the Matoran breath liquid Proto?
24Good question. I personally believe the answer is no, but I would have to check with the rest of the team for an official answer.
2512)What are Toa Stones, really?(never played the first game to the end, or to the end of the first Koro) Do they actually have powers of themselves, or are they just symbols?
26Can't answer it.
2713)It's a CITY:How can you hide Discs in it?
28Okay, well, I am going to take something roughly the size of a frisbee -- and I am going to hide it somewhere in the five boroughs of New York. Now you go find it. You only have to search how many buildings, blocks, etc.?
2914)Matatu is given a Great Disc by a Matoran?I thought they were in places that only Toa could reach?
30That is an artist's rendering, painted before the story was completely written. Don't take it literally.
3115)You said that the Toa Metru are a bit more inventive in using their powers than the Toa, how so?
32They have to be, because you cannot create the kind of huge, devastating effects the Nuva did in the middle of a city without causing massive destruction.

3316)What's Vakama's other use for the Disc Launcher, and is there an official name for it?
34No official name, and it functions as a jet pack.
3517)Could you tell me which Metru produces the Random Kanoka?
36All powers are produced in all metru. The metru of origin affects flight characteristics, not power.
3718)Ta-Metru seems like a great place for Morzy, and seeing the picture with someting that looks kinda like a tentacle, ripping up something, is that where he is?
38Have to wait and find out.
3919)What can Matoran class discs do against Morzy tentacles?
40If used properly, they can hold one off long enough for the Matoran to escape. Some disks work better than others in that respect.

4120)Can Vakama actually project fire through his Launcher, or does he do it through his disc?
42He does it through his hands.
4321)All of the Matoran (the specified Matoran) wanted to be Toa, why?Is being chosen to be a Toa a great honor? (well, I'm guessing it would be, but it seems to me that it'd be a bit hard at first)
44No, they don't. They are jealous, in some cases, that the others got to be Toa and may overshadow them, but they have no desire to be Toa themselves. They desire to be famous Matoran.

4522)The Toa Metru completed their destiny, right? (hence them being the Turaga) So why was Metru Nui abandoned?
46Going to have to wait and see.
4723)IS Metru Nui abadoned, or are there a few people still there?
48Can't answer it.

4924)To me, the masks look a lot more like Helmets (at least, Vakama's, Whenua's, and Onewa's do), is this for a reason specific to the storyline, or just because the designers thought it looked cool?
50No idea. No story reason I know of.
5125)Does Vakama's mask have a visor, because it shows Metru Nui reflecting off of where the eyes should be.
52Sort of.
5326)Will we learn about the Vahki in Jan?
54A little, not a ton, more in Feb., and then more as we move down through the first half of the year.
5527)Which, of your comics, is the favorite?
56Hard to say .. next May came out real good. I tend to be focused on which ever one I did most recently.
5728)Does Vakama have several types of discs, or is it all one type?
58He can use any Kanoka disk.
5929)Have you ever helped in making a set?
60No, not really. I get to see prototypes sometimes, but I don't do much in the way of input on them. The product designers don't tell me how to write so I don't tell them how to design

6130)Nokama uses Liquified Protodermis to attack (well, whatever she does with it), so it's safe to say that her powers, along with Gali's, lie with liquids, not necersarilly water, if you work at it?
6331)Poorly made Kanoka, what do they do with them?
64They get shipped to Ta-Metru and melted down. Try, try again.

6532)Once a Kanoka has been smelted (or whatever the term is), can you change it back to the powerless protodermis?
66I cannot say it would be powerless, but it can be melted down into liquid protodermis, yes.

67Can't think of any more right now, so I'll give you a christmas break.

69Of course, reading 13, I decided to ask more.... 'cause that wasn't quite what I meant. :P Shoulda PM'd him other questions too. <><>;;
70Sorry for writing back so soon, but one of my questions wasn't quite what I meant:
7113)It's a CITY:How can you hide Discs in it?
72Okay, well, I am going to take something roughly the size of a frisbee -- and I am going to hide it somewhere in the five boroughs of New York. Now you go find it. You only have to search how many buildings, blocks, etc.?

73I meant that, how many places are there that a Matoran couldn't get to somehow?

74Well, there's the bottom of a Ta-Metru fire pit ... inside the jaws of a massive sea creature ... hidden inside the Archives, which would take years to search completely if you don't know where to look .. etc., etc.

1QUOTE 2Hi GregF. I have some more questions if ypou could answer them for me:
39.) Is the completely mechanical Toa combiner smart (C-3PO)? Or more like a mindless machine?
4They are intelligent -- sort of like the old Manhunters in DC Comics, which probably doesn't help you any
51) Aren't Manhunters what the Guardians first made before they had Green Lanterns but they were somehow taken over or controled by evil? So would that make the mechanical combiners like a police force? Are they the Vahki?
6Nope -- they came before the Vahki. They were what the Vahki replaced.
72) How powerful is the being looming behind the Toa Metru (in the press kit)? Are those his/her swords too?
8Can't answer it.
93) I believe that you said we have heard of that being in the press kit. Is it a sentient being/creature?
114) In refference to power, how strong is the Morbuzakh compared to Makuta or Mata Nui?
12Oh, it is not as powerful as either of them.
135) Would a single Vahki be able to defeat a Rahkshi?
14I would doubt it, but Vahki rarely work alone.

156) What is the other combiner that the other three Toa Metru make up? What powers does it have?
16Have to wait on that one.
177) How powerful would a mask be if it was created out of the combined six great kanoka?
18No idea.

198) Will we learn how kanohi are destroyed, or is that still not clear?
20How? Well, I can tell you that Kanohi that are damaged in the casting process are melted down for recasting.
219) Can youy give us any hints as to why Makuta put Mata Nui to sleep?
2210) Are there any beings more powerful than Mata Nui?
2311) How powerul is Makuta in relation to Mata Nui?
24I can't answer 9-11.

26See answers above.


28Pretty Cool.
31Merry Christmas from Buckonicle#1:: :xmas: