1QUOTE 2Hi greg, i have a couple more long questions which pooped into my head.
31. If to become a turaga you have to complete your destiny and choose the path of wisdom, would it be safe to say that the toa completed part of their destiny and chose the path of strength ( despite the fact that gali seeks wisdom), then becoming toa nuva, thus never able to be a turaga?
4No, their destiny is to awaken Mata Nui. So they have not completed it yet, and becoming Nuva does not mean they can never be Turaga.

52.When i asked about protodermis and fire i meant if fire was put on protodermis would the protodermis turn to gas or ignite or fizzle, or if the protodermis was put on fire would it put out the fire, make it stronger or have no impact?
6I see what you're saying. Fire can melt solid protodermis, at the right temperatures. How liquid protodermis reacts to it I do not know at this point.

73. Would it be safe to say that when turning a kanoka into a kanohi,the place where a kanoka was made determines who weres it and what colour it is, the power determines its shape and power (strength, underwaterbreathing, invisibility) and the the power level determines whether it is powerless, a slight bit of power which some rare matoran were, noble mask, metru toa mask, great mask, great nuva mask or avohkii, kraakahn,vahi power level masks?
8No. The place where it is made determines it flight capabilities, what metru's symbol is stamped on it, and what the first digit of the code is. It has nothing to do with who ends up wearing the mask made from it, because all masks are forged in Ta-Metru. The power level in turn determines what kind of mask it can become (Matoran, Noble, or Great).

94.(this one's from apollo)I don't know...what about this. If there were to be another series of Toa, how would they rename Takanuva? (Eg if the new suffix was Magi, would he be Takamagi, Taka Magi or Takanuva Magi)?
10If the Toa evolved again which there are no plans to do), he would be Takanuva Magi because "nuva" is part of his name.

114.) QUOTE 128. Were there any Toa before the Metru?
145. PLEASE give me a slight detail on these toa you speak of, is it dume, or is it before or after dume (hard to word), is it a part of a band tht dume was with, or is it a whole new toa, if so what power can you tell me it is (you probably cant tell me)?
15I have no info on whether Dume was ever a Toa or not. And I really can't give you info on them at this point.

166. WHy is there a police force, is this to capture mischevious matoran, rouge rahi, troublesome toa/turaga(i no its not he third but it sounded good) or all of the above ( actually just 1 and 2)?
17Mainly 1 and 2. Rahi are captured for the Archives .. Matoran are simply pacified.

18Quote 1912. in 2004 will we learn the origin of the rahi?
20I doubt it.
217. How about in 2005?
22No idea.

238.Will lego ever do anything to bionicle roborider style, like they have already made it completely slizer style in metrunui, with the shape disks and technology?
24I can't say, I didn't work here when they did roboriders so I know nothing about them.

259.When you said Lhii wasn't a motoran did you mean he doesnt exist or he is merely something lesser or more than a matoran, if 2 which one, leseer or more?
26Can't comment.
2710. Was the appearance of the toa metru also foretold as the toa mata were, because by the sounds of it it it either wasnt, or it was and was kept a secret?
28I do not believe it was foretold, at least no one seemed to be expecting it.

29Thats all for now, thanks in advance Shadow Master

30See answers above.
1Here is an answer to a question I asked him A LONG time ago.
2Q: What planet is Mata-Nui on?
3A: Well, because what planet they are on isn't important in the storyline or anything else we never have taken the time to decide which planet they are on. And we don't need to.
4I just took this as the are on Slizer a long long time ago... (My own idea)
11. You have said that the Metru Nui Matoran have already experienced Toa –before. Although I know you obviously can't get too deep into that, will we ever learn about who those were, and maybe even go farter back?
2I was wondering when I would hear from you again :) With all the questions I have been getting, your absence has been noticed, lol. Anyway, yes, you will learn about at least next year, and possibly more as we go forward. I cannot say if we are going to go further back in the story then this, though, as I do not know the storyline past '05.

32. How many different types of Kanoka Discs are there, power-wise. I think I heard 8 last, but I'm making sure.
4There are 8 powers that we know of right now.
53. What are the powers of the Kanoka Discs? You said something about reconstituting at random (sounds awesome) in another set of answers. Are there any more you can explain?
6I'd rather keep that for January, if possible.
74. Is the Coliseum where most of the Kanoka Kolhii matches are played?
95. On Metru Nui, do the Matoran have vehicles? And more importantly... have they discovered the wheel?
10No, there are no wheels in BIONICLE. Yes, they do have Ussal carts, they have airships, and of course they have the chutes to ride in. The order enforcement squads also have a cool vehicle, which will be in the movie.
116. I know you can't say a lot.... But when will we encounter Lhii? This year, the next, or way ahead in the future?
12Can't answer it, except to say ... I know that you will, and it will not be a long wait.
137. What kind of powers does this new female villian have? And is she sentient, capable of speech and intelligence?
14Yes, she is sentient, she is intelligent, and extremely cunning. More than that I cannot say at this point, as I want it to be a surprise.
158. What sets can she be made of?
16The six Toa Metru. We are actually working now to get a model built of her for at least an inspirational shot to be included with her Scholastic book.
179. We (BZP) recently got a catalgo scan of the new Toa Metru. Those two Toa Metru combiners up in the corner. Are they Rahi or are they Kaita?
18One is a Rahi (the weird looking one). The other is BASED on a Rahi, but isn't one -- it's actually a pure robotic.
1910. We know now that Kanoka makes Kanohi, but what gives the starting product, the Kanoka, it's power? Is there some spell you chant on Protodermis before you meld it into Kanoka Discs or something?
20I have theories, but I don't have what I consider to be a definitive answer to this, so I would rather not say something and turn out to be wrong. I have to get some clarification myself.
22Hey, he knows me: At least I have some recognition. ^_^ I'm PMing him for some more info later today. I have a new batch that cooking in the oven. :psychotwitch:

1Life on metru nui dosen`t seem as great as one would think it to be at first glance.
2Is the Order Enforcement Squad made of matoran? Bohrok? other robotic drones?
3Well, they aren't Matoran or Bohrok. They are something you have not seen before.
4Are they similar to the thought police in 1984, and is their society really very strict?
5Um, not offhand. They don't care what you think, they care that you stay on your job when you are supposed to be working. And they also are in charge of capturing Rahi for display in the Archives.

6Is this strictness new to Turaga Dume`s administration?
7Ummmmmm ... some things are different in '04 from how they were in the past, because of the crisis the city faces. But my guess is the Vahki have always been like this, at least as long as they have been around.

8How long has Dume been the ruler of metru nui?
9Do not know. I have no info on Dume's past.
10How long was the morbuzakh attacking metru nui before the enw toa were made?

11Oh, my guess would be a couple weeks our time, maybe a litlte more. Enough time to do a lot of damage, spread a lot of panic, and be blamed for a lot of Matoran disappearances. Not enough time to wreck the whole city.

12My add in: What`s a Vahki ? :blink:
1I cannot say if we are going to go further back in the story then this, though, as I do not know the storyline past '05.

2He gave us something without noticing, lol. The 2005 storyline will be also about the Metru.
1Even more questions from me:
2{1} Can you reveal excatly what the police force on Metru Nui? All we know is that they are non-matoran. What are they, then?
3Can't, not yet.
4{2} Was the Morbuzakh mutated?
5Not as far as I know.
6{3} You probably can't answer this, but was the Morbuzakh created by a thinking, breathing being? Or did it create itself?
7No, I can't answer it.
8{4} Ounce for ounce, do you think there are more mysteries on Mata Nui or Metru Nui? Not that we know of, Metru Nui would definately take the lead in that case, but total?
9Oh, hard to say. Some of the same mysteries are inboth.
10{5} I've been looking over the '04 matoran's bios, and Orkahm and Ehrye seem the least likely to be the traitors. Can you give anything that wasn't included in their bios that may make them seem more traitorous?
12{6} I need some confirmation on masks Nuhrii didn't make. Did Nuhrii make either the Vahi or Ahvorkii, or was that the '05 Mask Maker, or another character we don't know about?
13First off, who says there is an '05 Mask Maker? And as I have said to a number of people -- if Nuhrii succeeds in making his mask, the 2004 story is over by May. So you should hope he doesn't make it.
14{7} This may sound weird, but are the combiner models we have seen of the Toa Metru new characters or the Toa Metru combiners? What I mean:
15You mentioned that one of the combiners of the Toa Metru are Rahi, the other purely robotic. Does this mean that these are other characters that the Toa Metru meet or face, not a type of Kaita, like Akamai or Takutanuva? I KNOW this sounds weird...
16No, they are not a type of Kaita. They are not formed by the Toa deciding to merge. They are alternate models who will appear later in the storyline.
17{8} There are no wheels in BIONICLE? That sounds freaky, airships in Metru Nui and no wheels: :blink:
18Yes, one the rules of BIONICLE, no wheels.
19{9} Why does Metru Nui look like it has a bunch or holes in it, yet Mata Nui is mostly solid?
20No idea.
21{10} What do you do at the top of the Knowledge Towers?
22Well, Nuju watched the stars from there when he was a Matoran.
23{11} Nuju's crystal spikes let him climb the Knowledge towers. What do metruan use to climb them?
24They don't. They take interior chutes. IF they are even allowed to go up there, which very few are.
25{12} How come the metruan don't build a ladder up the side of the Towers?
26See answer #11.
27{13} Is there any agriculture on Metru Nui? If so, where?
28Not that I know of, no.

29{14} What does it mean, Tehutti is looking for treasures in the Archives? Pirates Treasure?
30No, Tehutti is an archivist. So a treasure to him would be an ancient artifact or a new species of Rahi no one had ever seen before.
31{15} The Turaga Metruan, the ones that got transformed, what kanohi did they wear before their transformation into Toa?
32You mean the Toa Metru? Don't know, I have not seen them in their Matoran forms.

33{16} How come the Makuta didn't try to find all of the Toa Olda's and infect them? That seems to be a better plan over guarding them with Rahi.
34You mean the masks? I don't think he felt he needed to bother, because he didn't believe Toa were ever going to show up on the island.
35{17} How did the infected Koli Balls get infected? I understood only Kanohi could be infected.
36Don't know.
37{18} Does the Comet Ball Traitor play a big part in the upcoming storyline?
38Can't answer it.
39{19} Is the female villian capable of speech?
41{20} You said a Toa has to want to be a Turaga to become one, and only after their destiny is completed.However, it seems the Toa Metru could have guarded their matoran on Mata Nui better as Toa. How come they changed into Turaga?
42You will find out in the movie.

43{21} It is well known that Tahu and Kopaka are direct opposites. Do I have this right? 44Opposites: 45Tahu=Kopaka 46Gali=Pohatu 47Lewa=Onua
48I am not sure what you are getting at. Kopaka and Tahu don't get along, but Gali and Pohatu get along fine. You could just as easily say Lewa-Pohatu and Gali-Onua, or even Gali-Lewa, as far as opposites go.
50Ehyre, Ko-Metru: Mahiki, Le-Koro. Orkahm, Le-Metru: Matatu, Ko-Koro. 51Nuhrii, Ta-Metru: Ruru, Ono-Koro. Tehutti, Ono-Metru: Huna, Ta-Koro. 52Vhisola, Ga-Metru: Komau, Po-Koro. Ahkmou, Po-Metru: Rau, Ga-Koro.
53Are there any reason for these opposites?
54I don't get the question at all. In what way are these "opposites"? They are Matoran who live in different areas, they are not connected to each other other than the fact that they are all Matoran.
55My list, again:

57I was in a hurry, and didn't write #21 or #22 well, so I sent them back to Greg, rewritten.
59Ehyre, Ko-Metru: Mahiki, Le-Koro. Orkahm, Le-Metru: Matatu, Ko-Koro. 60Nuhrii, Ta-Metru: Ruru, Ono-Koro. Tehutti, Ono-Metru: Huna, Ta-Koro. 61Vhisola, Ga-Metru: Komau, Po-Koro. Ahkmou, Po-Metru: Rau, Ga-Koro.
62Are there any reason for these opposites?
63I don't get the question at all. In what way are these "opposites"? They are Matoran who live in different areas, they are not connected to each other other than the fact that they are all Matoran.

64I knew I didn't word it right. Sorry 'bout that, I was in a hurry. Turaga Onewa wears a Komau, Turaga Nokama a Rau. If the '04 matoran lived on Mata Nui, Vhisola would live in Ga-Koro, Ahkmou in Po-Koro. Ahkmou wears the same mask the Turaga of Ga-Koro wears, Vhisola the same as Onewa. Same pattern in all of the '04 Matoran.
65The question about opposites was about opposite elements. Stone and water are opposites, Fire and Ice, Earth and Air, all are opposite elements. I was asking if I got them right, or are Water and Air opposites, etc.
66Do I still sound confusing?

68I really have no opinion on the opposition of elements, because I think you can make arguments either way. As for the whole mask thing, those decisions were made by the product designers, so I have no idea what went into them.

1TE 2hia gerg i have been reading the Q@A topic for awhile now and some qustions poped into my head about the everday life of metru nui i know most likey you want be able to answer a few but i have to ask.
31 is metru nui like new york city(i know it is to a exctend)but is there like thives and stuff like that? or is the enforcement so tight that any of the sort of that would be punshied so harshly that none of that happend?
4I don't know how much crime there is in Metru Nui -- I am sure there is some -- but the enforcers are pretty quick to close in if you are not where you are supposed to be, so it can be hard pulling anything off.

52 6well i think you said there rahkshi one metru nui i know you can't reavel were they came from but what is like when one shows up is 7it like a big ordeal or is just like take cover and wait for the poilce force to take care of it?
8Generally, if a Rahkshi shows up in the city, the order enforcement squads bag it and it goes to the Archives to be placed in stasis.
93 are therehover craft on metru nui or is it just ussal and stuff like that.
10There are airships, yes, but Ihave not seen them yet.
11off topic 4 i think you said you have a ps2 corrcet me if im wroung but anyways have you played Jak2?
12No. I just bought Gladius, though.
13ontopic 5 how does dume rule metru nui with a iron fist or is it more free free flowing?
14Probably somewhere in the middle.

156 is the collsem also used for other sports like glaidor combat or just kohli?
16No, mainly kolhii, far as I know.
177 what is the poilce force on metru nui i thnk you said it not matoran then what is it?
18Can't answer that one.
198 is ga-metru the only metru made of female matoran it hard to imagnie ga-matru to be the only one with females in it.
20Yes, it is, just like Ga-Koro was the only village with females in it.
219 can the MNM use mask powers it seems they could in theroy if the disc have power and the mask are made from the disc.
22No, the Matoran do not have the mental training or discipline to use mask powers.
2310 when the matoran get older on metru-nui is it noticeable like do they get bigger when they get older etc etc.
24We have no idea at what rate they age, since they have very long lifespans.

10.) Sorry if my obsession with the Knowledge Towers was annoying.
21.) If the Metru Nuian security force is not Matoran, can you tell us what they are? Rahi?
3No, they're not Rahi. Something entirely different.
42.) Can you tell us the names and/or any other info of the 4 Rahi combiner models? (Toa Metru and Matoran Metru.
5I don't have names for them yet, although they will have names. And I would need to get the web producer's permission to reveal anything about them.

63.) I don't know if this will be explained in the near future or not, but I'll give it a shot... I understand that the Kanoka has the power and they are made into Kanohi, but what makes a Kanoka special? You said the power level has to do with how the Kanoka was forged, so why don't the forging techniques work on anything but Kanoka?
7Why would they need to work on anything but the Kanoka? The Matoran know how to make those, they know how to use them, they are a part of their society -- so why bother to make something else to achieve the same purpose?
84.) if there are eight types of Kanoka, how do you make more than 8 Kanohi powers?
9We're tricky :)
10Thanks Greg for puting up with the questions:

11He didn't really answer #3, did he?
1Hello, Greg. I hope you can answer these questions. Thank you for taking your time to answer these.
21) I am really confused. Does this storyline take place in the past or in the present? Or is it when the reach Metru Nui, it flashes to the past?
3It takes place in the past. Vakama is telling the Toa Nuva tales of Metru Nui as they prepare for and make the journey there.
42) Do the Matoran of Le - Metru speak in Le Koro Slang?
5Yes, although slightly different, since there would not be the "treetop" etc. references.

63) Was Nokama, known as "Nokama, Toa of Protodermis"(on Metru Nui), like Gali on Mata Nui was known as "Gali, Toa of Water"?
7No, because to the Matoran of Metru Nui, liquid protodermis is water. They have never seen water as we know it.
84) Are the Toa Metru coming in cans, or in boxes?
9Cans, I am pretty sure.
105) When Kanoka disk are flung (is that a word? ) do they come back like boomerangs?
11One type does.
126) What is each of the Metru's purpose? (i.e. Le - Metru: Transportation Hub; Ta - Metru: Furnace Place)
13Ta-Metru is the production center; Po-Metru is where all the carving and statuary gets done; Le-Metru is the transportation hub; Ga-Metru is the educational and spiritual center; Ko-Metru is home to the scholars and seers; and Onu-Metru is the site of the Archives and the lightstone mines.

147) Do the Turaga become the Toa the instance they arrive, or does it take time?
15Um, no. The story takes place in the past -- the Turaga were Toa before they became Turaga.
168) You know what Krekka and Nedhiki are, right? But you just cant tell us anything, right?
189) Does Nuju speak as a Toa, or does he choose not too?
19He does speak, yes.
2010) Do you know how many peices are in the Toa Metru? If so, hwo many are there?
21Vakama is 48 pieces. That's the only one I have.
2211) Do you have any of the '04 sets? If so, which ones (if possible)?
23I have Vakama and I have Vhisola.
2412) You seem to talk alot to the other people involved in the Bionicle "stuff". Who are the types of peoples you talk to regulary?
25The web producer ... the game producer ... the head of Character and Story Development ... the franchise manager .. the campaign manager ..
2613) Can you tell us the names of the next two comics?
27January is City of Legends Part 1: Toa Metru, March is City of Legends Part 2: Disks of Danger
28Thank you for helping AGAIN :rolleyes: :
29See answers above
1QUOTE 21. Is Nuhrii (sp) an amature (sp) mask maker?
3No, that's his job.
42. Has Nuhrii (sp) made any masks before?
63. What per say is in the archives in Onu-Metru?
7You name it, it's probably there someplace.

8See answers above.
11. Just out of curiosity... why is it a rule that the Bionicle universe cannot have wheels? I find it particularly odd that 1) they have flying machines with before wheels and 2) they have not invented the wheel given a 1,000 years of existence.
2Can't help you -- isn't my rule. But I was told in no uncertain terms by the head of the story team, no wheels.
32. Do any other sports exist on Metru Nui? I mean, I like Kolhii, Kanoka or Stick, but other games would be nice. Mata Nui had Huai Snowball Sling and Ignalu Surfing, along with some Ussal Races. Anything else besides Kolhii.
4I am sure there are some, have no idea what they are. Will probably be developed if/when we have need of them.
53. Do the alternate models have names or descriptions that we could see? I'm working on a story and I'd like to have a name or something for that scorpion and bird, so I can put them into a chapter.
6They will have names, I do not have them yet. They do have descriptions, they will up on BIONICLE.com sometime in Feb., most likely, when the sets are out.
74. Um... you might now know this, but do the Kanoka packs come with launchers? I so, Vakama version or Matoran version?
8They do come with launchers, I do not know what size.
95. When will another Proto-Squad package come? I've been waiting ages, and thought there was supposed to be a November package. And the site hasn't been updated since July:
10The next package will come in January and will feature a Toa Metru set and info on the expansion of the squad.
116. When will we get to see the first teaser and/or clips from Bionicle: The Mask Maker?
12No idea.
137. Will there be a flashback back to the Toa Nuva time during the movie? If so, at the beginning or at the end?
14Perhaps. Each comic and Scholastic novel opens with the Toa Nuva, so maybe the movie will.
158. I know this has probably been asked before, but I've never gotten a clear answer. For the Kraata list, they describe the –Rahkshi- powers... right? Because a lot of them have things like "slithered" or "crawled" and I don't think a Rahkshi does either of those things. Just wondering...
16Which list are you referring to? The list of powers that include the Kal powers, etc., are Rahkshi powers.
179. How are the various behicles of Metru Nui powered? I would assume electricity, but it could be something like the power behind the Kanohi and Kanoka discs or something.
18Have no info on that as yet. A lot of the i's are still being dotted on the workings of Metru Nui.

1Me: Is Vakama the only Toa Metru who has a disk launcher??
2GregF: Yes, Vakama is the only one with a disk launcher, but you can get a launcher in the kanoka packs that can fit on the other toa.

1What is Lhii??I keep hearing about it,but what is it?? 2Thanks.

3Jaller has been referred to as being part of the "clan of Lhii" and Lhii has been spoken of as a great lava surfer. That is the only info that has ever been released on him.

1Hey Greg,
21.) Are "Vahki" the police force? Hehe.
3Sorry, can't discuss it.
42.) When you say they capture Rahi to put in the Archives... Is that like a zoo?
52b.) If it's not a zoo, what is it?
6It's a museum.
73.) If Metru Nui is one big city, there must not be a lot of room for animals; and you even said there were very few plants, so how could many survive? They sure seem to make a big deal out of them.
8Well, IF Rahi eat, who says they eat plants? Maybe they eat each other. Also, someone else brought up the whole "plants make oxygen" thing .. who says Matoran or anything else in BIONICLE breathes oxygen?
94.) Kanoka are made out of protodermis, right?
114b.) So if they are protodermis, how does crafting them into a disk shape give them a power?
12Has to do with the skills and techniques used in casting them. The same way that the strength of a sword has to do with the skill used in casting it.
135.) For the Toa combiners, is the Spider-ish one the purely mechanical, or the... Gazell??
14It's the scorpion-like one.
15Thanks man, can I get you something for Christmas or something? Lol.

1Hello Greg,
2I know how much you don't like to ask you questions repetively (it's better to ask 70 questions in one day than 10 questions per day for a week).
3But I was reading the Official Greg Discussion (believe me, I have never been so hooked up to Bionicle), and I really hope that you can answer this questions.
41. I know that the female villain will be able to be build with Toa Metru parts. Are there any more villians or Rahi that we can build?
5I can't really say offhand. I am sure talented MOCers could construct some of the new Rahi, but I don't really come up with them with that in mind. I am just trying to think of what would be cool in the story.
62. From the previous questions I asked, I also made a commentary about Dume. I know you don't have any info about him, but what do you think about it? 7(The commentary was Dume is not in Mata Nui. I believe he either died or that he achieved another level)
8I can't comment on it, because I don't know the answer.

93. If they had the same personalities, then how did Metru Nui tolerated Takua?
10Metru Nui had order enforcement squads to keep Matoran from wandering all over the map when they were supposed to be working. Mata Nui did not.
114. Will we get to see someday anything about the Toa before the Toa Metru?
135. Is it possible to be born as a Toa and as a Turaga?
14No idea.
156. Is it true that every Toa Metru will have his launcher? If so, then I suppose that Vakama's launcher is stronger, because it's the only tool he has.
16Here's the deal -- we are talking about making launchers for each Toa Metru as a promotion next year, but that is just discussions at this point.
177. Have you seen the late 2004 sets? Do you like them?
18I have seen pics. Yes, I do.
198. From the answers I have read, I noticed that you said that if Nuhrii finishes the mask, then the city is doomed. Is this because he will use his Kanoka Disc to make that mask?
20Yes, and the Toa need all six.

219. You said to Raptordx1 that the name of the police force is Vahki. Are they mechanical beings?
22Can't comment on that.
24I cannot say if we are going to go further back in the story then this, though, as I do not know the storyline past '05.

25I think that means that the '05 Storyline will be about the past... right?
26No, just means it doesn't go further into the past than we are now.
2711. I have a theory about the early 2004 part here. Am I getting near, or am I as cold as Ko-Koro?
28I don't comment on theories.
2912. You said there are only 8 types of Kanoka known. But, could there be more?
30No idea.
3113. Are there any Promo Kanohi/Kanoka next year?
32Possible, don't know at this point. A lot of things are still being discussed.
3313 questions. My birthday number ^_^. Off topic, how did you get the 40's poster? Man, that must be a hard-to-find item. Enjoy it :)
34I bought it at a comic store here in Enfield. He had a collection of tin signs and stuff like that, some original, some repros. Cost $5.

36See answers above.

37We may see Toa before the Metru. Yay.
1Ok, some more original Huta questions. I want to say that I made a mistake on #27, I meant disks, not masks.
2{1} Will we learn in '04 who made the Kini-Nui?
4{2} Will we learn anythime soon who wrote the prophecies in the Ko-Koro sanctum?
5Don't know.
6{3} WIll we learn of the origin of the Bahrag in '04?
8{4} You said the Ahvokii is a level 8 mask. What level are the Great Kanohi Olda, Pakari, Kakama, etc?
9Level 8.
10{5} What are the levels of the Kanohi Nuva?
11I would assume they are 8s are well.
12{6} Could the Kanohi Nuva be made from a kanoka disk?
13They would pretty much have to be.
14{7} The Toa searched the island for the Kanohi Olda in '01. The Kanohi were out there, as well, because the Toa Nuva searched for them during the Kal Saga. How come the Toa Olda didn't see the Kanohi Nuva?
15Because they did not appear on the island until the Toa became Nuva. They would probably have not been able to use them before then.
16{8} Can you clarify what you meant by "pacification" of matoran on Metru Nui?
17Nope. Gonna have to wait and see.
18{9} What are the members of the police force like? Muscular? Weak? Genious? Or can't discuss it?
19Can't discuss it.
20{10} Besides the Rahkshi of Mind Reading, can anything in BIONICLE read minds?
21I am sure that some things, like the Bahrag, have some low-level ability for that because they are telepathic.
22{11} How big are the archives? You say they have books, animals, and pretty much everything else. How much space would that take?
23Well, on the surface, the Archives take up most of Onu-Metru. Below the surface, they stretch underneath the most of the city and down several levels.
24{12} Which '04 Matoran has the kindest personality?
25I really don't see any of the six Matoran we have introduced so far as being particularly kind.
26{13} Does a kraata have even a small part of their power as a kraata? Such as Limited Invulnerablity having a tough hide? I can't see a Rahkshi having a hide, but that's one of the levels for a LI kraata.
27No. Limited invulnerability applies to the Rahkshi armor.
28{14} I'm clarifing another members question. Makuta wants two Sleep Rahkshi, so he gets a level 2, two level 4, and a level 6 kraata. He dumps the level 2 and 6 in proto, and pulls out two Rahkshi. He puts the level 4 kraata inside. Which Rahkshi would be stronger, the one made from a level 2 or level 6?
29Shouldn't make a difference. The power level of the Rahkshi is determined by the kraata driving it, not the kraata that made the armor. The kraata that made the armor has become inorganic, and the armor has no power without a kraata driving it.
30{15} Do the Turaga as Turaga have the same personalities as they did as matoran and Toa?
31No, they have changed with time.
32{16} Do the metruans have a form of robotics?
34{17} I know the question of eating in BIONICLE is still up in the air, but do they drink?
35Same answer.
36{18} You said the matoran, if they do eat, would eat fruits and fish. Do they eat meats, like Rahi?
38{19} What do you mean, Ga-Metru is the spiritual center of Metru Nui? Who do they worship down there?
39Well, Ga-Metru is the site of the temple of the Great Spirit, and a place of meditation.
40{20} Can you reveal anything about Kolhii on Metru Nui, other than it is played with disks?
41I will go into it some in the new year.
42{21} How come Kolhii is spelled Kolhii on Metru Nui? Shouldn't is be spelled Koli, like it was in '01? Or is that not used for legal purposes?
43Not used for legal purposes.
44{22} Does a metruan choose his or her job on Metru Nui, or is it assigned?
45That's a good question. A lot depends on what a Matoran's particular skills are. For example, there are a lot of Matoran who do manufacturing in Ta-Metru, but only a few become mask makers.
46{23} Is Dume the supreme leader of Metru Nui, or do his decisions have to go through a council, or something like that?
47No, no council, any more than there was in the koro.
48{24} Since you have both Vakama and Vhisola, in your opinion, which is the best disk launcher, the Toa version or Matoran version?
49I haven't tried out the Matoran one yet. The Toa one works well.
50{25} Will the matoran relearn to make Kanoka and launchers?
51They certainly could.
52{26} Did the matoran take the launchers and Kanoka with them when they left for Mata Nui? If so, where are they?
53No, I don't believe they did.
54{27} Are the masks that come with the Metruan called Great Kanoka?
55No, the Matoran word for mask is Kanohi.
56{28} Do all Kanoka have powers? Does it take special training to give them powers?
57All disks have some power, and yes.
58{29} Do Unity, Duty, and Destiny play a big part in '04?
59Ummmmm ... not as much as in '03.
60{30} Did the matoran come from somewhere before they came to Metru Nui?
61Not as far as we know right now.
62{31} Who or what changes the Toa Metru into Turaga?
63Gotta wait and see for that one.
64{32} Did Mata Nui make the Toa Olda before he fell asleep?
65Don't know.
66{33} How come so few metruans are let into the Knowledge Towers?
67Because they don't want the scholars' work disturbed.
68{34} Besides looking at the stars, what do you do at the top of the Knowledge Towers?
69That's pretty much enough.

70{35} A Rahi Control Rahkshi is magenta. Does this mean magenta all over, or light pink legs and arms with magenta body and feet?
71No, it means everyplace that is, say, green on a Lerahk is magenta on this Rahkshi.
72Whoa, lots of questions this time. I just want you to know that I appreciate your patience in answering all these questions.

1QUOTE 21. On Metru-Nui could a Matoran get fired from their job?
3I would think it is possible that their job might be changed if they decided they wanted to do something else or their skills lended themselves more to something else.
42. A. Do the Metru-Nui Matoran have pets?
5The Matoran have tried to domesticate some Rahi, but other than the Ussal, they have not been enormously successful at it.
6B. If so what?

7Some Ta-Matoran keep small lava eels as pets. Usually doesn't end happily.
8See answers above.
11) This Dume Guy, does he rule Metru Nui as I hear?
2He is the Turaga of Metru Nui.
32) Also about Dume, is his shape like the Turaga on Mata-Nui or completly different.
4I have not seen the set.
53) To Make this female villian we have to buy 6 more Toa Metru to make her or will there also be a set of her late 04?
6No, there will not be a set of her. That book is a bridge book between the first half '04 (Morbuzakh) storyline and the movie storyline. She was only created for that story, which was written a couple months ago. To be a set, there would have had to be plans made for it last year or beginning of this year.

74) If a Toa completes his destiny, but Doesn't want to become a Turaga, what does he turn into?
8Don't know, he may simply remain a Toa.
95) Ok, so water is replaced with proto on Metru Nui, so is there also protodermis mist and clouds on Metru Nui?
10I would there there would have to be.
116) What kind sof crimes are commited on Metru Nui? The stuff that is in our world (Murdering, shoplifting, stealing) or is it something completly different?
12I tend to doubt there is a ton of crime on Metru Nui, simply because when would you have time to commit it? If you wander off your job, the Vahki bring you back.

13This is intrestring. So the female villian doesn't play a big role in 04.
14Apparently, The Vahki are also the Police Force.
1More from me.
2QUOTE 3QUOTE 4I would think it is possible that their job might be changed if they decided they wanted to do something else or their skills lended themselves more to something else.

5Q.Could you specify that a bit?

6Well, for example. If you were a Ta-Matoran and your job was to make tools ... and you showed tremendous skill at it .. you might get the chance to make more important things, like Kanoka disks or even masks someday.
7By the same token, if you were a Le-Metru Ussal rider and you were too reckless and caused too many accidents, you might get reassigned to chute monitoring duty or something like that which would keep you off the roads.
9Then some more
10QUOTE 11Q. How will the Ga-matoran react to the fact that there is no water on Metru-Nui?

12They will have to learn to adjust. Nokama can prepare them, and it is not like they did not thrive in this environment before -- they just don't remember it.
1Here is a conversation I had with Greg:Hello again,I was just thinking,will the TNGM be used in the storyline?Or was it just a moneymaking promo?

2What is the TNGM?

4TNGM Transe Neon Green Miru

5Oh, that's the one they had at LEGOLand? No, LL requested a special mask they could use for a promotion, and they got one, but no story explanation was ever conceived for it. And the Miru Great Mask is not a part of the 2004 storyline anyway. But it is always possible we will find a way to work it into the storyline in future.


7hope this helps: :D
1QUOTE 2Hey Greg, it's been a long week, do you take weekends off?
31) Will we ever see the Vahiki as sets?
4I can't comment on product releases past the Toa.
52) Did the turaga(well toa at this time) learn the stasis thing they used on the kraata from the Vahiki? Do you have to subdue the Rahkshi to use it on them, and did you have to subdue a kraata to use it on it?
6No, the Vahki had nothing to do with that.
73) Did new matoran come into being to take over the jobs the toa metru left open when they became toa?
8No idea.
94) What happens when the archives get some of the same rahi? Do they set them free, or is it too hard to, and they just leave them there?
10No point in setting them free, they would just cause damage in the city. They get shoved into storage.

115) Where do all these rahi come from? Is it the same way as new matoran come into being?
12Can't answer it.
136) The spider toa metru combiner: Is it alive? Or was it built?
14The scorpion-like one, you mean? That was built.

157) Are all kanoka disks created by matoran?
16Far as we know, although I am not certain they created the Great Disks.
178) Do rahkshi ever work together? Like if 3 wanted to protect their territory, and all of their territories were being invaded, would they combine and help eachother out?
18It's possible, yes. But they are also prone to fighting among themselves a lot.
199)Are the toa nuva the most powerful toa that we know about right now?
2110) Are the toa going to release the bahrag now? I feel for those guys
22I don't know of any plans for them to do so.
2311) Have you ever read lord of the rings or seen the movies?

24I have seen the first two movies, I have not read the books.
25See answers above.
1Metru Nui
21. You mentioned Vahki... I'm thinking this is a council-like thing... Am I right?

42. If so, and assuming Metru Nui is a democracy, how does the representation work?
5Metru Nui is not a democracy as far as I know.

63. If Metru Nui is not a democracy, what is it like?
7Same as the villages were -- ruled by a Turaga.

84. Is there any political rivalry between the different Metrus?
9No need to, they only have one leader.

105. You said Ga Metru is a spiritual center for the city, and that Ta Metru has a lot of forges/factories/furnaces What are the other Metrus "about" (Ga Metru's "spirituality") and what do they have there, economically wise?
11Le-Metru is the transport hub; Po-Metru is where the carvers and the artisans work; Onu-Metru is home to the Archives and the lightstone mines; Ko-Metru is home to the scholars and the seers.

126. What is the big difference between the Knowledge Towers and the Archives? I'm guessing the former is more mystical, but I don't know...
13Knowledge Towers are for studying prophecies and trying to predict the future. The Archives is like the Museum of Natural History -- it's about the past.

147. Is all the protodermis on Metru Nui purified?
15No, the protodermis in the sea isn't.

168. How is it purified?
17Through a complicated process done in Ga-Metru.

189. Is the order keeping squad sentinent?

2010. How enforcing are they? Do they practically breathe down the Metru Matorans' backs?
21No. Basically, if there is disorder in the city, they take care of it. If there isn't, you don't see them as much.

2211. Does the Vakhi act as a panel of judges, or is there a whole different group for that?
23There are no judges, save for those times someone is brought before Dume.

2412. I have heard the order keeping squad is not made up of Matoran... Is there any chance they would rebel?
2613. Is there any natural land on Metru-Nui, like a patch of reserved woods?
27No, the only really open land is the Po-Metru Sculpture Field.

2814. If so, where?

2915. Ta Metru seems to be the manufacturer of the bunch... If there is a reserve, are there and Matoran against the furnaces and such, polluting the air?

3116. There are vehicles on Metru Nui, it is known, but do most ride Ussals?
32No, most ride through the chutes.

3317. What is a sign of wealth on Metru Nui?
34There isn't one, that I know of.

3518. What does Ta Metru produce other than Kanoka/Kanohi?
36Tools. Pieces of furniture that are later assembled in Po-Metru. Basically, anything that might be needed.

3719. Is there any source of wood on Metru Nui?
38No. Everything on Metru Nui is made of protodermis.

3920. Do the Metru Matoran mine?
40Yes, for lightstones.

4121. What are the Ta Metru Matoran like, relative to the others, and to the current Ta-Matoran?
42They are basically like blacksmiths.

4322. What is the Great Furnace for? Is it supposed to heat the whole city?
44No. The Great Furnace is one of a number of furnaces and forges in the metru, used for melting down protodermis, casting, recasting, etc. It's just the largest.

4523. Does the Great Furnace rest under the Mangai volcano?
46I don't believe so.

4724. If so, are the two connected in any way?
48Not that I know of.

4925. Why were no masks made to look like the Toa Metrus'?
50Simple answer is that we did not know what the Toa Metru's masks looked like until the product designs were done earlier this year.

5126. How were the Matoran chosen to be Toa by the city?
52Wait and see.

5327. Are there any Matoran jealous of not being chosen as Toa?

5528. What is the punishment system like there?
56There is really no need for one. The Vahki keep order.

5729. Are there some that want each Metru more separate, like in early America, some who wanted the states to be more separate?
58No. All the metru need to work together to produce things and keep the city going.

5930. Which Metru would be considered today as "liberal"?

6031. Ditto for "conservative"
61I really don't see political labels applying here.

6232. Is there a sea shipping industry on Metru Nui, or are the protodermic seas too dangerous?
63We know there are boats, but we do not know if there is anyplace for them to ship things to from Metru Nui.

6433. How is protodermis both liquid and solid at the same temperature? Does the high/low grade thing come into play?
65Easiest answer is that this a fantasy universe, so it just is. But my assumption would be that solid protodermis has a slightly different chemical composition, since it does not end up being a) put through the purification process or used to make disks, etc.

6634. Is the sea floor of Ga Metru natural, with Ruki and other sea life, or is it "industrialized" so to speak?
67I believe it is natural.

6835. How are the Matoran generated on Metru Nui? I heard you use that word once...
69Can't answer it.

7036. What are the Ga Metru Matoran like, relative to the others and to the current Ga-Matoran?
71Very devoted to their studies.

7237.What do the Ga Metru Matoran mostly do, for jobs?
73Teachers. Students. Those who are particularly skilled get to be part of the purification process.

7438. If there is political argument, who argues with Ga Metru the most?
75There isn't.

7639. Ditto for Ta Metru, I forgot about them.
77Again, there isn't. No need for there to be.
7840. You said Nokama was a teacher... Wouldn't that fit better with Onu or Ko Metru?
79No. The Ko-Matoran aren't social enough to be teachers and only care about the future, and the Onu-Matoran only care about the past. So you would only get half an education from either one.
8041. Is Metru Nui all flat? If not, what sort of landforms are there and where?
81No, I don't believe it is. I think there may be some mountains around Po-Metru, not sure.

8242. What were Whenua's and Matau's jobs before beind Toa? Those were the two I missed...
83Whenua was an archivist, Matau was an Ussal rider.

8443. What are the Chutes?
85Tubes used for transport.

8644.What do they do in Po Metru besides carve?

8845. What are the Po Metru Matoran like, relative to the others and to the current Po-Matoran?

9046. How big is the entire Archives thing?

9247. Do the Metru Matoran have computers?
93No, not that we know of.

9448. What are the Onu Metru Matoran like, relative to the others and to the current Onu-Matoran?
95Basically, it is a city of miners and librarians.

9649. Are the Metrus subdivided into districts?
97Some have zones, primarily Le-Metru.

9850. How are the generated Matoran chosen for the districts, besides the obvious females in Ga Metru?
99Can't answer it.
10051. If Matoran don't reproduce, why are there genders at all?
101My own theory -- and this is just a theory -- is that Ga-Matoran have a special purpose, probably having to do with the amount of underwater work they do, and developing those special abilities resulted in their being female. Like I said, just a theory, not official.

10252. On the map of Metru Nui, it shows Ko Metru north of Onu Metru. This is a mistake, correct?
103No, I don't think so. Going clockwise, on the map I have, it is Ga-Metru, Ta-Metru, Le-Metru, Onu-Metru, Ko-Metru, and Po-Metru. There is no reason that the metru have to correspond with the koro above, since it's not like the buildings reach up to the surface.

10453. How many Knowledge Towers are there?
105Oh, dozens. Maybe more.

10654. What do Ko Metru Matoran do besides work for the Knowledge Towers?
107Repair them when they need repairing. Keep an eye on their chute stations. Take care of the needs of the scholars.

10855. Do the Metrus have their own governments, like U.S. States?

11056. What are the Ko Metru Matoran like, relative to the others and to the current Ko-Matoran?
111Pretty similar.

11257. What do Le Metru Matoran do, mostly?
113Le-Matoran are in charge of running and maintaining the city's transport systems.

11458. If I were travelling to Le Metru, what would you call a "must-see" there?
115Don't know.

11659. What are the Le Metru Matoran like, relative to the others and to the current Le-Matoran?
117Again, I really don't see much difference between them and their Mata Nui counterparts.
11860. Would Dume be considered today "liberal" or "conservative"?
119I can't hang a label on him, sorry.
12161. Are there more Bohrok of any one breed?
122Not that I know of.

12362. Are damaged Bohrok repaired or scrapped after each cleansing?
124No idea.

12563. Are Krana grown in the pods, or elsewhere and put into the Bohrok?
126Can't answer it.

12764. Did the Bahrag make the Bohrok?
128I doubt it.

12965. If so, did they have a machine or did they do it by hand (mind, I guess).

13066. Do Krana have genes?
131No idea.

13267. Can Krana catch viruses or diseases?
133No idea. We have not seen much in the way of disease in BIONICLE.

13468. Can Krana be infected like Kanohi?
135I would say no, because krana are organic and Kanohi are inorganic.

13669. Are Krana gray like Kanohi when out of their Bohrok?
137No. Krana out of Bohrok are the colors of the krana carried by Va.

13870. How were the Kal chosen out of the swarms to have elite powers?
139No idea.

14071. Were they taken out of their pods to be transformed or did they remain inside?
141No idea.

14272. Did their symbols come from the transformation or were they put on separately?
143They came about as a result of the mutation.

14473. Is there a storyline reason for the scale design for a mark?
145I don't understand the question.

14674. Is there a stroyline reason for the difference between the Kals' scale designs?
147I am sure there were creative reasons for why Denmark designed them that way, we did not worry about storyline reasons for it.

14875. Is it possible that the Va could awaken the Bahrag with the Krana-Kal that survived the Bohrok-Kals' defeat?
149No, because they would need the Nuva symbols to free them.

15076. Do Krana eat/drink/breathe?
151I would assume they breathe. No idea on the rest.

15277. Is the "how Krana are made" project still underway, or has it grown too irrevelant? If the latter, could i have a quick explannation of the process?
153I was asked not to release the info because it is too close to stuff we are doing in future storyline.

15478. Were the Krana-Kal transformed along with the Kal, or separate transformations?
155Don't know.

15679. How do Krana control the Bohrok... with nerve endings (electrochemical), hormone-like substances (chemical), wire-like parts (electrical), or something totally different?
157No idea. It's not important to the storyline, so did not worry about it.

15880. Wouldn't the cleansing process affect Metru Nui?
159If Mata Nui was cleansed, why would it? That's like saying if you paint the roof, it will affect your bedroom.

16081. How many years arein between each cleaning, roughly?
161Can't answer it.

16282. How frequently will we hear learn about the Bohrok/Kal in the future? I'm a big fan of them...
163Well, they do make an appearance next year, but they are not much of a factor.

16483. How much control does a Bohrok have over its power, compared to a Toa? (Please give a ratio)
165I would see it as being fairly equal.

16684. Ditto for Kal.
167Same answer.

16885. Do Bohrok Va have any elemental control?
169Not really, no.

17086. If so, how much, compared to a Bohrok?

17187. Was the cleansing meant to leave nothing, or was there something that the Bahrag would have kept?
172It was meant to reduce all the natural features down and basically leave the island flat and barren.

17388. Were the plants always on Mata-Nui, or did the Metru Matoran bring them? The Bohrok were destorying them...
174Always? No. They grew over time. The Metru Matoran did not transplant them, because there is very little plant life in Metru Nui, beyond some in Ga-Metru.

17589. Were all the Bohrok awakened at once or in waves?
176In waves. That is why some were still in their cylinders when Tahu found that nest.

17790. Did the Bahrag keep any Bohrok asleep as backup if others were damaged/destroyed?
17991. How important is the secret we're going to learn "early on in the year?"
180Depends on what secret you're talking about.

18192. Is the Toa/Bohrok relationship symbolic, or more literal?
182Can't answer it.

18393. Do Takanuva and the Toa Metru share this relationship?

18594. Do the Krana control the Va or do they work independently?
186They work independently, they are controlled by the Bahrag.

18795. Do any Bohrok breeds work better with Bohrok of other breeds and worse with others?
188Not that we know of.
18996. If so, which are better and which are worse?

19097. Do the Va travel with swarms more or on their own more?
191Generally, they are supposed to be there as support staff for the Bohrok.

19298. Do Va of different breeds travel with swarms of a different breed?
193Usually not.

19499. How many Va are there, compared with Borohk?
195My guess would be there are more Va.
196100. Do any breeds of Krana work especially well with a certain breed of Bohrok? Could you give a few examples? I myself guess Nuhvok/Va Yo are useful for the breed...
197Not that we know of.

198101. Did the cleansing-crazed Bohrok try to get to Metru Nui, and if so, did any get there?
199No. They have no programming with regard to Metru Nui.

200Now some fun questions...
201What's your favorite...
202102. Kal

204103. Bohrok
205Don't have one.
206104. Krana
207Don't have one.

208105. Toa Metru
209Probably Onewa.
210107. Have you read Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series? I recommend it, though they are very long, esspecially if you enjoy fantasy like Lord of the Rings...
211I am not a big high fantasy person. I read mainly non-fiction.
1QUOTE 21.What is a VAHKI? Is it the name of the police force?
3Can't answer it.

42.Which of the two toa combiners is the non rahi one, what does it represent and what is its purpose(travel, lifting etc)?
5The scorpion-like one is not a Rahi, but I can't discuss its purpose.

63.Will we see the toa metru become turaga at the end of the movie because you said we will see why they chose thepath of wisdom over power?
7I can't discuss movie plot, sorry.

84. How long in reletive time were the turaga in there turaga form before they came to mata nui? was it immediatly or the time it took for them to defeat the bohrok, the tim eit took to defeat the rakshi or was it even reletive to the whole time they were on mata nui?
9Again, I can't discuss this.

10Thanks in advance shadow master

11Sorry I could not be more help.

12Thats ok its understandable
1Here are some more answers.
2QUOTE 3Hey Greg can you please answer my questions?
4Is there a leader of the Vahki like a commanding officer or a chief? If so is it Jala/Jaller since he was the captain of the guard on mata nui?
5No, the Vahki are not Matoran.
6How do the Vahki know something is wrong on the island? Are there something like security cameras on metru nui?
7No, no security cameras. Often, they are alerted by Matoran.
8Does Dume make many public appearances or does he almost always stay in his office, or his equivilent to an office (if he has one, that is)?
9No, he makes public appearances.
10I noticed on the pic from the dutch website on the bzp news, that one of Nuju's weapons looks like an ice club thing, but the other looks different, if it is not an ice club thing then what is it? Or is it another ice club thing?
11They are both the same. They are crystal spikes which can double as snowshoes.
12How are Whenua's weapons drills? They look more like shovels with spiky points on the end.
13They're drills. Wait until you see the set, don't go by pics.
14Is the tube transportation like the Jetsons? And is it run by air?
15No, it is not run by air. There is a flow of magnetized protodermis through them.
16Wouldn't toa nuju's climbing the towers with his weapons disturb, those in it?
17Price you have to pay to have a Toa there to protect you.
18Did the matoran in the knowledge toweres foresee the coming of the Mor... big plant thing (I can't spell it lol)? Did they foresee the other enemies? Did they foresee that their minds would be wiped and they would be sent up to mata nui by makuta?
20Does Mata nui interact with the matoran?
22How do the Nuva masks suddenly appear on mata nui after the toa were transformed into nuva?
23I have a theory, but no official answer.
24Are or Were the old toa (the ones before the Metru) still on the island somewhere? Or did they die?
25Can't answer it.
26Are there still going to be matoran on Metru Nui when the Toa Nuva arrive?
27No idea. I don't know the "Nuva returns" storyline yet.
28If so, what have they been doing all that time?
29Do all of the '04 matoran have something to do with using the great disks?
30Using them? No. Knowing where they are? Yes.
31Thanks Greg:

32See answers above.
1Here are some questions that I asked GregF
2Hi Mr.Farshtey, I had a few more questions that I would like to ask.
31. If the bohrok destroy everything on mata nui then how dose/ would it hae plant life? Is there a bird rahi or flying creture that may travel to an is land with more organic life which caries plant seeds over?
4Well, first off, while some of the plant life may be organic, much of it is protodermis. So it grows over thousands of years. We also do not know that the Bohrok have ever cleaned Mata Nui off before, only that it was once barren.
52. Why would the krana be able to control living creatures to help the swarms when they are only suposed to awaken when there is no life on mata nui?
6It's a defense mechanism. For example, what if the Bohrok go to Mata Nui .. and there are no Matoran there .. but some other species, intelligent or not, has shown up there in the Matoran's absence and tries to stop the Bohrok? They need to be able to protect themselves.
73. If the bohrok completed their task wouldn't the mangi volcano be destroyed and the holes to the suface would be gone.
8The hole wouldn't be gone, no, the hole of the volcano extends well below the surface. Only the mountain would be levelled.
94. If the police force is made fully robotic than would an enemy be able to reprogam them to help him/her?
10I don't think it would be that easy.
115. Do the matoran get any days off of their work?
12I am sure they have off-shift times, at least.
136. If not when would they get to see things like the onu metru archives?
147. Are there any metru nui matoran inventors?
15Yes, Nuparu, for one.
168. Do matoran get to choose what metru they belong to when or during their creation?
17Don't know.
189. Are there kanoka makers in all metrus or do the ta metruans make kanoka for all metrus?
19Kanoka disks are made in all metru, yes.
2010. Can a matoran use a kanoka from a differnt metru?
2211. What dose a ta metru kanoka do? You said that one type of kanoka works like a boomerang.
23I don't have the chart with me, I am home.
2412. Are there any plans in the near future to make any more kanohi with silver mixed in with them?
25Don't know, that is a Denmark decision.

2613. Can a kanohi nuva mask be made for a matoran? If so would a kanoka have to be made into a great mask first then put in protodermise or could they be made directly from a kanoka?
27Actually, it would just be a matter of shaping the mask into that shape, since Matoran masks don't have power that can be used.
2814. Is the new plant enemy ice resistant? Wouldn't being frozen kill an organic plant?
29It does not like ice, certainly, but I doubt if even a Toa could make enough ice to kill it. It's too big.
3015. Are their any matoran on metru nui who try to discover new kanohi?
31New Kanohi? Do not know.
3216. Do you know if any rahkshi parts are in any new sets? If so what colors? Will there be enough to make any other rahkshi.
33No idea.
3417. If kraata are organic what do they eat? They seem carniverous.
35Plant life, I would assume.
3618. During the present time (matoran living on mata nui) Do the great kanoka disks still exist? If so are they still so important or were they the key to stopping the the plant enemy?
37No, they no longer exist.
3819. Can any mask be made in a weaker version for a matoran? For example the vahi.
39Wouldn't matter, Matoran can't use them. The power levels used to make a Matoran disk are 1-6 -- at those levels, the power leeches out during the mask-making process so there really is very little there for the Matoran to work with. And if they could use them, there is no way you would make even a low-powered Mask of Time for someone, it's too dangerous.
4020. Was the vahi made from vakama's kanoka when he decided to become a turaga?
4221. One of the toa metru combiners created a machine scorpion. What dose the other one form?
43It's sort of a strange looking beast, but it has a cool power -- will be explained on BIONICLE.com come Feb.
4422. Will we find out were all the rahi are coming from? It seems like there is no place on metru nui for them to live.
45Not sure when.
4623. It seems that makuta did not want all the rahkshi on metru nui? Did the kraata go in the protodermise by themselves? It dose seem that there is alot more protodermise on metru nui.
47We don't know of kraata being in Metru Nui. We do know Rahkshi show up there, sort of the way bears might wander into a town.
4824. Dose vakama only have one kanoka? Dose someone make them for him? What power level are his kanoka at?
49No, Vakama can use any Kanoka disk in his launcher. He carries a backpack of them with him in the movie.
5025. If the matoran are forced to always work is it like slavery or to make sure that they do thier fair share of work? Are the matoran happy with the way the city is run?
51Yes, they are happy withit. They have to work hard to keep the city operating.
5226. Which rahkshi would you say is the most intellgent? Of all 42 species?
53I don't think there is a big difference in intelligence among them.
5427. What is your favorite color for the rahkshi?
55Offhand, I don't have one.

56Thank you in advance, Jts21

57See answers above.

1Greg, you deserve a big ol' raise, I'll tell ya that::
21.) You say Rahi are put in "Archives".... I don't like the sound of that. :unsure: Is it like a zoo, were people can come and see? Or are they crammed in there, in stalls, alive? Or are the flash frozen or something really inhumane like that?? (Poor wittle Rahi... :( )
3Most are put in stasis, except for those on whom it does not work well.
42.) Are the Knowledge Towers the same hight, or do they vary?
5Good question. Don't know.

63.) When you pass from, oh, say, Le Metru to Ta Metru, is the change really noticable? Or is it a gradual thing?
7It is pretty noticeable, yes.
84.) (Another ominous question) Ok, Metru Nui is bigger than Mata Nui... But there is a lot of wide, open, uninhabited space on Mata Nui. Even taking into consideration the "holey" nature of the Meru Nuian landscape (looks like Protodermis lakes?) there should be a lot more Matoran living on Metru Nui than Mata Nui....
9A.) Is that true?
11B.) Where are they if not on Mata Nui?
12Can't answer it.
135.) When lightstones are mined, are they perfectly shaped, or do they have to be cut like diamonds?
14Don't know.
156.) There is obviously a relationship between the Bohrok and Toa. Tahnok has fire as his elemental power Tahu has fire, etc. But Lewa has the power of Air... Lehvak have acid.... Whatever relationship exists between the Toa and Bohrok, are Lewa and the Lehvak excluded?
16Um, in a way -- Lewa is a Toa of Air, and Lehvak is a swamp Bohrok. So their connection is a bit more tenuous.
176b.) Why do Lewa and the Lehvak have different poweres while the rest have corrisponding?
18Cause acid is not really an "air" power, and that was the power we wanted him to have.
19Thanks Greg, I love you:::
1Hi Greg- 2I was reading the official topic and I thought of this question: 3You have said that matoran star-gaze from the top of the knowledge towers.  How can they do this if Metra Nui is under-ground?? 4Thanks:

5There are stars in the night sky above Metru Nui. Seems to make no sense, right? Actually, there is a good reason for it, but it's not one I am allowed to share at this point. 6Greg
7Another mystery about Metra Nui
1Me: Were the Turaga originally from Metru Nui as Toa? Also why did they come to Mata Nui? Thanks
2GregF: The Turaga wre Toa before they became Turaga. As for why they came to Matat Nui, that you will find out next year.
3Me: Sorry to bother you. I was wanting to know if we will ever see Pewku in the story again? I was also wanting to know if Takanuva took off his mask would he turn back to Takua? Thanks.

4GregF: Yes, probably you will see him again. And no, Toa cannot go back to being Matoran again.
5Me: I have a question about Shadow Kraata. Okay, is there any difference in power between a #1 Shadow Kraata and a #6 Shadow Kraata? Also when a Kraata reaches Lv 7 does it change the way the Rahkshi looks like? Or does stay the same? Thanks.

6GregF: There are no level 1-6 shadow kraata. All shadow kraata are level 7. And no, they do not change the appearance of the Rahkshi.

11. The archives sound, cool, so I'll start off with them. One, what exacty do they display. You've said it was a sort of museum, and if so, do they display like artifacts, bones (if anyone has bones) or important documents?
2Basically, every tool, artifact or creature that has ever been seen or used in Metru Nui is represented here. I doubt you would see documents, those would more likely be kept in Knowledge Towers.
32. What do you mean put Rahi into "storage?" That's kind of mean in my opinion, unless storage is some sort of huge biodome for all of them. How do they do it?
4They are already in stasis, so they are simply moved down to a sub-level until there is room to display them. Since they are in suspended animation anyway, they don't notice.

53. And actually that raises an even more interesting question. If they've been putting Rahi into storage... then the population has to dwindle, right? I mean, unless Rahi kept being made that doesn't sound like there's a whole lot of Rahi left on the island.
6It's a major urban city. If you lived in NYC, would you want bears and alligators and wolf packs roaming around? No. You put them in zoos. You don't let them wander the city. Having lots of wildlife loose is not a priority for the Matoran.
74. I -think- you said something about putting Rahkshi into stasis that were wild. Now, two questions about that. One, are they put in someplace where Matoran can go and look at, like a Rahkshi Museum? That'd be pretty interesting.
8They are in the Archives.
95. And... two. I think you said Rahkshi cannot be made except from Kraata, and Kraata cannot be made except from Makuta, and so far Makuta has not entered the picture... so how are the Kraata made? A portal of evil? A generator? What?
10All I can tell you is that the Rahkshi that enter Metru Nui come from somewhere else, not within the city.
116. About how far down do the archives extend?
12Oh, way down. Down, down, down. And beneath the archives are maintenance tunnels for the archives. And beneath that, no sane Matoran wants to go. For the most part, BIONICLE '04 does not go down into the sub-levels, but some of the stuff in the Scholastic books is set there, especially in Book 3. I love the Archives, so I write in there a lot.

137. How do the chutes work? Air currents? Magnetism? Electricity?
14Magnetized protodermis flows, controlled from Le-Metru.
158. Is the coliseum like a Pantheon or amphitheatre thing? Or is it just your standard coliseum?
16Can't really answer, because I have not seen how it is depicted in the movie.
179. I know this is sort of a touchy subject, but are we ever going to get to see Mata Nui this year? I mean, It'd be col, and it is the past so it's not like the storyline will have to end now...
18I doubt it very much.

1910. I was reading about the power levels in some answer you've given, and you said the Kanoka Discs can make level 1-9 Kanohi... I think. Since Toa Nuva's masks are at 8, do any level-9 masks exist so far?
20The disks have the power levels, not the Kanohi. All I can say about level 9 disks is that only six are known to exist, the Great Disks.

2111. In this picture there is that wierd thing with the green bubble structures sticking out, in the Vakama Picture. Are those the chutes or something else? I it's not the chutes, then what is it?
22Someone else asked about that -- I don't know what it is, does not look like a chute to me.
2312. Okay, drifting off from our landmark questions is this: What does it mean to purify Protodermis? Does that mean disinfect it? Make it ready to make into Kanoka? What?
24It means remove impurities, so that Kanoka and other things can be made from it.
2513. Is there the equivalent of money on Metru Nui? For example, do Matoran get paid for their work, and do they buy furniture and stuff?
26Don't know. I will ask.
2714. If they do get paid, is it in the MNOLG2 money, Widgets?
28Again, don't know. Widgets is something that was created for MNOLG2, and it wasn't something I had heard about before that.
2915. So there are "Great Kanoka Discs" that I have heard about. If you were to make one from a Great Kanoka Disc(while dooming the city) and succeed at it, would it be a level 9 mask?
30Basically, you would have something greater than a Great Mask.
3116. Are there keepers of the Great Kanoka? I mean, these sound like a big deal, and I was wondering. Since it sounds like Nuhrii stole it or something(or maybe -he's- the guardian of it:).
32No, they are hidden in places only Toa can reach.

3317. I heard you use the word zone once... do zones have names or numbers? Like, is there "Le-Metru, Zone 9" or, "Zone Vahni" or something like that?
34Le-Metru does have zones, I know, I don't remember if they are numbered or not.
1Sigh. Even more from me. I guess I'm popping with qurstions.
2{1} I misworded a question in my last PM. Are the Disks that come with the '04 matoran called Great Kanoka? You always call them Great Disks.
3No. They are just Kanoka disks. The Great Disks will be included in the disk packs and can be identified by the fact that the last digit of their code is 9.
4{2} You said the Ga-Metruan worship the Great Spirit. Does this spirit have a name? Is it Mata Nui?
6{3} Say the Toa awaken Mata Nui, and complete their destiny. They choose to become Turaga. What happens to the existing Turaga, Nokama, Matau?
7Either the Toa would go be Turaga somewhere else, or the current Turaga would step down and essentially retire.
8{4} How many members are there of the Order Enforcement Squad? Hundreds? A dozen?
9Oh, more than a dozen. I do not have exact numbers.
10{5} Does Turaga Dume know about the Vahi?
11Can't answer it.
12{6} Does Turaga Dume control the Vahki? The OES?
13Technically, he is in charge, yes.
14{7} What are these 'chutes' everyone's talking about?
15They are the major transport system of Metru Nui. Kind of like big pneumatic tubes, except they are run by magnetized protodermis flows.
16{8} Do the inhabitants of Metru Nui know about Makuta and Mata Nui? (The spirit)
18{9} Humans have flowen to space, landed on the moon, circled Earth. Have any Metruans tired to fly to the top of their 'sky' or through it?
19The Matoran do have airships, they do not have space travel.
20{10} What do the scholars in Ko-Metru do?
21Study prophecies and try to predict the future.
22{11} How does a matoran get picked as a scholar?
23You have to earn it through hard work.
24{12} Say there's this Ta-Metruan that makes great pickaxes, but hates making pickaxes. Would he be allowed to learn a new skill, like making shovels?
26{13} How much have the Turaga's personalities changed since their past as Toa? Are Nuju and Whenua still focused on the Future and Past?
27I am sure they have changed with time.
28{14} How excactly did those towers in Makuta's lair control the Mana?
29Can't answer it.
30{15} Are there holidays on Metru Nui?
31They may have naming ceremonies, etc., but they do not have Christmas and New Years and things like that.
32{16} Do Metruans work 24/7 or do they have weekends and nights off?
33They do have time off.
34{17} Are Metru Nuian Kolhii games just a sport, or do they have a practical purpose?
35They also have a practical purpose. They are a way to test which disks are the best suited to be made into masks.
36{18} Toa Nuju's tools are crystal spikes, and they double as snow shoes. What do the other tools double as?
37I don't have info on all of them.
38{19} What are Onewa's tools called?
39Proto pitons.
40{20} I think I have some these tools names right. If I have one wrong, please correct me, and I don't have all the names.
41Toa Vakama: Disk Launcher 42Toa Nokama: Hydro Blades 43Toa Matau: N/A 44Toa Nuju: Crystal Spikes 45Toa Onewa: N/A 46Toa Whenua: Earthshock Drills
47Matau has aero slicers.
48{21} Level 4 Poison Kraata description says "Creates pools of toxic corrosion wherever it slithers." Rahkshi don't slither. Could you explain this? (I hope all these questions about the kraata don't bother you, but they are confusing, at least to me.)
49Yeah, I know there are problems with it. The difficulty comes from the fact that I wrote the Rahkshi powers and someone else wrote the kraata stages. No, Rahkshi do not slither ... I would substitute "walks" for slithers in that case.
50{22} What powers do the Turaga's staffs hold? I know that Whenua's drill can detect Nui-Jaga, what else?
51Don't know, offhand.
52{23} When the Toa Metru chose to turn into Turaga, did they get to pick their tools, like when they became Toa?
54{24} If Takanuva became chose to becoma a Turaga, what village would he lead?
55No idea, since there is no village of light.
56{25} In MNOLG2, the disks are made from Bamboo. Is that what they are normaly made from?
57No. Disks in Metru Nui are made from protodermis.

59Well, we know all of the Toa Metru's tools now.
60Toa Vakama: Disk Launcher 61Toa Nokama: Hydro Blades 62Toa Matau: Areo Slicers 63Toa Whenua: Earthshock Drills 64Toa Onewa: Proto Pitons 65Toa Nuju: Crystal Spikes
1Heya Greg,
2Mostly "when" questions, but a few will probably pop up.
3To compact most of them:
4We'll learn about the Kanohi Metru powers, the Kanoka powers, and the tools of the Toa Metru, in January (or Feb)?
6And now for the main questions:
71.The Knowledge Towers sound a lot like the Temple of Prophocey in Ko-Koro, just more advanced.What are they like?
8They are big crystal towers filled with scholars who try to predict the future.

92.Ta-Metru has it's Furnace, and Ko-Metru has the Towers, what else do the other Metru's (is that the right word to use?) have?
10Le-Metru has the moto-hub, Ga-Metru has the Great Temple, Po-Metru has the Sculpture Field, Onu-Metru has the Archives.
113.The Archives sound AWESOME, are they restricted to all but a few people, like the Towers?
12No, some sections are open to the public during certain hours.
134.Rahkshi show up in the city, but do they do any damage, or are they just kinda wandering around?
14If a Rahkshi shows up in the city, they are hunted down by the order enforcement squads and more often than not slapped in the Archives. Oh, and a special piece of BIONICLE info that only you know -- Muaka and Rahkshi HATE each other.
155.Does Makuta purposley release the Rahkshi into the city?
176.Against the 6 Toa Metru, how would the Rahkshi (movie ones) do against them?
18Probably a little better than they did against the Toa Nuva, but the good guys do tend to win in BIONICLE
197.Vakama carries a bag that holds Kanoka for him?Isn't that a bit... awkward?
20What other choice does he have?
218.Just wondering, you make a Kanoka from Protodermis, then once it's given it's power, you can melt it, and it'll be made into a Kanohi?
238a)How ARE they given their powers?
24That I cannot answer. I am still trying to find out from the story bible writers whether the power comes from the disk-making process, or whether the power comes from the protodermis?

259.The "Great Discs" are power level 10, right?
26No, 9.
279a.Why would destroying them to make a Kanohi destroy the city?
28Because the Toa need all six to stop the Morbuzakh.
299b.Are they just super powerful versions of normal Kanohi?
3110.Dume sounds like an alright guy to me, do all the Metru-Matoran see him like that?
32I think they like and trust him, yes.

3311.In 2004, will we learn where Dume came from?
34No. I don't even know that.
3512.What happens if a Toa completes their destiny, but chooses the path of a warrior?
36Then they would remain a Toa.

3712a.What paths CAN a completed Toa take?
38They can become a Turaga, or remain a Toa.
3913.How does a Toa know that they've fully completed their destiny?
40It's one of those things you just know.
4114.Is there any way a Toa can go Matoran>Toa>Matoran, or will they have to choose between Turagaship, and whatever is in the other path(s)?
42No, they cannot go back to being Matoran.
4315.I believe that you said that Makuta is the only person capable of creating Kraata, could other villans do the same thing? (Obviously they wouldn't be Kraata, but they would be essences of the villans)
44Not that we know of at present.

4516.What's the Morzuba's problem?Does it really have a motive beyond wanting power?
46It had a reason for what it was doing at the start ... that reason has since become more ambitious.

4717.How long was the Morzy (or is it "a" Morzy, or what?XD) aroudn before the Toa Metru came up?
48Not all that long. I would say a few weeks.
4918.Surely the King Root would have been noticed, underground, or in a building.Leads me to believe it was once a friend of the Matoran, or something along those lines.Close?

5119.How many new villans (sets of new villans, not single villans) will there be in 2004?
52Hmmmm ... I really can't answer that. More than one.
5319a. How many will be buildable, either by combos, or MOCs?
54Outside of the Morbuzakh, all of them, except some of the Rahi maybe (and even some of those you could probably build).
5520. Could you explain the "random" Kanoka power?
56Sure, I love that one. Basically, you toss it at something and when it hits it randomly scrambles the molecules of the target. It might end up something bad or something good. There is a scene in the March comic where you get to see what happens when you throw one at a Morbuzakh vine

59The Random Kanoka soudns AWESOME: :) :) :)
60Can't wait for January:

1well i didnt want to ask you anymore qestions since you have help't me so much but i just got the movie and i have also some qestions about metru nui hope you arnt botherd
21. ok in the movie makuta is built diffrently then the set is it becouse the movie people got a prototype of makuta to make cgi?
3I believe Makuta was animated for the movie before the set was designed.
42. in ta koro in the movie allot of matoran are wearing kakamas how can the other matoran tell the diffrence between them?
5They just do.
63. the hole movie is talking about how mata nui tought them the 3 virtues(unity destiny and duty) so i have some qestions about that
7A. why does makuta has a simble of it in his lair looks like all he wants to do is destroy the virtues
8No, he is not out to destroy the virtues, he just wants them used for his benefit.
9B. how did turaga vakama rivive takanuva with the 3 virtues?
10Don't know. That was a movie script thing, and i didn't work on the movie.
11C. did the matoran on metru nui had these virtuesor are they more of the duty kind?
12Yes, they had the three virtues.
134. ok so these vakhi are the order enforcment guys and all but why do they do all this do they get paid? couse if they arnt matoran they probbly dont care for other then their race
14No, they don't get paid.
155.is turaga dume incharge of the vakhi(OES)?
16Basically, yes.
176. are the "akh" sets coming this year evil? or are they friends of the toa?
18Can't answer it.
197. are the vakhi going to be sets?
20Can't answer it.
218. are the "akh" sets the vakhi?
22Can't answer it.
239.if the akh sets are the vakhi and they are evil and turaga dume is incharge of them is he evil too?
24Can't answer it.
2510. after giving you a full inqesition(sp?) about the vakhi i'll just move on the matoran have no wheels yetthey have disks didnt anyone drop his disk and sew it rolls? i mean it's very simple to think of a whell spaiclly if your so advance like the metru matoran
26I have been told specifically by the head of the story team they do not have wheels. That's all I know about it.
2711.i heard that evry metru has it's own work places but i found that no metru has enventors i mean someone has gotta build thos airships and make new envancions(sp) like nuparu did with the boxor so form what metru ar the enventors?
28Some Matoran are inventors, yes. It's just not a specific goal of any one metru.

2912.ok something i dont get protodermis has the abilitie to make toa into toa nuva no? so if like the toa metru are loosing in battle cant they just go for a little swim and come back as nuvas?
30No. Protodermis only transforms you if it is your destiny to be transformed. The Toa Metru never became Nuva.

3113. if that is possible souldnt there be a massive wave of super matoran evry time it rains or are the 2004 versions of matoran already after proto upgrade?
32No. Only a specific form of protodermis, called energized protodermis, causes transformations.
3314. so proto is basicly like water but you said that there was proto ice on metru nui i thought the solid form of proto is what the matoran and evrything are built from
34There is solid protodermis and liquid protodermis. Liquid comes from the sea, solid is mined in Onu-Metru.
3517. do you look sometimes in the theories topic and get ideas from it?
36No. The story ideas come from the story team and the product plans, and most are figured out way in advance of when theories go up.

3718. forgot another qestion i had about the movie if vorahk draind onuas power how di he came back to normal so quickly does the pakari has the abilitie to bring back strangh?
38The power comes back in time.
39thats all i can think about for now hope i am not bothering thanks you very much in advance
1Some nice answers from GregF, things I've been
2QUOTE 3First of all, I'd like to say that I think the comics and novels are in great hands. The story will be fantastic, from what I've heard, and I like the darker feel... Matoran are much more human in fallibility in the current story. However, I do have a few questions:
41) Besides the fact that it's just plain cool, is there a story reason for protodermis being water in the city of Metru Nui?
5Basically, yes. Metru Nui is essentially in an enclosed shell, so where would sea water come from, unless the shell was leaking?
62) Normally societies usually exist in the most convenient place to live, with the most resources, etc. Underground hardly seems the first place a society would choose to make its habitat. I don't ask what it is, but is there a reason that the Metru is underground?
83) If the essence of Makuta takes form as a kraata, does Mata Nui's essence have a physical form as well, and will we see it?
9No idea. Much of the background info on Mata Nui is known only to the head of the story team.
104) In the Mask of Light movie, the characterizations were only vaguely representative of what you firmly set down in the comic books for each character (with the possible exception of Kopaka and Tahu.) This seems to be a case of mis- or altogether lack of communication between the story team and the movie team. Is anything being done to prevent similar discrepancies in the Mask Maker?
11Well, in the case of the '04 movie, the characters were created for the film before I started writing them. So while there are a few differences, they are things I am able to reconcile within the story.
125) Will the Red Star of Prophesy make future appearances, or was that strictly a website thing? I know that the Seers look at the stars...
13Yes, I am sure it will.
146) Lewa Nuva's Suva symbol has been a source of dispute for a while now. What exactly is it a picture of? Some seem to think it symbolizes a confrontation with Makuta.
15No idea.
167) Is there a difference between the phrases "The Time Before Time" and "the before-time"? They are certainly used differently.
17Not reaaallllyyy .. they are basically the same time period.
188) When Makuta sets himself up as destruction and nothingness incarnate in the MNOLG, it seems that all other antagonists would be motivated by his spirit of death and decay, and that he would work through that. How can Makuta not be the end-all bad guy in BIONICLE? He often gets pushed to the side.
19Well, he is the major villain, but not everyone shares his same agenda. The Bohrok, Bahrag, and Kal were not about death and decay, they were about restoration to a previous state. The Rahi have no agenda, beyond what he tells them to do -- otherwise they are wild animals. And the Rahkshi did work for him.
209) In the Matoran Legend, it says that Mata Nui walked on the land with the Matoran and admired all of his creation. You said that Mata Nui doesn't interact with the Matoran. Is the former a myth?
21I would say so, yes.
2210) As much as I hate to ask something I know we'll find the answer to eventually anyway, will we ever see these mysterious "Vahki" beings as sets or combiners?
23Can't answer it.
2411) Off-the-wall request: Is there a possibility of Rick and Bob from the LEGO SPORTS line covering a Metru Nui kolhii match in LEGO Magazine in the near future? That would be pretty cool...
25I doubt it. We try to keep BIONICLE separate from the other lines and not to do too much humor around it, because it makes it seem less cool. If we start making fun of it, everyone else will too.

1QUOTE 211. What dose a ta metru kanoka do? You said that one type of kanoka works like a boomerang.
3I don't have the chart with me, I am home.
41. What is this chart?
52. Will it be on the website?
63. Will it just be on BZP?

7No, it will be in the comic in January, I believe.
9Bata Erege you go to your CP and go to "compose new message" and type in GregF and then type you message.
1Movie questions.
21.)When he flew down the lavafall, why did Tahu bother putting his swords on his feet if he was going to take them off five seconds later?
3Don't know, I assume to make it a more exciting scene and to show off the dual functions of the tool.
42.)Why does Ta-Koro seem far too small to comfortably house hundreds of Matoran?
5Didn't seem that way to me.
63.)Why didn't Gali use her Kakama to warn Ta-Koro of the Rahkshi?She seemed to have been running at a normal rate.
7Basically, for Gali to use her Kakama would have required that we explain the concept of multiple masks and what they do in the movie, which we did not have time for. Remember that the movie was geared for people who did not know much about BIONICLE.
84.)Why does a Hau represent Mata Nui (the god)?His mask couldn't be a Hau, could it?
9No idea. Decision was made by the head of the story team.
105.)Whose idea was it to build Ta-Koro on a lava pool, anyways?It seems like a rather unsafe and unsturdy place to build a city (and, of course, it sank when it was disrupted by poison).
11As you will see next year, Ta-Metru Matoran are used to live amidst heat, flame and molten protodermis. Seemed like a natural spot to them.
126.)Did Jaller ever watch Tahu fight an animal ("Toa Tahu does this:")?
13Don't know, obviously he saw the maneuver before, do not know if it was used on a Rahi or somewhere else.
147.)Why was the Gukko bird necessary?Couldn't Lewa have extended his Miru powers to the others?
15Yes, but again, we would have had to explain how Nuva powers work then, and we didn't have time for that.
168.)Does Takua not like tunnels?Why?Against the dark?
17He feels Onu-Koro is dark, creepy and dull. All they do there is work.
189.)Was Onu-Koro destroyed, or was only a portion caved in?
19Only a portion.
2010.)Kopaka, Gali, and Lewa took the Le-Koro highway out of Onu-Koro.Any idea what path Onua and Pohatu took?
21I don't understand your question. Pohatu and Onua were trapped in Onu-Koro and rescued by Kopaka.
2211.)Is it the paler a Toa's color is, the weaker they are?I'm referring to Gali, as her blue became deeper and fuller when she was healing herself from the river after curing Tahu.
23No idea. That's not something I have ever heard of.
2412.)Where did those big orbs of light come from right before the fight with the Rahkshi at the Kini-Nui?More importantly, what were they (flashes of transportation or something?)?
25Don't know. Was a movie effect, and I wasn't involved in the movie.
2613.)The Toa and Takua (when he has his Kohlii stick to fight) seem to pull their weapons out of nowhere.Do they fold up or something?
27I have a feeling that was a movie thing, because if they were carrying their tools all the time, they couldn't use their hands to express themselves.
2814.)Only the Toa and Turaga were seen at the end going to the tunnels.Was it meant to represent the hundreds of Matoran on the island, or was Hahli the only Matoran to go down there?
29No, all the Matoran went down.
3015.)What was with the virtues thing at the end with Hahli, Jaller, and Takanuva?Hahli is from Ga-Koro, which is Gali's village, who's all about uniting the Toa.She was put on Unity.Jaller has a heavy duty of being captain of the Guard, and Ta-Koro seems to be like duty.He was put on Duty.And Takua's destiny was the focus of the movie, and he was put on Destiny.Is this it?Or is it something we'll have to wait and see about?
31No idea, that was a movie thing and it wasn't discussed with the team.
3216.)Is Takanuva really just Takua as a Toa, personality- and spirit-wise?It seemed to be what the filmmakers were getting at with that response to Jaller near the end.
33Basically, yes.
3417.)At the end of the movie, where we see the outline of Metru Nui, there was a structure near the middle that stood higher than all the other buildings (I thought it resembled the Kini-Nui some).Is this the coliseum?
35Yes, it was the Coliseum.
3618.)The first Star Wars movie had a lot of good music.The next two in the trilogy (and even the prequels) carried over a good deal of that music, like the theme, Imperial March, Force theme, etc.Any chance that the next Bionicle movies will carry over variations of the running tunes throughout MoL until we get to the theatrical release, which might have a soundtrack?
37I have no idea who is doing the music.
3819.)Related to the above, is Nathan Furst doing music for the next movies?
39Comic questions.
4020.)There's been debate on whether or not Nuju is the one talking in Comic 1.Was the speech bubble pointing to him to avoid confusion amongst the uninformed about his speech, and really meant to be Matoro translating for him?
41Nuju was speaking out of respect for Kopaka.
4221.)In Comic 1, there's a shadow in the corner of a panel that's watching Kopaka, Nuju, and Matoro.That's Pohatu, right?
43No, it's a Nui-Rama.
4422.)Why did Kopaka's ice bridge shatter in Comic 9?I understand that he wouldn't be able to use his ice powers after they're lost, but why would something that's already there be broken?
45Because it was his will and his power holding it together
4623.)The Toa greet each other by clanging their fists.Is that what Onua and Pohatu did in Comic 11 after stunning Tahnok-Kal?
4824.)Tahu got the Vahi from Vakama.Will we ever learn how Vakama came across it?If we will, when?
49Yes, you will learn about the Vahi sooner than you think.
50Future story questions.
5125.)Will we ever see/learn of Lhii the legendary surfer?
5326.)Was Lhii one of the Toa before the Toa Metru?
54Can't answer it.
5527.)When will we learn who the traitor is amongst the six missing Matoran?
56May in the comics, earlier on the web and in the Scholastic books.
5728.)Will the female villain be in the second or third wave of enemies (assuming the first is Morz)?
58The female villain is basically a wave unto herself, because she is only in the third Scholastic book and is not going to be a set.
5929.)Are Nokama's weapons (toys) more likely to snap than the others?
6130.)I'm really behind the times and stuff, so I'm going to say it flat out:I have no idea what a Chrysler is, but do you have any general predictions of the dimensions of a building size (curious as to how big the main root is)?
62The Chrysler Building is 1046 feet high. (Chrysler is a car.)
6331.)Do we learn of the relation between the Toa and Bohrok in 2005, or beyond that?
64No idea. I only know some of '05, none of '06.
6532.)I think you said something about hoping to release disk launchers for the rest of the Toa Metru.Any idea how these will be distributed?If they will, will they each be unique to sport elemental decorations for each Toa (like the flames on Vakama's), or will they be the same design?
66If we do disk launchers for the Toa, they will be a promotion. No idea on designs yet.
6733.)Were Toa before the Metru a team of six with the basic colors we all know?
68No idea.
6934.)Why is Turaga Dume becoming a set so late in the year (I think you said fall)?
70Dume really does not come into the story until the movie storyline, hence the late release. Also, higher priced sets always come out late summer, early fall.
7135.)Will we not see Turaga Dume in comics and such until fall?
7236.)How does Turaga Dume reside in the coliseum?Is there a small living quarters somewhere in it?
73Yes, he has chambers there.
7437.)Nurhii reminds me of Kapura (his look).Is Nuhrii Kapura, but oblivious to what his real name was (forgotten when Makuta wiped their memories)?
75No, Nuhrii is not Kapura.
7638.)Is Ga-Metru underwater?If so, about how much would be underwater compared to on land?
77No, Ga-Metru is not underwater.
7839.)In the picture here, are the ice towers in the background the Knowledge Towers of Ko-Metru?
8040.)In the picture here, can you say what those big, thin, tube-like things with the bumps are behind the lava falls to the right of Nuhrii?
81No, they don't look familiar to me.
8241.)In the picture here, can you comment on what the big dome-like thing that looks like it's surrounded by a big net is on the far-right?
83Could be the moto-hub.
84The next several questions translate to "I'm way behind on the Kanoka."
8542.)What does each digit on a disk mean?
86We haven't released that info yet, and won't until January.
8743.)Do you know how many different Kanoka there'll be?
8944.)Will there be various designs for each individual Metru for the Kanoka?
90Each disk is stamped with a symbol representing the metru in which it is made. So there are a total of six symbols.
9145.)(Relating to the above, assuming the answer is yes), do you know how many different designs there'll be to collect?
92Again, there is one symbol per metru, so six distributed across all the disks.
9346.)Are the disks that come with the new Metru Matoran the great disks of their respective Metru?(If not), will the great disks be able to be found in Kanoka packs?
94No, the Matoran do not come with Great Disks. Yes, they will come in disk packs. They can be identified by the fact that the last digit in their code is 9.
9547.)How many Kanoka in a pack?
96Two, and a launcher.
9748.)How much will Kanoka packs cost?
98Don't know.
9949.)The Kanohi were all unique.The Krana were the same size, but had different face shapes.The Kraata were generally identical except for the patterns on their heads.Now, the Kanoka disks are separated mainly by their numbers.Do you know if we'll ever get collectables in the future that are a lot more different from each other, like the Kanohi were?
100I don't know what the plans are for collectables going forward. I think there is some sense that we may be going to the well too often on that, so we may only do them if there is a compelling story reason to do so.
101And, finally:
10250.)Are you exhausted by now?
103No. Someone sent me 107 questions in a PM this week, so this was a walk in the park :)
104Sorry for the size of this message, but I figured it was more ideal than 5 10-question PMs.Thank you, Greg, for all that you do for us.It's hard to come across people in the world that do as much for their fans as you do.

105Eh, should've known I wouldn't get a straightforward answer about Lhii. I still think he was one of the Toa before Vakama and Co. I mean, in a few thousand years with several more Toa, Tahu could just as easily be another legendary Ignali surfer.
1Some Q&A from GregF (my questions are in plain text, Greg's answers are in bold ):
21. Will the Bohrok swarms ever get to complete their mission?
3Only if the Bahrag get freed.
42. If the Exo-Toa were created as a failsafe to defeat the Bahrag in the case that the Bohrok were awakened early, and the Bohrok-Kal were created as a failsafe to release the Bahrag in the case that they were imprisoned, why were the Bohrok-Kal made more powerful than the Exo-Toa? It seems as if the Bohrok-Kal would automatically have undone what the Exo-Toa were supposed to do.
5Well, the Kal technically were not supposed to be there in case the Bahrag were imprisoned -- they were supposed to be there is the Bahrag got caught in a landslide or something. I think the creators just did not envision this set of circumstances.
63. Are the Krana completely biological, or is there some kind of mechanical/electronic component to their bodies?
7I believe they are pretty much biological.
84. You said that there are going to be Rahkshi on Metru Nui. You also said that only Makuta can create Kraata. So how is it that the Rahkshi on Metru Nui are not serving Makuta?
9Well, assuming they did come from him, he probably simply has nothing he needs them to do.

105. Are the Kraata completely biological? Or are they part mechanical/electronic?
11I would think they are biological too.
126. From what I've read, it almost sounds like the Matoran on Metru Nui are slaves or something. Do they always have to be working, or do they also get time for recreation and relaxation? Is it a pleasant place to live?
13Well, they like it. I think of it as sort of like an ant colony. Ants work all the time, but they are happy with it, because it's what they have to do so the colony can survive. We know they have time for games and sports, so it is not 24/7 working.
147. Do Matoran require sleep?
15Don't know.
168. Do the Matoran like Turaga Dume? If they don't like him, or if they ever stopped liking him, could they replace him with someone they did like?
17As far as I know, they do like him. If they didn't, I don't know what the mechanism would be to replace him.
189. When the Matoran went to Mata Nui, did Turaga Dume stay behind?
19Can't answer it.
2010. Do either the Matoran or Turaga Dume control the Vahki?
21Dume would be their overseer, although they do respond to Matoran requests and complaints.
2211. Are Nuurakh, Bordakh, Vorzakh, Zadakh, Razzakh, and Keerakh the Vahki? Or are they something else?
23Can't answer it.
2412. How many Vahki are there?
25Not sure of exact numbers.
2613. How did Rahi end of in Metru Nui? Are there supposed to be wild Rahi living underground?
27They basically wandered in.
2814. Have there always been Ussals on the surface of Mata Nui? Or did the Matoran have to bring them there from Metru Nui?
29No, the Matoran brought some with them, and some probably followed on their own.
3015. Is Metru Nui the original home of the Matoran? Or do they have their ultimate origins somewhere else?
31As far as I know, it is their original home.
3216. Just why is there a big hollow space under Mata Nui? Is it natural, or did the Matoran or someone else have to create it?
33Everything in the universe was created by someone.
3417. How do the Ko-Metru Matoran look at the stars if they're underground? Through the hole in the ceiling? Or can their instruments see through all the earth and rock?
35No, there are stars in the sky above Metru Nui. Makes no sense? There actually is a good explanation for it, but it's not one I am allowed to reveal.
3618. Is it safe for Matoran to drink liquid protodermis?
3819. Why is it that the Toa were transformed into Toa Nuva when they came into contact with liquid protodermis, but the Ga-Metru Matoran can swim in it without any effects? Are they two different types of protodermis? Or was it just destiny?
39My understanding is that the transforming protodermis is what's called energized protodermis.
4020. Did the protodermis that transformed the Toa into the Toa Nuva come up from Metru Nui?
4221. What is the next special promotion collectible going to be? Some kind of special Kanoka?
43Don't know.

4422. How many Kanoka power levels are there?
4623. What kind of Kanohi can you make from each power level of Kanoka?
47Power level 7 makes Noble Masks, power level 8 makes Great Masks, 1-6 make Matoran masks.
4824. What is the power level of a Noble Kanohi?
49See answer above.
5025. Are there any Kanohi at the highest possible power level?
51Can't answer it.
5226. Is Nuhrii going to get in trouble for wanting to turn a Great Kanoka into a Kanohi? Because it sounds as if it's pretty important that that Kanoka stays a Kanoka.
53Wait and see.
5427. Is Nedhiki a good guy or an enemy?
5528. Is Krekka a good guy or an enemy?
56Can't answer 27 or 28.
5729. When the Matoran when to Mata Nui, did the Vahki stay behind?
58Can't answer it.
5930. Is Turaga Dume an elected leader, or did he get that position in some other way?
60Don't know.
1QUOTE 2Hello, how are you doing Mr. Farshtey? 3· Was the vahi made from a Kanoka?
4All Kanohi are made from Kanoka.
5· Was Vakama a mask maker before?
6As a Matoran, yes.
7· If so, did Vakama make the vahi?
8Can't answer it.
9· Why did the Toa Metru decide to become Turaga?
10You will have to wait and find out.
11· What were the Turaga's jobs as Matoran?
12Vakama was a mask maker; Onewa a carver; Whenua an archivist; 13· Has a mask ever been made from a great Kanoka?
14Can't answer it.
15· How hard would it be to make another great Kanoka?
16I do not know if it is possible to make any more beyond the six that exist.
17· Has any other Matoran become a Toa with Takua's method?
18Not that we know of.
19· Have birds ever flown out of Metru Nui and into Mata Nui?
21·If so, why weren't the Metruan at least a little curious?
22See above.
23·Will we see Jala, Maku or Huki? Because that would be before their name change honors, and that would mean you would have to use their original names, which you cannot do legally?
24Only if we use their names in print. If they show up in the movie, it's not a problem because their names are not shown anywhere.
25·Do you like being called Greg, Gregf, or Mr. Farshtey?
26Any or all is fine.
27Thank you for your time, and keep up the good work: 28-BB-


11)Is the proto in the silver sea enrgyized(spelling??)proto??
32)If the Kanoka disks don't exsit any more, what discks do the 01-03 matoran(sp??)have??
4Those are not Kanoka .. I believe in MNOLG2 it says they are made form bamboo.
53)How did the matoran leave metru nui???
6You will have to wait for that answer.
74)Why is it the Toa fell from the sky,if Metru Nui is under ground??
8Who says the original Toa came from there?
95)Did Mata Nui come from Metru Nui??
10Can't answer it.
116)Why is it that in the story telling,every thing falls from the sky, if Metru Nui is under ground??(like #4)
12Well, for one thing, Metru Nui has a sky. For another, as I said, the original Toa fell from the sky to MATA NUI, not Metru Nui.
137)Will we ever find out who made the Toa,Exo-Toa,Bohrok,Bahrag,Rahi,etc.???
14Yes, someday.
158)Do you know if any matoran stayed on metru nui??
16Can't answer it.

18See answers above.

1I asked him a few questions -
2Begin Quote -
3If it wouldn't be a problem, I have a few more questions.
4- Is Mata Nui awake in the 2004 storyline? (Has Makuta already cast his spell?)
5Can't answer it (basically, most all Mata Nui questions are off-limits).
6- You said in the last helpful PM you returned that Kraata are rarely out of their Rahkshi. So how are the masks on Rahi infected? Do the Kraata leave the Rahkshi or can they infect from inside?
7No, that is done by kraata who are not in Rahkshi. The ones who wound up trapped by the Turaga.
8- That brings up a different question. Whenua said in one of the comics that the Turaga collected the Kraata. Did they defeat all of those Rahkshi to get the Kraata? That must have been hard...
9No, again, scores of kraata were on the island over the last several thousand years, looking to infect masks.
10- Was Makuta supposed to have his molted Hau in MNOLG? Or was that an error because the mask of shadows hadnt been made yet?
11Not sure what you are referring to. The only time I recall seeing him in MNOLG was as a Matoran.
12- If he was supposed to have the molted Hau, is there a reason why he switched to the Kraahkan?
13See answer above.
14- Did the Rahkshi come to Metru Nui from Makuta's lair (like bears come to the city from the forest)?
15Can't answer it -- not sure his lair even existed then.
16- The deal with the Bohrok... Their equivilant is a giant robotic bulldozer it sounds like. Was it Makuta who turned on this "bulldozer" on Mata Nui and the Matoran after his defeat?
17Yes. He sent the signal to unleash them early as a distraction for the Toa while he regained his energies.
18- Did the Metru Matoran create the Bohrok cleaning system?
19Doubtful. The Matoran would have had no reason to, since they did not know the island of Mata Nui existed.
20- Mata Nui 'was' barren to begin with. Somehow it sustained life and got plants and stuff. Why would anyone create the Bohrok and want Mata Nui barren again?
21You will have to wait and find out.
22- Do all Matoran on Metru Nui work? It sounds like there are a lot that go view the archive museum, go play Kanoka Koli, etc.
23Well, they do have time off, they don't work 24/7.
24- Why did the Toa (Tahu and gang) come from the heavens instead of other means like Vakama and gang? Are they special Toa?
25Can't answer it.
26- Are all things created from protodermis? Even living things?
27Yup, pretty much.
28Hmm... Thats all thats on my mind... Thanks for taking the time to put up with another long list of questions.. You are the best:
29End Quote
30:blink: Living things made from protodermis?: Thats new to me. So life began underground and had to have moved up from there...
1Hey Greg (or Mr. F------ [I can't spell your name ). I've been regularly checking your Official Topic, and I got some new questions.
21. I've heard of "holes" in the top of Metru Nui. Wouldn't a big, seemingly endless pit be a bit curious to an exploring Matoran (Mata-Nui), that is if he didn't fall in.
3How many Matoran do you think want to climb down an active volcano?
42. Also, you've hinted the holes aren't in Mat-Nui, so where are they the sea? That wouldn't make sense.
5When did I hint that?
63. What do Metruan (Metru-Nui) do other than work?
7Play sports. Visit the Archives. Study.
84. I know there is a Kohlii on Metru-Nui, but can anyone play it, or just official players?
9I am sure it is like any other sport - you have regular teams from the metru, and then people who just play on their own for fun.

105. Where do the Metruan live? Are there apartments on the ancient island?
11Yes, they all have housing.
126. Do the Metruan have pets?
13In some cases, though most attempts to domesticate Rahi don't work real well.

147. How do the Metruan feel about Turuga Dume?
15They seem to like him.
168. How does Dume feel about the Metruan?
17He feels he is doing his best to protect them.
189. Is Nidhawk like a pet/friend to Dume (like Takua and Puku), or more of a tool/servant?
19I would say servant is a better description than friend.
2010. What happens if a Metruan hates their job, even if they are good at it?
21I suppose they would talk to a supervisor about doing something else in the metru.

2211. Does Nuju damage the Crystal Towers when he climbs up them, and if so, how are they repaired?
23Ko-Matoran repair them.
2412. Did the Metruan featured in Comic 15 (the new one) know about the new Toa before they dissappear? If so, are they jealous?
25Yes, and yes.
2613. Did the new Toa know the recently missing Metruan before they became Toa? If so, how did they feel about each other, most of them having similar jobs?
27Yes. In some cases, they were friends, in some cases boss and employee, in some cases rivals.
2814. From the Map, it looks like the Elemental sections of Metru-Nui are divided by protodermis. Is that true?
29Yes, but there are bridges and chutes connecting them.
3015. Did they have to leave Metru-Nui because the Toa didn't complete their mission?
3216. Are there new creatures on Metru-Nui? If so, could you give a really, really short Bio on at least one of them, pretty pretty, please :rolleyes: ?
33Yes, there are a lot of new Rahi in '04.
3417. Do Metruan of different elements often visit other (elemental) sections of Metru Nui? If so, why?
35Some do. Le-Matoran travel a lot, because they have to repair chutes all over the city. Others, like Ta-Matoran, don't travel as much.

3618. Are Vahki more powerful than Toa? Turuga? Metruan?
37They are certainly more powerful than Matoran.
3819. Did the new Toa know each other before they became Toa?

4020. Did Dume choose who the new Toa would be?
41Can't answer it.
4221. Are you tired of all my "If so" questions? If so.... (just kidding :P )
4322. Is it as cool as it sounds, having your own Official Topic, completely devoted to what you say?

45If I think of anything else, I'll PM you (bet you can't wait for that :rolleyes: ) Thanks Greg, I appreciate it