1Hey howdy hey, Greg,
21.) Ok, now y'all's talking 'bout Energized Protodermis, or somethin'. My question is, it has to be your destiny, AND it has to be energized protodermis for you to be transformed, correct?
42.) Do you know when the Kanoka packs will be out? I picked up 2 sets of Matoran Metru today, and the Toa Metru will be February-ish, but I haven't heard about the Kanoka packs.
5Feb. too.

63.) How did Orkahm get a great disk if they are in places "only Toa" can get to?
7Ah, see, you aren't asking the more important question -- WHEN did that scene take place? Once you have read how Matau gets the disk, you will understand why someone else might have had to pick it up and hand it to him.
84.) It's obvious the Ta-Le-Po Matoran Metru combiner (scorpion) uses it's disk launcher. Does the Ga-Ko-Onu (bird) one use its?
9If it has one,it uses it.
105.) Are there more than one of the Ta-Le-Po Toa Mertu combiner robots in the story?
11Don't know, Ihaven't written themin yet. Probably.
126.) I know the 3-Toa combiners are not the Kaita, but can the Toa Metru form Kaita?
13Yes, all Toa have that ability. But it is not something they will be using in '04.

147.) Do you, personally, know the relationship between the Toa Olda and the Bohrok?
15In broad strokes yes.
168.) Are each Matoran only allowed to have one Kanoka or can they have different ones?
17No, they can have different ones.
189.) The Kanohi Nuva; They were normal power-level-8 Kanohi, that were just changed and enhanced by Energized Protodermis, corret? If not, then what?
19Yes, correct.
2010.) Was Graalok, or other Ash Bears, servants of Makuta when he still controlled the Rahi? Is it possible?
21It's certainly possible, yes. Were they or weren't they? I don't know.

22Thanks a lot:

1heres my questions:
2Hi, i was wandering through the official greg discussion and some questions popped into my mind:
31. Can Onewa control a toa with his komau?
4Probably not with it as a Noble Mask, no.

52. Does turaga Dume have a new mask?
6Don't know, have not seen the set.

73. Are there turaga for every Metru?
8No. Only one Turaga in Metru Nui.

94. are there such thing as toa disks?

115. How many Kanoka are there?
12Don't know.

136. Will the Proto Squad be extended next year?
14Membership will be expanded, yes.

157. Have you seen part of the '04 movie?
16Just the rough sketches.

178.What is the main sport on Metru-Nui?
18It doesn't have a name yet.

199. How many Scholastic novels will there be next year?
20Last I heard was six.

2110. Do you have any '04 toa?
22Just Vakama.

23Thanks in advance:

24see anwsers above.

11. Can Onewa control a toa with his komau?
2Probably not with it as a Noble Mask, no.
3With it as a noble mask... hmm.. does this mean that there could be a Great Mask Komau? I'll ask him once I get a few more questions...
1Hi Greg, Merry Christmas:
2I have a few questions for you.
31. is the toa canister ball a forge for making Kanoka?
52. is i a forge for shaping Kanoka into Kanohi.
73. you said that the new Kanohi are not "Kanohi Metru" are the new Toa "Toa Metru"? or are they just Toa?
8We are referring to them as Toa Metru, yes, although the packages are just marked "Toa Vakama," "Toa Nokama" etc.
93. do the new Toa go by names like Vakama Metru?(IE Tahu Nuva)
114. do you give a lot of Boinicle sets and comics as gifts?
12Comics, yes.

135 how many copies of the comics do you get(as an average)?
14I usually grab about a dozen copies of each issue.
156. how much are you in contackt with the other poeple who work on the comics?
16I deal mainly with the people at DC who oversee the project. Sometimes I talk with the artist directly, but not all that often.

177.do you believe in "inteligent desine" over Evolution?(one of your past answers gave me that impresion)
18No idea what you are referring to.
198. do the Vahki have elemental blast type weapo...er tools, or more melee tools?(or any tools at all?)
20Yes, they do have tools, no they do not have elemental powers.

219.which is oyur fave Toa Metru to write for?
2310. will there be a lot of focusing on the Matoran this year? or will it be on the Toa Metru?
24The comic always focuses on the Toa.
2511. can you give the names for the Metruan and Toa Metru Kiatas yet?
26I don't have them. They are at the office and I am home.
2712.what 2004 sts do you have?(I know Vakama, but any others yet?)
28Vakama and Vhisola.
2913, how was your Christmas?
3114.Onewa's mask(Toa) reminds me of the scout troopers from Star Wars, and Nuju's reminds me of Cobra Comanders from GIJoe. does a lot of time go into not mamking the Masks look like copyrighted things?
32Don't know, I don't deal with that sort of thing.
3315. Before they were Toa, did Vakama and the others have the same masksa Metruan as they do as Turaga? (IOW, Vakama= Huna, Huna Metru(or whatever), Huna?
34I haven't seen how they looked as Matoran.
3516.do you happen to know if Bionicle.com will return to the flash movies next year?
36I know there is a big revamp being done to BIONICLE.com, but I do not know what the plans are.

38Merry Christmas,

40answers above^
1QUOTE 2Sorry to bug you now, but I just had a couple qwuestions:
336. Is Makuta really a spirit like the turaga call him? He seems pretty material to me. And what about the toa/matoran? Is this just a term they use for a living being?
4Well, Makuta refers to himself as a spirit as well. And at this point, we do not know if the forms we have seen are really him, or simply his spirit inhabiting them.
51) So, does Makuta make these bodies or are these bodies of other creatures that he is using?
6Like I said, at this point, we do not know -- meaning the information is not to be released yet.

72) Do these manifestations that Makuta takes form in lower his power?
8See answer to #1.
93) Can Mata Nui make creatures kind of like the kraata, but only spread light?
10Can't answer it.
114) How powerful is the creature that Toa Nuju, Nokama, and Matau make up?
12Powerful enough.
135) You said that one of the Great Kanoka disks is hidden in the mouth of a giant sea-beast, is this the same creature that Gali saw in the carving (in Tales of the Masks)?
14No. At the time Tales of the Masks was written, I had no idea there was a giant sea beast in the movie.

156) How much more powerful is Makuta than a Toa?
16I can't quantify it for you.
177) In the sets, there were two "modes" in which you could set the Kraahkan on Makuta. Do these two modes have importance in the storyline and what is the second modes (one where the mask seems upside down) power?
18Not as far as I know, I think that was just a design feature.

198) Is it possible to make disks that are even more powerful than Great Kanoka?
20There's no evidence that that is possibly.
219) When you say "can't answer it", do you mostly mean you can't answer because it is a secret, or because you don't know?
22I mostly mean I can't answer it because it's secret. If I don't know, I say I don't know.
2310) Can you give us any info on the spider creature behind Toa Whenua?
24Not yet, no.
2511) How deep down do the Bohrok nests go?
26Pretty darn deep.
2712) How long did it take for the Morbuzakh to grow? Thousands of years?
28Oh, I doubt it took anywhere near that long.
2913) Are there any bigger forms of the Morbuzakh existing?
30No idea.
3114) How much of an effect would a random Great Kanoka have on Metru Nui?
32I don't understand your question.
3315) Are there more environs on the surface of the planet Mata Nui is on than there are underground?
34Environs are surrounding areas. So I don't understand your question.

3516) If Makuta could mind wipe the Matoran, why didn't he make them forget about Mata Nui?
36Even if he had done that, the Turaga would have retaught them about him.
3717) How large do the sea creatures grow to in the silver sea?
38No one really knows .. much like our seas, there is a lot that is not known about what dwells on the bottom.

3918) Will we eventually find out more about the others environs rahkshi come from?
4119) Why didn't Makuta put Mata Nui asleep earlier?
42How much earlier do you think he should have done it?
4320) Is there a much more powerful evil than Makuta?
44Not that I am aware of.
4521) Did Mata Nui want Makuta to put him asleep?
46No, no, and no.
4722) Makuta makes a big deal out of Mata Nui being awakened. If he is, couldn't Makuta just put him back to sleep again or will there be a much greater catastrophe?
48I doubt it would be so easy to do it a second time.
4923) What information do the archives and knowledge towers have on the Bohrok?
50Well, there are Bohrok in the Archives. I have no idea what is in the Knowledge Towers on them. Quite possibly nothing, since the Bohrok have no programming with regard to Metru Nui and therefore aren't relevant to the Matoran.
5124) Exactly how do you put something in stasis? Does it take more"stasis" the larger and more powerful an animal gets?
52You stick it in a stasis tube.
5325) Are there any creatures in the Archives that are more or as powerful as the Rahi Nui?
5526) Are there Manas and Mana Ko in the archives?
56Again, it's possible.
5727) Is there only one Mana Ko?
58Don't know -- it has never come into the storyline, so I have never dealt with it.

5928) Could a Rahi nui defeat a manas?
60No idea.
63Have a safe and happy Christmas.

65See answers above.


67Pretty cool.
1QUOTE 2ok ive got some questions for you. Oh yeah before i start i wanted to say Merry Christmas:
31.Do you know when the toa metru will be availabe at lego shop at home? like a specific date i mean?
4I don't have a specific date, they don't give me those.
52.i kinda forgot so.. on the kanoka disk what do each of the numbers mean?
6The first number is the metru in which it is made; the second the power; the third the power level.
73.What is your favorite character in all of bionicle?
94.Is Whenua like Onua the strongest in strength out of the toa?
10Not so far as I know.
115.There has been alot of talkign going around that nokamas and onewa weaposn will break really easy. Well are they really that fragile?
12No. That is talk by people who have never seen the sets, just pictures of them.

13well thats all thanks in advance and merry christmas ..again:

14See answers above.

15yes nokamas weapons arent easily breakable:
1Here's my PM and the answers. The things I found interesting are in bold.


4Hello. I just wanted to ask you a few questions (out of the hundreds you must be getting every week..), and some are pretty lengthy.. So.. Here goes;
51) In the MoL Movie, Vakama is speaking while the "story" stones are moving. He says something about "We were without purpose", and then about how Mata-Nui took them to an island paradise, etc. Well, were the Metruan the Matoran he was talking about, and were they the ones "Without purpose"?

72) There have been promotional items so far in most collectables - Golden masks, Platinum masks, Shadow Kraata - Has there been talk of a promotional Kanoka Disk / Do you think there will be one?
8It's possible.

93) Correct me if I am wrong, but I understand that Toa Nuju could talk normally. As a Turaga, he needs a translator. Do you know why there was this change?
10He can still talk normally. He chooses not to. As for why, that will be revealed in the next couple years.

114) Will there be any more sets with purple peices? :rolleyes:
12No idea.

135) What are your favorite Kanohi/Kraata/Kanoka powers? [If you can tell me the Kanoka one(s)
14Oh, gee .. my favorite Kanohi power is probably speed ... i don't have a favorite kraata power .. my favorite disk power is reconstitutes at random.
15(Ooh, nice choice, Greg: ;))

166) Who is your favorite Villan in the Bionicle storyline? (Makuta, Bohrok/Bahrag, Bohrok-Kal, Morbuzahk, etc.)
17I like any villain that can talk.

187) What are the powers of the Kanoka Disks (If you can tell me them)
19Those will be revealed in Jan.
20Good to know.

218) I know that there are 8 levels of Kanoka Disks. How many powers (Fire, ice, 'water', etc.)
22There are 9 power levels, counting the Great Disks, and eight powers.

239) I understand that since there is no water (as we know it) on Metru-Nui, the Metruans call protodermis "Water"?

2510) I once heard somewhere that protodermis is called "The stuff of life". I have heard water called this in real life, too. Anny idea if there is a connection with that and the Metruans' protodermis being known as water? Or is it a coincidence? (Did I spell that right?:LOL: )
26Don't know.

2711) Ever wonder why my questions are so long? :D

2812) Are there any plans for Kanohi packs for the Metruan? Do you think there will be?
29No, there aren't any plans for that.

3013) The Toa Metru masks are entirely new. Were they made for the Toa Metru, or were the Toa Metru "created" with them?
31They are evolved versions of the masks they wore as Matoran.
3214) Any comments you would like to make? :P
1Here are some Q and A from Greg:
2I just got the mask of light book,and I have some questions about it.
31.On chapter 6,the first chapter with makuta,it says:"He paused beside three massive carved stone pillars.The pictographs on them showed the masks of those who served Makuta's brother,the great spirit,Mata Nui.".Who are the guys who served Mata Nui?Does it just mean the matoran,or someone else?
4I would think it referred to Toa.
52.When takanuva is fighting Makuta,he switches masks with him.What exactly was takanuva trying to do?I cant really see how switching masks could help him.
6I think what Takanuva had in mind was basically mutual understanding -- if he could get Makuta to wear the Mask of Light, then he would be "enlightened" .. and if Takanuva donned the Mask of Shadow, then he would understand how Makuta saw the world. As it turned out, it sort of foreshadowed their merging into one being.
7Thanks for answering my anoying questions:

1Here is more Q&A:

2Hey Greg, I have some more Questions. Take your time to ansure them.
31. On Metru Nui, they sometimes ride on Kanoka in the tubes. Why do some Matoran do that?
4Same reason that kids in my college used to go sleigh riding down hills on cafeteria trays: kicks.
52. Do the Matoran ride in Tubes all the time? I mean, do they ride ussals and other rahi?
6There are Matoran who work as ussal riders, but ussal carts are mainly used for cargo. Chutes are the main transport system for Matoran.

73. Did all the Matoran escape to Mata-Nui?
8Wait and see.
94. Can a Toa have more than one of the same kind of mask? (Example: Tahu olda having two Kaukaus)
10I suppose he could, but why would he want to?
115. Was Dume once a Toa?
12I have noinfo on Dume's past.
136.About how many transport tubes are they?
14Oh, hundreds easily.

157.About how many Matoran are on Metru Nui?
16Hundreds, maybe thousands.
17Thanks a ton.

1I've got some more answers from GregF: 2Hi, it's me again: I have a few questions.
31. Is there any storyline significance to the Matau disk in the picture of Orkham giving it to Matau?
4The Toa disk is a stand-in for the Great Disk in that scene, because the artists did not know yet what a Great Disk would look like.
52. Will we get to see Toa Metru as Matoran?
6Yes, in the movie.
73. Are the powers of the Toa Metru's masks new or used powers?
8Mask powers will be released in January.

94. How is the power of a Kanoka determined when it's be made? Is it the way it's forged? Or do the matoran put something special in it?
10I believe it has to do with the forging process.
115. How many types of Kanoka are made per day in any one specific Metru?
12Oh, heck, I have no idea.
136. How many Kanoka are made per day?
14Again, don't know, because it's not really relevant to the story.
157. If I were shot with a random Kanoka, would I ever go back to my original form?
16Yes, the effects fade eventually -- duration is determined in part by power level.
178. Lego has a no violence policy. Doesn't the idea of shooting things with Kanoka seem violent?
18No. Because the disks are not causing physical damage by hitting, they are simply triggering their powers. It's not like they are bullets, and it's no worse than hitting someone with an elemental blast or a Rahkshi power.

199. When will the next press kit be released?
20No idea. PR handles that, not me.
2110. What does the Chronicler's staff do?
22It's what is used to write on the Wall of History.
2311. What does the Gold Kanoka do?
24I don't believe at this point they have a story significance. They are a prize for the contest.

2512. You said that Toa Vakama concentrates his elemental power through his hands instead of his weapon, is this the same for the over Toa Metru?
26No, they have tools to do it with.
2713. Do matoran have music to listen to?
28Yes, I am sure they do.
2914. Sometimes people get an adrenaline rush and get more willpower for a few moments. If a Matoran were, for some strange reason, to be wearing a great Kanohi and they, or a friend,were in trouble and they got an adrenaline rush, then would they be able to use the great Kanohi to save themself or someone else?
30No. Has nothing to do with adrenaline. Has to do with mental skills and discipline. If you needed to save your friends by flying a modern fighter jet, all the adrenaline in the world wouldn't help if you had no idea how to do it.
31Thank You: Sorry #14 so long, I'm just really curious. Happy New Year:
1It's been a while since I pm'd Greg, but by message was still short.
2I'm back:
3{1} I know that you said going into the Toa Metru's pre-Toa relations with the official '04 Matoran would be too much work, but off the bat, was Orkahm Matau's boss? Orkahm being the chief ussal driver, Matau being an ussal driver.
4No, they were colleagues.
5{2} Are ussal drivers like Taxi drivers?
6More like cargo haulers.
7{3} Will there be a MNOLG3? If so, would it be about Metru Nui?
8There are no current plans for one that I know of.

9{4} If a Toa used a level 6 Kanohi, how much use would it have?
10A Kanohi made from a level six disk would have next to no use. It would be a Matoran mask.
11{5} You said that some Ta-Metruan have lava eels as pets. You also said they often end unhappily. What do you mean excactly?
12You will have to read Scholastic Adventures #3 and find out.
13{6} Where is this? The Archives?
14If it is a Whenua shot, yes.
15{7} And what is this? The Toa Combiner thingy? Circled in Red
16Info on the combiners will be on BIONICLE.com in Feb.
17Not that many this time, but a few. Please answer #7.

19Strange, he didn't seem to want to click my links. "If it is a Whenua picture". Could he have thought I was trying to infect his computer? It would be nice if somebody else would send him this question back for me. Hmmm...
1Interesting ones in bold 2QUOTE 31. In comic#1 Kopaka states that his sword is the focus for his power so... 41A. Can the Toa use anything as a focus (ie. a twig)? 51B. Can the Toa focus thier powers through a living thing (ie. a plant)?
6Focusing powers through a living thing would be highly cruel to the living thing. And I believe a Toa must use a Toa tool. 71B was just a random question just so you know 82. In comic#14 Takanuva seems to know about Takutanuva did he or was that just foreshadowing?
9He may have had an inkling.
10(Off topic questions) 113. On the Knights Kingdom sight are you Danju (the answering head thing)?
124. Are you all of the answering head thingys?
135. How many people from Lego are members here I know you of course and Swiftone but any one else?
14I have nothing to do with Knights. I do the Ask Redini questions in the magazine and sometimes on the web. And I am not aware who else from LEGO might be on here.

15See answers above.
1QUOTE 2Hi, i know you may have heard some of these questions before but its easier to ask than browse. 3AND ALSO BE PREPARED FOR ALOT OF QUESTIONS (125 to be exact)
41. Do the bohrok still work in for the matoran?
5No. All the Bohrok returned to their nests before the MOL started, except for those who were frozen.

62.How do the turaga know certain things, its understandable that they know of the bohrok or rahkshi.
7Can't answer it.
8Like takanuva. They know of the seventh toa and the mask of light, but it says in the official guide that the ancient picture things show the ussanui, which is immpossible unless he once existed?
9You will get a better idea of this in 2004.
103. Like the Toa olda, the only explanation is that they noticed the timely dissapearence of 6 matoran when the island was in trouble and then those matoran come back as toa with "dark memories"?
11No. Because we have no way of knowing that the Toa Olda ever were Matoran. And we know where they were the whole time the Matoran were on Mata Nui -- they were floating in the ocean in their cylinders.
124.Will we ever learn how the kal were made?
13The Kal were Bohrok who were mutated by the Bahrag.

145.Will the story team ever come up with an entire language like the one spken by nokama in the MoL?
15I doubt we will come up with a full language beyond what we have already done for the Matoran. Simply because, who would speak it?

166. Will the story team evercome up with a unit of time like they did with measurement(bio, mio, kio)?
17I tend to doubt it, because it's not really relevant to the story.

187. Will the story team ever come up with a time line. because it gets extremely confusing trying to figure out how long each saga lasted for?
19We may do something to say "this happened first, this happened second," but I doubt we will paint ourselves into corners with specific dates.

208. Who is behind the toa metru in the press kit, i think its either lhii or krekka?
21Can't answer it. But it's not Lhii, I can tell you that.

229. What type of plant is the morz, because in one picture he has tentacles and in another he is very skelatal?
23The "skeletal" version is the very end of a vine. The king root of the Morbuzakh basically looks like a tree that's the size of the Chrysler Building.

2410. Do the matoran have noses beneath their masks?
25No idea.
2611. Do the matoran "taste" the food they eat?
27No. If they do eat, they do not eat like we do. They absorb energy directly from things, they don't consume it.
2812.How many suns does mata nui have?
29I always thought it was one.

3013. How many suns does metru nui have (it looks like two)?
31It does have two.
3214.Does Metru Nui/ Mata Nui have seasons, because it speaks in the official guide in treespeak of leafdawn= springtime?
33Mata Nui does. Metru Nui really does not.
3415. If yes wat seasons do they have and how long do they last? Are they the same as ours?
35I doubt they have "winter" or "fall" in quite the way we do, unless you live in Florida.
3616.You told me awhile ago that you dont if there were musicians on metru-nui but on mata-nui the le korans are very musical?
37Yes, but I am not sure if they were on Metru Nui. They had more leisure time on Mata Nui.
3817. Where do the turaga get their fabric shawls from?
39That is something that was added for the movie, so I have no idea.
4018. Do the lines on Turaga Onewas Komou, or any komau ahve any significance?
41Not that I know of.
4219. How did the gukko bird come about, did it fly in from some where or something else?
43No, it would have come from Metru Nui or its environs, because it is biomechanical.

4420. Are all ussal crab like pewku or are some still small?
45I am sure some are still small.
4621. Wouldnt it be better to ride an older ussal crab than a young one becasue they could proably out run them?
47Possibly. On the other hand, an older one might get injured more easily.

4822. How does the aging prcess work for pewku, did she just one day look bigger or was it a gradual thing or was it a building thing like what the matoran did to themselves?
49It is a gradual thing. Works the same way for lava eels in Ta-Metru.
5023. How long is a matoran life span?
51Very, very long time. Put it this way -- the same Matoran who spent thousands of years on Metru Nui have now spent thousands of years on Mata Nui.

5224. How can you tell if a matoran is old, do thy look or sound older or do they just drop dead one day?
53They don't age like we do. And while we know they can die, we have yet to see one die of natural causes.
5425. How can you tell if something is a girl, even the ga-matoran, they would have some kind of physical trait the others dont apart from voice and colour?
55No, it is purely voice and color. There is no need for sex characteristics, because there is no biological reproduction in BIONICLE.

5626. How big woul a real life toa be if you bumped into them on the street?
57I have been told about seven feet tall.
5827.Do all gukko bords have that armour, or is it placed on by the matoran (it does have handles and i dount it was born with those)?

59Don't know. Again, you are talking about how something was animated for the movie, and I had nothing to do with the film.

6028.Do things in the archives age or do they aways stay the same?
61If they are in stasis, they stay the same.
6229.Are there any matoran in the archives?
63As workers, yes, not as exhbits. That would be like having humans behind bars in a zoo.
6430. What month will we learn where the matoran come from?
65They come from Metru Nui.
6631.What month will we learn what happens to a matoran without their mask?
67I can tell you that right now -- if their mask is off for a prolonged period of time, they shut down.

6832.Do you like the idea of knights kingdom?
69I work for LEGO, so yes. But it is aimed at a much younger audience than BIONICLE, so not sure why BZP is pushing it. Most of the people on here seem to be teens, and Knights is aimed at 5-6.
7033.Do the matoran of mata nui ever go deeper than metru nui when we return to them?
71I have no idea -- the "Matoran return" story has not been written yet.

7234. How far does the silver sea extend?
73Far as the eye can see from Metru Nui.

7435. Will we ever see where the toa olda came from/ the "heavans"?
75Don't know. I know the story through '05 only.
7636.How far does the sea of mata nui extend?
77Can't answer it, because I do not know what planet Mata Nui is on or what its geography might be.

7837. In the movie will wee any of the current toa, tah, gali etc.?
79Um, I don't think so. Turaga Vakama does a voice-over at the beginning, but you never see who he is talking to, I don't think.

8038.Will dume's past EVER be revealed?
81Hope so. Not in '04.
8239.Are there gukko birds on metru nui?
83If not in Metru Nui, certainly in the Archives.
8440. Are the ussal crabs in metru nui, pewku style or olda?
85Hard to say, without seeing the movie and seeing how they are animated.
8641.How is the sport of metru nui played exactly? IFf you cant tell me when can you, so i know when to ask?
87I can tell you early next year. It's not a big secret, because I don't think it is being shown in the movie.

8842.What is involved in lava farming?
89Being very, very careful.
9043.What sort of impurities could be found in protodermis?
91Same impurities you can find in any mineral.
9244. HOw is protodermis "coloured"? Is it the way its made or do they have paints?
93Good question. I do not know, but will ask.
9445.When something breaks does it get repaired or replace on metru nui?
95Either or both.
9646. Are there any "private" buisnesses on metru nui?
97Not that I am aware of.
9847.Do vahki handle missing person reports?
10048.When will learn more about the toa stones?
101Such as.... ?
10249. Are the toa stones of the toa metru the same as the toa olda?
103I think so.
10450. Will we ever learn of the time when the matoran first came to mata-nui, just before the arrival of the toa?
105Not just before, because the Matoran arrived on Mata Nui thousands of years before the Toa got there. But you will learn about their arrival.

10651.Will the red star still play a part in te story?
10852. Does Mata Nui/ metru-nui have a moon or two?
109Metru Nui does not, I don't think. Not sure about Mata Nui.
11053. Will we ever find out what planet and galaxy mata nui resides in?
111Only if it proves relevant to the storyline.
11254. Hahli is the new chronicler isnt she? 113Yes.

11455. When we return to the toa nuva will they start a new wall of history or use the archives?
115They would probably have to start a new one or use one that is there, if such a thing exists. The Archives are more like a natural history museum, not a wall of history.
11656.In a normal house of metru nui what kind of furniture would it have?
117Chairs. Tables. Etc.

11857.In a normal house of metru nui how many people live in it?
119Probably one. At least as far as I have seen.
12058. Are there any multi story houses?
121Not that I have seen yet.
12259. Does having a better job ensure a better lifestyle or are they all equal?
123I don't think there is really a class system on Metru Nui.

12460.What was the centre of metru nui called again?
125The Coliseum.
12661.On the map of metru nui it displays some parts brighter than others, specifically one large dot in each metru, what are these?
127Wait and see.
12862.Is there more than one than one sport on metru nui, like is there lava bording, hui snow ball things?
129Yes, there are other games.
13063.How do the 03 matoran throw disks?
131Um, take them in their hands and throw them?

13264.When the toa nuva arrive in metru nui are the vahki still there?
133Again, that story has not been written yet, and even if it was, I cannot discuss future storyline.
13465.Is mata nui really "aspleep", becasue when your asleep you may snore and wriggle but it sounds more like a long coma?
135Can't answer it.
13666.Could the sympols for takanuva, makuta and takutanuva(the ones used on the van and on displays) be found anywhere in the bionicle universe?
137Don't know.
13867. How can one disk be more powerful than another, i mean a power is a power whether its strong or not? if you used a level 1 random kanoka how different would it be from a level nine random kanoka?
139Very different. The power level is determined by the skill used in forging the disk. How can, say, one baseball bat be more durable while another breaks right away? It's all in how it's made.

14068.Does the random kanoka also scramble air and clouds?
141It scrambles the target it hits. If you throw it at air, it is going to pass right through, so it can't affect it.
14269.What kind of flight patterns are there?
143That info will be released in January.
14470. The matoran in the chute with matau, are they "riding" their kanoka or just holding them? becasue if they are riding them, it doesnt look as if matau is a very good roel model (other wise he'd tell them off).
145Keep in mind what Matau is like. He is not the biggest follower of rules.
14671.How does magnetized protodermis work?
147I could probably give you a scientific explanation, but I still have 50 more questions to go here and time is flying. So I will just say it's a fantasy universe, so why worry about it?

14872.How often does toa vakama use his jetpack?
149I don't have a number of times to give you.
15073. You said the toa made fun of vakama's disk launcher until they saw it in action, once they do, do they also want one?
151Matau did, yes.
15274. What does whenua's weapon do when it is "put together"?

15375.What do Onewa and Nokama's weapons double as?
15474-75 -- I have no info on their tools' alternate uses.
15576.The language spoken by nokama in MoL is described as ancient, does thi mean ancient as in the time before time or ancient as in the beginning of metru nui?
156Ancient as in before Metru Nui.
15777. Speaking of the beginning of metru nui, will we ever get to there?
158No idea. As I said, I know the story through '05 only.

15978.Will we ever see an enemy that actually wants to destroy the toa rather than keep them at bay?
160Yes, possibly. But keep in mind that this is LEGO, so we have to be careful about real or implied violence.
16179.If matoran do eat, do they have any preferences as to what to eat flavour wise or do they just like what ever has the most energy?
162It's based on energy, and my understanding is that they do not eat in Metru Nui.
16380.Is it really the toa nuva's destiny to defeat the makuta or is there something else?
164The Toa Nuva's destiny is to wake Mata Nui.
16581. IS it really takanuva's destiny to awaken mata nui or is there something else?
166Takanuva's destiny is to defeat Makuta.
16782.Does the mask of light contain hidden knowledge of the past?
168Not that I know of, no.
16983.Can takanuva move at the speed of light if he wanted to?
170No. It is a not a mask of speed.

17184.Can takanuva use other masks or is he stuck with the one the the toa metru?
17385.Why is it that the toa metru only have one mask and the olda and nuva have many?
174Simple answer is that we have done the search for the masks twice now, three times would be excessive. Also, questing for masks made sense on Mata Nui -- on Metru Nui, they would probably be readily available, so where is the adventure in that?
17586.What would be more likely. Metru nui as the base of the planet and mata nui was an extension or mata nui the base of the planet and metru nui was dug out?
176Probably the first one.
17787.Will lego ever use the colour pink in bionicle?
178I doubt it.

17988.How do the le-metruan control the chutes, through levers and stuff, buttons or something else (like computers)?
180They don't have computers, they do have control centers.
18189.What kind of plant life would you find on mata nui,(aussie, tropical, jungle,urban)?
182Not a lot. There are some hedges and shrubs in Ga-Metru, but this primarily a cityscape.
18390.How would a typical day of metru nui go (you wake up, go through the chutes, go to work, come back through the chutes, go to sleep)?
184Yes, but they also have time for play and recreation.
18591.DO metruan have girlfriends and such, like romance?
186To be honest, I have never really seen the point of romantic relationships in BIONICLE, since they cannot lead anywhere. It's something they have fun with on the web, it is not something I concern myself with.

18792. Onmata nui miostly people sty in thier own village, is this the case wiht matru nui?
18993.How many disks does an average matoran have, do they make a habit of colecting them?
190There are people who collect them. The rest have however many they feel they need. They probably don't carry more than 3 or 4 at a time.
19194. Are there any powerless disks, because a gun is very dangerous in the hands of a child?
192A disk with a level of 1 or 2 is pretty close to powerless. But there are no children in Metru Nui.
19395.Do any creatures on matanui/metrunui exrete or do they absorb all the energy?
194There is no excretion that we are aware of.

19596.Do any creatures sweat?
196Doubtful. Does Iron Man's armor sweat?
19797. Do plants act like plants on earth(have a long lifespan, produce seeds, have sap, have age rig things)
198Normal plants would. I do not know that protodermis plants would.

19998.Will we ever see anyu paralell universe like the reverso world thibng from superman, or something?
200No idea, but it seems to me that would make a complicated story even more complicated.
20199.The bugs that takua squishes in Mol, would they be made of biomecanhicle parts, or are they organic?
202If they were in the movie, they were probably biomechanical.
203100.The powers of the kraata, like rahi control and insect control, shouldnt they have just been put into one?
204One what?
205101.DO matoran ever go through a stage in life that is equal to puberty?
206No. Puberty has to do with the emergence of some sex characteristics. There is no reproduction in BIONICLE, so why would that be necessary?

207102. When a matroan is created does it already have knowledge or does it have to learn who and what it is?
208Can't answer it.
209103.Because the turaga are "old" do they ever forget things, or lose their hearing?
210No, but some of their memories have become jumbled with prophecy over the years. They are Turaga, yes, but keep in mind they are no older than the Matoran are.

211104.In the MNOLG2 the the little guy from the onu-koran team often gets mixed up with others, is this the case with other matoran?
212No idea.
213105.Do matoran of metru-nui have any popularity statis's?
214I suppose really good athletes would be looked up to, etc.
215106.Do all matoran work?
217107. Do matoran ever wear "acceserory's" or "makeup" to make themselve look better?
219108.Are there any "legendary" rahi in bionicle, like we have have the phoenix, unicorn or griffin?
220It's possible.
221109.Do any matoran partake in magic, rituals, or not belive in mata nui?
223110.What sets can the female villian be made from?
224The six Toa Metru.
225111. Does the morz have any features on the king root, or is it just tentacles, because otherwise making it out of the toa metru would just look like a bunch of un colouer co-ordinated limbs?
226Um, no -- the Morbuzakh cannot be made from the Toa Metru.
227112.Do the matroan of metru nui celebrate any holidays(like birthdays, red star day or such)?
228They have naming ceremonies.
229113. Do the metruan have naming ceremonies?
230See 112.
231114.Do the matoran have any parties (like huge gatherings, with lights and stuff)
232No idea.
233115.Do any metru cause trouble if they lose a mathc of the sport(like ahve a riot or throw there launchers to the ground)?
234I would hope not.
235116.If kane-ra appeared in the movie would it still have treads or would it have limbs?

236117. If a nui-jaga appeared in the movie would it have the handle or not?
237116-117 would depend on what the animators chose to do.
238118. Will the matoran ever endeavour into space?
239They don't have space travel, no. On Metru Nui, they have airships, but if they shot a rocket up they would smack into the "sky."

240119.What sort of things do you learn in ga-metru?
241How to read ancient languages .. how to purify protodermis ...
242120.Do the large formations of rock that poke out of the silver sea at th ened of the MoL have any purpose?
243In nature, even on Metru Nui, everything has a purpose.

244121.The place where we see the combiners staning on, does it have any significance?
245Most likely those were just settings for the shots, since until I made up what they are, nobody knew.
246122.What is the significance of each picture displayed on the kanoka(all i can make out is le-metru looks like transport systems and ko-metru looks like knowledge towers)?
247Why don't you wait until you see them in person?
248123. knowlegde and memory stone things, what do they do?
249Again, wait and find out.
250124.Will the matoran ever venture over the sea?
251No idea.
252125.Is this the most questions you've ever been asked?
253No, but it was a lot.
254Thanks in advance(probably a week due to the size of the post) 255Shadow Master

256See answers above.
11. You've said that if a Matoran removes his or her mask for too long, bad things happen. About how long of a time are we talking here? And would the seriousness of the effects depend on how long the mask was off?
2More than a few minutes. And once you are past that point, how much longer doesn't really matter, the effects won't get that much worse with time. It basically works the same way that taking a Toa's mask off does, except that Toa function better than Matoran without masks.
32. Also, are Krana acceptable stand-ins? I know the Matorans' mind wouldn't be his own, but I'm wondering if the Matoran would still suffer "mask withdrawal" after a while, or if some property of the Krana would prevent it.
4Yes, they are.
53. Along the same lines, would a Rahi mask work for a Matoran?
6That's a good question. Not sure, offhand.
74. When you worked the Vahi into the storyline, why did you choose Tahu to wear it?
8Basically, cause he's the leader -- he's the Toa version of Superman, at least in terms of attitude -- so it made sense that he would be the one to insist on taking such a great risk.
95. Regarding the new Rahkshi "cameos": Will those be in the comics, or just the novels? I'm still not clear on this.
10A couple of Rahkshi show up very, very briefly in comics, but for the most part they are in the novels. It's hard to devote a lot of time in the comics to characters that are not in that year's assortment.

116. Is Vakama's "crossbow" one-piece, not including the disk? I'm referring to the set, not the character.
12Yes, it is.
137. Do you have any idea how many different Kanoka will be available, total?
14No, no one has told me.
158. Also, will all of the disks in a particular set, say Nuhrii, have the same level and type, like Kanohi, or will they be randomly inserted, a la Krana & Kraata?
16The Matoran only come with one disk a piece. Every Nuhrii set has the same Ta-Metru disk, every Vhisola set has the same Ga-Metru disk, so there is no point in buying multiple copies of the same Matoran. Disks will be randomly packed in the disk sets.
179. How good are you at reading Matoran script?
1910. I saw in the GregF topic that you like to read historical nonfiction. What's your favorite period to read about? I'm a WWII buff, myself.
20World War II, because my Dad was in it .. Revolutionary War (which I just had a book published about) .. and anything that catches my eye. Right now I am reading a book on the Peloponnesian War.
1Hi Greg, merry christmas: 2I have a few questions.
31) What are the Bordakh, Kurakh, Razzakh, etc. sets mentioned? Are they Morbuzakh?
4No, they're not. The Morbuzakh is one thing, not six.
52) What are the names of the Kanohi Vakama and co. wear?
6That info will be released in January.
73) Why were the colors of blue and red chosen for the twins?
8No idea -- that was a production decision made in Denmark.

9And a theory... I think the Bohrok occupied Mata Nui before the matoran... and when they came the Turaga placed them into stasis pods. Correct me if I'm wrong...(Of course if I'm right you'll say Can't answer that )
10No, nothing lived on Mata Nui prior to the coming of the Matoran. The Bohrok are basically like automatic cleaners, so unless they were working, they have no need to iive anywhere. They stay in their nests until needed.
114) Does Dume wear the Vahi?
135) Were there Gukko's living on Metru Nui?
14There might be.
156) Are there any living 'things' on Metru Nui, Ex. Forests, Rivers, etc.
16There are mountains and canyons, but no forests I am aware of. There are "waterways" separating the metru, consisting of liquid protodermis.
17Thanks, and have a merry christmas:
1QUOTE 2Do you look at your offical topic in GD at all?

3Not all that often, no. I get people sending me PMs with 125 questions in them, doesn't leave me a lot of time for forum browsing.

1Hey Greg,
21.) I asked you before about why in the last comic it was like Po and Ko Matoran infected and not Le, and you said because the Le had already been through so much. I can understand that, but why were the Ko and Po Matoran in Le Wahi?
3Because Makuta had a job for them, which obviously they did not finish doing.
42.) Why do Matoran Metru need to carry Kanoka on a daily basis at all? Unless you are using them for sport or your job is to make Kanohi, wouldn't the Vahki take care of any problems so you don't need Kanoka for defence?
5Even the Vahki cannot be everywhere. If a Rahi suddenly appears or a Morbuzakh vine, you need to be able to defend yourself until the Vahki arrive.

63.) Does Takanuva have only the MoL? No Hau, etc?
7At this point, he only has the MOL.
84.) You said the PoTaLe Toa combiner is the thing the Vahki replaced. Are the Vahki pretty new, or what?
9"New" by BIONICLE standards, in other words, probably only functioning for a few thousand years.

105.) What ARE the Toa Stones??
115b.) I bet you can't answer, but will we ever find out?
12You bet correctly, and I hope so, because I would like to know too.
136.) Who was it who assembled the Toa stones to summon the Toa Metru?
14They weren't used to summon them.

157.) Could a Rahi be used like a vehicle? Like, a certain Rahi you climb into as a car, etc.?
16I won't rule anything out when it comes to Rahi.
178.) Is Gukko just a general bird name? It seems a lot of birds are being refered to as Gukko Birds.
18Well, first there was the Gukko-Kahu and the Kewa bird .. in the movie script Gukko replaced Kewa .. and has come into general use because I am assuming we are not allowed to use the terms Kewa and Kahu anymore.


1QUOTE 2I have a couple questions to ask:
31) So, do the archives basically contain every species that the Matoran/Toa/Turaga know about?
52) How would you treat a Matoran for a broken limb? Would you just cast him/her a new arm, or would you some how repair it?
6Either one would work.
73) What are the Toa Stones?
8Can't answer it, do not have enough info.

94) What happened to the Red Star? It seemed to disapear after the bohrok appeared.
10No, it's still out there.
115) What is the Red Star really (other than a red star :P )?
12Can't answer it.
136) Are Matoran "made" out of energy protodermis?
157) Does Mata Nui's awakening have any importance on a larger scale (such as the universe)?
16No idea.

178) Are there species other than Rahi and Matoran?
199) I believe that oyu said that a kanoka cannot affect something that it would go through if it was thrown at it. Does this mean that if a Toa Nuva used the Kakama to vibrate, it would be able to avoid being hit by a kanoka?
20Yes. Mask of Speed would work the same way. It's the same way Flash avoids being hit by bullets.

2110) Are there other beings besides matoran that can make masks (who would they be)?
22Not that I know of.
2311) Was the MoL created before Metru nui came to be?
24Do not know.

2512) Was Mata Nui in form (as an island) before Metru nui was created?
26Not as the island we know, no.
2713) Will you ever make a guide to all of the Rahi? With pictures and info?
28I'd love to. The hard part is that unless the Rahi are sets, it is hard to get the art people to create them as pictures.

2914) Would it be possible to kill Makuta or Mata Nui?
30Can't answer it.
3115) Will we ever see the Makuta Nui that was on the back of the Makuta toy box in the storyline. Also, what exactly is it?
32It's another form of Makuta, and maybe.
3316) Could we consider Morbuzakh a Rahi?
34Ummmm .. I would say no. Rahi are animals, Morbuzakh is a plant.
3517) Are there any Rahi that are larger than the Morbuzakh found in Metru Nui?
3718) Are Vahki found in the archives?
38I am sure some Vahki patrol the Archives, I do not know that they are exhibits in it.
3919) Have you gotten any more information on the Mana Ko (I don't mean ot be annoying by asking so much, but I was just asking)?
40No. Since the Manas are not in the storyline anymore at this point, it's not something the team has been worrying about. We are really focused on '04 and '05.

4120) Are there any other forces like the Bohrok?
42No idea.
4321) Is there any single Rahi that could destory Mata Nui?
44I doubt that very much.

48See answers above.
50I found #'s 5, 8, 14, and 17 rather interesting. I love huge monsters. :D
11. How could the turaga be older than the matoran? Weren't they once matoran as well?
2They aren't older. They are revered as elders based on experience, not age.
32. Why wouldn't the turaga re-teach the matoran about metru nui after Makuta mind-wiped them?
4For what purpose? The Turaga had no way to be sure they would EVER see Metru Nui again. Why tell them, "Hey, you used to live someplace great, but you can't go back there"?
53. Did Makuta mind-wipe them from a distance, or stick them through the mind-wipe-omatic machine, or what?
6From a distance.

74. What was the purpose of wiping the matoran's minds if the turaga woldn't be affected and they could re-teach the matoran?
8Well, first, Makuta didn't know when he did it it wouldn't affect the Turaga. His goal was to dissuade the Matoran from ever trying to get back there, which worked fine for thousands of years.
95. Is the "sky" (what the matoran see as the 2 suns and stars) of Metru Nui projected? Or is it some strange property of the atmospheric protodermis vapor?
10No, there are actually stars and the sunlight comes through holes in the "sky."
116. Do the properties of protodermis (magnetized, energized, solid, etc.) depend on the impurities? If not, where would the different kinds come from?
12The only protodermis we know to have impurities is raw liquid protodermis. Energized is presumably also purified, as is magnetized. Solid protodermis is not purified, which is why it is not melted down for use as Kanoka, but carved into statues and such.
137. What are the physical properties of protodermis? Does it have the same properties (viscosity, boiling point, etc.) as water?
14Don't know. Other than the fact that we know solid protodermis can be melted down, this really hasn't been relevant to the storyline.

158. How many people are on the storyline team?
16Usually five.
179. Are each of the storyline people concerned with different mediums of story? (ie a movie guy, a flash movie guy, a comic guy )
18The story team consists of myself (comics, web writing and Scholastic book writing); the web producer; the story bible writer; the head of Character and Story Development; and the software producer, if there is a game in the works.

1910. Who decides storyline? Do you on the storyline team make it up among yourselves, or does Bob Thompson have final say?
20Bob often has a general outline of where he wants to go with it, and we flesh it out. And in some cases, we make changes to it based upon other input from other sources in the company.
2111. Do the model designers have any say in storyline? Is it like 22a. "We need the designers to make new toa who look like the turaga" 23b. "Here are the models we made for next year, they're toa based on the turaga" or 24c. "Here are our models this year, you decide what they are"
25It's a combination of c and a. Product really has to drive the bus, because if we come up with a great storyline they can't make models for, it's sort of pointless. But we may go back to them and say, hey, we have decided these characters are going to be this instead of that, can you alter the models accordingly? If they get the input early enough, they can do that, and have.

2612. Are there any extinct species of Rahi?
27It wouldn't surprise me.
2813. How do the Vahki get the wild rahi into the stasis tubes in the Archives? Do they have some temporary calming powers?
29All of the Vahki powers relate to pacification. They are also physically very strong and numerous.
3014. Why do the Turaga speak in riddles? Did the Makuta's mind-wipe muddle their memories?
31Actually, I just discussed this with the story bible writer the other day. He says that after several thousand years, the Turaga's memories have just naturally gotten jumbled with prophecies to the point where they cannot always keep things straight.
3215. You've said the toa have a choice between the path of wisdom and the path of power once they've fulfilled their destinies. Wairuha and Akamai had the powers of Wisdom and Valor. First, is there any connection? Second, will Gali, Kopaka, and Lewa become turaga and the other 3 remain toa eventually?
33I have no idea what the future of the Toa Nuva is at this point. And the Kaita were obviously not Toa who had fulfilled their destiny, so there is no real connection. Both paths require a sacrifice -- if you choose to remain a Toa, you are dedicating yourself to a somewhat lonely existence fighting to save the Matoran. If you become a Turaga, you give up the power and thrill of being a Toa.

3416. What turns protodermis different colors? Before they're worn, masks are protodermis gray; and when the rahkshi and kal were disassembled to build the ussanui, they were the same color. Does protodermis change color according to the "self" of the being wearing it?
35Someone asked me that yesterday. I have to check with the team on it.
3617. Is there any storyline reason for the same colors/weapon decoration in the toa and their enemies? (Like Tahu Nuva, T'Kal, and Turahk all were red and had the flame motif for their weapons, yet had VERY different powers)
37I have no doubt there is, but I couldn't share it even if I had been informed of it.
3818. You said something about the toa metru's powers running out? What kind of limit is there to their element powers?
39Not a time limit, like Green Lantern's ring .. more like the elemental energies are finite. Use them in an undisciplined way and you can run out. A good example is in BIONICLE Adventures #2 next year -- Nuju uses just a ton of ice power in a futile battle against "baby' Morbuzakh, and then hardly has any power left for when he really needs it.
4019. In the MoL, Gali makes some weird transparent orb of liquid to cure Tahu's poisoning. Was this perhaps pure proto?
41No, I don't believe so. I believe it was simply her channeling the others elemental energies through her to heal him. They use the same process to disinfect masks. Liquid protodermis does not have a healing property that we know of.
4220. When she does this, she turns gray and faints. Why?
43Huge strain doing something like that. Took a lot out of her.
4421. When they get to Metru Nui, will Gali still be able to blast water? Because of diffusion, there has to be some water vapor in the air down there.
45She can manifest pure water, as well as use existing water vapor, the same way that Tahu can create fire bursts as well as manipulating existing fire. So yes.
4622. I know matoran wouldn't climb around in the Mangai volcano, but wouldn't Tahu notice a giant hole down to who-knows-where?
47He very well might have. But a) how much time have the Toa had to go exploring for fun? and even if he did find it, Makuta had every possible entrance guarded. The Toa might have made it through, or they might have fallen and left the Matoran defenseless. Also, if he did find it and said to the Turaga, "Hey, what's that?" they most likely would have lied and said, "Nothing."
Talloo Kanoka-Maker
1You said that the Toa Nuva found all their Kanohi Nuva during the Bohrok-Kal saga. But the only reason they and their Kanohi changed was because they were dipped in protodermis, so why would Kanohi Nuva be scattered across the island for them to find, if they (Kanohi) weren't dipped in protodermis?

2The Toa were wearing gold masks when they went into the protodermis.. and they came out wearing a Kanohi Nuva that had only one power. So obviously there had to be other masks elsewhere that had the rest of the powers, which they then had to go find. As for how they got on the island, that you will find out over the next two years.
3Greg 4-------------------------------------------------
5I've had this for so long I'd forgotten about it :D . I sent it not long after I joined, so I didn't know about this topic. Soo.... ya :unsure:
1Hey Greg. Just another Questions PM among thousands.
21. If there is a hole in the Mangai Volcano, wouldn't the lava flood down into Metru Nui?
3Yes, but the volcano did not exist during the 2004 storyline. Just the hole.
42. And doesn't a volcano need to lead directly to the Lithosphere in order to get magma?
5If you are trying to get magma, yes. But the Mangai's lava is molten protodermis, not magma.
63. Were the Toa Metru Toa or Turuga when they came to Metru Nui?
7Can't answer it, you will have to wait for the movie.
84. Why weren't the Turuga's memories affected like the Matorans were?
9Their experience as Toa, and the mental disciplines it took to master Great Masks, gave them stronger wills than Matoran. It's the same reason a bad guy can more easily dominate the minds of average people than he can Green Lantern.
105. Does Mata-Nui (the Spirit) actually exist? Does he have a mask?
11Yes, he does, and I don't know. 12Just a little theory I had...
136. Is Mata-Nui all the Matoran say he is?
14If you mean is Mata Nui essentially the guiding spirit of their universe, yes, he is.
157. Are there any other Great Spirits other than Makuta and Mata-Nui?
16No idea. Those are the only two I know of.
178. Are there Matoran from the same Koro with the same mask (and mask color)? If so, how would they be told apart?
18Can't say. If I say, "Oh, no," I could very easily get contradicted by the movie animation.
199. Where did the Toa Metru's weapons come from, and how many other choices were there?
20They were hidden inside a suva in the Great Temple. Do not know how many were there. Again, any answer I give could be contradicted by the movie.
2110. How big is Nidhawk compared to a Metruan?
22Bigger, by a fair amount, I believe.
2311. Why does Turuga Dume reside in the Colliseum?
24It's the central point and the tallest building the city, so the logical place for its ruler to be.
2512. Are there any environs that are completely wild? If not, where do Rahi usually live?
26Good question. Most of the city is very urban, so it tends to have insects, birds, and small Rahi. Other areas, like Po-Metru, are more barren, rocky plain and actually do have herd animals. More dangerous Rahi are not allowed to live anywhere in the city, they are hunted down and put in the Archives. The Matoran do not know where the majority of these Rahi come from. 27Yes: I sent a good question:
2813. Was Metru-Nui always a city?
29Far a I know, yes. 30How can a place always have been a city?
3114. Why do Metruan only make Noble, Great and Special Masks (Vahi, MoL, etc.)? Why not make different shaped Kanohi?
32They also make masks for Matoran. And things like the Vahi are different shaped Kanohi -- there is no other mask that looks like that. 33What I meant was, why restrict most masks to only Great and Noble shapes?
3415. Why do Kanohi turn grey when not worn? I thought Kanohi were made from pure, therefore clear Protodermis (not directly, though).
35Simply part of the process. A Kanohi turns grey when it is inactive.
3616. When asked if Metruan's had pets, you said some Ta-Metruans had Lava Eels. But Metruans from other places couldn't have Lava Eeels, so do they just not have pets?
37No, just that we have not established what kind of pets they have tried to have yet. I know about the lava eels because I invented them.
3817. Wouldn't all Rahi eventually be captured and put into stasis tubes?
39Dangerous ones, yes. But the Vahki are not out to take down every squirrel in the city. Think of it this way -- if a herd of rhinos stampeded through Manhattan, an effort would be made to capture all of them. Not so with pigeons.
4018. Other than the Mangai Volcano, where are some of the holes that let light in to Metru-Nui?
41Can't answer it. 42:blink: That's strange...
4319. You said that Vahki were sentient. So wouldn't they ever want to do something other than patrol?
44No. They are machines. This is their function. Just like a Terminator.
4520. How exactly do Vahki "pacify" things?
46Each Vahki has a stun staff and each Vahki has a different power. But all of the powers affect the mind, in one way or another, and are about preserving order. 47Wonder if being stunned is painfull...
4821. In one of the Bionicle books (first chronicle, I think) it said that a small scorpion-like Rahi had a tiny mask. Aren't all masks the same size?
49Evidently not.
5022. Do (or have) beings other than Metruan made masks?
51Not to my knowledge. 52That's strange, because you said the MoL was made before Metruan...
5323. Who made Rahi masks?
54My guess would be those are masks that were stolen at sometime in the past by Makuta and infected.
5524. Who made the Toa Metru's weapons?
56Can't answer it.
5725. What is a Memory Tower's purpose?
58There are no Memory Towers -- there are Knowledge Towers. They are like ... hmmm .. think tanks.
5926. What kinds of things did Nuparu invent on Metru-Nui?
60Well, we know he worked at inventing vehicles, because Matau tests one in the movie.
6127. Can part of the Morbuzakh got seperated or cut of, could it still live?
62Probably not, no.
6328. Someone once asked you "Where in a city could you hide a Great Kanoka and not be found by a Metruan," or something along those lines. One of the examples you gave was in the pages of a book in the Knowledge Towers. How is that a place where only a Toa can reach?
64You will understand when you see the comic. It is not in the building, but on the building -- trust me, it is someplace no Matoran could safely get to. 65:blink: On the building? Are we still talking about the Knowledge Towers seen in the background of Ehrye's Bio?
6629. You listed some Toa that didn't get along with each other well (I forgot who they were). Who are they and why don't they get along?
67Simply personality clashes. They are all strangers to each other at first, there is a lot of jockeying for who gets to be leader, some were happy to be Toa, some less so. It can be very hard to get six strong-minded individuals all on the same page.
6830. Were the Metruan ever young, like infants? And since they are all the same age, how would they survive?
69No, there is no biological reproduction in BIONICLE, so no children.
7031. Who built the Vahki?
71Originally, I had heard the Matoran built them. I do not know if that has changed, but the odds are it did not.
7232. How can Metru-Nui have a "no-wheel" policy when the Toa themselves have gears (which are very close to wheels)?
73As I have told numerous people -- all I know about this is that the head of the story team said there are no wheels. I have nothing I can add to that. Also, the Matoran did not "build" the Toa, so the fact that the Toa have wheels just means someone has them, someplace.
7433. When Ta-Koro sunk, didn't Tahu's suva go with it? Wouldn't it be destroyed?
75Most likely yes. 76I meant with his Symbol, too. If so, how would he still have elemental powers?
7734. Since the Borohk went back to their nests, can they be awakened again?
78Yes, if the Bahrag are freed.
7935. What will happen to all the Rahi and stuff on Mata-Nui once the Matoran leave?
80Well, some will come with them, like Pewku and probably some Gukko. Others will be fine there, until the Bohrok come, at least. 81So the Bahrag will be freed, therefore releasing the Borohk. Interesting...
8236. Will the Matoran ever return to their Metru-Nui forms?
83No idea. I do not know the "Toa Nuva returns" storyline at this point.
8437. After having been on Mata-Nui so long, don't you think the Matoran could have don a little better than seaweed/twig/etc huts and stuff?
85With what? They didn't have the tech or sufficient natural resources to work with. 86Yes, but Metru-Nui had to be made of base things originaly, didn't it? And what does he mean 'not enough resources'? That's all that Mata Nui is
8738. Do the 6 missing Metruan (the ones who know where the Great Kanoka are) go to Mata Nui with the rest?
88Possibly. Probably.
8939. How did the Metruans know to go to Mata-Nui?
90You will have to wait for the movie for that one.
9140. If the Metruans had airships, why didn't they ever go through one of the "holes" leading to Mata-Nui?
92Big difference between having aircraft and having a "space program."
9341. Do Metruan have currency?
94Don't know.
9542. Had the Toa Metru's masks ever been seen before on Metru Nui?
96Again, I could say no, and then get contradicted by the animation, so I can't answer it. 97Dumb movie. Ruining perfectly good questions
9843. Any particular reason the Toa Metru got the masks they did when they became Turuga? Why didn't they get new masks?
99Yes, there is a reason. You will most likely understand it in January.
10044. Why doesn't (or didn't) Makuta gather all of his forces (Rahkshi/Rahi/Borohk Awakening/etc.) all at once to destroy the Toa (once he considered him a threat, that is)?
101If I had to take a guess -- and who knows the ways of Makuta? -- it's because doing so would have led the deaths of a lot of Matoran. And killing Matoran is not what his plan entailed. If the Matoran are dead, there is no one to someday follow him.
10245. If Takanuva's destiny was to defeat Makuta, why didn't he transform into a Turuga? Did he just choose the path of power over that of wisdom, or is Makuta still alive?
103Because there is more to it to than that. First, I have no idea if Makuta survived the movie or not. But becoming a Turaga involves making a sacrifice and giving up your Toa power -- he has not been asked to make that sacrifice yet. When/if that time comes, he will make his choice between power and wisdom.
10446. The Ga-Metruan decipher ancient languages among other things, correct? Who could have made the languages other than Metruan? And if it was Metruan who made them, shouldn't the current Metruan (at least current when the Turuga tell their story) still know about them?
105No. Ancient Sumerian was written by humans, but I can't read it.
10646. Does Orkahm handing Matau the Great Disk rule him out as the traitor?
107No. 108:blink: How so?
10947. About how long ago did the Matoran come from Metru Nui to Mata Nui?
110Thousands of years ago.
11148. Do the Toa Metru cause any mass destruction on accident the first time they try out their new powers?
11349. Where do Toa (Metru and Mata) live?
114The Mata Nui Toa live in their respective villages. The Toa Metru live in their respective metru. 115I meant do they have their own houses (or huts/apartments in this case)
11650. Do the Toa Metru fight the Morbuzakh first thing, or do they have other less important battles? If so, against what?
117They have some struggles in their efforts to get the disks, yes, primarily against Vahki and Rahi.
118Thanks in advance Greg. I know you get numerous amounts of these every day, and I appreciate you answering it. 119Happy New Year:
1Hey Greg, do you get to stay up for New years?
21) Someone asked if a mask can be turned back into a disk. I was wondering then, if one of the Great Disks were turned into a mask, then would it really be a big deal to change it back to a disk?
3Don't know, no one has ever tried to do it.
42) Was there any significance that Makuta wasn't one of the challenges that Vakama listed in comic 15, when he said "you've faced many challenges, rahi, bohrok, rahkshi, etc."
5No, not really -- I kind of see all of those as being Makuta, since he was behind all of them.

63) What color is purified protodermis? What changes protodermis from that color to like green, or red, or blue?
7I have to ask the story team the question about how colors are changed.
84) Are bohrok naturally destructive even if clearing mata nui wasn't its mission?
9No. Bohrok aren't "naturally" anything.
105) The bohrok kal wrecked the exo toa, and the bahrag are way more powerful than they are, so how could the 6 exo toa be used to stop them, or were they always meant to have someone ride in them?
11Well, they were obviously designed so Toa could ride in them. It's very hard for an automatic defense system with no one guiding it to stop thinking creatures.
126) Do vakama's disks turn into fireballs if he focuses his power through his disk launcher?
13He doesn't focus his power through the launcher.
147) Since you designed the rahi nui, does it stand on four legs or two?
15Ordinarily four, but it can easily rear up on its hind legs so its Tarakava legs can strike.
168) Why was the no wheels rule put in if the 2001 rahi all had wheels? Personally I think that was a good way to balance the animal parts with the machine parts.
17Got me -- as I have said, head of the story team told me no wheels, and that's all I know about it.
189) Did the shapes of the masks the toa metru wear appear anywhere before they(the toa) were around?
19Don't know.
2010) Tahu and Kopaka's roles seem to have changed. Tahu is now against having all the toa together, while kopaka seems to be more into it since he's always power wrestling with tahu. Was kopaka's new goal supposed to make him more like toa nuju?
21No. Tahu's main reason for wanting the team to split up is that he was sick of fighting with Kopaka all the time. He felt he could handle everything better on his own and he lost sight of unity. Kopaka's arguments with Tahu were not about wanting to keep the team together, they were about him not liking Tahu.

22Thanks Greg, happy new years, got any resolutions?
1QUOTE 2HI greg, another set of questions, not as many this time.

31.Does Vakama still have visions as a toa?
4Yes, definitely.

52.Do dume and nidawk ever take things into there own hands rather than the vahki?
6Can't answer it. Most of what Dume and Nivawk do is movie plot, so I can't discuss it.

73.Who built the bohrok?
8We haven't revealed that yet.

94.When toa vakama uses his fire power can he use just one hand rather than two?
10He can use both.

115.One member asked where the toa sleep (what he ment to say was where, when do they sleep within their village(like suva, or house))?
12We do not know for certain that Toa need to sleep.

136.You said takanuva was not asked to be a turaga, i was wondering who is supposed to ask him?
14It's not a question of someone asking him. It's a question of circumstances -- he has not yet encountered a moment when he has to decide to give up his Toa power for a greater good. I will give you an example -- let's say that he had not become Takutanuva, and let's say it were possible for his Toa power to revive Jaller (I am not saying it is, it's just an example). Then he has to decide -- will he give up being a Toa to save his friend, and become a Turaga, or not? He hasn't had to face that kind of crisis yet.

157.What kinds of herds does po-metru hold?
16You'll find out. Again, that's movie plot.

178.Was mata-nui put to sleep from a distance or close range?
18Can't answer it.

199.One memeber asked what happened to tahu's suva(what he ment was what happened to the symbol aswell, wouldnt he have lost his power)?
20No, after the Kal stole the symbols, it was decided that it was not safe to keep them on the suva. So they were all hidden someplace else and will be brought to Metru Nui.
2110.Can you tell me of the vahki's powers?
22Not yet, no.

2311.If a matorna without a mas shuts down does that mean that a rahi without a mask shuts dow also?
24Good question. Answer's no, because we know that Rahi can function when the infected masks are removed from them.
2512.How can metru nui have two suns and mata nui have one, is there any explanation?
26Yes. I just can't share it with you yet.

2713.Will we be able to make a lava eel from sets?
28No idea. It is something I made up for the book, it didn't come from the product designers, but I doubt it would be that hard to build. It's basically a big snake.

2914.How does a matoran keep a lava eel, is it in a cage, tank of lava, roaming free?
30It's kind of hard to cage them, unless you have just the right material to do it with, because when they get agitated their bodies heat up.

3115.Are all things in the archives in statis?
32No. There are some things on the sub-sub-levels that have resisted stasis, for one reason or another, and they are just kept locked up.

3316.who makes the matoran, is it other matoran or is it mata nui or some other thing?
34Can't answer it.

3517.Do matoran ride thier kanoka in otherways like down stairs and stuff instead of just chutes.
36Not that we have seen, but it is certainly possible.

3718.Will lego make a chute system for bionicle like they did with the MARS sets.
38Only if we make playsets, as opposed to just figures.

3919.You said the lava in the mangai is molten protodermis, is the lava of ta-koro and ta-metru also molten protodermis?

4120.Umm, once i asked if we would learn of mata-nui before the toa olda, but what i meant was like when takua triggered their arrival?
42Well, that was already covered in one of the GBA games, I think. The first BIONICLE game was Takua gathering the stones to summon the Toa.

4321.Will we ever see how takua got his mask, s it is obviously not his own, and also i heard tht he got stuff for the turaga, will we see that?
44No idea.

4522.The large dots in each metru, do they all have the same purpose or are they only relavent to their own metru?
46I believe they are only relevant to their own metru.

4723.Are sports other than the main sport, played in competitions?
48It's certainly possible.

4924.With the random disk, does it scramble molecules instantly or over a period of time?
50Instantly. If you are using this on something, you don't have time to wait for a delayed effect.

5125.And does it drop when it hits or stay their, or reflect off it, or go through it?
52It would strike and probably bounce off.
5326.I asked whether you could tell me how magnetized protodermis works, could i have a scientific explanation this time?
54Anything I tell you could wind up being contradicted by how they choose to portray it in the movie, so I am not even going to go there.

5527.What exactly is before metru-nui, is it like a barren area, an endless void, or simply just no matoran?
56I can't answer that, I have no information on pre-Metru Nui.
5728.Was mata-nui always there from the beginning, or was it created or naturally formed?
58The island? Yes, it was always there, but it was barren for much of the time before the Matoran got there.

5929.If yes, it would be abit strange for someone like matanui to find an island then go underground and start a new civilisation, so why did he?
60You are assuming he found the island first. You are also taking the Matoran legend literally, like he came down and took them by the hand and led them there. You can't take things the Matoran say literally. Remember, if the sun rises in the morning, they say it is a gift from Mata Nui, even though he has been sleeping for thousands of years.

6130.If something like funiture is forged in ta-metru and put together in po-metru, how is it transported?
62By Ussal cart. By freight sleds in chutes. By airships, although the first two are used more often.

6331.What kind of invention does nuparu give matau to try? And does it work or is it flawed?
64It's a vehicle, and you will have to watch the movie.

6532.When makuta takes out kraata, can he make it so the kraata has more than one power like half, elasticity and half wheather control?
6733.Will we ever see a matoran get created?
68Not sure. We talked about this the other day, and the feeling of the story team is that showing how a Matoran comes into being would take away a lot of the wonder and mystique of BIONICLE.

6934.Where are matoran created, is their some building or machine, or do they get found in canisters or something, or do they just appear and act as if they have always been there?
70Per 33, I can't answer it.

7135.Do the archives have some sort of list of the things they still need the vahki to collect, or do they jsut get what comes to them?
72They pretty much grab whatever shows up. The Vahki don't leave the city to go on hunts.

7336.What sets can the morz be made from?
74I have no idea. It's a plant as big as a city, and there were never any plans for it to be buildable.

7537.How often would a naming ceremony occur?
76As often as one is warranted.

7738.What do the inhabitants of mataniu do when there are no villians, other than build, i mean honestly it doesnt seem as if for thousands of years they just came up with a couple of measly houses and a sport, and a couple of jobs, and in all that time most of them dont know eachother nor do they travel to other villages?
78Well, if you were stranded on a tropical island, how would you spend your time? And frankly, until the Toa came, there weren't many peaceful periods. They had Rahi to deal with, remember?

7939.When i asked what the kanoka represent you said to wait until i see them in person, did yuo mean the kanoka or the metru?
80The kanoka.

8140.When kopeke(or maybe it was matoro) lost their mask in kohlii training did they shut down or was the new mask available straight away?
82They have masks set aside, since they can't make them.

8341.Do the archives contain background information on a species like in a zoo or museum or does it just have them sitting there like a farm?
84It depends on if the Matoran have any information on them. Some species they know things based on observation or trial and error -- some they know nothing about at all.

8542.Is the red star a character, or contain a character (cough~mata-nui~cough)?
86I can't answer red star questions.

8743.You say rahi are animals, but insects are animals too, do shouldnt a rahi control kraata also control insects?
88For story purposes, I broke it up.

8944.Would it ever be possible for a matoran to skip toa-ship, and immediatly become a turaga(with the right attitude and wisdom that is)? its probably not but i was just wondering.

9145.The holes where the stars and sun come from in metru nui, are they small or large, because if they were small you'd have to be pretty lucky if you can see a star, let alone hte star surroundings, on a particular angle?
92The stars do not come through those holes. The stars are actually in the sky over Metru Nui.
9346.Did metru nui ever go through a prehistoric like state with cool powerful rahi that were wiped out over time and where the matoran had to learn all they know?
94Again, I know nothing about pre-Metru Nui, but I doubt it.

9547.Did Wairuha and Akamai ever exist before they possesed the toa's body's, or were they even actuall beings themselves walking around like anyone else?
96They didn't possess the Toa's bodies. The Toa became them when they merged. Akamai and Wairuha are the result of group minds of the Toa. And I have no information that they existed before that merge.
97Thanks in advance 98Shadow Master

99See answers above.

100For #1 i meant to say turaga, oh well.
1this is moria troll with some more questions.
21.what is the transparent gold avohkhi represent? 3is it designed to be like takanuva using his power?
4Far as I know it is just an extra thrown into the set[b\.
52.bohrok are in the archives right? if there purpose is to clear mata nui what are they doing on metru nui?
6They were found by Onu-Matoran lightstone miners, inactive[b\.
73. how exactly were the bohrok kal mutated?with energized protodermis?
8Can't answer it.
94.how did the turaga know the secret to "rebuild" the tohunga style matoran into the 2003 style matoran?
10They knew it from the past[b\.
115.is a naming ceremony where newly built matoran get there names?
12No. A naming ceremony is when Matoran who have performed heroic deeds get a new name as a reward.
136.and are they able to choose there own names?
157.was it the metruan that built the exo toa armor? 16Probably not[b\.
178.and was it nuparu specifically who built them? 18No.
199.did the ussanui exist on metru nui? 20Not that we know of at this time.
2110.and if it did how did takanuva know how to build it?did his turning into takanuva release some stored away memories?
22It's possible[b\.
2311.are the exo toa compatible with some other creature from metru nui? 24No, not that we know of. There was really no reason for them to be, they were only for use on the Bahrag. And Matoran on Metru Nui would have no reason to want to stop the Bahrag, because they are only programmed to act on the island.
2512.is the "giant sea creature" that you mentioned being produced as a set?
26No. We are trying not to do huge sets that would retail for more than $30 because they don't sell. Also the giant sea beast is a minor character in the story. 27kinda sad.when they had muaka i didnt have enough money now i got a job and they dont make them....
2813.if a morbuzakh vine were touched by a kraata what would happen?
29Nothing. Kraata corrupt inorganic masks, not organic, living things.
3014.do they have kanoka cannons or some other larger kanoka artillery for border defense?
3215.how high can there airships fly?sub orbital 33a bit higher than the sky line?
34The "sky" is a ceiling. If they tried to fly past the sky they would smash into it and wreck.
35thanks for the answers
36i got a few goodies here. 37there highlighted in bold.
11. Where did the Toa-Olda come from? The Toa-Metru sailed to Mata-Nui from Metru-Nui. But the Toa-Olda came from space. Did the Toa-Olda come from another planet?
2Can't answer it, sorry. Not allowed.
3Interesting isn't it? I may have stumbled onto something. kakamanu:/NuvaPohatu.GIF' alt='NuvaPohatu.GIF'
1Here is a pm from GregF
2Hy i have a vew questions.
31. why isnt there going to be a Morbuzuken set?
4Because the Morbuzakh is the size of Metru Nui. A set of it would cost you a zillion dollars.
52. wath is the thing in the back of the toa metru poster?
6Can't answer it.
73. Wath kind of makd does turaga dume weres?
8Don't know, have not seen the set.
94. Do we know the tipe of rahi that nidawk is?
10I do.
115. Is Metru nui 1 great city? or do they have 6 divrent fillages like ta-metru?
12It's one big city with six different parts, like the boroughs of New York City.
136. In witsh metru (like koro) lives Turaga dume?
14Dume lives in the Coliseum, which is in the center of the city and not part of any one metru.
15Thank you for answering my questions
1Hi: It`s been a while.

21. Now that it`s january, I know that it would be too much to ask to tell us the new maska nd kanoka powers, so can you tell us what the names of the toa metru kanohi are?
3I am home, so I don't have that info at hand. They will be in the comic/magazine in a couple weeks.

42. I just want to clarify something. There are six novels, including the movie novelization, which is the fourth, in 2004. Right?
5That is the last plan that I heard, yes. As far as I am aware, that has not changed.

63. You mentioned there will be five sets of villains in 2004. If I am correct in assuming Morby is #1, and the undergrond female is #2, how many "sets" does the movie encompass? Is there a set in the two remaining novels?
7Morbuzakh is the only official '04 villain not to have a set. I am not counting the female villain as one of the five -- she would make it six -- because she is only in the Scholastic book and not in the story bible. And no, the final two novels are not even written yet -- all sets design for 2004 was completed early in 2003. We are doing set design for '05 now.
84.Is 2005 about the toa nuva or toa metru?
9Considering that I cannot discuss most of the '04 storyline, i certainly can't discuss '05 storyline.
105. THere is something I don`t understand about the celing. If the ko-metruan are stargazers, how can they see the stars if they are blocked by the celing? Are they real stars?
11Yes, there actually are stars below the ceiling. Makes no sense? Actually, it will to you someday.

126.Are the "suns" of metru nui actual stars, or are they just holes in the celing, spreading light from a single sun?
13As far as I know, the sunlight comes through the holes, not from stars below the ceiling.
147. How are there blue skies if there is a celing?

15Well, I could guess at an answer, but I am reluctant to do so because I could be wrong. I could also write it off as artistic license, but might be wrong there too. It is something I would have to talk to the story team about.
15. THere is something I don`t understand about the celing. If the ko-metruan are stargazers, how can they see the stars if they are blocked by the celing? Are they real stars?
2Yes, there actually are stars below the ceiling. Makes no sense? Actually, it will to you someday.

3Stars below the ceiling? Now how could that be? Maybe they are like things floating... this really confuses me.
15. THere is something I don`t understand about the celing. If the ko-metruan are stargazers, how can they see the stars if they are blocked by the celing? Are they real stars?
2Yes, there actually are stars below the ceiling. Makes no sense? Actually, it will to you someday.

3Stars below the ceiling? Now how could that be? Maybe they are like things floating... this really confuses me.

5Well there were a lot of lightstones in the under ground of Mata Nui, so they could be light stones in the rock of the ceiling. Seems logical to me.
1QUOTE 2In the bottom of this page it says "And why will six heros dare anything to possess them?" Will we find out more about this?

3I can give you the answer right now. They need the Great Disks to defeat the Morbuzakh.
5I thought it meant the type with ghosts :unsure:.
1Concerning the Sky:
2Heya Greg,
3I've noticed raptor and a few other members are rather confused about the stars in the Metru Nui sky.I have a thought that they are just clumps of Lightstones embedded in the rocks from Mata Nui, and seeing as they are so high up, they can appear light tiny points of light.
4How close am I here?

6That is a good theory, and it might even apply in some cases. But there are actual stars (or rather, what the Matoran PERCEIVE to be stars) that do change position, shoot across the night sky, etc. A lot of people I find get tripped up because they take things the Matoran say literally. Have to remember you are seeing the universe through their eyes, which is sort of like seeing our universe through the eyes of an ancient culture -- they see a physical phenomena and they interpret it and work it into their world view. So you are on the right track, QB, in your thinking -- by taking the approach of, "It looks like a star, but what else could it be?" That is how you have to think when you are dealing with Matoran.

8So I'm not too far off the mark. But I suppose we'll find out soon enough.
11. did Pahrak kal`s power cause him to melt, or did they simply melt him a hole in the ground, causing him to possibly fall to metru nui?
22. Lehvak kal is still alive, in orbit, right? Is he or PK ever going to be adressed again?
3I just got these same two questions from someone else. Yes, he may have melted his way down to Metru Nui .. he may also have melted THROUGH Metru Nui and be in the subterranean levels. He may also have melted all the way through the planet, though that is unlikely.
4Lehvak-Kal was never "alive" as we know life -- his krana was alive, he is artificial life. So if his krana survived, yes, he could still be active.
53.When the matoran find out that the stars aren`t real, is there a panic?
6Who says they ever do find out?
74. are the movements of these stars random, or controlled by someone?
8Well, if they were completely random, the Ko-Matoran would not be able to use them to predict the future.
95.Are the stars above mata nui real?
116. Are there other beings of the same species as mata nui and makuta?
12No idea. They are the only two I have heard of like that.

137. Will we learn how new matoran are born in 2004?
14Most likely no. I spoke with the story team about this before Christmas and was told that revealing it would ruin too much of the mystique or BIONICLE for no good reason, so they don't want me doing it.

11)What power does 7 stand for???
22)Do you know when the disk chart thing will be on line???

3I don't have the disk chart with me, I am home. But all the info should be out mid-month when the new comic ships.

14. are the movements of these stars random, or controlled by someone?
2Well, if they were completely random, the Ko-Matoran would not be able to use them to predict the future.

3I am particularly interested in this one.
4Lightstones can't move, right?
5Stars must be some sorta high-tech thing that radiates light energy... but what is it? energized protodermis? Who knows.
1hi greg: here are some questions:
21. there is a kind of rahkshi that has the power of plant controlling, so can it controll morbuzahk?
3That might be a difficult, since the Morbuzakh has a mind of its own.
42. there is also a rahkshi that has the power of rahi controll, so can it controll the rahk-nui? or the mana-ko?
5Yes, I would say that would be possible.
63. you said that the quest of finding the great disks is very hard for the toa metru, because they have to face the rahi's, and go against the vahki, why do the have to fight the vahki?
7Okay, I will give you info no one else knows yet. Getting the Great Disks involves the Toa going to places and doing things that the Vahki consider violating order. (For example, Vakama has to go into the fire pits, which are strictly forbidden.) So the Vahki follow their programming and move to pacify them.

84. if a toa nuva's power is 10, how strong are the toa metru?
9Easiest comparison is that the Toa Metru are the same power level as the Toa Olda.

10Thanks a million::

12WOW: Nuva are stronger then the metru:: 13rahkshi can controll rahi-nui:
1Finally: I was faster than Raptor: I asked first::LOL:
2Well, my theory wasn't right, anyway.
3Well, I have a few questions, if you don't mind.
41) Raptor has found out that thing with Pahrak Kal - he melted his way into a hole, melting dow, down and down... Into Metru Nui? Is Pahrak Kal in there?
5That is certainly possible.
62) Is Lehvak Kal alive, on the orbit? (somebody pointed out - a Green Star: )
7Well, Lehvak-Kal never was "alive" as we know life .. his krana was .. so if the armor was sufficient shielding for krana, yes, it is possible it is still alive.

83) QB PMed you about the lightstones on the roof of Metru Nui. You answered that the lights do, indeed, move. So, is it
93a) Some lightbugs or whatever's the name (you know the bugs with light coming out of their tails) ? It is said that animals and insects can predict many things (natural, mostly)
103b Spirits? (I have seen Final Fantasy : Spirits Within today ) It could be spirits, watching down the Matoran.
11Neither one.
12Thanks for any answered question, and have a nice '04:
13I think that it might be some artifical things, maybe. But I likes the flashbugs theory the most... It also killed my theory about the spirits...
14Heh, faster than a velociraptor::LOL:
1well hey gregf ive got a couple of questions for ya if its ok....

21.i recently saw a topic where a member ask this question: 3Where did the Toa-Olda come from? The Toa-Metru sailed to Mata-Nui from Metru-Nui. But the Toa-Olda came from space. Did the Toa-Olda come from another planet? 4and you answered:Can't answer it, sorry. Not allowed. 5and i wanted to know why this is so secret? is this vital storyline info?
6Yes, it is. When I can't answer something, it's because it's a revelation planned for later in the storyline. I am not on here to ruin surprises for people.

72 how many different kinds of creatures do you think are in the matennence tunnels?
8Oh, god, dozens.
93 could you give us any new info on the supposed "kanoka ball"?
10It's not a kanoka ball. It's a sphere formed by putting the two can lids together. I believe it is related to something in the movie.

114 now that a majority of the members have kanoka disks do you think you could plz tell me what the kanoka powers are?
12They will be in the comic in a couple weeks. I don't see any need to release them early.

135. it says the matoran (tehutti, orkham, etc) have dissapered.i presume the morbuzakh. why would it want them? what would it do to them?or with them?
14Don't be so sure the Morbuzakh is responsible for this. Keep in mind that one of the Matoran plans to betray the others and the city.
156. could you give us any info (at all) on these 2 characters, nedhiki and krekka? are they characters? or something else?
16No, I can't. They will appear in the Scholastic books early, at least Nidhiki will, but they do not make major appearances in the storyline until the movie and the sets don't come out until late summer. So it is too early to talk about them. But yes, they are characters.
177.i noticed something one the kanoka box pic. the kanoka launcher is red. are they released with a corresponding metru? or is it red just for demonstration purposes?
18I do not know what is behind the different colors of launchers, that was a production decision.
198. you have said since there is no water on metru-nui nokama has to manipulate liquid proto, can she use its powers? (i.e. transforming, making stuff like that)
219,is there any other sets besides the ones with their names release already?
22Can't answer it. First, because the set list was never supposed to be released, so i cannot comment on it. And second, because there are still talks going on about adding sets this year, so I do not have a final number.
2310.when will we see the new enemies? (the "akh's")
24They are in the comics and the novels first half of the year, and the sets come out in June or July, I think.
25thank you:

26See answers above.
27::u:/u.gif' alt='u.gif'::
1hy i got a few questions of the bionicle storyline
21. Can evry matoran become a toa?
3Only if it is their destiny to become a Toa.
42. are borokh transformed into kal or are kal made apart?
5They are Bohrok who have been mutated.
63.I heared that metru nui is overcoupled it that right?
7Overcoupled? I don't know what that means.

84. if yes, does it is made from a sort of galas
95.and how do you get out of Metru nui?
10You will have to wait for a movie to find that out.
116. Wairuha and Akamai what are they?
12The original Toa Kaita.
137. are the new sets the ones that end as akh Vahi?
14Can't answer it.
158. if yes are they the police?
169. if yes, Turaga Dume controles them right?
1710. if yes can Dume use them in evry way he wants?
18Turaga Dume is the leader of the Vahki, yes.
1911. The argives is evry rahi in it?
20Every Rahi that has appeared in Metru Nui, yes.
2112 are there more rahi than the first 2000 sets?
22Way more.
2313. if yes are they coming out?
24There is one Rahi set coming out this year, Nivawk.
2514. Is Krekka a Vahi or an matoran?
2715 is Nedhiki a colectible?
2916. is Nidawk a Nui-rama?
3117. when will the toa Metru come out?
33Thnx gregf
1Hi Greg:
21) You have said that in the movie that Matau tries out a veichle. Is the veichle made by Nuparu? If so will we see and hear the little guy?
3Yes, it is, and no, you won't. Nuparu shows up in the Scholastic books, he does not appear in the movie.

42) Do all Metruan masks fade to silver?
5Can't say, I have not seen how they are animated in the movie.

63) You have said that Matoran ride Kanoka through the chutes. Is this a picture of how they ride them?user posted image If not do they stand up and hold their arms out?
7Either or both.
84) Could you give me the reletive locations of the Moto-Hub in Le-Metru, The Knoledge towers in Ko-Metru, the great temple in Ga-Metru, the Po-Metru sculpure feild, and the great furnace in Ta-Metru, and the Onu-Metru archives? I am making a map and would like to label the spots.
9No, because we do not yet have a definitive map with those locations marked. It is still being developed.

11P.S. How were your holidays?

12Fine thanks.
13See answers above.
11. Were all Matoran weakened by Makuta, or only the ones that went to Mata Nui? Side question: did all of the Matoran go to Mata Nui? (I'm pretty sure you said you don't know the answer to that last one). I know you can't answer this, but no harm in asking.
2All Matoran who went to Mata Nui were weakened. Whether that was every single Matoran who ever existed on Metru Nui, I cannot say at this point.

32. Were those lumps in the old Toa Nuva picture supposed to be kraata? (HERE.).
4To be honest, I cannot remember what the answer to that question was. I did have one that I shared a long time ago, but it has been so long since anyone asked about the bumps that I have forgotten what it was.
5I don't remember that. . .
63. Can Makuta infect Rahi that do not wear Kanohi (like Kahu)?
7No. Makuta infects inorganic masks, he cannot infect a biomechanical being.
8Thought once he said they could be infected. . .
94. Are the typical pictures of Metru Nui and Mata Nui depicted as bottom is south, top is north, etc? That is, the same as most maps?
10That is how I see them, yes.

115. Could the Toa only form into Akamai and Wairuha after they received their Golden Kanohi?
12I think it would have been possible before then, but I don't think they would have been ready before then.
136. Do you have an official answer on whether Kanohi Rau would allow you to understand or speak other spoken languages?
14Official answer is yes.
15Cool: I wasn't sure about that. . .
167. We know that Kopeke changed masks because of a kolhii accident which damaged it. Would a Toa's mask be as easy to break? Or are higher-power masks also physically tougher? EDIT QUESTION: The Mask of Light book said that only a Toa's mask could stay intact in lava. Is this true? You mentioned the casting process once. . .
17Yes, Great Masks are tougher, but I would not want to leave any mask in molten protodermis too long. My guess, though, is that the flames of the Ta-Metru furnaces burn hotter than molten protodermis does, which would explain why masks can be melted in that and not automatically in lava.
18But then why would a Matoran mask melt?. . .
198. When the current (2003 style) Matoran return to Metru Nui, will they change into "Metruan" or stay as their current form? I hope they stay the same, otherwise those sets would be pointless. . .
20I would assume they will stay in '03 form, because I can't see how they would change. But that is a product design decision.
21Woohoo: Let's all cross our fingers for Matoran kits. . .
229. Is kolhii just a general word for "sport played with ball"? Because we have heard that there are many sports on Mata Nui, and every single one that involves a ball is called kolhii. There is movie-style, MNOLG style, old style. . . how many different variants can there be? We know that other sports (Ignalu, Huai, Ngalawa. . .) which do not use balls have different names. EDIT: In one of the books it was called kolhii-ball. What other types of kolhii are there? Was this done in preparation for disk kolhii, as it was originally going to be called?
23No, it wasn't done as a prep for disk kolhii, because the major disk sport did not exist until last May. I think it was simply done in the interest of keeping the number of new terms to a minimum.
24Isn't kolhii-ball a newer term than kolhii?. . .
2510. Will the Toa's disks (like Vakama's, and Matau's in the picture) ever be released as toys? I would really like to see them. . . EDIT: Wait, you said no. Darn. Promotions, maybe?. . .
26Possibly as promotions, that has been discussed. As far as I know, they are not in the product.

2711. This is my largest and most pressing question: why do the Toa always wear their primary masks? I could understand Kopaka wearing Akaku in his blizzardy terrain, or Pohatu needing speed in the open desert. But why does Gali need her Kaukau when she is trekking through the desert with Pohatu? Wouldn't it be more fitting for her to change masks to something suitable? Same with the other masks.
28Product identification, BM. The sets are shown and marketed wearing those masks. Thus it makes marketing sense to show them in those masks as much as possible so that a reader who says, "I want Gali:" doesn't get confused in the store by a picture of her showing a different mask.

29I would like to thank you again for being the best member on all of BZP. It's really kind of you to spend your time answering these questions.
30About the edits, I wrote the questions a long time ago but only got to send them now. You answered most of them in the time between. :unsure: