1Here some questions I aksed GregF:
2I have some questions about Onewa:
3How is Onewa said?
4Ah - new - wah
5The first comic about the Toa Metru had Onewa pretty kewl, will him and Vakama have some major arguments as it gets later on, possibly even a fight?
6They certainly argue.
7Does Onewa still have a grudge against Vakama now that he's a Turaga?
8No, I don't think so. A lot of years have gone by.

9Is there gonna be anyone else that Onewa won't get along with?
10Onewa really doesn't get along enormously well with anyone. He doesn't like Nuju or Whenua all that much either.
11In the comics, books and movie, does Onewa get some great fights?
12I do try to get him some good action scenes, he also comes up with some good plans.
13That's about it, thanx for answering.

14See answers above.
15Looks like Onewa is gonna rock: So far he's my fave Toa Metru:
1Sorry to keep bothering you but I am wondering some things.
21. Do the Turaga have elemental powers? (i.e.- Nuju is the Turaga of Ice)
3To a very limited extent.
42. What is the size of Dume? Is he small like the other Turaga or is he the size of Toa Vakama?
5No, he is the size of the Turaga.

63. How often do you visit ?
7Every day.
84. What planet is Mata/Meru Nui one? I hope Earth.
9We have never discussed what planet Mata Nui is on, it's not really relevant to the story at this point.
105. Do the BIONICLE characters eat? I'm wondering because Whenua calls protodermis the stuff of life, so the Toa must eat protodermis and because you need food to stay alive.
11Well, it is also the stuff of life because it is what everything is made of. The last theory I heard was that the Toa do not eat as we eat -- they absorb energy directly from things, without having to consume it. And in Metru Nui they got energy from the Great Temple, so they didn't have to eat at all.

126. Were the Toa Olda ever Matoran like the Toa Metru?
13No idea.
147. Are there plans for a seventh Toa Metru?
15Not that I know of, no.
168. A Toa becomes a Turaga after he/she completes his/her destiny. Shouldn't Takanuva be a Turaga by now? His destiny was to defeat Makuta which he obviously did in MoL.
17No. Because you don't automatically become a Turaga. You have to make a choice to sacrifice your Toa power for that to happen, and Takanuva has never had to face that choice yet.

189. Is there gonna be a Lhikan set?
19We are talking about it.
2010. What mask does Dume wear?
21Don't know, haven't seen the set.
2211. How do you pronounce Dume? Like the word doom?
2412. Are there any Bohrok on Metru Nui?
25Only in the Archives.
2613. Did the Metruans know about Mata Nui before going there or did they just gamble and take a chance by looking for a new land?
27No, they did not know of it.
2814. If a Kanohi Mask is infected, is there any way to disinfect it?
30That's it for now. Thanks:

1Hi again Greg, I have a few questions regarding the 2Bionicle storyline, I would understand completely if 3you cannot answer some:
41) The Rahkshi in comic #16 don't seem to have staffs, 5is this how it was supposed to be?
6Yes. That Rahkshi escaped from its stasis tube in the Archives. Matoran would not be so dumb at to cage a Rahkshi with its staff, so that it would have it if it escaped.
72) In this this picture there is something exiting the 8cavern in the background, is that a Vahki or Nidhiki?
9It's Nidhiki.
103) Does Toa Vakama carry a great Kanoka or is that 11his own custom built one? It seems to be transparent 12red.
13No, that is not a Great Disk. Great Disks have three digit codes with 9 as the last number.

144) Will the storyline ever return to Mata-Nui?
15The storyline will return to the Toa Nuva, but probably not to Mata Nui - the island is being abandoned by the Matoran.
165) Do Vahki have lot's of legs or just two? excluding 17the arms.
18I believe Vahki can walk on four legs or two.
196) How do the Vahki fly? Do they have a transport 20mode?
21Yes, they do.
227) Does the Morbuzahk reffer to itself as "us".
248) In "Mystery of Metru-Nui" someone, I've forgotten 25who it is, says: "The Vahki don't knock they brake 26doors down, they break doors down until they find the 27one you are hiding behind". Seems like they create 28disorder themselves, why do they do it?
29Why do police break down doors to find criminals? Because that's their job.

309) What kind of Kanoka do the Vahki have, the same 31ones as the Matoran? Or their own, with their own 32powers?
33Same as the Matoran.
34Thanks Greg:

35See answers above.

Orkahm the Cronicler
1Q. will the vahki become sets? 2A. yes over the summer 3Q. will the vahi play an important role in the 2004 story? 4A. Yes 5wierd what does the vahi have to do with anything in 2004?

6I think greg f thought you ment vakhi

7i did mean to say Vahki, i had asked the vahi question earlier

8The Vahi will play a role in the movie later this year. It was not a mistake. I just wanted to point that out.

10thanks, what i was trying to get at was what role it will play, but thanks anyways :)

1Hey Greg,
22.) They say that a Turaga can't use a level 8 Kanohi. But I was wondering, could a Turaga use a level 8 Kanohi to do level 7 things? Like, hypothetically, if Turaga Nokama got a hold of a level 8 Rau, could she still use the translation abilities she shows in the MoL, and just not be able to talk to Rahi? Or would it not work at all?
3No, it doesn't work that way. It would be like plugging a device that needs a 220 line into a 120 volt plug. There isn't enough juice to get it going. 4Thanks, Greg

51.) Well, then, could a Toa use a level 9 Kanohi?
6No idea -- up to this point in the story, there has never been a Kanohi made from a Great Disk.
72.) We see Matoran wearing Raus in Mata Nui and Metru Nui, and Turaga Nokama as well. They are all called Raus, and they all look the same. (Same deal with every other mask.) But Toa Nokama's Rau looks totally different. So, does this mean that the shape of the mask doesn't have anything to do with it's power, etc.?
8Not sure what the question is here. Toa Nokama's Rau looks different because it is Great Mask, and more powerful than the Noble Rau. You can tell it is a Great Rau BECAUSE the shape is different.
93.) Do you have a favorite Rahi?
10I have a lot of favorite Rahi.
114.) Did you say that your female villian (I forget her name) is a Rahi?
135.) Do you know which of the eight Kanoka powers will be used for the six level 9 Kanoka, and which will be from which Metru?
145b.) If you don't know, will we know soon?
15I have it written down in the office someplace.
16Thanks Greg

1More Q&A:

21. How come the Matoran didn't make all Kanoka great Kanoka?
3You mean the level 9 Great Kanoka? Well, we don't know the Matoran made those, and it's sort of like saying, "Why isn't every baseball player Barry Bonds?" Those are the ultimate disks, you can't just churn them out on an assembly line.

42. So Hahli is the new chronicler. Will she subscribe the cronicles on a WOH(wall of history) Metru?
63. Was there any Toa Metru before Lhikan?
7Not that I know of.
84. Did Makuta put Mata Nui to sleep with a surprise attack?
9Yes, I guess you could say that.
105. Will the Toa Metru fight the Vahki?
11They will probably have to.
126. What happens if a Vahki breaks down?
13It gets sent for repair.
147. Alright, Ko Matorans only care about the future. But Nuju cares about the tales of Metru Nui wich is in the past: Could you clear this up?
15Ko-Matoran in Metru Nui care only about the future. But when you are talking "tales of Metru Nui," you are talking about Nuju in the present. Thousands of years have gone by, Tacku - you can't expect everything about him will have stayed the same all that time. Plus he had a hand in keeping all this a secret .. and the reason Vakama is telling the tales is to prepare the Toa Nuva for the future.
168. On Bionicle.com, it says that the stage 6 Guurahk Kraata can reduce even proto to dust: So, could Guurahk rduce Metru Nui to dust?
17A little at a time, sure. But the odds are the Vahki would bring him down before he did too much damage.

18Now we know how long has gone sence Metru Nui... 1000 years.
1Hey, something about Makuta...
2Hello, Greg. Just some simple question about my good(or is it?) friend, Makuta.
31. Does he appear in the 2004 storyline?
42. Which races he's in? A Great Being? Or a Dark Hunter?

5At this point, there is no reason to believe he is in the '04 storyline. And he is not a Dark Hunter, he is beyond that, though how close he is to Mata Nui's power level is debatable.

7Well, well, well... Why don't Makuta have a reason to appear in 2004 storyline? I thought he's bad enough to became a Dark Lord... Or is it someone else?
1Another group of questions by Huta. B-)
2It's been a while since I sent you a message, hasn't it?
3{1}If a mask maker made a level 7 Noble Pakari, would it look different from the level 8 Pakari? The Level 8 kanohi worn by the Toa Metru look different than the ones worn by the Turaga.
5{2} Out of curiosity, how come you chose an enlarging Kanoka when Nuhrii shot the Morbuzakh Vine? You'd think making your enemy ten times larger wouldn't be that good of an idea.
6Nuhrii used the disk he had at hand. He didn't have a lot of time to root around. And in this case, it worked. If he had fired a shrink disk, Vakama would have been crushed.
7{3} Do the Matoran ever use the Kanoka in everyday life, for example if a couple Po-Metruan were unable to lift a huge statue, would one shoot himself with an enlarging kanoka so they could move it?
8They probably wouldn't shoot themselves, but they might hit the statue with a shrink disk to make it easier to move.
9{4} Which two Kanoka powers aren't represented by the Great Kanoka? There are six GK, and eight powers.
10I would have to check, I don't have the powers chart at my fingertips.
11{5} What level was the disk Nuhrii used against that vine in the comic? It must have been fairly high, it had alot of effect.
12Oh, probably a 6 or 7.
13{6} The CGI pictures we have of the Morbuzakh show a boney, almost archnid vine, but the comics show it like a large squid-like thing, like Makuta used in 2001. What does it really look like?
14The CGI pictures show one of the smaller vines. The comic shows one of the bigger vines.
15{7} Will the upcoming movie chage the metruan and Toa Metru like the MoL did?
16Yes. Changes have to get made to make the characters work in a movie.
17{8} Metru Nui doesn't seem like a place that would stand for wastefulness, so why would mask makers like Nuhrii make masks they can't use? Would they give them to Toa Lhikan?
18Who says they do? Matoran masks are set aside because more Matoran are coming into being all the time. They don't make a ton of Great Masks, simply because there are not that many level 8 Kanoka going around.
19{9} Takua has an entire squad of Vahki watching only him? Gee: Does he get teased alot about that?
21{10} If you learn something and keep praticing it, like piano, you usualy get better, or at least stay the same rather get get worse at it. The Toa Metru obviously have great mental discipline, than how could they lose it when they become Turaga, and become confined to Noble Masks?
22Turaga do not have the power of Toa. Putting a Great Mask on a Turaga is like plugging a device that needs 220 power into a 120 volt socket. The juice just isn't there to make it work. When the Toa become Turaga, they have to sacrifice their Toa power, and managing the power of a Great Mask is one of the things they lose.
23{11} The Toa Metru don't search for Kanohi like the Toa Olda and Nuva do, then could someone make them extra kanohi to help them in their quests?
24Yes, but they're not going to in the story.
25{12} Poison must be a fairly common problem in Metru Nui, considering they have a Kanoka dedicated to only cureing it. How do Metruan get poisoned?
26From Rahi, usually.
27{13} Would a Toa Metru or Nuva be able to control a level 9 Kanohi? It would obviously take greater mental control.
28At this point in the story, no Kanohi has ever been made from a Great Disk, so there's no way to answer that.
29{14} Can the Vahki feel pain, or are they numb, painless machines?
30I doubt they can feel much in the way of pain. They're machines.
31{15} Red has mainly been the poster boy in BIONICLE, except for black way back in the beginning. Then how come they showed an Onu-Metru Vahki in that poster?
32Don't know, I didn't draw the poster.

33{16} When the Matoran arrive back in Metru Nui, will they continue to play Kolhii, or abandon it for the disk game?
34Might play both.
35{17} You said Metruan had time off. If a Vahki saw one not working, would they pacify him/her, or would they know they were off-duty?
36The Vahki know who is on-shift and who isn't.
37{18} Ok, this isn't a BIONICLE question, but do you know if LEGO will continue the Adventurers line? That was my favorite.
38You mean the Johnny Thunder stuff? Well, we did Orient Expedition last year, I am sure he will be back again eventually.

40I sent him another message with more info on #1 and a new question, so keep reading.

41{1}If a mask maker made a level 7 Noble Pakari, would it look different from the level 8 Pakari? The Level 8 kanohi worn by the Toa Metru look different than the ones worn by the Turaga.

43That brings up another question.
44For lack of a better word, let's suppose there are twelve 'species' of Kanohi, Huna, Matatu, Hau, Akaku, etc. How come the Matoran versions of the species Akaku look identical to the Level 8 version of that mask, yet the matoran version of the species Matatu looks looks identical to the Level 7 version of that species? Why aren't there any matoran masks that look like a level 8 Matatu and a level 7 Akaku?
45Oh, and another question comes to mind. The Toa Olda seem more in tune with their elements, as they never have to worry about running out of elemental energy, their tools reflect their elements, and their tools are the focus of their elemental powers, compared to Toa Vakama's Disk launcher, which is just that, a tool. You mentioned the reason the Toa Metru look better than the Toa Olda is because the Olda may have been made before the Metru, then how come the Metru aren't as good with their elements?

47Second question is easy. We know nothing about the Olda's history .. what if their time on Mata Nui was NOT the first time they have been active as Toa? Or what if they were never Matoran and were Toa from the start? They may have a great deal more knowledge and experience than we know of. They may have chosen to become Toa, if they did, which the Matoran did not.
48And how do you know none of the masks you described exists? Just because we haven't shown them doesn't mean those masks do not exist for Matoran.

50So I can make a matoran version of Toa Onewa without violating the storyline:? Cool: :drool: And the Toa Olda just keep getting more mysterious.
1Can you tell me something about krahka? 2i want know more about him:
1hey Green guy :)
2you have to PM Greg with a question, and then post the answer.
3go to the top of the screen and click the "mycontrols" button, then, on the left side of the screen, find the "compose new message" button, gregs user name is Gregf, so, PM your question, and when he answers, post his answers here so that the rest of us can see them.
1QUOTE 2In comic 16 Onewa calls Vakama a "firespitter." Isn't that

3A. What Lewa called Takua and Jaller in MoL?
4B. Treespeak?

5It may well have originated as treespeak, I am not sure. But if it did, keep in mind that Le-Matoran travel all over Metru Nui to repair chutes, haul cargo, etc., and Matoran in other metru could have picked up some of their expressions. Happens in the real world all the time.
1Here's my questions: 2Hi Greg.Great books and comics.I was wondering about these questions: 31. If the disk that comes with Vakama is not a great disk, then why does it have his mask on it?
4It's a Toa disk. Six of them were found in the suva where the Toa found their tools. The presence of his mask is a hint that these six Matoran were pre-destined to become Toa. Great Disks do not have Toa masks on them.
52. Do the combiners of the toa metru play a role in the comics or movie?I think that Onewa,Vakama, and Matau combiner is Nidhiki and maybe the other one is either Krekka or it is Krahka?Is this true?
6No, Nidhiki and Krekka have their own sets coming out in the summer. The combiners will play a role in the Scholastic books, maybe in the comics, not in the movie.

73. Do Krahkan and Krahka have any realation?

94.The vahi that will be used later in the storyline, is it the same vahi that Vakama gives Tau?
115.Can you give us a hint of what the movie is about?Because if it has no morbuzahk I think it might be about the dark hunters and krahka.
12No, Krahka is not in the movie. Krahka is a villain I created for the third Scholastic novel, and that is the only place she is appearing this year. And no, I can't discuss movie plot.
136.About how many dark hunters are on metru nui?
14Two that we know of.
157.Can you tell us how Takua gets Pewku?Because it is Orkahm's favorite ussal.Or is this movie related and cannot be told?
16No, it's not movie-related, but it's not a story that has been written yet.

178.In your book,Mystery of MetruNui, Whenua releases a kane-pen[or something like that on the rahkshi.He said it would be easy to cage the kane thing again.If it could be at the rahkshi wouldn't it be reasonable that it would be harder to cage than the rahkshi?
18It releases a Muaka on the Rahkshi. And Muaka are savage and nasty, but they don't have ranged powers like Rahkshi do. As long as it doesn't get close to you, you can take it down, like the Toa did in 2001.

199.Can you tell us the power of Krahka?
20No, I am keeping that secret so people will buy the book.
2110. Are the names Nurhii and Tuhetii in MNOG1 ? When I heard the names for them in the sets it rang a bell somewhere.
22Not in 1, I think they are in 2.

2311.Is Ahkcmou's personality to be a traitor.Because he betrade the toa metru and hes comet ball traitor.
24Ahkmou looks out for himself.
2512.Where did Ahckmou go after comet ball trator?Does he go back to MetruNui?If he doesn't what does he do on matanui?Does it affect the storyline?
26He is still around in MNOLG2, so I assume he would go back to Metru Nui with the rest of them.
2713.How can you identify a great disk?Is the level 9 or the power[like teleport etc.?I forgot.
28Look at the three-digit code. If the last digit is 9, it's a Great Disk.
2914.How many comis will there be for the metrunui series?
30Well, we have six scheduled for this year, and then we will see how much longer the saga goes.

31Thanks for your time:

32See answers above.

1QUOTE 2Was toa lhikhan ever a matoran? if so would his name be lhii? at shop mata-nui with the jala there's said that lhii was the best surver.

3Lhikan is Lhii, we had to change the name for legal reasons. As for what his past was, I don't have any info on that.
2Hi Greg, I have a few more questions that I need to 3ask you, I would understand completely if you cannot 4answer some:
51- Are there Kraata in the Archives?
6It wouldn't surprise me.
72- Do they have Vahki in the Archives? As displays and 8not guards.
9Not that I know of.
103- Do the Rahkshi on Metru-Nui travel in packs?
11In general, no. Rahkshi are a lot like velociraptors -- they are just as apt to fight with each other as outsiders.
124- Do the Vahki have vehicles?
13Yes, in fact one figures prominently in the movie.
145- How much do the Matoran know about the Bohrok? 15Since they do have them under Metru-Nui as well.
16Very little.
176- A quote from Huta's post in the official Greg discus- 18sion, from you: "...new Matoran are comming into 19being all the time...". All the time as in every day, year, 20month? From the great temple in Ga-Metru?
21No, not from the Great Temple. And as often as more are needed, I would assume.
227- So the Vahki have "hives", as stated by you, but 23where would these hives be?
24There are hives in every metru.
258- How do Vahki communicate?
26Well, since they are mechanical, my feeling would be they communicate with each other through sonic signals too high-pitched for Matoran to hear.
279- Who makes and repairs the Vahki?
2910- Concerning an earlier question I asked, do some 30Vahki have four legs and others have two? Or do they 31all have to legs but can walk on all fours?
32The latter is correct.
3311- Do the Vahki's Kanoka look like the Matoran's?
3512- Which Kanoka power do Vahki use, any specific? 36Because some seem too destructive and dangerous 37to the city.
38No, they use whatever they need to use.
3913- Do the Vahki make any noise? How can someone 40tell that they are comming?
41Well, they don't really want you to know they're coming, so they don't need to make noise.
42Thanks again Greg, it's good to have you on here, 43have a good week.

44See answers above.

46Sorry, I have one more question that I forgot to 47include in the last batch I just sent. It's regarding 48this question a member asked you, and your reply:
49"5. Do the BIONICLE characters eat? I'm wondering because Whenua calls protodermis the stuff of life, so the Toa must eat protodermis and because you need food to stay alive.
50Well, it is also the stuff of life because it is what everything is made of. The last theory I heard was that the Toa do not eat as we eat -- they absorb energy directly from things, without having to consume it. And in Metru Nui they got energy from the Great Temple, so they didn't have to eat at all. "
51So my question is, did all of the inhabitants go to the 52Great Temple every day to re-fuel, so to speak?
53Thanks again Greg, I'll make sure this doesn't happen 54again.

55As I said, that is theory -- it came from the story bible writer, not the head of the story team, so it may not be official. As such, we haven't sat down and mapped out frequency, etc.

11. In another question you said that more matoran are created as needed. Does this mean that matoran are created by other matoran in factories like Vahki?
2I can't answer it -- Bob Thompson does not want how Matoran are created to be revealed.
32. Do the bohrok swarms come from below even metru nui?
4There are Bohrok nests beneath Metru Nui, does not mean they come from below Metru Nui.

53. Is there a kind of "Ultiamte Bahrag" That all the swarms/bahrag obey?

74. Do Lhikan and Dume know each other from the past?
8Well, they know each other in the present, I have no info on their backgrounds or past history with each other.

95. Will we learn why Mata Nui is protecting the matoran? We know he does, but, for what reason?
116. Will we learn the origin of mata nui and makuta?
12Someday, I'm sure, not this year.

13BTW, I checked, and you can use multiple eight-digit codes and get 180 points each time.
14See answers above. 15Greg
16SWEET: Helloooooo Eight digit code index:: :D
1It's been a while. Did you miss me? :)
21. I just read the Mystery of Metru Nui book, and in one statement, it says "The spiderlike form of the Vahki." But in the comic, it shows the Vahki almost like a Matoran shape. Why is that?
3The only place the Vahki appears in the comic is way up in the sky above Nokama .. I don't think you can get a good idea of its shape from that panel, especially since the artist did not have a model to draw from.
42. How big is a Vahki?
5Bigger than a Matoran.

63. What does Krekka look like?
7You will have to wait and see.
84. To me, Krahka sounds like Krekka. Any relation?
105. When can you tell us what the Toa Metru lid balls do?
11Around the movie, I think.
126. When will we see Makuta put Mata Nui to sleep?
13Don't know if that is going to be actually shown.

14See answers above.
1Hi greg:
21. is krahka the female villian?
41b. you said that she was a rahi, so she's a very intelligent rahi, right?
62. you said the vahi that played a roll in the later storyline was tahu's vahi, so is it tahu that used it?
7It is the same Vahi Tahu had, but remember that Vahi was given to him by Vakama. Tahu is not in this storyline.

83. are there any vahki gaurding he archives?
104. is the Ahkmou in mata-nui the same as the one in metru-nui?
11I believe so.
125. is it possible for the bohrok beneath metru-nui be awaken, and attak metru-nui?
13No, they have no programming related to Metru Nui. Their programming relates to Mata Nui.

146. takua was takanuva, but why does every one say that takua was watched by a squad of vahki?
15There is a half-joke in the first novel, I think, about Takua wandering off from his job so much that he has a Vahki squad assigned just to him.
166b.and why does the vahki go watching takua?
17See answer to 6.
187. Hahli is the new chronicler, will she play an inportant roll in the future like takua?
19Yes, she may.
208. I'm confused, is the '04 storyline all told by vakama? or they all go to metru-nui, and fight the villians again?
21The whole of '04 is about the Toa Metru. It's all flashback.

228b. if the storyline is about they all go to metru-nui, and fight the villians again, how come the toa turn in to turaga? they didn't complete there destiny:
23I don't understand your question. The Toa Metru became Turaga long before the Toa ever arrived on Mata Nui. They did complete their destiny.
249. witch villian will show up in the movie?
25Can't discuss movie plot.

2610. if toa metrus power are 10, how stong is a vahki?
27Vahki are very powerful, they just have different powers. They do not have elemental powers, their powers affect the mind.
28that's all, thanks:
1ok i just sew that weird thing in the cd promo(get in here and the second last picture down)
2It looks like a building to me.
31)what is the shade of some one on the side? is he wearing an akaku nuva or something else?(i think it's nuju but never mind)
4Looks like Nuju to me.
52)what is that machine there? is it going to be a set?
6No, there are no non-character sets coming out.
7now diffrent questions
83) who built the vahki? the matoran couldnt posably create such a thing spaicelly not in such mass numbers
9Sure they could. Why couldn't they? Humans churn out thousands of cars every year.
104) about the thing behind whenua in the picture from the press kit you said to some people it was nedhiki but to me you said it was a vahki what was it?
11It's Nidhiki.
125) are the vahki four legged or two legged?
13They can walk on two legs or four legs, as they need to.

147)how strong is a vahki? how many would it take to defiet a toa?
15They are fairly strong, but their main power is not physical strength. It's their stun staffs.
168)did the vahki ever fought nedhiki and krekka as a group or one before? if so who won?

189)what excacly is a dark hunter? an orgenazision? merchinarys? or just survents like the rahkshi were
19Can't discuss it yet.
2010) metru nui has a power plant what to they need power for? they dont have tv's or computers and all their light is from light stones
21They need power to run the machinery, like the consoles that oversee the protodermis vats or control the flow of the chutes.
2211)is ko metru all knowlege towers or does it have somethings else like snow fields and stuff
23It is pretty much all Knowledge Towers. The only really wild and barren part of the city is in Po-Metru.
2412) how are matoran mask makers i thought you said that even if given the right tools they wouldnt know how to make masks besides it would have been cooler if there was a great bieng making them
25No, I may have said that about Matoran on Mata Nui, because they don't have the raw materials there to make masks. On Metru Nui, they do have it. Vakama was a mask maker, and a good one.
2613)vakama was a mask maker. didnt he ever thought what would happened if he made his toa disk into a mask? can you even make a mask from a toa disk?
27No, not as far as I know. It doesn't have a code. If he made a mask from his Toa disk, it would be a Mask of Fire, and he already has fire power, so what would he need it for?

1I'm pretty confused about the general storyline right now,and the main area of confusion is Toa Lhikan. I know he is Lhii, the legendary Matoran surfer, in Toa form, but otherwise I'm in the dark. Could you explain who or what Lhikan is too the extent of info we already know/are allowed to tell?
2Thankee, 3Polo

4There is not a lot to tell, Polo. Toa Lhikan was a Toa in Metru Nui before the Toa Metru came into being. He was kidnapped by Dark Hunters, which is why he is not around when the Matoran first become Toa.
5The whole story of him being a Matoran on Mata Nui was made up by the Turaga -- because Jaller does have some connection to him, and they couldn't tell the truth about him because then they would have to reveal all about Metru Nui, which they did not want to do.
6Lhikan's story is a big part of the movie, so I can't reveal anything more about this.

11)I'm getting confused, which is the Dark hunter: Nivawk or Nedihki?
2Nidhiki is a Dark Hunter. Nivawk is a Rahi.

32)Do Matoran become Dark Hunters or what?
4We haven't revealed any information on who the Dark Hunters are or how they came to be.

53)Are the Dark Hunters all bad, or do they have some importance or relevance to Metru Nui, or are they simply villans?
6Two are in the story this year and they are both evil.

74) Does Krahka play an important role or is she something that the Toa Metru run in to while they're looking for the Great Disks?
8The Krahka shows up in the third Scholastic novel, which is set after the Morbuzakh storyline and before the movie story.

95) Let's say I have an Adaptation Rahkshi with a level 6 Kraata, and I dump it in open water a mile deep, and incredibly far from land and leave it there, could it develop fins and gills and such, or just become a good swimmer, without any physical changes?
10Yes, either one is possible.

116) Same if I drop it from a great height, could it develop wings?
12Wings is probably unlikely in the time allowed, but gliding is a possibility.

137) In this picture, we see the Morbuzahk wrecking a pipe, is that a branchlike part of the Morbuzahk or what?
14It's a thin vine.

158) Will we ever see images of the Po-Metru Rahi, Tunnelers?
16No idea. At this point, they only show up in BIONICLE Adventures 2: Trial By Fire. I am making up lots of new Rahi for the books.

179) Will we have to read the books to understand the 2004 storylines? I just don't want to be confused by contradictions.
18There aren't any contradictions between the books and the comics, because I am writing both. And no, you don't have to read the books to follow the story, you can still follow it in the comic -- the important stuff will all be in the comic. The books just go into more depth.

1910) Is there a reason we never saw Guurahk use his powers in Mask of Light?
20Probably because there just wasn't time in a 70 minute movie.

2111) On the subject of MoL, did you notice we saw Pohatu use his tools, but not his elemental powers, and Onua use his elemental powers, but not his tools?
22Yes. Again, there were probably scenes cut out for length.

2312) When a Kraata becomes a Rahkshi, how does the staff develop? From the mouth, out of the spine, from the hands...etc.
24I would say it comes out of the hand of the armor.

2513) What creature on Earth would you say a Kraata is most like, worm, snake, slug?
26I always thought of them as formidable slugs, myself.

2714) Do you know when we'll see a teaser or trailer for the next movie?
28Not offhand, no.

Polo X
1I'm pretty confused about the general storyline right now,and the main area of confusion is Toa Lhikan. I know he is Lhii, the legendary Matoran surfer, in Toa form, but otherwise I'm in the dark. Could you explain who or what Lhikan is too the extent of info we already know/are allowed to tell?
2Thankee, 3Polo

4There is not a lot to tell, Polo. Toa Lhikan was a Toa in Metru Nui before the Toa Metru came into being. He was kidnapped by Dark Hunters, which is why he is not around when the Matoran first become Toa.
5The whole story of him being a Matoran on Mata Nui was made up by the Turaga -- because Jaller does have some connection to him, and they couldn't tell the truth about him because then they would have to reveal all about Metru Nui, which they did not want to do.
6Lhikan's story is a big part of the movie, so I can't reveal anything more about this.

8So the Turaga lied to Jaller by saying that Lhikan was a Matoran...
9I wonder how does Jaller remember that :huh:
1not nessesary to lie to Jaller, but to lie to the rest of them on his behalf
2and who knows, Lhikhan might be a terrific lava surfer.
1QUOTE 2Hi greg not many questions today.
31.In the new pictures in the news the furnaces seem pretty big already, how much bigger is the great furnace?
4Well, the king root that's inside it is over 1000 feet high.
52.I cant really see any chutes above the water in ga-metru but have noticed them underwater, do the dive into them from buildings like in ga-koro and go through the water in chutes?
6Good question. I will ask.
73.Who is the shadowy figure in the last pic of the news update?
8Which news update are you referring to?
94. And in that same pic, what is that black gray thing with the blue eye?
105.Where in ta-metru are the fire pits?
11There will be a more detailed map in the March comic showing the location.
126.How many vahki would you say are there all together on the whole island?
13Hundreds, easily.
147.Does krekka have some sort of explosive power because in the ga-metru picture (in the news) we see broken glass with black around the edge?
15I don't believe Krekka had anything to do with that.
168.In the le-metru pic we see a small vehicle with movie pewku legs and a shortened rahkshi back, what is it?
17Are you asking about the CD-ROM pics?
189.Will orkham have young pewku( forget the name) like onepu or old pewku like takua, and will the names be the young puku (i think its this) or the old pewku?
19We cannot go back to Pewku's old name, because of legal reasons. And since there are no plans to show Pewku in the movie, you can picture him however you like.
20That should be all for now. 21Thanks in advance 22Shadow Master

23See answers above.
1Well there's only two questions here but I don't like to pester people with large slabs of questions :P .
2QUOTE 31. Are the disks that the mc'donalds matoran have kanoka? If so what power level are they?
42. Does toa Lhikan have elemental powers?

51. No. If they were, they would have codes. They are mock-ups of the Kanoka disks made from bamboo.
62. Yes.
1Okay, I have some questions that are bugging me.
2#1: Does the 2004 story take place before or after Mata Nui was put to sleep?
3He is still awake at the start of the story. More than that I can't say.
4#2: I Makuta on Metru Nui
5There is no evidence at this point that Makuta has anything to do with the 2004 story or Metru Nui.
6#3: Did Mata Nui make Metru Nui and Mata Nui?
7Can't answer it
8#4: How do the Dark Hunters have any relation to the Morbuzakh.
9They don't.
10#5: Is there a huge bulb or something powrful near the top of the Morbuzakh? Or is it just like a nasty fire-immune vine?
11No. It's a huge root.
12#6: What is the official 2004 Matoran name? Like in 2001 we had Tohunga, in 2002 they became Matoran. So, do the ones from Metru Nui have any other name?
13We are calling them Matoran, because we can't use the term Tohunga and it would be too confusing to have yet another name for them.

14#7: Why is Ahkmou going along with the Dark Hunters' plans?
15Because Ahkmou thinks about his own self-interest, first, last and always.
16#8: Will Lhikan be a set?
17We are talking about it, not sure if it will happen.
18#9: Was Makuta ever on Metru Nui?
19Can't answer it.
20#10: It says that Makuta followed Mata Nui from Paradise, is Metru Nui the paradise?
21Can't answer it.

22#11: So, was Mata Nui put to sleep while on Mata Nui? And why did he take them from Metru Nui?
23Can't answer it. But I can tell you that no one lived on the island of Mata Nui before the Matoran got there.
24#12: Are the voices used in the Mask of Light being used in the 2nd movie?
25Doubtful, since the second movie is totally different characters.
Takua11 Nuva

1#6: What is the official 2004 Matoran name? Like in 2001 we had Tohunga, in 2002 they became Matoran. So, do the ones from Metru Nui have any other name?
2We are calling them Matoran, because we can't use the term Tohunga and it would be too confusing to have yet another name for them.

3#12: Are the voices used in the Mask of Light being used in the 2nd movie?
4Doubtful, since the second movie is totally different characters.

5WEll 12 i just cant understand Wy? vous we saw a picture of kopaka standing in the shots o the cd:)
6And i thought it were metruan
Orkahm the Cronicler
Takua11 Nuva

1#6: What is the official 2004 Matoran name? Like in 2001 we had Tohunga, in 2002 they became Matoran. So, do the ones from Metru Nui have any other name?
2We are calling them Matoran, because we can't use the term Tohunga and it would be too confusing to have yet another name for them.

3#12: Are the voices used in the Mask of Light being used in the 2nd movie?
4Doubtful, since the second movie is totally different characters.

5WEll 12 i just cant understand Wy? vous we saw a picture of kopaka standing in the shots o the cd:)
6And i thought it were metruan

7No, that person standing there is Nuju.
1It cant be GregF said it but i still dont belive it Nuju got his lens at the otherside and his iceaspikes are not blades:
1Well here's what Greg told me-

3If the Vaki pacify Matoran who are not working and send them back to work is that like slavery?

4That is a good question and I am sure would make for a good BZP debate. This is how I see it: I have a job I go to every day. If I wander off all the time and don't do my work, no Vahki will chase after me .. but I will probably get fired eventually. Then they will have to replace me.
5On Metru Nui, it's important that work gets done to keep the city running. There isn't time to bring in new Matoran and train them in jobs always, so the Vahki make sure that the people doing the jobs do them. The Matoran don't hate their jobs and they know they are important ... and they know that during your work time, you are supposed to work. The Vahki are there, in part, to make sure that happens.
6Greg [QUOTE

7Thanks Greg:
Orkahm the Cronicler
1It cant be GregF said it but i still dont belive it Nuju got his lens at the otherside and his iceaspikes are not blades:

2And that is something I will ask Greg.
3BTW, Metruan is not an official name. It's a name BZPers gave to the Metru Nuian Matoran.
1QUOTE 2Hi greg just afew more, afew being reasked.
3Quote 47.Does krekka have some sort of explosive power because in the ga-metru picture (in the news) we see broken glass with black around the edge?
5Krekka had nothing to do with that damage.
61. sorry i ment nedhiki im getting confused with the two, so does NIDHIKI have any explosive power?
7Nidhiki does have an energy power, yes.
82.(earlier i was tlaking about this news update) so what is that hing in the last pic with the blue eye thjng and yellow mouth?
9No idea -- it's nothing I created -- could be a structure, not a creature.

103. I know he doesnt but its worth an ask, does lhikan have the power of light or shadow? just a yeas or no.
11No, neither.
124.Does lhikan have the power of fire, water, ice, rock, earth or air? IF you cant be specific just say yes or no.
13I can't answer it, sorry.

145. in the same link from 2 are the things flying around in the ta-metru pic, airships?
15Quite possibly.
166.IF a mask was to be made from a toa disk, would it have the same affect on a matoran as the mask of light did to takua, they seem like they could?
187.Have you decided on an official title for the 04 movie? if yes what is it, if you can say?(because im really getting confused with so many different titles)
19Actually, we were just told this morning that the new title has not been approved by legal yet, so we are not supposed to announce it publicly. But I can tell you Mask Maker will not be the title.
208. What do the vahki NORMALLY walk on two legs or four?
21Normally? Two.
229.Are the vahki vehicles big or small compared to the vahki?
23Oh, big. They can fit several Vahki and cargo.
2410. How many "leg things" do they have or do they hover?
25That I cannot answer, because it is being depicted in the movie, so I have not seen a final version yet.
2611.in the link in 2 what is that samll vehicle in the first le-metru pic?
27I'm not sure what you are asking about -- there is a Le-Metru pic with Matau in it, but I don't see any vehicle. And the other pics are Ga-Metru and Ta-Metru, not Le-Metru.

28Thats all for now. 29Shadow Master

30See answers above.
1This is what I said. 2After the "Giant Flashback", are we going to see present day Metra Nui?
3This is what Greg said. 4Eventually, we will return to the Toa Nuva and present day Metru Nui yes.
1I asked GregF a few questions and heeeeeeeeeere they are:
21. You said that the Matoran were brainwiped when the went to Matu-Nui, so why weren't the Turuga brain washed?
3The Turaga had been Toa, so their willpower was greater than an average Matoran's. They were better able to resist Makuta's power.
42. Where did the Bohrok go? They were in the Bohrok-Kal storyline but then they dissapeared. And if the Bohrok can't function without Krana then they still have them inside right, So why are they helping the Toa? Aren't the Bahrag in control of the Krana?
5Okay, here's the deal. It says in one of the Kal comics that all the Bohrok returned to their nests to await the next signal, once the Bahrag were freed. When the Bohrok were captured by Toa, their krana were removed and Nuparu reprogrammed them to help rebuild the villages. Bohrok minus krana don't drop over dead, they just wander around aimlessly.

63. How are Rahkshi Made? In Gali Gee's Epic she says that they were put into the protodermis in the center of Makuta's Chamber. But in The Movie you see the Kratta go into tubes and burst out as Rahkshi. Since Takanuva went onto the pillars and mislead Makuta into destroying them, I guess the Rahkshi are not possible to make anymore.
7There are two steps to Rahkshi creation. Kraata are put into energized protodermis, which converts them from organic beings into inorganic armor. Another kraata of the same type must then go inside the armor to start it up and direct it. That is what Makuta was doing in the movie. The armor already existed in the tubes, which were basically just storage tubes -- he was introducing the control kraata. So yes, Rahkshi could still be made if Makuta were around to make them.

84. How are Kaita's created? In a comic for the Bohrok-Kal the Bohrok-Kal turn into a Kaita instantly to challenge Wairuha Nuva, But in the episodes on Bionicle.com it seems that it takes a long period of time for the Toa to unite.
9In the original Matoran comic, the joining of the Matoran happens very fast too. I am not sure why the web looks the way it does, maybe for dramatic effect. But my take on it is this. If you are in an extreme crisis and have to become Kaita, you don't have an hour to do it, because your enemy will strike you down while you are merging. So it has to happen quickly.
10Hope those aunser some of your questions and thanks Greg for aunserin them:
1Here's some I asked GregF:
2Hey Greg, got a few questions:
3Can you tell me anything about what Krekka looks like?
5Which one is the leader out of Nidhiki and Krekka?
6Nidhiki pretty much is, because he is way smarter. Krekka is the muscle.
7Vakama and the others don't seem to trust the Toa Nuva much, why is that? Is it cause they were betrayed before, by possibly Lhikan?
8It does have to do with their past experiences, yes.
9Is the Vahi the center of the new movie like the Mask Of Light was for the first movie?
10The Vahi plays a role, but it is not the central focus of the movie by any means.
11Thanx for answering:

12See answers above.

21.) 3Me: 4Are you really the one who writes all of the BIONICLE comics? If so, you are like a GOD to me:::
5GregF: 6Yes, that's me.

72.) 8Me: 9For the sake of the further exictence of BIONICLE, when you get too old to write BIONICLE, will you pass on the job to someone else, or just let it...die?
10GregF: 11(Waiting for reply Will post when received.)

1QUOTE 2QUOTE 311.in the link in 2 what is that samll vehicle in the first le-metru pic?
4I'm not sure what you are asking about -- there is a Le-Metru pic with Matau in it, but I don't see any vehicle. And the other pics are Ga-Metru and Ta-Metru, not Le-Metru.

5They mean the thing in the bottom right hand conner in the first pic. Well what is it, a control pannel perhaps?

6I believe that is a console, probably to monitor chute pathways. I doubt it is a vehicle because I wrote those games and did not have a vehicle in his house.
1Do the Toa Metru carry their Toa disks around, or do they leave them in the Great Temple? 2My feeling is they put them somewhere safe, since Vakama was the only one with a disk launcher.
3Are the Toa disks one-time use, or reusable, like the Kanoka? 4Reusable.
5A. Will the Toa disks play a big part in the storyline? 6B. If so, when? 7Possibly later on, but not in the movie.
8Do the individual Toa disks have individual names, like Vakama disk, Matau disk, etc.? 9No.
10When will the Rahi Nui show up? 11Not until end of the year, probably.
12What type of energy powers do the Dark Hunters have? Or can't you go into that yet? 13I really can't.
148.In the Le-Metru pic we see a small vehicle with movie Pewku legs and a shortened Rahkshi back, what is it? 15Are you asking about the CD-ROM pics?

16Yes, he was. The picture is here, the first one down. 17I don't believe that is a vehicle. I wrote those games, and I made no mention of there being a vehicle in the Matoran's home. My guess is it is some form of console.

18Well, I'm glad I got somewhere with the Toa disks--nothing all that important this time, though.
19-Master of the Rahkshi
1this is old and long, but theres some good info in it.
2QUOTE 3QUOTE 4QUOTE 5QUOTE 6QUOTE 7QUOTE 8QUOTE 9QUOTE 10QUOTE 11QUOTE 12QUOTE 13QUOTE 14QUOTE 15QUOTE 16QUOTE 17QUOTE 18QUOTE 191. can you tell me all the toa metrus personas?
20I have already done some of them here and there, and I am sure they are up on BZP in my database or someplace. Would take too long to list all six.
212. would it be possible for rahi to be krana'd?
22Yes, I suppose so.
232b. if yes to above why werent they?
24Why bother? They were no threat to the swarms.
253. can you tell me anything about turaga dume? like how to pronounce it? (preferably a bio)
274.in metru nui do they still have legends? imean, once humans discovered tech. we lost sight of our myths.
295.will takanuva ever act like takua again?
30Takanuva is Takanuva now, he can't go back to being a Matoran.
316. where did the kanohi nuva on the island come from?
32Same place the Kanohi came from.
33thanks in addvance. oh, and please respond to my makuta pm.

34See answers above, and what Makuta PM?

363 things. 1 the rahi might be krana'd because they could cause major damage and help in the bohroks mission. 2, i meant will takanuva stay as he was in the movie or will he be reckless again. and 3 whatsorry about the makuta pm, that never mailed. what it said was, is why does makuta want to keep mata-nui asleepvso desperately? it must be more then jealousy considering how long its been.

371) Yes, but can a Rahi bring down a mountain .. or dry up a river bed ... ? Not really. With hundreds of thousands of Bohrok, they really needed no help from the Rahi. Also, the Bohrok were programmed to go into action when nothing was living on the island, so the idea of krana'ing Rahi would probably not occur to them unless the Rahi got in their way.
382) I am Takanuva will always have some adventurousness in his spirit, but he also has a lot more responsibility now. He can't just wander off and ignore his duties anymore.
393) Can't answer this one.

411. can you tell me the toa metrus mask names or powers?
42I am not going to go into that, because it is revealed in January and they don't play a big part in the story until later in the year.
432. why do the toa metru get to choose there weapons.
44Why not? Have to get them somehow.
453. what is the other mata nui? if you dont know what imean, see mata nui avatar 2 in the edit avatar.
46I have no idea what you're talking about.
474. are vakama and nuju metru the same as tahu and kopaka?
48The same how?
495. does turaga dume have anything to do withe toas transformation.
516. why do the toa metru look more powerful then the current ones?
52Well, some people say they look more skeletal, so I think it is a matter of opinion.
537. in 2004 do we get to learn the origins of the current toa?
558. what is the name of the villain you made?
56Not releasing that yet, because the novel has not yet been approved by LEGO.
57thanks in advance.

58See answers above.

593b. i meant the mata-nui wit the broken tip (po-koro)
604b. i mean do they disagree and fight like tahu an kopaka

61Far as I know, there is only one Mata Nui "look."
62And no, Nuju fights with Whenua a lot more than he fights with Vakama. Onewa fights with Vakama.

643c. this

651. do the 04 matoran have the great disks?
66No, not in the sets.
672.will the metruan appear in the movie?
68Which Matoran? The Toa Metru will appear in the movie as Matoran, the six Matoran we are putting out as sets will not.
693. why do the matoran agree to be toa?
703b. how are the matoran selected to be toa?
71Can't answer 3 or 3b. You will have to wait for the movie.
724. do you know what the red star is?
73Yes, I have some idea.
745. who forged the great kanoka disks?
75Don't know, that info is not in the story bible.
766. will the metruan have longer bios on bionicle.com
787. how do metruan recieve their discs?
79Disks are available all over Metru Nui, because they are made in every metru.

808. why do the to need the 6 dics to beat the plant?
81You will have to wait and find out.
829. why domatoran now have tech.? that kinda ruins the whole mystical feel.
83Because they are in a major urban city, not a tropical island. If we moved them to a city and just gave them the same techn and the exact same feel as Mata Nui, there wouldn't be much "new" about the new setting.

8410 will present mata-nui be the way it was, or will the turaga just govern the metrus like they did with the koros?
85You are asking about when the current Turaga and the Toa Nuva reach Metru Nui, and I have no info on that storyline. 2004 is set in the past.
86thank alot.

87See answers above.

881b. i mean in the storyline.
901. do the metruan know each other?
91I assume you mean the six Matoran who are sets? Some do, yes, Nuhrii and Ahkmou know each other for example.
921b. how, friends, enemies?
93Some are friends, some simply know of each other, or have worked together before.
942. do the toa know the metruan.
962b. if so how does nuju know ehyre? freind? rival? hated boss?
97Nuju works in a Knowledge Tower. Ehrye wants to work in a Knowledge Tower, but Nuju does not believe he is disciplined enough.
983. do the metruan (besides the traitor) know a bout the great discs?
99Yes, all six of them do.
1004. just how badly does nuhrii want to be a scholar?
101Nuhrii? Nuhrii is a mask maker, he's not looking to be a scholar.

1025. how are matoran given there discs? like an assembly line or something else?
103Don't know. Disks are readily available all over Metru Nui, though.
1046.what does ehyre do and what does nuju do?
105Nuju is a seer and a scholar, Ehrye runs errands.
1067.how do the metuan feel about the new toa?
107For the most part, they are somewhat jealous and resentful.

1088.where are the metruan now (specifically ehyre)?
109All six are missing.

111See answers above.

1124b. i meant to say ehyre.
113Very badly.
1148b. i mean current time. or are they still missing after 100s of years?
115Current time? They have probably all been on Mata Nui all this time.

1161. can you tell me any more about the metruan?
1182. were the great discs forged with energize proto?

1203. how does ehyre know the other metruan? i mean specifically?
121I am not sure that he does know them all that well. He may have run errands and encountered them that way.
1224. do the 6 great discs still exist?
123Can't answer it.

1245. can you tell me anything about the pre metru toa? (specifically the white one)
125No. I have no info on them.
1266. do you know what masks the metru toa had when still metruan?
127No, have not seen them animated.

1287. are the toa metru called (officially) toa metru?
129By us, yes. And sometimes by themselves.
1308. what do the discs do specifically? like ko metru ta metru etc.
131You will have to wait for January's comic for that.

133See answers above.

1341. how does dume feel about the toa?
135Well, they came out of nowhere, so he feels they need to prove themselves to be true Toa.
1362. why do they say the metruan hold the key to the great evils defeat?
137Because the six Matoran know where the Great Disks are hidden.
1383. why dont you have a sig or avatar?
139Just never bothered. Not important to me.

1404. whats you favorite tv show(cartoon o live action)?

143See answers above.

1441. can you tell me any thing about dume?
1452.do any of the metruan know the others besides just by seeing each other?
1462b. if so, how? as in nurhhii an ahkmou.
1473. will there be any more groups of 6 next year?
1484.do you have a game system?
1495. what is the egg thing made with 2 toa metru lids?
1506. why do the toa have a leader?
1517. is dume makuta?

1521 and 7) I have no info on Dume I can share with you. You are pretty much going to have to wait for the movie. 1532) Yes, some of them do. Ahkmou, for example, has made carvings for Nuhrii. Some of them don't. 1543) Can't discuss sets beyond the Toa. 1554) Yes, I have a PS2. 1565) Can't answer it. 1576) Because someone has to be in charge, otherwise everybody goes off and does their own thing in a crisis and there's no plan.

1Hey, got a question about the disks.
2You said that great disks end in 9, but if thats true wouldn't there be a heck of alot more great disks than six? So like how does that work? Are the six disks the Toa searching for different from the ones that you buy or what?

3No. There are six Great Disks, with one code each (the Great Disk powers are listed in the Kanoka disk FAQ on the BZP homepage). The only Great Disks LEGO is producing will have those six codes on it -- there is not a level 9 disk for every possible power. Obviously, we may produce multiple copies of, say, the Ta-Metru Great Disk, but they will all have the same code and the same power. And only six Great Disks exist in the BIONICLE universe.
1QUOTE 2Greg
3On Metru Nui you know how there is a sea of protodermis, right. Well, what would happen if a matorian or any other living would go in it? Would they transform like a kraata or a toa nuva?

4There are three types of liquid protodermis -- 5Raw liquid protodermis, the kind you have in the sea... 6Purified liquid protodermis, which is used to make disks and other things .. 7And energized liquid protodermis -- that's the kind that causes changes.