1About how powerful compared to the Toa Olda or Nuva is Takanuva?
2I put him on the same level as the Olda, because he is not a Nuva. He just happens to have a power that matches up well with Makuta.

3So that means that the Toa Nuva are stronger than Takanuva? Oo

5Yes, Takanuva is not a Nuva. He is an Olda. If anything becomes emerged in energized Proto-Dermis, it becomes Nuva, and more powerful. For instance, Takanuva cannot share his mask power with anyone else, but the Nuva can.
6Okay, let's say that Takanuva and Tahu went to fight eachother. Tahu could try to blast him with fire, or Takanuva could blind Tahu with light and Tahu could not see where he was going. Easy kill for Takanuva. Light is super effective against Onua, Takanuva could cause serious damage to Onua's eyes. Takanuva can freeze his enemies in a collumn of light, easy for Takanuva also. Plus, Takanuva can make his enemies glad and will not want to challenge him. If a Toa Nuva challenged him, Takanuva would probably win. Takanuva also can keep peace with the Toa, and make them keep their unity.
1Like always, I'm confuzzled on a couple things.Many thanks and appreciation if you can shed some light on these questions.
21.)Now that Makuta is defeated (maybe dead), would it be true that wearing an infected mask would be like wearing any other mask (except scarier-looking)?I mean, there really isn't anyone there to control it.
3Good question. For the Toa Nuva, that would probably be the case .... UNLESS you want to theorize that Makuta's essence somehow lives on in those masks. Wouldn't that be cool??
42.)Does Makuta have any power or choice over what power (elasticity, laser, etc.) a Kraata will be when he's making it, or is it a wait-and-see chance game?
5I believe he does, yes.
63.)The stars are in Metru Nui's sky?How high, exactly, is the "roof" of the sky there?Or are the stars a lot smaller than the stars of our universe?
7I don't have an exact figure on it.
84.)Any chance we'll see a horse-like Rahi in the future?
9It's not impossible.
105.)The Coliseum is the meeting place of the Toa Metru?Did they not meet there until after the Morbuzakh and Krahka?I mean, Dume probably would have caught on to them being there if they did.He would probably investigate some big, mysterious guys outside his window...
11No, no -- they met at the Great Temple first. After the defeat of the Morbuzakh and other adventures, they take some time to go back to their metru and tie up threads of their old lives. Then they rendezvous at the Coliseum to present themselves to Dume.
126.)Is there even the slightest chance that Lhikan is the Toa of Valor?He's not Light, Darkness, or Time, and being one of the other six elements would kinda throw off balance.Or am I just crazy?
13Why would it throw it off balance? Remember, he existed as a Toa before the metru, and he was the only Toa in Metru Nui. I have never heard of a Toa of Valor.

147.)The Matoran talking to Nokama in the BZP story had a silver Kakama.Does that mean that masks on Metru Nui differ by how much is silver and how much is the regular color?
15Really can't say, until I have seen the movie.
168.)If Dume is about a 3 on power level, would that mean the Mata Nui Turaga were, too?Also, on that scale, how strong would a Matoran be (I'd imagine stronger)?
17Actually, Matoran might be slightly stronger physically, but Turaga have at least limited control of their elements which Matoran do not have. Turaga are mentally stronger.

189.)If Lhikan was a legendary lava surfer, was he good at a lot of other Metru Nui sports, too?
19Ah, but was he a legendary lava surfer? There was no lava in Metru Nui, just molten protodermis used for forging. A lot of what the Turaga shared about Lhikan simply wasn't true.
2010.)Any estimate of the odds that Lhikan will be made a set?
21I think there is at least a decent shot at it.
2211.)What comic was most difficult for you to write?
23Oh, gee, I don't think any one was particularly harder than any other -- the hard part is usually cramming a lot of story into 12 pages.
2412.)So, no one really is sure what IS under the Great Temple, but when do we see it?Movie?Pre-movie?Or are you letting it and all its teeth loose on us at any given moment?*cower*
25It's in the movie, yes. It's also in the second Scholastic book. Can't remember if it is in the March comic or not.
2613.)Do you watch Family Guy (hilarious)?Sorry, I just had to ask.
27No. My shows every week are Alias, CSI, and Survivor, for the most part. Sometimes Law and Order.
28Oops, 13 questions.And I had to hang up that anvil ornament up today, too...That was rather foolish on my part.Again, thanks in advance, Greg:

29I can't argue with 1... That would be cool. And I can still hope that there'll be a horse Rahi... There'll always be hope.

1Hello again.

21)Can a disk be used more than once?
42)Can you tell us what the Toa Metru mask do differently than the turaga masks???
5Well, Matau's mask allows him to shapeshift ... Nokama's mask lets her understand spoken as well as written languages ... Whenua's mask allows him to shine a bright light so others can see in the dark too, and see through solid objects ... and the other masks have greater ranges and durations.
63)How is a disk power set off,does it have to be shot from a disk launcher???

9See answers above.
1I have been thinking about this question very much , but I can´t figure out an answer :
2If every Matoran already have a mask , why is there maskmakers ?

3Simple. Masks are made for new Matoran who may come into being as the need arises, and as replacements for masks that get damaged.

5What do you mean " new matoran " ? Matoran can´t reproduce , can they ?

6Not biologically, no, but obviously Matoran are produced in some way, otherwise where would all the hundreds of Matoran who are in Metru Nui have come from?
1Not too many questions this time. Thanks for taking your time to answer, we all know that you're a busy man:
21. I know you said that the Great Huna's only new power is increased duration of invisibility. But might it have some new concealing powers, like masking scent as protection from Rahi or other sensitive beings? Or maybe silence, so the wearer could sneak around undetected? After all, it is a mask of concealment, not necessarily only invisibility.
3I have no information that it has any of those abilities.
42. Do lower level disks have both less effect and less duration, or just less effect? So say, would a level 3 weakens effect last as long as the weakening effect of a level 7 disk?
5I would say it is reasonable to assume their duration is lesser as well.
63. How did all six of the main Matoran (Ehrye, Vhisola, etc.) find their Great Disks around the same time? Was it coincidence, or were they only recently revealed and able to be found?
7It was one of those twists of fate for which Bionicle is famous.

84. We will eventually find out how all of the Rahi and Rahkshi get from the Environs to Metru Nui, right? And how the Rahkshi are created? And we will see the environs, right? I really want to find out about the Environs, I'm curious about them.
9Environs are just surrounding area. The odds are you will not see the original home of a lot of these Rahi for a couple years.

105. Do Matoran masks turn silver when they are removed, like Toa masks?
126. What is the use of a "remove poison" disk? I know you said to heal poison inflicted by Rahi, but you also said that they wouldn't fire a disk at a Matoran. Is there a way to trigger a Kanoka power without hitting someone hard with it? Or is
13You wouldn't fire a harmful disk at a Matoran, but you would to heal him.
147. "... probably another Rahi only its mother could love." – Onu-Metru security Matoran, p. 50 in Mystery of Metru Nui. Is that just an expression, or are you hinting at some sort of Rahi reproduction?
15It's an expression.
168. How did Rahi get to Mata Nui? You have said that Metru Nui is totally sealed in and impossible to escape from. When the Matoran somehow left, did they bring Rahi with them? I can't see them bringing crates of Tarakava and Kane-Ra. But if Makuta brought them, did he also bring Mukau, Hapaka, and Hoi? I don't see why he would want Rahi that would help the Matoran.
17Um, no, if Metru Nui was impossible to escape from, the Toa Metru and Matoran could never have gotten to Mata Nui. It has been sealed up since shortly after that, courtesy of Makuta, but he had no reason to keep Rahi from going to the island, especially ones he controlled. In general, the Rahi followed the Matoran to Mata Nui, with the exception of some Ussal crabs and such, I don't THINK the Matoran brought them.

189. How did no water get into Metru Nui when there were two huge holes in the sky? You have said there was no water in Metru Nui, only protodermis. But I think you also said that there were holes in the "ceiling" which let in light (one of which was in the Mangai volcano). Wouldn't rain come in through there, and couldn't flying Rahi or airships get through that hole?
19Can't answer it -- there is an explanation for it, but it is not one I am allowed to share.
2010. When will we learn the mystery of the Metru Nui sky? In February, next January, or some time in between?
21Which mystery is that?
2211. What happened to the Artakha (refuge)? Was it Metru Nui? Will it ever come into the story again?
23No, it was not Metru Nui. It was something I made up for the web game. It may well be mentioned again, but at this point, I have my doubts whether it really exists or if it is a myth the Matoran made up.

2412. I'm a little confused about one thing. On the Lego Shop at Home, it shows the Toa Metru canisters with CD signs on them. Does that mean that the US Toa Metru will have the same CDs as the Argos ones? I know you don't work in the production area, I just thought you might know. My brother and I already got our six, and we got no CDs.
25No, the CDs are not available in the US. The CD content will be available through BIONICLE.com with your Kanoka codes. I have spoken to SAH about this -- since all catalog entries are global, they went with the Euro packaging not realizing it was different.
26As always, thanks:

28There you go. I thought #1 made a lot of sense - Huna should have more powers.
29For #10 I meant the fact that it isn't a sky. :rolleyes:
1the Toa Metru and Matoran could never have gotten to Mata Nui.

2well so that means that the turaga were toa metru when the left metru nui make's you wonder then what force on mata nui can make toa become to turaga
11. Nidawk, Nivawk, Nidvawk.I have heard Dumes Rahi called each of these.How do you properly spell it?
32.I heard that the female Enemy is called Krahka.Any Relation to Makutas Mask(They are spelt almost the same)
4No connection.

53.I heard that once a Toa's destiny is finished,they have two choices.Wisdom and Valor.I also heard that the Toa Metru chose Wisdom and became Turaga.Is any of this ture,And if yes, What would happen if you chose Valor?
6Once you complete your destiny, you may at some point come to a place in your life where you have to make a decision. That decision involves sacrificing your Toa power for the greater good. If you make that decision, you become a Turaga; if you never face that choice, or if you choose not to make the sacrifice, you remain a Toa.

74.About how much is the Most Expensive Bionicle set gonna be for 2004?
8The absolute most expensive set would probably be $30, and right now we don't have a $30 set on the schedule.
95.I heard that Pewku was once Orkahm's Ussal.How Old is Pewku?
10Well over a thousand years old.
116.If all the Toa's masks are on there Suvas.What happened to Tahu's Masks?Did they melt?Or where they grabbed by someone before the place sunk in the lava?
12I would assume they were rescued before the city fell.
137.I was curois about your Workplace.Is it Colorful and looks fun wherever you look?Or is it plain and boring?
14It's fairly colorful. There are a lot of LEGO sculptures and such all over the place. I don't have a lot of toys in my office, but the art guys usually have huge collections in theirs
15I asked him a Few...
1Latest batch of questions:
2Hi, again:
  • 3When a Kanoka hits a target, does it absorb into it as it changes it?
  • 5At the end of the MOL, when we see Metru Nui, Are we looking at it in the present, or the past?
  • 7Could a Kraata or Rahkshi of Plant control affect the Morbuzahk?
    8Hmmmm ... I am not sure what good having it infected by a kraata would do, it's already evil. And it's probably too big for one Rahkshi to control.

  • 9I've heard that you said something about how the Rahkshi got on Metru Nui, but I can't find it; something about they got there on accident. Is this true?
    10Yes, they wandered in from elsewhere, like bears wandering into a town from the woods.
  • 11Are there wild Kraata (non-Rahkshi) on Metru Nui?
    12Not that I am aware of, but that doesn't mean there aren't. However, I can tell you Makuta has not been sending kraata there.
  • 13Does energized protodermis occur naturally at all?
    14Hmmmm. My inclination is to say yes, but I don't have an official answer from the team on that.

  • 15Can proto be energized by the Matoran? Whether with a machine or something?
    16I don't think so, no.
  • 17Do you happen to know if the Toa Nuva (in the framing story) will be featured in the second movie? Or will that movie only tell the story of the prequel, leaving out Vakama talking to the Toa Nuva?
    18I don't think the Toa Nuva are in the movie, no.

  • 19How common are Rahkshi on Metru Nui?
    20Not real common. They show up once in a while.
  • 21Do they cause trouble often?
    22Rahkshi are always trouble.
  • 23What's the difference between molten proto and energized proto?
    24Molten protodermis is just really hot liquid protodermis. Energized protodermis is not necessarily hot, but it causes transformations.
  • 25What determines a Kanoka's power? I mean, how does the Matoran making it control that? By the symbol on it maybe?
    26No, the symbol refers to what metru it is made in. The power, I believe, comes about through the natural properties of the protodermis, its purity, how well the disk is made, etc.

  • 27Here's one I'm really wondering about. You've said that if a Toa disk was to be made into a Kanohi, it would have the same elemental power as the Kanoka. So does that mean to make a mask, say, of sheilding, you must first make a Kanoka of sheilding?
    28Yes, or you can combine disks to create new powers.
  • 29Has there ever been a Toa of time? If you can reveal?
    30Not to my knowledge, no.
  • 31How soon will we get to learn more about Vahki?
    32Well, they are in the Scholastic books, and will be in the comic in a big way starting in July.
  • 33Do you think there is a Rahkshi of every Kraata power on Metru Nui?
  • 35Okay, there's protowater instead of water, and molten proto instead of lava. Does this mean that there's mostly stonelike proto in place of stone, and earthlike proto instead of dirt?
    36Basically, yes.
  • 37How about air? That's normal air, right?
    38That depends -- it has never been determined what Toa breathe, or what the atmosphere is of the planet Mata Nui is on. So it is air, but it may not be our kind of air.
  • 39How did the Turaga get the stasis canisters for the Kraata? Did they bring them from the Archives (or whoever made the stasis stuff for the archives) from Metru Nui? Or did they know how to make them on their own?
    40Hmmm. My guess is Whenua and Vakama made them based on tech from Metru Nui.

  • 41There is going to be some sort of conflict once the Toa Nuva, etc. get back to Metru Nui, right? I mean other than just repopulating it. Something like an enemy?
    42There is always an enemy in BIONICLE.

43Thanks, again, Greg:

44See answers above.

1Here is something I just aksed him. 2Q. Well, I have heard that Kongu is in the movie. So we will know what Move Miru looks like. But what about Matoro? Will we get to see him? That way we also can see the Akaku too. If he isn't in it will we at least get to see an Akaku in the movie?

3A. To my knowledge, Matoro is not in the movie. I also don't have any idea what mask Kongu wears in the film, or what other masks will be featured -- I have not seen any footage.
1Hey Greg,
3"... probably another Rahi only its mother could love."

4I heard that was a quote from Adventured #1.
5How could that possibly be a Matoran expression? If they have no biological reproduction and no families, how can they even know what a mother is? How could the word "mother" be in their vocabulary??
6Partly that expression is author's license, a way to put something in a way that reader's will understand it. Also keep in mind that Matoran have no idea how Rahi come into being .. they just appear in the city, from who knows where. The third option (and I grant this is a stretch) is that Matoran think liquid protodermis is "water" -- so who knows what "mother" means to them?
810. When will we learn the mystery of the Metru Nui sky? In February, next January, or some time in between?

9Which mystery is that?

10Um, well, like, all of the? What are the holes in the sky, what are the "stars," etc?
11I doubt you are learning the answer to the stars anytime soon, simply because it is not something the Toa have any cause to question. The holes in the sky will come into play next year, so you will learn more about them.
136.If all the Toa's masks are on there Suvas.What happened to Tahu's Masks?Did they melt?Or where they grabbed by someone before the place sunk in the lava?

14I would assume they were rescued before the city fell.

15I think I asked you about this a long time ago, but I've forgotten, so sorry for bringing it up again.
16Well how does that work? Lewa Olda is wearing his Miru, but desides he needs his Kakama. Does his Miru magically teleport to rest in the Suva and his Kakama magically teleports to him? I always rather liked the idea that the Toa wore one mask, and powers were simply added to it, like it keeps absorbing other masks (and shapeshifts.)
17I always saw it as the magical teleportation thing myself. Otherwise, it makes normal Kanohi too close to golden Kanohi, in that it would eventually contain all six powers within itself.
184.) Somebody told me that in Chronicles Tales Of The Masks, it says the Akaku can only see through stone and protodermis. Is this true?
19I don't remember offhand. But considering that virtually everything in BIONICLE is made of protodermis, that is a pretty wide range of things it can see through.
204b.) If it is, then in the MoL, how does Kopaka use his mask to see through the snow and ice to Ko Koro??
21He was using the telescopic lense on his mask, as far as I could tell, not x-ray vision. Even if you say "But he looked through a mountain:" -- mountains on Mata Nui are made of protodermis.
22Thanks a lot, Greg.

23I'm 98% sure he was using his x-ray vision feature. I'll have to watch the MoL again.
1QUOTE 2Is this (a MoC) a good recreation of a Vahki?

3Mas, I have only seen the sets very briefly, so I really can't judge how much something looks like them.
1QUOTE 2Sorry to pm you again, but as I said, I haven't been on the website in awhile. Here they are:
31) What is a Dark Hunter?
4No info has been released on them yet, other than that they are bad guys.
52) Can you tell us anything about Lhikan?
6No, not really -- most of his story is told in the movie, so I really can't discuss him.
73) Plus, from another's question, you said that what the Turaga told the Matoran about Lhikan wasn't true. Was this because they didn't know or because it would let on to the secret of Metru Nui?
8The latter reason. They did not want Lhikan to be completely forgotten -- but they also couldn't say, "Hey, he was this Toa on Metru Nui ..."
94) Will the next comic deal with the Morbuzakh because it seems like everyone is acting like it has already happened.
10The Morbuzakh storyline runs in the comic through May.
115) How powerful is a Dark Hunter (I bet you were expecting that )?
12Well, two of them together were powerful enough to capture a Toa.
136) Are there other Dark Hunters?
14There are only two that we know about.

157) Who or what is Nedikihi (spell)?
16Nidhiki is the other Dark Hunter.
178) Is the Great Temple the building that appeared in the begining of the newest comic?
199) I've heard tht the Toa Metru canister lids combine. What do they combine into and/or what do they do?
20I believe that has to do with the movie too, I have to confirm that on Monday.
2110) What is a Krahka?
22Krahka is a female Rahi who is the villain in the third Scholastic novel this year, The Darkness Below.
23Well, that's it for now.

26See answers above.


28I'm not sure if any of that is new, but I thought it was helpful.
GregF @ PM
1Hi, Greg, a few questions:
21. Can you say what the experience of pacification would be like for a Matoran? Would they suddenly forget what they had been doing wrong and go back to work, or would it be like some sort of mind control that forces them to work against their will?
3It varies depending on which Vahki you encounter, but I don't think "against their will" is an accurate statement because it implies that they consciously do not want to and are being forced. The whole point of pacification is it makes you WANT to. With some Vahki, it is geared toward simply getting you back to work ASAP .. with others, it is geared more toward not only putting you back to work, but having you be additional eyes and ears for the Vahki.
42. Since level 7 Kanoka make Noble Masks, and level 8s make Great Kanohi, would it be possible to have, say, a noble Hau? Since the Turaga's masks were Great Kanohi as Toa, even though we know them as noble better...
63. Random question: If you were given the time to make Bionicle into a comedy, would you do it?
7No. When I first started working at LEGO, I worked with a great brand guy with BIONICLE. And he told me early on that if we (LEGO) start making fun of BIONICLE, everyone else will too and it will stop being cool.
84. Can the Bahrag actually speak?
9They're telepathic.
105. You've said that the thing beneath the Great Temple is large and has lots of teeth. Bahrag...? Is that close at all?
11No, has nothing to do with Bahrag or Bohrok. It's nothing you have already seen.
126. When we see Takanuva's light illuminating Metru Nui, we see a bunch of pillars or something sticking up from the protodermis around it, almost like the Metru Nui buildings. -suspiciously like the building peaks- Was Metru Nui flooded, which would obviously drive the Matoran out?
13I can't answer questions on what happened to Metru Nui, you have to watch the movie for that.
147. In the Mata Nui Online Game I, Gali sends Takua visions of the Toa's fight with Makuta. Does Lhikan send Vakama his visions to tell him what to do?
15No. Vakama was having visions long before he became a Toa.
168. In Mystery of Metru Nui, both Ahkmou and the Le-Matoran the Toa meet ask their respective Toa how they got to look like a Toa. How exactly could a Matoran somehow look like a Toa without being one?
17That's what they are wondering too, hence their question.
189. How would Ahkmou have gotten tangled up with Nidhiki in the first place?
19Short answer is that ambitious, greedy, and ruthless people tend to find each other. Nidhiki was after the Great Disks and it would be easier to get them if he could turn one of the Matoran and get him working for the Dark Hunters. Ahkmou was the weakest link.

2010. (relates to #9) Since Nidhiki and Krekka know which Matoran know where the Great Disks are, and seem to be able to get around much better than Matoran, why wouldn't they just -somehow- get the Matoran to tell them where the disk was?
21In some cases, like with Tehutti, they tried. But Matoran have a lot of courage.
2211. "Environs"...? Wha...? I saw that in a member (Gukko, to be precise)'s post and was wondering what you can tell us. Would one of them be the place where Makuta's lair meets the Metru Nui region?
23That is possible, but we do not know for sure that Makuta's lair existed in this time period -- it may have -- but I also means places a lot further away than that.
2412. In the entire Bionicle storyline, will we -ever- find out the origin of the Toa and Matoran? Am I right in thinking that if we did, it would be close to the end of the story?
25You were supposed to learn the origin of the Matoran this year, at least how they come into being, but the head of the story team vetoed it. Origin of the Toa? Not sure how easy or hard it would be to tell that without giving away too much.

2613. And something else completely random: Would it be possible for a Bohrok Va to sprout wings?:LOL:
27I don't think so, no.
2814. When a Toa's destiny is fulfilled, they get a choice of becomeing a Turaga or remaining a Toa. Would this choice be presente to them, e.g. Mata Nui asking them which one, or would it be some sort of mental thing where the instant they've completed their destiny, they are transormed?
29Neither. It is a choice provided by circumstance. For example, the Toa Metru did not go through this ritual of "you must decide" -- they ran into a crisis where solving it would require making the sacrifice of their Toa power, and had to make a choice. Some Toa never face such a moment of crisis, and some do.

30Can't very well end on thirteen... happy February: 31Thanks in advance, 32-ToM

33---ooh. Noble Kanohi Hau? So cool:
34---lessee... "additional eyes and ears for the Vahki" Definitely makes me thing that Dume is evil. :P
35---so Vakama's been having visions for a while? Strange...
36---Okay, so the Bahrag aren't in the picture. Would have been cool, though...
37---so the Toa Metru have to sacrifice their powers? Woah... very cool.

38And About The Winged Bohrok Va: Don't ask. I attached LEGO wings to my Kohrak Va and was just wondering if that could happen. I do things like that. :P
39Thansk for answering, Greg:
1QUOTE 21. When in Feb. will bionicle.com be updated?
3I don't have a specific date.
42. You said that the Vahki are spider-like when they use their stun staffs as their forelegs right?
5That is how I see them, yes.
63. I have heard that some people have seen the 2004 sets in store catalogs. Do you know it that is true or not, like do you know if their is catalog yet, and if that is true have you seen them?
7The only catalog I see is the Shop At Home catalog, which does not have any sets beyond the Toa Metru in it at this point. It is certainly possible that retailers get catalogs that show the whole year, but I don't have any involvement in those.
84. Will the Vahki come with something special besides their stun staffs, like a different disk launcher, a special disk, or maybe masks (if they have them)?
9They come with disks. No masks.
105. Do you know if LEGO produces more of one color of launcher than the others because I now have 13 kanoka packs and I think I only got 5 launchers that weren't brown.
11No idea. That is a product design question.
126. So all of the games and movies and stuff like that, that are on the Toa Metru CD in Europe, will be on the website when it gets updated right? I mean like everything that is on the CD.
13That is my understanding, yes, it will be able to be accessed using Kanoka codes.
147. In the Archives, do the Onu-Matoran write something like documentaries, that tell them what it is like. Maybe like its traits, features, powers, habits, and fierceness? I am asking because I made a topic in the bbc forums where Whenua(before toa and before retirement) and Tehutti(after the Morbuzahk) with documentaries of the different Rahi
15Not that I am aware of. Most written records in Metru Nui are kept in Ko-Metru. I am sure there are signs with some known traits of exhibits in the Archives, but I don't know of any extensive written material.

168. Does the color of the Kanoka launcher have any powers or help the disk fly better depending on the color at all?
17Not that I know of, no.
189. I think I remember you saying that for a Hau that you need to make a sheilding mask, so can you make a reconstitutes at random mask or something like that?
19Yes, I am sure you could.

2010. How strong is Nuju's telekinisis, like what do you think is the heaviest thing he can lift?
21Hmmmm .. I really prefer not to paint myself into corners on stuff like this.

22Thanks Greg:

23See answers above.
1QUOTE 2Hey Greg, i usually dont ask questions. i try to formulate my own theories wherever possible. And being a comic writer myself, i have a few questions for you.
31) Toa Lhikan, have we ever heard of his power or seen it some where before??
4Can't discuss him, movie plot.
52) Is he in any way connected to the Vahi??
6No, not directly.
73) I read in someones post that you like to watch law and order. Which series do you think is the best? law and order, criminal intent or special victims unit??
8I watch the original, I haven't seen the others much.
94) Fave episode of Law and Order??
10Don't have one.
115) I also saw that you watched CSI. Whos yor favourite character?? Mines Gill, he always says the right things lol.
12I like Gil and Catherine both.
136) Which Toa Metru would you say was your favourite?
14My favorites to write are probably Onewa and Nuju.
157) DC or Marvel??
16Right now, I would say DC, just because they are doing such a good job with all the Batman books and JLA and JSA. Marvel has a lot of good stuff out too, though, FF has been good lately, so has Spider-Man and Hulk has been really good.
178) Could you release any info on Toa Lhikans Color?? (prolly not)
199) Is there still discussion going on about treleasing the vahi in a set??
2110) whos your favourite comic book artist? mines alex ross.
22Ross is very good, I also like George Perez a lot, and Jim Lee.
2311) Which woild you say is your favourite issue of the bionicle comic??
24Probably next May's.
25Thanks for takin the time to answer.

27See answers above. 28Greg
1sorry again to bother but just seeing the new sets makes me think(if you havnt seen them http://www.bzpower.com/story.php?ID=1686 )
21)ok both nidhiki and krekka have disks. where did they get disks? i thought that only matoran make disks i dont think a matoran would give powerfull disks to insane hunters
3Who says they give them to them? You don't think Dark Hunters can take whatever they want?
42)are the photos we sew proto types? are the vahki youve seen diffrent then the ones here?
5My glimpses of the Vahki have been very brief, so I really can't answer.
63) i dont know if you know the answer for this but why is dume a matoran arnt turaga sepposed to be diffrent or is "turaga" only what you call a leader and doesnt have to be some kind of upgrade level of toa
7Again, I have not gotten a close look at the model, so I can't comment.
84)i know that you sure cant answer this one but when dume tells the toa to prove that they are toa what does he want them to do? and what excacly is considered as a toa?
9He gives them a test, to basically prove their strength and their wits under pressure.
105) do vahki use specifec(sp) disks or do they just take what ever they get?
11They use whatever is right for the job.
126) in ga metru do the buildings start from sea flour?or are they floating like in ga koro?
13Good question. I do not believe the buildings float, no.
147)krakka has two weapons on his arms one a vorahk staff and the other a vorzakh(the green one right?) staff did he get them from battle?or are you just using parts creativly?
15My guess is they have different functions on Krekka than they did on the other models.
168) will we learn the origin of the dark hunters this year?
17Their origin? No.
189) well in lego you cant kill anyone right? 19if so i just want to wish you good luck on making the toa somehow defiet the dark hunters with out killing them
20That is already taken care of, in the movie. And it's really cool and creepy
2110)are the vahki cans considered as stasis tubes? couse it's also how the rahkshi were stored by makuta
2311) you can combine disks to make new powers right? so have you came up a new power for the combined great disks and for a mask if someone would make a mask out of it?
24The whole Great Disks thing is part of movie plot,so I can't discuss it.

2512) in the pic with nidhiki,whenua and tehutti is nidhiki going to attack them or just watching?
26Nidhiki is responsible for Tehutti being trapped there, so he is actually leaving.
27also in that pic where is it excacly in the under flours of the archives?
28It's in one of the sub-levels.
2913) will the vahi play a role in the movie or just in the comics?
30It plays a much bigger role in the movie. It may not be in the comics this year.
3114) what are the colored disk launchers for? couse matoran have silver ones are those launchers toa ones?
32They can be.

1Wow so we will find out this year wath hepened to metru nui: 2and wat about next jear?? 3cool
1QUOTE 2italics=old questions and answers 3Bold=new questions
41. When in Feb. will bionicle.com be updated?
5I don't have a specific date.
6do you know like beginning, middle, or end of Feb. I am really anxious:

74. Will the Vahki come with something special besides their stun staffs, like a different disk launcher, a special disk, or maybe masks (if they have them)?
8They come with disks. No masks.
9Are the disks gunna be random, are they going to be special or anything like that?

109. I think I remember you saying that for a Hau that you need to make a sheilding mask, so can you make a reconstitutes at random mask or something like that?
11Yes, I am sure you could.

12You probably wouldn't know this, but if that happened could you reconstitute things at random with your mind or would you have to tap it with your mask? Would you have to do that with all of the other powers of the disks made into masks?

1310. How strong is Nuju's telekinisis, like what do you think is the heaviest thing he can lift?
14Hmmmm .. I really prefer not to paint myself into corners on stuff like this.
15Well what is the heaviest thing that you know he has lifted?

16Thanks Greg:

17See answers above.

181) I don't have that info, the web team is making the call on when it goes live. I am not involved with that.
192) Random as far as I know.
203) Big rocks.
1aaaand my 4.
2hey greg. last time i pmed you i forgot to ask my major question. so i'll ask it here. oh, and by the way, thanks a lot for taking your time to answer these.

31) how was the bohrok kal saga going to end if we hadn't brought the vahi into it?
4Since I wrote the saga, and pretty much decided early on to include the Vahi, there was never a question of it not having the Vahi in it.
52) did you know a lot of members DO want to see the other toa disks. i got a poll for it.
6Well, so do I. And I think it is more likely than not they will wind up being produced for a promotion. I certainly have been bringing it up.

73) have LEGO reached a decision on wether or not Lhikan should be released as a set yet?
8If they did, they have not told me -- but since I don't work on the product end, that's not surprising.
94) dume looks good, but does he have a staff or do you not know that sort of stuff?
10I haven't seen the set, but I am pretty sure he has something like that in the movie.

111) hmm. i thought we'd influencd it's appearance. unless. oh, i get it. 122)we MAY be getting toa disks yay: 133) hmm. still no final decision 144) no idea what to say for this.
1here are my 4 Qs&As. 2Qs 31.how did the bohrok get on metru nui? 42.but how did krana get on metru nui? 53.how did they get activated? :unsure: :LOL: 64.does lihi die while he is lava surfing??? 7&As 81.Simple.you know there are thousands of bohrok right?well their nests extend a lot futher under ground then the toa ever knew.the bohrok found in the archives where found by onu-matoran miners since they weren`t activated it was easy to transport them to the archives too be exhibits. 92.same answer.krana are in bohrok.the matoran took some out of sleeping bohrok and put them on display. 103.the bohrok were not acitivated until makuta did so (back in the BIONICLE storyline)and unleash them on mata nui.prior to that they were sleeping in their nests.the bohrok in archive are not active. 114.no.the turaga made that story up because they didn't want to tell the matoran about metru nui.
1Hy greg 2well i got some metru nui questions
3Dume: 4Is dumes mask the vahi?????
5If no Wat is his mask power? and name
6Wath do you think is the best 2004 set? 7I think nediki
8I looked the MOL and i see Takanuva sending light to a island 9Well it is metru nui right??
10But it is going over sea nut underground can you explain that?
11Thnx greg 12Your the best

131) No. 142) I don't have that info, because the set doesn't come out until summer. 153) I like Nidhiki and Krekka both a lot. 164) Yes. 175) Metru Nui is surrounded by a sea of liquid protodermis. It's in an enclosed space, underground, essentially nestled in the sea. Sort of like if you had a rock that was hollow inside and there was a gem in the center cushioned by water.
1Hi Greg,
2I know you are a busy man and I'm sure you get lots of PMs a day (somedays maybe more than a Moderator), but I have some questions that could be useful to other members and me :) Well, here they go:
31) There is a topic in S&T where people think Dume's mask is the Vahi. I'm 99.98% sure it is not, because you said that the whole Vahi in a set thing is still being discussed. Just to have an official answer, can you answer please?
42) The pics in this news article are prototypes or final sets? (I believe prototypes)
53) My first act as a Premier member was to make this poll. In your oppinion, do you think TLC will make a Lhikan set and matoran Vakama & co. sets?
64) You said that Lhikan was the only Toa Metru before the Toa Metru in Metru Nui. Does that means that Dume was born as a Turaga? Or maybe there were other Toa in other place? (Probably you will not be able to answer this)
75) Matoran Vakama made a mask for Dume once. Is it the mask he's wearing in the set?
86) Do you need the Vahki, Krekka, Nidhiki and Dume & Nivawk to create Krahka? If so, then that must be a really cool combiner Ôo
97) We will see shape-shifters, right?
108) I know you work on the storyline, but is there a Nidhiki and Krekka combiner?
119) Does the being called Toa Nui exists?
1210) Do you know the name of this year's movie? Because I heard it's not going to be The Mask Maker anymore.
13Thank you very much, Greg :) I can't wait for the next book ^_^

151) No, it is not a Vahi. 162) I have no idea where the pics came from, so I can't answer this. 173) A Lhikan set is being discussed, I have not heard any plans for Matoran sets. 184) I have no info on Dume's past. 195) Doubtful. 206) No, only the Toa Metru are needed to build the Krahka. 217) In the Scholastic books, yes. 228) Don't know. 239) Not that I am aware of at this point. 2410) I can't release the name because it is still being cleared by legal.

26Umm... that's it.
1What sorts of creatures dwell beneath the Archives lowest levels? Are they immensely huge, owners of obscenely powerful abilities, wraiths of some sort, or are other sentient species dwelling beneath the archives? 2Well, at least one of them is immensely huge. Some aren't, just very nasty. And one...well, no one is quite sure what he looks like.

3Is this one unseen creature the Rahi Nui? Or something else? 4Something else.
5Are the Dark Hunters on the Vahki's chase-on-sight list along with the Toa Metru? 6No, because the Dark Hunters are a lot sneakier. They do things and flee too fast to be spotted by Vahki. If the Vahki spotted them doing something, then yes, they probably would go after them.
7Does Dume know about the Dark Hunters? 8Does he know they exist? He knows (from the movie) that they supposedly took Lhikan.
9Up until the time I received the new book, I always assumed the Dark Hunters just stayed home. Now I know they go out a lot. How do they get around without being seen by the Vahki, or a Matoran? I'm sure more than one Matoran would perform a double-take if they were in the chutes... 10Dark Hunters wouldn't be able to do much hunting if they just stayed home. As you see in the book, Matoran have spotted them and have wondered what they were.
11You mentioned that there are shape-shifters on Metru Nui. Will they play an important part in the storyline, or will they stay on the sidelines, like the Rahkshi? 12I was referring to Rahi who have that ability.

131. Sweet: A new character: 142. The Dark Hunters are very elusive... 153. Ahhhh...not yet, but he will. 164. Then why don't they call the Vahki? :blink: 175. Not as glamorous as I thought...but cool in any case.
18-Master of the Rahkshi
1Ôo I really don't know how do the Dark Hunters manage to escape... I mean they're big XD
11. Are the Bioncle Comics being released individualy or in a book form? becasue my contact at my local comic book store said DC was releasing the books somehow....
2DC is coming out with a graphic novel in March, I believe, that collects issues 1-15 of the comic. There aren't any other graphic novel plans at this time or plans to sell the comic in stores.
32. What do the Metruan use for money? Widgets? Solid Proto?
4Don't know, would have to ask.
53. How exacly does Whenua's mask(the name escapes me) make a bright light? I mean it's not like it runs on perpetual energy. Now that I think of it, how does anything on Mertu-nui run?
6Whenua's mask uses its mask power, the same as other mask powers are used to create shields, etc.

7Some questions I asked greg.
1QUOTE 2#1: Why on earth do the Matoran make Great and Noble masks when they can't use them?
3#2: Does the shape of the mask determine what power it will have?
4#3: Let's say we combine two level 8 Kanoka together to make a mask, how powerful would that mask be? Or if you can even do that.
5#4: Exactly how do the great disks defeat the Morbuzakh?
6#5: What do the Dark Hunters want with the Great Disks?
7#6: Why hasn't Vakama used his Toa disk yet?
8#7: Is Ahkmou smart? Because he was good enough to trap all those Matoran in those puzzle prisons:
9#8: Does a Kanoka ever slow down or lose altitude while flying untill it hits its target or gets diverted?
10#9: When Vakama hit the Morbuzakh with a teleport disk, how come the entire Morbuzakh didn't teleport?
11#10: If you struck the Coliseum with a very powerful teleport disk, would it teleport somewhere else?

121) Why do workers in Detroit make more cars than they could ever personally drive? It's their job. And if, someday, Lhikan's mask breaks ..or other Toa should arrive in a time of the city's need ... there needs to be masks for them.
132) I don't think so. I think the shape is more of an identifier. Sort of like a stop sign. People know when they see that shape what the mask does, as opposed to having to try it out and see.
143) It would most likely still be a great mask, but it would be a power that resulted from the combining of those two powers.
154) You are going to have to follow the story and see. You can't expect me to give that away.
165) Again, that's future story -- but I can tell you that it has less to do with them wanting them as them not wanting the Toa to have them.
176) Hasn't needed to. And by "yet" ... we are in the first month of the story. There has been one book and one comic out. We have hardly even begun:
187) I would say he is extremely cunning, yes.
198) Depends on the Kanoka. For example, a Kanoka whose flight is controlled by the launcher's thoughts is probably not going to slow or drop as quickly.. But in general, yes, they do not have unlimited range and they are affected by gravity.
209) The same reason that if he does what you suggest in question 10 -- hit the Great Temple with a teleport disk -- the whole city doesn't teleport. You are hitting a massive creature with a non-Great Disk, you are not going to affect all of it. The Morbuzakh is the size of a city.
2110) If the disk was sufficiently powerful, yes. But this would be a really dumb thing to do, as it might either a) be destroyed or destroy something else when it rematerializes or c) destroy something else AND itself. So I can't see why anyone would want to do that.
13. How exacly does Whenua's mask(the name escapes me) make a bright light? I mean it's not like it runs on perpetual energy. Now that I think of it, how does anything on Mertu-nui run?
2Whenua's mask uses its mask power, the same as other mask powers are used to create shields, etc.

3So it just gives light? That's too Avohkii-ish... o.o
11. What in the world is that computer-crawlin thingie in the bottom corner of this image?
2It's something the designers put in, because I never described anything like that in my story. I believe it is some kind of a console for monitoring chute pathways.
32. In this picture what is that thing Matau is standing on? I understand the transperant blue thing is the chute, but what about the green thing?

4Since it is on top of the chute, and not inside it, I would say it is part of a support brace.
53. What are those flying things?
6Exactly what they look like -- Matoran airships.
74. In this picture who is that characters? Some say it is Nuju, but the lens is on the right of the mask instead of the left, and he has blades. Look a whole more lot like Kopaka Nuva, if you ask me.
8I do not believe it could be Kopaka Nuva, because Kopaka Nuva is not in the storyline or the movie this year. I have gotten a lot of questions about this, it could very well simply be a flopped image of Nuju.
95. In the same picture, what is he looking at? It looks like an ornate column.
10No idea. Nothing like that in the movie that I know of.
116. What is the official answer on the whole Matoran-eating thing? Last I heard it was that Matoran absorbed energy from around them, but I don't that was totally confirmed.
12There isn't one. I floated the theory that the story bible writer and I have, but that is one of those things the head of the story team does not want to go into.

137. We know that one sun is the volcano, but Metru Nui hs two suns. What is the second one caused by?
14Another opening.
158. Can you tell us yet what the stars are? I've been going over that and still don't know. Lightstone clusters have been cut out as a possibility, so I'm at a loss.
179. What are environs? I've been hearing a lot of people talk about that, but I don't know what in the world they are.
18Environs are simply surrounding areas. Metru Nui is obviously not the only place down there, because the sea has to flow somewhere and the Rahi and Rahkshi did not come from Metru Nui.
1910. Will these 'environs' ever play a major role in the storyline?
20It's certainly possible.
2111. In what book or movie or comic will we see the 'shapeshifting Rahi?'
22BIONICLE Adventures #3: The Darkness Below.
2312. I'm just curious... has LEGO ever thought of creating novels for Bionicle? I don't mean the ones written right now (they're great, by the way) but I mean large, thick novels with complex dialouge, action and more. Or maybe even doing an entire saga exclusively to book and comic. I mean, I was just wondering.
24Actually, I just got that question yesterday, and since it is a fair question, I will give you as complete an answer as possible. I don't know if LEGO has thought about that or not, but it's not really relevant -- what matters is if Scholastic has thought of it. Their position (and I understand it) is that this is a toy line whose predominant audience is 8-12, and the books have to appeal to that audience. Writing a BIONICLE novel aimed at, say, 16-17 year olds would be over the head of most fans and probably wouldn't sell well because there aren't enough older fans to do the numbers Scholastic needs to do. Yes, you can make the Harry Potter argument back, but I think most publishers see Harry Potter as the exception, not the rule. 25Could it be done? Sure. BIONICLE could possibly become a sci-fi novel series that would appeal even to college-age kids. But are they going to run out and buy LEGO sets? Because if the sets don't sell, then there is no BIONICLE.

2613. Do you know when Bionicle.com will be updated?
27Last I heard was next week.
2814. Are the sets seen now for 2004 prototypes?
29I have no idea, because I don't know the source of those pictures.
3015. Can you tell us the title of the next movie yet?
31No, not until I get a go-ahead from the campaign manager in Denmark.
3216. Do you know how far they are on the movie? For example, have they just starrted on animating it yet, doin voice casting now, or are they almost done?
33Voice recording is done, I believe, and animation is being done in Taiwan currently.
3417. And do you know when we'll get a teaser trailer?
3618. What are Knowledge and Memory Crystals? Both are described in Nuju's bio and Knowledge Crystals are used to grow more towers... but is that it?
37Both are capable of storing information. I hope to have a more detailed description of the differences going forward.

Crystal Matrix
17. We know that one sun is the volcano, but Metru Nui hs two suns. What is the second one caused by?
2Another opening.
39. What are environs? I've been hearing a lot of people talk about that, but I don't know what in the world they are.
4Environs are simply surrounding areas. Metru Nui is obviously not the only place down there, because the sea has to flow somewhere and the Rahi and Rahkshi did not come from Metru Nui.
513. Do you know when Bionicle.com will be updated? 6Last I heard was next week.

77 Wath other opening i cant vind a hole on the map: 8m,aybe that is the hole the matoran came truw
99. There is more to explore: 10so there are more islands
1113 nx week o yeh
1Hy greg hade a good time at lego?
21. the two suns one is the fulcano wat is the otherone?
3Another opening.
42. I reeded a pm and you said somthing about the envirements there are more of them? 5you mean other islands?
6Well, there have to be -- because the Rahi and Rahkshi did not come from Metru Nui.
73 Do the matoran know of other islands?
8I believe they know of some of them, yes.
94. Wat kan you tell me about nediki i like him
10Not a lot at this point.
115. the release of bionicle.com update do you have a date?
12Last I heard was next week.

136. No? well can you tell me begin mid of end february?
147. Shapeshifter wat are they?
15The shapeshifter I referred to is a Rahi.
16thnx in advance greg
1Q1: Is Turaga Dume's kanohi an older form of the Vahi? 2A1: No. There is no "older form" of Vahi. There has only ever been one Vahi created. 3Me: Thanks. Can I post this info in the Official GregF topic? 4GregF: Yes, please do. Dume's mask is no way, no how a Vahi.
5Yes, the Vahi is in the movie. Yes, you will learn how it was made and who made it. No, Dume is not wearing it in the set.

Yotanua, Toa of Time
1Q1: Is Turaga Dume's kanohi an older form of the Vahi? 2A1: No. There is no "older form" of Vahi. There has only ever been one Vahi created. 3Me: Thanks. Can I post this info in the Official GregF topic? 4GregF: Yes, please do. Dume's mask is no way, no how a Vahi.
5Yes, the Vahi is in the movie. Yes, you will learn how it was made and who made it. No, Dume is not wearing it in the set.


7i knew it and i bet vakama made the vahi:
1What's up Greg, happy valentines day
21) You said that whenua's mask makes light? like takanuva's?
3Its night vision power manifests as light, but unlike Takanuva's, it is not really light as energy. It is light like a big flashlight.

42) Was it hard describing the dark hunters since you've never seen them before?
5I had a general idea of what they looked like, and I didn't need to go into specifics.
63) You said that toa are only around when they are needed. Will we learn what toa lhikan was needed for besides getting the matoran to the great temple to become toa?
7Yes, probably someday.

84) I wondered if the vahi was made by makuta since it could theoretically destroy everything, ending destiny, which is what makuta wants. People bashed me saying that destiny is destiny, but can it fail in bionicle?
9No, Makuta did not make the Vahi, he is not a mask maker.

105) If the kanohi nuva that the toa had to collect were made from level 8 disks, then couldn't the toa use them before they transformed?
11The Nuva masks weren't on the island prior to their transformation, so using them wasn't an option.
12Thanks Greg, good luck with everything

13See answers above.
1QUOTE 2Hey Greg,
3Just wondering some things:
41)Would you say that the memory and knowledge crystals are like computer chips?
5They are capable of storing information, but since there are no computers in Metru Nui, I can't really make that comparison.
62)Is Dume's mask the noble form of a mask that we've seen before, or is it an all new mask?
7I have no info on Dume's mask at this point.

83)Dume doesn't LOOK like a Turaga, but is that because he's supposed to be a "Metru Nui" turaga, rather than a Mata Nui Turaga? (Like Turaga Vakama)
9It's entirely possible that part of the reason for the different look is so he can fit into the Nivawk model.
103)How would Matatu's Toa Disk work?I mean, fire enveloping the creature, ice covering it (Nuju's sounds like it'd work a lot like a "Freeze" disc), I can imagine, but I can't really see what you'd do with Rock, Earth, Wind, and Water.
11Well, think of it is this way -- you have a Toa disk with basically a cyclone in it. So you launch the disk, it hits someone, and suddenly they are caught up in a tornado.
124)Will we see the discs (Toa Discs) in the movie?
13Not that I know of.
145)Will the Great Discs be used again after Morbuzahk's defeat? (I'm assuming they (the Toa Metru) will keep 'em, after all, they seem to be pretty useful at times...)
166)What's with the Great Temple stuff in Bionicle?I mean, under Kini Nui was Makuta's Lair, under the Great Temple is supposedly hordes of nasty creatures...I thought temples were supposed to be places of GOOD (well, they can be of evil too, I guess, but the Matoran don't seem to worship evil, really.)
17Simple, the Great Temple is on a spit of land surrounded by ocean. The ocean is full of nasty creatures. Dive off the coast of Metru Nui and the odds are you will run into one.
187)IF the Toa Metru get a break from the hordes of evil creatues coming from them at seemingly all sides, what will (or would) they do?Personally, I think that they'd try to go back to their normal Matoran lives.
19I doubt they would be able to go back to their old lives. Vakama is reminded several times by the other Toa that he is a Toa now, not a mask-maker. The odds are they would do what super-heroes do when they aren't fighting -- patrol and watch for trouble.

208)The Dark Hunters look like nothing we've seen before, with their odd shapes.Are they a new species entierly, or a bunch of different races banded together (considering that Kreekah and Nidhiik (I think I got the BASIC spelling together.XP) don't look anything alike), or are they mechanical, not Biomechanical?
21They are biomechanical, and you are right, they sort of are a new species, although they may not have always been. One of the things we want to do going forward is starting to introduce new character classes and expanding the universe.
229) I haven't gotten the new book yet, so pretty much everyhing in it has been spoiled for me (thanks alot, guys with the traitor in thier sigs).So, Ahkomou is the traitor, the Dark Hunters want the discs to keep them out of the Toa Metru's hands, and the Vahki are looking for the Toa, because they're doing "forbidden" things?
23Basically, yes.

2410)How do you make memory crystals?Do you grow them, or is that a Tower that Nuju "grows"?
25No, Nuju grows Knowledge Towers. We will be explaining memory crystals later in the year.
2611)Is it me, or have most of the villans in Bionicle been somewhat Megolomaniacish? (Makuta talking to himself, the Bahragh just being freaky, and now Morzy calling himself "We")
27Well, most villains are -- see Dr. Doom, Lex Luthor, etc., etc. To think that you alone can defy an entire city, conquer it, rule it, you gotta have a big ego.
2812)Can you tell us the Vahki's powers, or can you give us a time when we MIGHT learn them? (Those "eyes and ears" powers sound.. interesting.And freaky)
29A little later .. I am not sure if they are on the new BIONICLE.com this month, they may be, if not they will be soon.
3013)Considering that Morzubahk seems really powerful, and that he's only the first villan that we're seeing in the Metru Nui storyline, can we assume that the other villans will be REALLY powerful?
31They definitely have their moments. I have to say that the new movie features at least one event that I found really creepy ... if people pick up on it .. and one line of dialogue that is going to have people on BZP debating for months
3214)How far would you say that Morbuzahk extends into the city, from the Furnace, as of comic 16? (Vakama seems supprised that a tentacle would be "This deep in the Metru")
33Well, technically, Morbuzakh vines can appear anywhere. But for the most part, the Morbuzakh has concentrated its efforts on the outskirts of the city.

3415)If a Vahki caught a Dark Hunter, and it was the "Eyes and Ears power", and it tried using it, would the Hunter notice (beyond noticing that the Vahki was using it's power?)
35Probably not, no. The power is designed so that the person affected does not realize what is going on.
3616)Why would the Vahki need "Eyes and Ears"?
37Well, Vahki can't be everywhere. If you have a Matoran who you think is joining with other Matoran to spread disorder, what better way to keep an eye on what they are doing than to use one of them?
3817)Personally, I see the Vahki a lot like the robot guy from the movie, "The Day the Earth stood Still", would you say that's a reasonable comparison?
39Hmmmm. Offhand, I am not sure what I would compare them to.
4018) (Just wondering) What's your favorite computer RPG? (If you play any)
41I really don't play RPGs ... I used to work for an RPG company, so i got pretty tired of them. I mainly play Civilization, Sims, stuff like that. Most good RPGs take so much time, and I just don't have that kind of time with all the writing I do.
42Well, I've gotta go eat breakfast

46A single LINE that'll have us discussing for moths? Either Greg underestimates the wondering power of 14k members, or it'll REALLY be an interesting line. O_O
47Can't wait to find out about memory crystals. The more I think about them, I'm thinking they're kinda like the Spheres (movie kind) from the FFX and FFX-2 games.
48As for number 6, what I was really asking was why were the "Great Temples" always really.... well... have bad things under them?
1Hy greg 2How are you?
3wel i go a few questions (like many others) 4Here it go's
5Vakhi heads they are the same as the ones from the dark hunters. 6Cloud dark hunters be vakhi well were vakhi?
7If no why is the head the same?
8Probably so the designers could get additional use out of the new piece. As far as I know, the Dark Hunters have no connection to the Vahki.

9Wath is the other opening (the sun) were does it leads to?
10Can't answer it.
11The mataran flight did they came throu the fulcano?
12I don't understand your question?
13Can metruan fly on kanoka's?? 14i saw it in the airshute
15No, they can go through the chutes riding on disks, but disks do not have a flight power.
16Why do people want to know wat is inside a maoran i dont kare. 17and it wloud be fun to know were they came from.
18can you give me the name of the bionilce movie the second?
19No, not yet, we have to wait for legal approval on the name.
20thnx greg

  • 1There are both Great and Noble Hunas, etc, we know now. Does this mean that there could be noble Haus, etc.?

  • 3Are you revealing what all the Great Kanohi Metru powers are at this point? I've seen you talking about some of them.
    4Well, what the masks are was in the January magazine. More details on their powers will be on the new BIONICLE.com, which I think launches next week.

  • 5If so, could you summarize what makes each different from the noble versions?
    6See answer above.
  • 7Does the visor on the Great Matatu have any function?
    8Not that I am aware of.
  • 9So, is Dume's mask a new one? You said earlier that there'd only be six new ones in '04. Is that still true?
    10I was referring to Great Masks. I have no info on Dume's mask at this point.
  • 11Do you ever see theory topics that guess what's about to happen accurately?

  • 13Are there any plans to have other mask powers someday, like reconstitute at random, recharge, etc. based on those Kanoka powers?
    14It's certainly possible.
  • 15You said when a Kanoka hits a target, it doesn't absorb into it. Are Kanoka finished when they're used, though? I thought I heard that a Kanoka was single-use.
    16No, I don't see them as single use. But in some cases, it would be very hard to retrieve it after you used it and easier to just get another one. They do have limited uses, however, you can't just use the same over and over again.

  • 17Is proto the reason the Toa can "change the shapes" of their element? It seems like, since energized proto can cause shape changes, Toa power must somehow energize the proto in rock, water, etc. temporarily to move it. Am I way off?
    18No, it doesn't have anything to do with energized protodermis. It's simply a function of their Toa power.
  • 19Also, Kanoka cause shape changes, right? Does that mean the proto they're made out of is energized, even though it's solid?
    20The reconsitutes at random power causes the change. The disks are made out of liquid protodermis which is poured into a mold and then cooled. Solid protodermis is only used to make things like statues, buildings, etc.

  • 21Vahki are robots, right? Is Nidhiki? See, I heard that Nidhiki was an earlier form of Vahki, or that he did the same job or something. Yet I also heard that Nidhiki is not robotic; he's biomechanical. How does that work?
    22Nidhiki is biomechanical. What you heard to the contrary is people thinking that one of the Toa combiners is Nidhiki. It's not -- Nidhiki gets a set of his own this summer. One of the Toa combiners is a prototype Vahki, but his name has not been released yet.

23I just want to say something; not really a question. You guys have been doing an exceptionally good job with Bionicle lately. There've been some complainers making a lot of loud noise here lately. But I just want to assure you that most BZPers, I think, really like how Bionicle is going. I certainly do. Metru Nui is cool: Keep it up:
24Thanks as always.

25Thanks for the kind words. I try not to take the complainers too seriously, though I do listen to them. A lot of them seem to be saying, "It's not as good as when it started," forgetting that they are three years older than when it started and it may be their tastes that are changing, not so much BIONICLE.

1I am trying to remeber a few but i can't i will keep trying to remember. 2One was
3Vakama_metru: Hey Greg I was wondering what is that ball in that CGI of Nuju?
4Greg: I really know little about the movie except for the first 20 minutes of it
1Vahki are robots, right? Is Nidhiki? See, I heard that Nidhiki was an earlier form of Vahki, or that he did the same job or something. Yet I also heard that Nidhiki is not robotic; he's biomechanical. How does that work?
2Nidhiki is biomechanical. What you heard to the contrary is people thinking that one of the Toa combiners is Nidhiki. It's not -- Nidhiki gets a set of his own this summer. One of the Toa combiners is a prototype Vahki, but his name has not been released yet.

3He means the VaMaOn combiner, I believe, because the WheNuNo combiner doesn't looks like a Vahki...
11)ok you said the the robotic toa metru combo was before the vahki so whos stronger one of the combo or one vahki(doesnt matter which one)
2I wouldn't say one is stronger than the other. They have different kinds of powers, and the Vahki's were simply better suited to the job that needed to be done.
32) is it possible that vakama and co were wearing a copy of their great masks when they were matoran(im not asking for how they look in the movie just what you think)
4I really can't answer, because I have no idea how they look in the film.

53) have you seen the movie couse you know allot of things that happened there if not have you gotten a script or something?
6I have seen a recording script. I have not seen any footage from the movie.
74)is it possible that some vahkis are still functioning when the toa nuva get to metru nui?
8Can't say, the next Toa Nuva storyline has not been written yet.
95) what are those mushroom buildings that are on le metru
10Most likely they are places where vehicles get designed and repaired.
116) there is an entry to metru nui in makutas lair is that where the second sun was on metru nui?
12No. Makuta's lair is underground too. The second sun was an opening to the surface.
137) when the website will be updated will there be flash updates again?
14Don't know.
158) can you tell us when the product disigners dicide to make a lhikan set or not(that will probably end the hundreds of "will lhikan be a set qeustions we send you evry day)
16They may have already decided, and just not told me.
179)did the other toa metru gave their toa disk to vakama? since his the only one with a launcher
1910) will we ever learn anything about being a dark hunter and who are dark hunters?
2111) is there any connection between makuta and the dark hunters?
22There is no evidence Makuta has anything to do with anything in this storyline.
2312) if an invader army from outer metru nui would of invaded would the vahki and the matoran protect the city or would the matoran just hide while the vahki try to handle them(all in a dream situation where the toa dont excist)
24The Vahki would probably be the main defenders, although I am sure the Matoran would help.
2513) most matoran carry kanoka launchers with them. do you need a licence for that it is some kind of weapon no?
26No, because it is also used for sport. Everyone has them.
2714) krekka and nidhiki dont have kanohi. so what are the energized from the most have some sort of power source
28Can't answer it.

2915) is the female villan in trail by fire or the 3rd book this year(it's name escapes me)
30The third book. Trial By Fire is about the Morbuzakh.
3116) if in the 3rd book what can we expect from trail by fire?
32See answer to 15.
3317) can evry 3 rahkshi form a kaita or do they have speciefec groups to form evry kaita?
34I think every three can.
3518) the matoran dont have a space program. but do they have a deep sea program?
36Not really, no.
1Ilrealian rakshi good questions 2The kanoka licens very interesting