1QUOTE 2I'm sorry to bother you again, Greg, but I came up with a few questions, thanks:
31.) Will we see the Exo-Toa after the Kal storyline, you said they were coming back, but we only saw them for five seconds before they were obliterated by the Kal? 4That was their return. I was told that they had to be destroyed before the start of the movie. But they might return, you never know.
52.) You might not be able to answer this, but what is the Mask of Shadows power? I've heard it can spread darkness, or something, but that sounds kinda weak, so I wanted to check with you on that.
6Can't answer it yet.
73.) You most likely can't answer this one, too, but what happens to the Nuva Symbols, will they end up staying at the Suvas? Or will the Toa absorb it or something? In my opinion, the Nuvasation made the Toa weaker if they need the Symbols to keep their elemental powers.
8I see your point. But it also, I think, makes it even more important for the Toa to stop Makuta, since he can strike at them that way.
94.) I heard this on a Before Time discussion topic, did Makuta awaken the Bahrag and Bohrok early to avert the Toa?
115.) Does the ToL have the a tool like Makuta's, cause in a few discussions, there was a link to this poster, it had the ToL with a weapon like Makuta's?
12He does have a tool, I can't discuss what it is.
136.) Can the new Matoran change into the Matoran-Nui? 14I am sure there will be a combination model, yes.

157.) A lot of BZPers are wondering about the Shadow Toa, are they a major plot in the story, or just a one time dud (as in they aren't essential to the storyline)?
16The shadow Toa were a plot point that was supposed to show up in the first PC game. When that game was cancelled, they didn't end up making an appearance anywhere, so no, they are not essential to the storyline (they are from back in the 2001 story). But the current plan is to show that scene in the first Scholastic novel.
178.) I know that Vahi questions must annoy you, since you get so many, but, can the Vahi slow time enough, so it comes to a complete stop.
18Not a complete stop, I don't think, no, but they can slow it considerably.
199.) IF the ToL lives through the movie, will he stay in the storyline or will he just go away or anything? I guess that what I'm really asking is, since you already said he won't die soon, will Takanuva be in any other storylines?
20All I can tell you is that I know of no plans to eliminate the character. What role he will play in future stories I honestly don't know at this point, but there are no plans that I am aware of to get rid of the character.
21Thanks sooo much for your time

22I hope the Exo-Toa return:
1QUOTE 2I'm sorry to email you again so soon, but I've got more questions:
31.) What are the names of the Bohrok-Kal Kaitas? 4I can answer this, but it will have to wait until next week -- I am off work until Tuesday and don't have access to the info.
52.) If they have any, what are the names of the VA Kaitas, the Bohrok Kaitas, and the Bahrag combiner? 6I'm not aware of names for the Va or the Bahrag combiner, since none of them were in the story. I will have to check and see if there are names for the Bohrok ones.
73.) I don't know if I made myself clear last time, does Takanuva have the same weapon as Makuta? 8You did -- but I am not answering tool or mask power questions yet. Also, I have seen the Takanuva set close-up, but not the Makuta set.
94.) About what year should BIONICLE run til if there are no setbacks and the brand doesn't die out by then (not saying it will die out, just an if)? 10I doubt there is a set year it will end -- any more than there is one for, say, Power Rangers. As long as there is interest in it, and sales for the toy, we will keep adding to the mythos.
11Thanks again:

12Too bad he can't answer anything yet :glare: , but I really want to know the names of the Bohrok and Kal Kaitas: :o
1Quote 2Don't want to bother you but I have a few questions:
31. How did the flat symbols taken from the suvas in comics 9 and 10 become round, semi-circlish symbols in comic 11? 4Not sure what you are referring to. I know that there are sort of holograms of the symbols around cube to indicate where they fit. I will have to go back and look at the comics to see what you mean.
52. In which comic does Takanuva first make an appearance? 6He's currently scheduled for issue 14, pending approval of the script.
73. Are there any scenes that appear in both the comics and the movie? 8Very few.
9Thanks in advance

10So, Takanuva's in #14:


1I asked Greg about the next Proto-Squad pacakge for all you Proto-Squad members. Here's what he said:

2Do you have any info at all about the next Proto-Squad package?

3Only thing I have heard is that it is a Rahkshi tease, I believe.

5ok, thanks. so no actuall LEGO sets that you know about.

6No, the next set you are getting is a Rahkshi, but that won't be until closer to the release date, probably May or June.

8So we get Rahkshi soon:
1ok this is what i asked
2QUOTE 3umm i just have one

4will the toa nuva use those attacks agien on makuta like the first time they faght him????

5this is what he said
6You'll have to watch the movie and see.
8darn it :angry: :LOL: just kidding
1Here are the 9 questions I asked GregF:
2OK, I've got some questions.
31. In MNOLG, Whenua, when asked about Onu-koro, says, "Biodermis, the stuff of life, is brought from deposits within the earth and traded amongst the Tohunga."4I already knew that they mined solid protodermis in Onu-Koro. Is "Biodermis" just an early name for protodermis? (I know you've said you had nothing to do with MNOLG, but I just wondered if you would know anything about it.) 5GregF: Yes, I am pretty sure that is just an early name, as I have never heard the term used.
62. If it is, how exactly is it "the stuff of life?" Do they eat it?7GregF: A lot of people have asked that question. We haven't explored all that protodermis is used for, but it plays a big part in everything they build. So that may be what he meant.
83. I also noticed that Kopeke survived being frozen in ice. Could Ta-Kornans survive in lava? Or can all Tohunga simply survive being frozen?9GregF: No, Ta-Matoran cannot survive in lava, although they might have more resistance to it than others. Kopeke may have been the equivalent of cryogenically frozen, so that he was able to revive.
104. About Ta-Kornans in lava, Lava-surfing is said to be very dangerous. So what would happen if a Matoran fell in lava? 11GregF: Most likely they would be dissolved eventually.
12Also, a few basic questions that I've never seen answered:
135. Can any mask become infected? 14GregF: Yes.
156. Can infected masks be de-infected? 16GregF: Not that I know of.
177. Can any mask be destroyed? 18GregF: It might be possible, but I am not aware of its ever happening.
198. Also, how long has Makuta been on Mata-Nui before the coming of the Toa? 20GregF: A long, long time.
219. Related: How much time on Mata-Nui has passed since the coming of the Toa to now, as they're facing the Kal (the end of comic 11)? 22GregF: We haven't really nailed that down, but less time than has passed in the real world, obviously.
23I know you're very busy, so sorry for taking up your time.


3You're supposed to pm aswers (sp?) to Gregf and then post the answeres (sp?) here. Here's one that I did.
4QUOTE 5I have a question thats been bugging me. In comic#11 when Pohatu Nuva and Ouna Nuva remove the Krana-Kal from Tahnok-Kal, Tahnok-Kal's Krana-Kal starts talking. Is this because it is a Krana-Za-Kal, or is it always the Krana-Kal thats talking?

6All krana-kal can communicate. It is part of what makes them different from standard krana.

8I was right some people were saying it talked because it was a ZA but all of them can talk.
1I asked him another one:
2Hello Greg, Today I got my Legoland Billund Copper Mask Pack in the mail today. On the back of the card, it says:
3"The copper masks Kanohi Huna and Kanohi Komau are only to be found in Mata Nui's dark underground caves and tunnels. The special material gives the masks an extra boost to thier powers. It takes more time for the wearer to master them, but they will be all the more effective."
4What?¿?¿? I thought that they had no powers at all: Please help me: Thank you, bjj6
5That is the first I have heard of that. I will have to track down where it came from.
7Wow: He's gonna track it down: *Does a little dance...*

11. Do Toa have festivities like Christmas, or Halloween? 2It is possible that the Matoran have holidays -- certainly naming ceremonies would be a major holiday.
32. What is the pourpose of the White Metal Krana-Kal if the Sterling Silver does that invincibility thing? 4It's just a less expensive version to produce.
53. Up to what comics have been approved and written so far? Last I heard, it was #14. 614 has been written, but not approved yet.
74. DO the Rahkshi combine in the movie? 8No,
95. What are the Kaita names for the Bohrok, Bohrok-Kal and Bohrok Va? 10I don't have the Kal ones at my fingertips just now, and I am not sure if there are names for the Bohrok and Bohrok Va.
116. Can the Turaga really combine into the Turaga Nui? 12Yes.
137. Up to what year have you guys planned the storyline up to? I heard that the "high and mighty" members of your team know the basic of arch of all of them, but one cannot be so sure. 14My understanding is that there are at least 7 "books" of BIONICLE, and we are just finishing the first book this year.
158. Is this image the Rahkshi logo? Because I saw it on a canister top somewhere in Brickshelf. 16I will have to check it later.
179. Do the Matoran speak English? I have been wondering this is kind of coincidental that they speak English, like the beings a billion light-years away from them. And that is usually the kind of thing you only see on Start Trek. So do they? 18I doubt it, but if we wrote it in the language they do speak, you wouldn't be able to understand it.
1910. I have been wondering about the PC game. Why are you the Toa, the Nuva and the ToL in one game? I believe you once said the Bohrok were in there too. If so, are the Kal? 20I am not sure if the Kal are or not, they may be. They are just trying to get as much in there as possible.
2111. Will more Matoran Bios appear soon? 22Don't know.
1I thought I remember that the Island of Mata-Nui is the resting body of the god, not just named in his honor. Is that right?
2No, the legend as I have always heard it, and as it is in the movie, is that Mata Nui brought his people to the island, and they named it in his honor.
3What do the shadow toa look like (pics or describe with details)? Do their Kanohi have different names?
4I believe they are basically ebony versions of the Toa. And no, their Kanohi do not have different names -- they have the same Kanohi and powers as the Toa Olda did.
5Where do the toa find the Makoki Stones? 6Don't know -- the Makoki Stones did not play a part in the comic at all. I would have to check with the other BIONICLE story team members.
1Sorry, I know you get tons of PMs, but I just have one question, which you may not know the answer to or want to reveal yet. If not, that's fine. But here it is: how many Matoran live in each village? Also, I know you won't answer this because other people have asked, but how do Matoran keep up their populations? If they die, they have to be able to create new ones. Are they built?
2Thanks in advance:

4Greg said:
5I had always heard there were 12 Matoran in each village, but a great deal more are pictured in the movie -- that may be artistic license, I don't know. I do know that it is highly unlikely that any new Matoran have come into being during the time they have been on the island.

6Only 12?:? :blink: That's not very many: Only... lets see... 72 Matoran on the island:
1Sorry, I know you get tons of PMs, but I just have one question, which you may not know the answer to or want to reveal yet. If not, that's fine. But here it is: how many Matoran live in each village? Also, I know you won't answer this because other people have asked, but how do Matoran keep up their populations? If they die, they have to be able to create new ones. Are they built?
2Thanks in advance:

4Greg said:
5I had always heard there were 12 Matoran in each village, but a great deal more are pictured in the movie -- that may be artistic license, I don't know. I do know that it is highly unlikely that any new Matoran have come into being during the time they have been on the island.

6Only 12?:? :blink: That's not very many: Only... lets see... 72 Matoran on the island:

7:blink: 12?
8Man... :blink: :blink:
9That is weird....
10Oh well, think about how many we have seen in the comics.... two, three?
1QUOTE 2Sorry again to bother you. 3Just three questions.
41. Do you write the blurbs in the middle of the comics? 5Yes.
62. In the blurb in the middle of Comic 10, a line of text says: "From the chronicles of Takua." Will the chronicles ever be published? The new Bionicle book series is called "Bionicle Chronicles". Are they the Chronicles of Takua? 7No, they're not. I don't know if the Chronicles will be published or not.
83. Will the Book series have anything new aside from the Shadow Toa, or is it just a recap for new fans?
9There are going to be a lot of new things... scenes you didn't see that happened in between pages of the comics, battles you didn't see, things like Tahu getting the Vahi, etc.
10Thanks in Advance

1well here's what i ask't him 2i am very sorry too annoy you with my qestion's but i have to ask you 31.can you tell me about lihii the surfer? 4No, not really.
52. do a kraata in one form have wings? 6No.
73.will we see makuta again after 2003? 8Probably, but not in the same form.
94. what bohrok swerm attack't ko koro? 10Most likely the Tahnok.
115.will le koro and onu koro will be in the new storyline? 12Which new storyline? The movie storyline? Onu-Koro will be, yes.
136.why did kopeke disine chenge'd? 14Don't know. Probably a result of all the other Matoran design changes.
157.can you tell me just a little info on 2004? 16Nope.
178. what bohrok kal stole lewa simble? 18Not sure.
199.i am going to denmark in a month can i help lego in their storyline of bionicle their? 20I don't see how, sorry.
2110.why didnt mata nui wake up after the toa defeted makuta? 22Because the Toa did not have the full information on how to wake him up yet. 23that's it thank you for your time
1Here's some he answered today:
2Q:Are there any romance/relationship in the Mask of Light movie? 3A:Not really.
4Q:Is the movie okay to watch as a teenager like me,or is it the little kid type of movie? 5A:Well,I am an adult, and I enjoyed it -- so I think you will too.
6Q:Is any of the Rahkshi female? 7A:No
8Q.Are the Bohrok a special plan made up by the great beings to wipe out Makuta when the island is over infected? 9A:No, but that is a good suggestion.
10Q:How is it to answer questions?Is it fun to help,or are you tired of us? 11A:I enjoy it..it is one of the highlights of my day.
12Q:Wich character is your personal favorite in bionicle? 13A:Oh, that's easy...Kopaka.
14Q:Is it possible to write in a little black and white Ko-Koran matoran with a black hau called Hitotu into the comics?He's my made up character and I would be thankful forever if this was possible.It doesnt matter if it's a bi-role. 15A:Unfortunately, no, I can`t use fan-created stuff for legal reasons.
16Q:How old are you? 17A:37.
18Q:How did you find this forum?And what is the reason you registered? 19A:To be honest, I don`t remember.But I registered because I saw a lot of misinformation flying around and I wanted to be able to correct it.
1Here's the answers from What I asked GregF
2TN675:Will the toa ever change again?
3GregFNo, no plans for that any time soon.
4TN675:The bahrag are said to be imprisoned in a proto cage,does this mean bahrag nuva/kal?
5GregF:No -- they are imprisoned in a protodermis cage, they are not immersed in liquid protodermis.
6TN675:The toa if they triumph over the kal/bahrag,wouldn't the rahkshi/makuta just steal the symbols and render the toa nuva powerless again?
7GregF:I am assuming that the Toa Nuva will take better care of the symbols next time now that they know how powerful they are.
8TN675:If the bahrag are defeated will the swarms still function under the influence of the toa nuva?
9GregF:No -- the swarms have returned to their nests at the command of the Kal to wait for the call again.
10TN675:The le-koronan always seem to be to be captured why is this and does this mean another toa of air capture?
11GregF:No -- and the Le-Matoran have only been captured once, by the Bohrok.
12TN675:Will the rahi ever play a big part in the storyline again?
13GregF:It's possible, yes.
14TN675:In commic #6 pohatu says "Then they can tell us all about it on their way of the island"but then the krana are just buried in pits in the koro why is this?
15GregF:It's a figure of speech. He didn't mean it literally.
16TN675:How do the turaga get the noble masks?
17GregF:The Toa gathered them for them when they gathered the six Great Masks.
18TN675:Will the kal complete their mission and if they do will the kal strike with the swarms?
19GregF:No, most likely if the Bahrag were released, the Kal would go back into hibernation, their job done. Their mission is solely to free the Bahrag, not to cleanse the island."
20TN675:In our terms of measurment what wuold 1 bio be equal to?
21GregF:I believe it is roughly a meter.
22TN675:What is the main use of hardend protodermis?
23GregF:It's used for many things, primarily for construction.
24TN675:How did the bohrok change to bohrok kal?
25GregF:Six Bohrok were mutated by the Bahrag into Bohrok-Kal
26TN675:The Kratta as you've said anything they touch becomes infected is this the source of infected kanohi from the origanal line?
28TN675:What exactly is the "Before-Time"?
29GregF:That's something we are not revealing yet... but think about what the Bohrok were trying to do, and what the island would have looked like if they had succeeded.
30TN675:What noise do the Rahkshi make?
31GregF:Kind of a hiss.
32TN675:If the Kal/Bahrag are defeted will the Tahnok swarm stay in space circleing the planet on which Mata-Nui is located on or will they return to the Tahnok Nest?
33GregF:My guess is that particular group (which was not the entire swarm) will stay in orbit .. because even if gravity were restored, they are beyond its effects now.

34TN675:I've heard that the Bionicle movie may be postponed to NOV 2003 is this true?
35GregF:No,as far as I know, it is still September.

36TN675:Howcome The matoran that came w/ the bionicle powerpack is named Hafu when Taipu has the black Ruru?
37GregF:I think the Hafu Matoran set coming out this year has a black Ruru as well.

38TN675:Which Toa/Nuva is the strogest in your opinion?
39GregF:Physically strongest? Onua or Pohatu.

40TN675:Which Kal in your opinion is the strongest?
41GregF:Probably Pahrak-Kal, although strength doesn't really come into play since they rely on their powers so much.

42TN675:Howcome the Toa/Nuva dont have spare parts to store their tools on thier backs.
43GregF:Just weren't designed that way.
44TN675:Who is your favorite Toa/Nuva?
46TN675:Who does the misprint yellow kaukau belong to?
47GregF:Well, I can't say definitively, but if it was a misprint, doesn't that mean it's a mistake? So it probably doesn't belong to anyone, it was just a production error.
48TN675:Why does Vakama look like he has a unibrow in the mol trailer?
49GregF:Eyebrows were added to some characters for the same reasons that hands were (in part).. for them to be more expressive on screen.

50TN675:What will happen to the Rahkshi/kratta after the Rahkshi saga is over?

51GregF:You'll have to wait and see.

52TN675:Who was the voice in the Bohrok-Kal cds?
53GregF:I have no idea, I've never met him. I believe all the recordings are done in Europe.

54TN675:Besides being the chronichler and calling the toa to Mata-Nui what is Takua's importance in the story?
55GregF:That's a lot of importance right there, isn't it? What else do you need?

56TN675:How many Matoran olda can you make using parts from the other 8 maotan olda and other stes?
57GregF:I have absolutely no idea.
58TN675:On page 12 of comic 11 what is the symbol on the right side of the cube?
59GregF:The only shot of the cube I see in the issue is on page 11 of the story .. and it shows the symbols for Tahu, Pohatu, and I think Onua's though it does not look quite right to me.
60TN675:About how tall are the Bohrok/Kal in our measurment?
61GregF:They are about the same size as the Toa, so I would say somewhere around six or seven feet high.
62TN675:How did the Bahrag arrive on Mata-Nui?
63GregF:Can't answer that. But... who says they "arrived?" Maybe they were always there?
64TN675:Do you know where on Mata-Nui is Mata-Nui sleeping?
66TN675:Out of the three seires of comics which was most fun to write?
67GregF:Probably the Kal, because they were the first bad guys who could talk.
68TN675:Is the stone that Onua and Pohatu used to defeat Tahnok-Kal a koli ball?
69GregF:No, it is just a polished stone.
70TN675:Was the Bohrok nest men to be in the Makuta's lair?If so is he somehow conected to the Bahrag/Swarms?
71GregF:Bohrok nests are all over the place on Mata Nui... but he is connected, in that he is the one who unleashed them.

72Thanks GregF

74I will edit my post whenever I ask more of him.
11. Can you give me the "official" details on the summoning stone thing with Takua? Makoki stones, summoning the Toa, etc. And did Takua really land on the beach and lose his memory? (If you don't know the answers, could you check with the story team and report back on that?) 2All I know that about is that Takua gathered the stones, used them to summon the Toa, and was outcast as a result. I believe the whole thing took place in one of the GameCube games.
32. Are the Bohrok in the PC game? 4Not sure. Will have to check.
53. Will you see Takanuva, the Ussanui or Graalok in the MNOLG2? 6Takanuva, possibly, yes. Ussanui I am not certain, and Graalok I doubt since he plays a tiny role in the film.
74. Why the heck were their supposedly 12 Matoran in a villiage?: That is like 72 Matoran on the island. With the rest of the good guys, that is 85 sentient good guys(counting Takanuva). 8All I know is that is what I always heard - that only a relatively small number were on the island.
95. What are the "official" names of the Mata Nuian Pirahna and Seahorse? I'm interested. 10There are none. They are not important characters in the movie, so we did not come up with names for them.
116. Do you have the original rules, before they started using the sticks, for the game of Koli? I like that version a little batter, at least at the playable level, because I like soccer. 12I only have one set of rules.
137. Suggestion: Have you actually played MNOLG? Because there are tons of things that members have been wondering pertaining to that, and you should identify them. It'd help a lot. 14No, I have not gotten all the way through it. Questions on that I have to forward to the web team. I simply haven't had time.
1Here's my ones. there not very helpful :(
2I no u have alot of PMs but please answer these Qs: : :
31.In the mask of light trailer it shows eyes behing Makuta Is that his eyes or is it Mata-nui:?: Did mata-nui turn bad aswell and persuade his brother to become bad: Or does Makuta have some boss telling him what to do. 4No to both suggestions.
52. Will the bionicle saga ever end? Like when Mata-nui wakes up? Or when he tells the truth to the toa abouthim being evil maybe? 6Mata Nui is not evil. And the saga will only end if the toys stop selling, probably.
73. Is it possible to get a Vahi at legoland Windsor? 8I don't think so -- they were only ever offered through a store giveaway here, I don't think the LEGOLANDs ever had them.
9Thanks for your time,
10Ultimate Nuva.

1heres my quick little question:
2Mr. Greg, 3Hello: sorry to bother you. I love the comics. Cant wait to see what happens next: I have a question however, do you know of a way to obtain a monthly subscription to the book? The only ones i have gotten are the ones that came with the Lego Magazine, and that was a couple months apart. Any info would help, thanks:

5The comic only comes out every other month with the magazine.. at this point, we don't offer it as a separate subscription. We only do, at this point, those six issues a year.
7Thanks Greg:::
1QUOTE 2I PMed you Sunday or some thing asking you if you knew the names of the Kal Kaita, Bohrok Kaita, VA Kaita, the Bahrag combiner, the alternate Exo-Toa and alternate Boxor. You said you could get the names on Tuesday. What are the names? Thanks in advance:

3The Kal Kaita names are Bohrok-Kal Kaita Za (brown, black and red) and Bohrok-Kal Kaita Ja (green, blue, and white). If names exist for the other things you asked about, I am not aware of them -- if things don't figure into the storyline, a lot of times they aren't given official names.

5Za Kal and Ja Kal- I LIKE IT:::
2Hi Greg,
3I have just one question. What rescource is used to make 4the Kanohi, is it Protodermis? Is the reason they can't use 5it because it has run out? And did the Turaga make the 6Kanohi, both Noble and Great? 7Thanks,
8Bisc and Toa

9Actually, what is used to make Kanohi, and who makes them, will all be revealed in next year's storyline.

1Here are my questions.
2Hello Mr.Farshety. I have a few questions. Not all of them are about the storyline. i hope you don't mind 3(I know how busy you are...)
41: When will the Koli rules be on Bionicle.Com? 5Hopefully around May.
62: What is Takanuva's weapon? 7Can't answer it yet.
83: In the MOL trailer, what is that worm thing in the vial? 9It's a kraata.
104: Do the Toa Nuva ever become Toa Kaita in the future? 11Yes, they do, in one of the comics this year.
125: Is Takua NOT Takanuva? 13I can't answer anything on who Takanuva is or is not, sorry.
146: How do Matoran reproduce? 15Not biologically. That's all I can tell you.
167: Can the new Matoran sets throw disks? 17No, they play koli.
188: How big are the Rahkshi compared to a Toa? 19Do you mean the toys or the characters?
209: Are there anymore Matoran like Takua? (With different colored masks and stuff?) 21Not that I know of.
2210: What is the name of those new hammer things the Matoran have? 23They are koli sticks.
24And now a Non-Bionicle question.
251: What other Comic series have you worked on? 26This is my first experience writing comic books.
27Thanks in advance. 28~Koli Ball Champ.

29Thanks very much Greg:
1And another one:
2Hi Greg,
3And sorry, this is the last question of the week, I promise. 4Will the old Matoran design ever be reintroduced into the 5storyline somehow, even if it means a prequil? Personaly 6I love them and am buying a second set of them.
7Bisc and Toa

8Is it impossible? No. Is it likely? Probably no to that too. Although it would make sense in a prequel to have the Matoran look the old way, I think the reasoning will be that it has been established that Makuta robbed them of their powers, etc., over the thousands of years they were on Mata Nui, and that would explain the change in their body shape.

1I got a few questions answered, not much though.
2I have a few questions.
31. Does Takanuva have a symbol? 4Not that I know of. 52. Is Takanuva nuva? 6This is purely my opinion, but I don't believe so. I may be wrong, but my idea of a nuva is someone who is immersed in protodermis. And he wasn't.
73. Who is stronger, Pohatu or Onua? 8Good question. I would have to put money on Onua is he is wearing the Mask of Strength. If he isn't, they are probably equal.
94. The Toa originally had different ages. What were they? 10It was never nailed down, except that Lewa was the youngest and I think Onua was the oldest. But we scrapped that idea early on.

1Here's some:
2Q:How is the Rahkshi introduced in the movie? 3A:Not giving away movie plot.
4Q:Does the Toa Of Light stay after the movie?Or does it only appear in the movie and then disappear? 5A:There are no plans that I know of to eliminate the character.
6Q:Will the 2004 enemy be some of the Bahrag and Makuta,or completely new? 7A:No Bahrag or Bohrok in `04... new enemies for the most part.
8Q:Wich one of the Turaga is the wisest? 9A:My money would be on Nokama.
10Q:Will the Rahkshi be updated in the future like the Toa and Bohrok? 11A:No plans to that I know of.
1hay it's me again sorry to botter 21.what are the rahkshi powers?(i know we all know them but some of them are not sure) 3Shattering of obstacles 4Fragmentation 5Poison 6Power absorption 7Fear 8Anger
92.do the matoran mask's have power's? 10No, I don't think so.
113.do the rahi mask's have power's? 12No.
134.are the new matoran who's bios where added to bionicle.com sell as a set or at mcdoneld's?
14I haven't looked at the new bios, but I do know there is no McDonald's promotion for them. The only six Matoran being made available in sets this year are Kopeke, Matoro, Hahli, Hewkii, Hafu, and Macku.
155.how did makuta's form changed? 16Makuta can change his form to whatever he wants it to be. It's one of his powers. 17that's it thank you very much
1Hello, 2Maybe youre tyred of recieving PMs, but I have a question:
3Will the movie leave us in question, or with a concluding ending?
4Thank you, Raba2

5BothLots of questions will be answered.. and lots more new ones left to be answered.

1Heres MY question.
2Hey Greg, I know you're busy and all, but heres a question.
3Is the MOL movie going to be released in Singapore?

4Don't know, but will try to find out for you.

6I hope so:
1I pmed greg & got this 2Q:is Graahlok the ash bear just a pile of bricks or does 3she acturley have a structior(sp).If so will she be buildable(But not in a set)?
4A:no.She does have a strutior.I heard rumors that there were instructoins for her on the dvd.
5so graahlok is buildable...cooooollllllllllllll :D
11. Do the Toa Nuva Kaita, or any Kaita, show up in the Mask of Light? 2No.
32. This is all I want to know about this: Is the creator of Kanohi a Matoran? 4Can't answer it.
53. What "book" will we learn more about the before-time? 6I have no idea. I am only aware of the storyline through next year.
74. Why aren't the new Matoran bios updated with the new look? Wouldn't it be simpler to do that? 8Well, a lot of those Matoran are not being produced as toys, and my guess is art does not exist for them in the new look. We had the same problem with some of the Scholastic books... the art guys in Denmark are already on to designs for 2004 and 2005, and we didn't have much in the way of new Matoran art.
95. Do the Rahkshi Kaita have a name? If so, what is it? 10Yes .. Rahkshi Kaita Za and Rahkshi Kaita Vo.
116. If you put the Krana codes in a certain column order, then the first letter of each straight down spell "Bionicle." Does the rest of the code have any meaning? 12Not that I know of.
137. How do the Bahrag generate Krana? 14My guess is they have some "primordial soup" that creates them.
158. How does Makuta generate the Kraata, and did he create the Rahkshi? 16The kraata are part of Makuta's substance... he pulls them from within his armor. And yes he did make the Rahkshi.
179. Does a Kraata infect a Kanohi by touching it, or by getting close to it? 18Has to touch it.
1910. Did the creator of Kanohi create the Vahi, Avohkii and Kraahkan? If so, did Makuta steal the Kraahkan or what? 20I don't know... my guess, though, is that the Kraahkan at least existed before a lot of the other Masks of Power.
2111. What is up with the change in Puku's look? In the MNOLG, he looked a lot like a Ussal(well, he was one). But now he looks like a big, bukly tank. What caused this? Does the Turaga's body-change thing work on Ussal's? Are all Ussals mutated?:: 22No, Pewku has just grown older. Ussals change as they grow, just like any other animal does.
2312. What exactly is a Gukko bird? Is it a mutated Kahu? 24It's not a mutated Kahu, it is simply the new name for a Kahu.
2513. I know you probably can't answer this, but in a the Mata Nui legend thingie it says Mata Nui brought the Matoran to this land. Where did the Matoran and Mata Nui originate from? 26You will have a better idea of that next year.
2714. Will you guys reveal who made the Bohrok, Managaia tunnels, underground paths, temples and stuff in '04? 28Not in '04, no.
2915. Will we see the Kinis(the temples) anytime soon? 30Yes, I think so.
31-Crystal :silver: Matrix
1heres mine

21youve said that the storyline would end if the toys stopped selling.how would you end it if the toys DID stop selling?
3I don't know, that would be a decision for the whole story team to make. At this point, the toy sales show no signs of slowing down, so I am not too worried about it.
42on vohraks power,power absorption,would he[ithave to give the power back?
5No. The Toa affected would probably need to rest a while to regain his strength.
1QUOTE 2I know I must be getting on your nerves about these name questions, but you told me that the names of the Bohrok Kal Kaitas were named Za and Ja. In the Official Greg Discussion, I saw you told them the names of the Rahkshi Kaita names were Ja and Vo. Sorry if this offends you, but is it possible you made an error, because I don't think two characters would have the same name. If you were wrong, could you tell me the real names of the four Kaitas?

3I know Vo is correct, I will have to check on the Rahkshi Kaita Ja name. That may be in error. The interesting thing is that I never posted that to the official Greg discussion, I only answered someone's PM about it. So I may have mistyped or someone else may have.
1TakumA: In one of the updates at Bionicle.com Lewa Nuva falls from the sky. It doesn't sound logical to me, cuz he may have lost his elemental power but he still have his Miru Nuva. Doesn't his Kanohi Nuva make him able to fly? It is the Mask of Levitation.

2GregF: I agree with you. The Mask of Levitation should prevent him from falling like that. His loss of elemental powers would not mean he would lose the power of the mask.

3TakumA: Mata Nui and Makuta are spirits right, and spirits are immortal. Doesn't that make Makuta always come back after being defeated?

4GregF: Okay two things.. one, the movie trailer does say that Makuta is immortal, but personally I don't believe that.
5And two, according to Matoran belief, they are spirits -- but that is their BELIEF. You can't always interpret literally how the Matoran view the universe... remember, there were tribal cultures on Earth that believed the world rested on the back of a giant turtle.

6TakumA: In one of the newsarticles where you answer some questions you said the bumps in the protodermis in the image below weren't kraata. 7user posted image 8But in this newsarticle there's said that if a kraata is exposed to protodermis it evolves in to a Rahkshi. So what is it?
9GregF: The official answer is that the bumps are kraata (that was in the topic I posted on the subject). However, they do not look exactly like kraata because the kraata toys were not designed at that point. Also, a kraata exposed to protodermis does evolve into a Rahkshi, but it doesn't happen in two seconds -- it takes time.

11. Will we get to see other Bionicle creatures that have not been seen yet, such as the Brakas, Daikau and Vatuka? 2See them where?
32. Will we get to see other items(maybe in the MNOLG2?) like the Vuata Maca Crystal, Volo Lutu or Bula? 4I'm not involved in the development of MNOLG2, so I really don't have any knowledge of what will be included in it.
53. Why are all the Kaita names for Rahkshi and Kal the names of Krana, like Vo and Ja? 6They are named for the krana-kal or kraata who dominates the merged creature.
74. Can the Turaga combine into one, have they done so before and will they in the future? 8Yes, that is the Turaga Nui, I believe.
95. Why did Kahu get a name change? And is it, like in the Ussal, that they change and look different? (Puku/Pewku is a perfect example.) 10Same reason everything else did -- because Kahu means something in another language, so we had to change the name.
116. In '04, will we learn who made the Exo-Toa? 12Not sure, but I don't think so.
137. Do any other creatures besides Ussals(and Kahu?) change looks, or grow as they age? 14I am sure most do. That is what nature works here, I don't see why it would be any different on Mata Nui. Are you asking about in the movie? No, not that I know of.
158. Are all creatures on Mata Nui called Rahi? 16Yes, all beasts are Rahi.
179. On a poster and commercial I saw once, It had six signs that stood for the Rahi(see here, the stone carvings). What do those mean? Are their clearer images availible? 18No idea.
1910. Is it true that instructions for Graalok will be included on the DVD of Mask of Light? If so, what sets will you need? 20That is a rumor that I heard around LEGO last week, which I hope is accurate. I do not know what will be needed to build it, I have not seen the directions myself. Last week was the first I heard we were going to include directions.
2111. Do the Matoran eat? This has been discussed several times, and I still don't have a clear answer. (Although we saw GBA Takua sipping Takua in the backlot game:) 22You have never gotten a clear answer because I have never gotten a clear answer.
2312. Are crimes commited by actual Matoran done on Mata Nui? Like vandalism or robbery? If os, who apprehends them? The Guard? 24It is possible, but I would tend to doubt it, for the most part. The tribes are relatively small and in a constant state of war, pretty much, with Makuta. Under those circumstances, it is rare that you will get someone committing a selfish act or one that harms the welfare of the tribe.
2513. What is the currency on Mata Nui? Protodermic coins? I know they Trade Husi and Maha, but do they have money at all? 26No, not that I know of. I gather it is more of a barter system.
2714. Why was Takua outcast for summoning the Toa? I would think he would be a hero or something. 28Yes, you would think so... but a lot of Matoran were jealous of him because he got to travel around... and they saw what he had done as potentially increasing the danger to the island. Unity and duty are very important on Mata Nui, and going off on your own and ignoring your tasks, regardless of the reason, tends to be frowned upon.
2915. In the original PC game trailer, the one that was cancelled, the Onua was still in his canister with several bird things flying around. They looked metal. What were they? (In case you want to see this trailer, click here) 30Yes, I remember them. Not sure if they have a name, they are basically Rahi seabirds.
31-Crystal :silver: Matrix
1Hi: I have some questions:
21.Have you ever gone on ASM.com? because I think that there's someone there pretending to be you, they signed their name "Gary, (writer of the comics)" and once said "putted" which doesn't sound like something you would say.
3No, I have never been there. But it wouldn't surprise me.
42.Before, you told me that Takua's name would only change to Takua Nuva if he was in protodermis. I think you misunderstood me. My question was " You said Takua's name was not going to change, and if he is the ToL, his name would have to change to Takanuva, since that is the ToL's name."
5I think you are splitting hairs. I said Takua's name is not going to change, and that is true. But if he were to become a Toa, the name change would be the least of it.. everything about him would change, and he really wouldn't be Takua anymore, would he?
63. Just to clear this up, do Takanuva and Makuta combine in the story, or is it just that the Takanuva-Makuta combiner will be in the story, without them acually fusing?
7Would love to answer you, but you'll have to wait for the movie. But... would be hard to get the combiner in the movie if they don't combine... ?
84.I know you have a lot of jobs for Lego, so which is your favorite, and which is the hardest?
9Oh.... BIONICLE comic is my favorite, hardest is probably coming up with headlines for Shop At Home spreads.


1I had a conversation with greg, via PM 2[QUOTE=Me and GregF
8[QUOTEMe:Is the Toa of Light's name Taka? It makes sense, after his name being Taka Nuva.

9No, sorry. TOL's name is Takanuva, one word.
10Greg 11[/QUOTE]
12Me:If it's one word, then would his name have to be :lookhere: Takanuva Nuva?:lookhere: He is like the Nuva, only golden colored. 13[/QUOTE]
14No, his name is just Takanuva. He is not a Toa morphed by protodermis, therefore he is not a Toa Nuva in the same way that the other Toa are.[/QUOTE]

15Me:But then where did Takanuva come from? 16[/QUOTE]
17You'll have to watch the movie and find out.
18Greg 19[/QUOTE] 20See where it says "He is NOT a Toa MORPHED BY PROTODERMIS, therefore he is not a Toa Nuva in the SAME WAY that the other Toa are." Takanuva wasn't morphed by proto, he just came to exist in the nuva form.
1First Set:
21. What are the Kraata called? Like Miru or Vo, the Kanohi and Krana, do Kraata have "labels?" 3Not sure if I have official names yet.
42. Not to get too "into" 04, but how did the Kanohi, once made, get to the Toa and into the canisters before they fell down onto Mata Nui? 5Can't answer it.
63. Is there protodermis in Mangaia? Because how else would Makuta make Kraata? And where is the protodermis? 7Who says kraata are made from protodermis? Kraata are part of Makuta's substance. But there is liquid protodermis in various places underground... and in at least one spot, a huge amount of it.
84. Will it show a transformation of a Kraata into a Rahkshi in the movie, site, books or comics? 9Not in the comics or the movie.. maybe on the web.
105. Do you know the "average life-span" of creatures? Like Ussals or Ghekula? 11I am not sure there is an average life span, because I do not know if they die as we understand death.
126. Why doesn't Makuta just create many Kraata and dip them all in a vat of Protodermis to make a Rahkshi army? Wouldn't that be better than six? 13Makuta thought six were enough.

147. How do Rahkshi fly? Do they fold up and light their jet-packs or what? And will the toy fold like they do in the movie? 15They don't have jet packs... it is a natural ability.
168. What are the "great-beings?" 17Can't answer it.
189. In the movie, does it show any unique "items" like the Bula or Vuata Maca form the lexicon that we haven't seen before? 19No.
2010. When different stages of Kraata are inserted into Protodermis, does it make any change in the Rahkshi it evolves into? 21Not sure, will check.
2212. Can Rahkshi operate without the Kraata? Or is like a Bohrok, aimlessly wandering around with no purpose? 23No, it can't.
2413. In this image(MAY NOT WORK. PASTE THE URL INTO THE WINDOW YOU ARE VIEWING), is shows Onua next to several "bat-like" creatures. What are those? Do they have a name? 25Don't know.
2614. Where is Mata Nui sleeping? In the Mangaia? And do you have any idea what Mata Nui actually looks like?(You don't have to tell me exactly what he looks like) 27Can't answer it.
2815. Does Vorahk "steal" the Toa Nuva's power, or copy it and use it? If he steals it, how long is it until the Toa gets it back? 29He steals the Toa's energy. The Toa needs to rest and replenish it, but for how long depends on how much energy is stolen.
30Second Set
311. Why did the Kahu/Gukko change shape? (i.e. The Air Katana on the wings, head, etc.) Is this the process of growing older like the Ussal?
32Yes, and I am sure part of it too is the demands of CGI animation for the movie as opposed to the 2D animation used for the web. That dictated a lot of look changes.
332. What is Takanuva's "official" body coloration? 34Well, the images I have seen were white and gold, but whether that was a final product shot I do not know.
353. What exactly is "the art of going slow to get somewhere fast" that Vakama is teaching Kapura? 36Well, if you knew that, it wouldn't be a secret anymore... but... I didn't come up with that, yet it sounds to me like some of the exercises done in Buddhist temples. I used to roleplay with a guy who had studied a lot of Eastern philosophy, and he had us going with a "Bring me a clean bucket" exercise for hours.
374. Will we learn about the Turaga's past neaxt year? Like when/if they were Matoran, etc? 38Yes.
395. Does Takanuva have a symbol? Or if he doesn't, is it because he didn't get dipped in Protodermis? 40If he has one, I am not aware of it.
416. Are the buildables on Lego.com, like the Ghekula, Dikapi and others, part of the official storyline? Because it said in an update the Bohrok were scaring away Ghekula and the Ghekula were eaten by some creature. 42They are part of the official universe, yes, but they are not always featured in the storyline for space reasons.
1QUOTE 2hay sorry too botter you again but i have more qestion's 31.doe's the starling silver have a diffrent power then the white matel? 4No.
52.the rahkshi are kraata that was evolve'd in protodermis can you explain it plaese 6One kraata becomes the Rahkshi armor, and one then occupies that armor.
73.you said that the kraata have life stages that they evolve too is the rahkshi one of them? 8No, they only become Rahkshi if exposed to liquid protodermis.
9well this is all i have thank you very much for your time
1QUOTE 2We just found out that "The Kraata have plagued Mata Nui for hundreds of years," meaning there are many of them, and "When a Kraata is exposed to Protodermis it evolves into a Rahkshi," then are there more than one of each Rahkshi?

3Nope, not now. That is why the Turaga hunt kraata, to keep them the heck away from protodermis. Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be a lot of liquid protodermis on the surface of the island.
1Here's my second set of questions:
21.Can the Kratta only infect a mask by touching the mask?  Or can it touch any part of the body to infect them? 3No, has to touch the mask. 42.How does the the ToL get the Toa to build the Ussanui? 5Um, he asks them. 63.Will there be a Promotional Kratta? 7Yes, I believe so, but not gold or anything. 84. Why does the Makuta set look different than the Makuta we see in the Trailer? 9Makuta toy was designed before design was done for the movie character
10Now we know there's a promotional Kratta