1Q: Since the Hau Nuva can't withstand some of the Kal's powers, can the Hau Nuva block any of the Rahkshi's attacks? Or not? Why or why not?
2A: Well, if the distintegrator Rahkshi or the fragmenter Rahkshi tossed rubble at him, then yes, it could... but as you will see in the movie, even with the shield, Rahkshi bolts send Tahu flying. And I doubt it would do any good against fear or anger...
3Some nice info there...now we know that the Hau won't help the Toa any against the Rahkshi...:o 4:tohu: 5-IT
1Q: Whatever happened to the storyline were mata-nui is crumpling into the ocean? Is that the 2004 storyline or has this idea been chucked?

2Mata-Nui crumbiling into the ocean :blink: were did you hear that?

3It was in a press realease a while ago back when MoL was first anounced. From what we've heard it's been scrapped.
1I believe that the Mata-Nui crumbling into the sea thing was about the Bohrok. Remember they were trying to restore the island to the Before Time? That was just said to show how much damage they actually did. And thanks for the info, Israeli Toa: That's good to know.
1Q: Whatever happened to the storyline were mata-nui is crumpling into the ocean? Is that the 2004 storyline or has this idea been chucked?

2Mata-Nui crumbiling into the ocean :blink: were did you hear that?

3It's in an early article about MOL. probably abandoned after talk, or they could surprise us.
Kanohi of Indescribable Power
1Q: Whatever happened to the storyline were mata-nui is crumpling into the ocean? Is that the 2004 storyline or has this idea been chucked?

2Mata-Nui crumbiling into the ocean :blink: were did you hear that?

3It was in a press realease a while ago back when MoL was first anounced. From what we've heard it's been scrapped.

4Actually, he said the authors wrote that for thematic purpouses.
1yay, i know how we'll get our hands on those gold 7th stage kraata:
2QUOTE 3i have heard that there is a golden 7th stage of the kraata, which they rarely reach, and i am wondering if there are any planned promotions for these, such as the power of silver promotion that is going on right now, or is this just going to be something like the infected hau in the first mask packs?

4It's going to be a retail promotion, and it is gold-colored, not gold metal, as I understand it.

6you see, it will be given out a a retail promo, like the vahi and copper huna
1Hi Greg, I hope you will take a small part of your time to read 2and answer these questions.
31) Is Mata-Nui sleeping somewhere on Mata-Nui, or on a diff- 4rent island? 5He's not on a different island, as far as I know.
62) Are there any organic animals on Mata-Nui not including 7the flora? 8Nope.
93) What has Makuta got in mind for the Matoran, he doesn't 10seem to want to kill them, and If he realy wanted to control 11them then he would infect their masks, so what is it?
12He wants to.... "protect" them.. at least in his eyes.
134) Does Mata-Nui have a physical form? 14Can't answer it.
155) Will the 2004-2006 be a prequil? 16Can't answer it yet.
176) If the Krana were in the Bohrok before they hatched than 18the Bahrag must have been awake before the Bohrok were 19put in their nests, or there would not be Krana in the Bohrok.
20The Bohrok and Bahrag were constructed at the same time. The krana were produced, put in the Bohrok, and the Bohrok went to sleep. Then the Bahrag went to sleep.
217) What material are the Bohrok, Bohrok-Kal, Bahrag, Krana 22and Bohrok-Va made from? 23Not sure. Could be protodermis, could be something else. My money would be on protodermis though.
248) What would happen if the 'pin' on the belly of the Bahrag 25was pulled out? 26No idea.
279) Are there micro-organisms on Mata-Nui (think Ameboid and 28a animal and plant cell)? 29Possibly...
3010) It would seem that the Matoran bought to Mata-Nui from 31somewhere else, was it the heavens? And where did the Rahi 32come from?
33You'll find out next year.
3411) Is the Protodermis the Toa-Nuva wear stronger than that 35which the Matoran build with? 36Hmmmmm .. that is a good question. I will ask.

1new info on 7th Kraata
2hi Mr Farshtey.
3I have a quick question,
4I've been hearing about a promo gold colored 7th stage Kraata,
51: is it in the storyline 6Yes, it is, but it is no longer gold - they are changing the color, not sure to what yet.
72: all the Kraata are slightly differently shaped, is the 7th one a 7th shape, or the same as one of the others(if so, which one(on a scale of 1-6 in power)) 8Can't answer, have not seen #7 yet. They are still being produced.
1Hi again: I have some more questions:
21.Is there a reason Takanuva has a weapon very similar to Makuta's? If so, could you tell me why? 3Nope. You'll find out though.
42.are those little stubs on Takanuva's hands thumbs? If so, that's cool: 5Hmmmm.. good question, don't know.
63.Is the Takanuva set picture that we've seen a prototype? ( that is, are the Ussanui's colors black, with silver Pohatu nuva claws in the front?) 7It does have the Pohatu Nuva claws on front, but the colors look more silver and black to me.
84. In the storyline, is the kahu supposed to be a transformed nui-jaga?Or just its own creature? 9I would assume it is its own creature.

105.Why did Puku's name change, I was using a Maori-English translator, and nothing came up when I typed in "Puku" and pressed "translate to English"? 11It may not be a Maori word.. it may be in another language.
126.Will the Bohrok-kal be in MNolG2? 13Don't think so.
147. Will Takanuva be in it? 15Should be, yes.
168.Why can Makuta put his head/mask in 2 positions? 17That's a good question. I am going to Denmark next week and will ask.
189.Will the official Bionicle guide book have a pronounciation key? 19Yes.
2010.Does the kodan ball have any powers? 21Not that I know of.
2211.If the kraata are part of Makuta, and they can infect masks, can Makuta? 23Yes, he probably can.
2412. Why is the kraata in the Mask of Light trailer so big? 25They are much bigger and creepier looking in the movie than they are in the toy. They were supposed to be bigger and creepier as a toy, but the manufacturing cost would have made them too expensive to sell.

1[QUOTE [QUOTE [QUOTE [QUOTE 2i have heard that there is a golden 7th stage of the kraata, which they rarely reach, and i am wondering if there are any planned promotions for these, such as the power of silver promotion that is going on right now, or is this just going to be something like the infected hau in the first mask packs?[/QUOTE]

3It's going to be a retail promotion, and it is gold-colored, not gold metal, as I understand it.
4Greg [/QUOTE]

5ah, thank you, and prey tell, where is this retail promotion going to be? [/QUOTE]

6I have heard a couple things, but don't want to share anything until it is confirmed by the marketing people.[/QUOTE]

8ok, thank you and could you please get back to me when you have a final store?

9Okay. I have also been informed they will not be gold... they are either going to be a metallic blue or a neon purple. Still waiting for a final word.
11awww...well, i guess that breaks the poiunt of that topic about the gold kraata, but hey, metallic blue and neon purple: that's niiiice....
1i pmed greg about if vahi was in the movie, and he said

2it wont be in mask of light, but maybe in future movies

3:m: :a: :k: :u: :t: :a: :n: :u: :v: :a:
11. How did Takanuva come to be on Mata Nui? Did he come from a canister? Or has he been on the island since before the original Toa arrived? 2Can't answer it.
32. In the movie, does a golden Kraata appear? 4No -- and the color is changing from gold. We are now referring to it as a "shadow kraata," and it will be in the comic.
53. In the MNOLG, Matoro uses his Akaku to "zoom in" on Kopaka from within a blizzard. Is binocular vision something that comes with an Akaku? (I've heard somewhere they built technology into the Akaku?) Or is that another mistake from the MNOLG team and the story team? 6It would not surprise me if telescopic vision is a part of the Akaku. Originally, it went back and forth between calling it the Mask of Vision and the Mask of X-Ray Vision.. so MNOLG probably was going with the first interpretation.
74. If the above is a built-in power, does that mean Matoro can use his mask? 8No -- Matoro is a Matoran, and Matoran masks don't have powers.
95. Will the Mask of Light be availible in colors othert than gold(takanuva) and silver(Makuta's gauntlets)? Or is it a Toa of Light thing only? 10Far as I know, it is a TOL thing only.
116. Were the Matoran the new "rebuild" Matoran before Makuta? If so, did he cause them to change into the regular Matoran by draining their powers? 12Yes.
137. Can the Toa Nuva, BOhrok-Kal and Rahkshi Kaita all turn into Kaita in the movie? 14They can, but there are no Kaita in the movie, and the Kal are not in the film.
158. In the movie, will we see a Kaita? 16No.
179. In the MNOLG2, could a member beat it in one day if they worked hard enough? Or will it be in "updates?" 18I am sure it will be in updates over time.
1910. Are Matoran susceptible to diseases and the like? I assume they would need blood(which I'm not sure they have) but Huki in the MNOLG got infected by a disease. 20Well, they are partially biological, so I would say yes.
2111. What is a Kodan ball? What exactly does it do? 22I believe it is another version of a koli ball. Pohatu can kick it... it is very finely balanced so it can be better controlled than a boulder. Think of Captain America's shield and all the neat things you can do with that.
2312. Why is Takanuva's staff the same as Makuta's staff? 24Gotta wait and see.
2513. When are the boooks like the official guide and the novels coming out? 26I believe the Official Guide is out in August. I haven't seen a release date for the novels yet, but I am pretty sure the first couple are due out in early summer.

11.) How could the Bohrok-Kal be mutated when they are basically robots? Mutation is something that happens to living organisms.
2Well, first off, there is precedent in comics for "robots" being mutated -- it happened to the Sentinels from X-Men due to solar flares once. And virtually everything on Mata Nui is biomechanical, even if not living as we understand life.. remember, they are always referred to as "artificial life," which means they can be mutated.
32.) You've said that the Matoran basically build themselves up, or build into themselves. What, exactly, do they build with to do that? 4I would assume protodermis.
53.) On the subject of the new Matoran, what sort of packaging will they have? Will it be canisters, or boxes, or something else? 6Not sure, I have not seen the packaging.
74.) Do you know what sort of music will be in MoL, and will any existing Bionicle music (from Powerpack CD, MNOLG, etc.) be reused for the movie? 8No, all the music is original. I have not heard any of it though.
95.)Also, do you know if a soundtrack album is planned for MoL? 10Not that I know of.

1QUOTE 2There is a topic going, debating over the Kraata.In a description on the CD, it says they are snak-like.People are debating whether they are snakes, leeches, or slugs.Can you please give some sort of clarification.Oh, and when will the next Lego Club Magazine come out?Thank you very much.

3The next magazine ships next week.
4The kraata in the movie look like snakes.. the toys look more like slugs.

1If Takanuva is an Olda, then why does he have Protodermic armor and "nuva" in his name? Did he just make the armor, and "nuva" is parto of his name?

2Nuva is just part of his name. And all Toa are made out of protodermis, the Nuva armor just looks different from the Olda.
3Greg 4----------------- 5That means that all Toa are created from Protodermis:
1Here's my new set of Q 'n A's from Greg.

21. Do the Kraata have any form of communication? 3I am sure they can communicate with each other, yes. Most species can.
42. Do the Rahkshi just hiss or do they actually talk, just with a hissing sound mixed in? Listen to Jungle Book's Kaa to see what I mean. 5No, they just hiss.
63. Does a piece of power reside within the Rahkshi themselves or is all their power in their staffs? For example, say Turahk and Guurahk switch staffs, would Turahk have the power of disintegration, or would it do nothing? 7No, the staffs are just to focus the power, like the Toa's tools are.
84. Since the Rahkshi are basically just kraata "nuva," are they alive? Or just machines like the Bohrok? 9That's a good question. I am not sure what the official answer is... but I believe when a kraata becomes a Rahkshi, it goes from organic to inorganic.
105. Is the VA of Makuta at the end of the latest bionicle.com update the movie VA or just some guy in the staff that does a good sinister cackle? 11Don't know, haven't seen the update.
126. What will happen to the Vahi now? Will it still be in posession of Tahu, or will it be hidden or destroyed by the Turaga? 13My guess is Tahu still has it, yes.
147. CAN masks be destroyed? 15I think in certain cases they could be.
168. How were the Bohrok-Kal "mutated?" 17Probably by a combination of energies.
189. If the Kal had succeded in their mission, would the Bahrag come out as they were? Or would they emerge as the infamous "Bahrag Spider?" 19No, they would have come out as they were.
2010. Why is it that only a few Kraata evolve into the infamous "Shadow Kraata" form? 21Because if a lot did, there wouldn't have been any uninfected Matoran left on Mata Nui to greet the Toa when they showed up.
2211. Does the rare evolution of the Shadow Kraata have anything to do with why there are only six Rahkshi instead of a whole armada? 23No. The reason there isn't an armada is that a) Makuta can only produce so many kraata at one time and B-) he was reluctant to release the Rahkshi as it was.. he certainly wouldn't want to release hundreds of them.
2412. Do the Kraata have any way of transportation outside the Rahkshi? 25They can crawl, yes.
2613. What would YOU call the Ussanui? Me? I would call it a big, funky motorcycle with slug compartments... 27I see it as more like a bobsled or or a luge.
2814. What other uses does Protodermis have besides building materials? 29Oh, lots. You will learn much more about that next year.
3015. What would be the best scientific explanation for Protodermis if it, or a similar material, was found on Earth? 31Not sure there is one.
3216. How do the Turaga come to be? Do the right-hand Matoran get changed by the Turaga before them, or something else (I can just see Nokama with a dark-blue Huna to portray Turaga Maku...)? :P 33Something else.. again, you will have a better idea in 2004.
3417. Do the Rahi combine to create the combiner sets? Example: Two Nui-Rama combine into a Nui-Kopen. Or are the individual set Rahi and the combiner Rahi different species altogether? 35I would assume they join together just like everyone else does.
3618. How long with the Rahkshi last, overall? Like, so far, the Toa have been through three seasons (Makuta, Bohrok, Kal). Will the Rahkshi stay around for a long time, or will they just be there in the time allotment between now and the end of the ToL storyline? 37At this point, they have their day in the sun and then the story shifts, but I expect them to come back eventually... I think they are too good villains to go away forever.
3819. What is the "Void?" 39Only Makuta knows.
4020. If the thing swirling behind Makuta in the MNOLG is the Void, what happens if you throw something in it, because it's just a swirling pile of parts (yeesh...) 41Probably something bad .. like maybe your parts become part of the swirl?

42so, now we know NOT to jump into the swirl...
11. What is the color of this new "Shadow Kraata?" I seem to remember in a post something about neon purple or teal, but I dunno... 2I haven't gotten an official answer on this yet.
32. In the new episode on Bioncile.com, Tahu uses the Vahi to destory the Kal somehow. How does time destroy the Kal? If it can only slow or speed up time, wouldn't that mean the Vahi could not destroy the Kal itself... I'm just confused. 4The Vahi is not used to destroy the Kal. The Kal are destroyed by the power fed to them through the Toa Nuva symbols.
53. What are the names of the Comics 12-15? 6I´m in Denmark this week, so I don't have access to my files. But 15 is not even written yet.
74. What chenges pysically(color or bodily) when a Kraata advances to a next stage? 8Both, to an extent.
95. In the movie, does Makuta have a Toa form? In the trailer, when he raises the Kraata into the air, he uses a Toa Olda weapon arm. Toa version of Makuta? 10He only appears in one form in the movie, and it looks like the Makuta set.
116. Are the shadow Toa basically black copies of all the original Toa? Or are they something else? 12Yes, they are the dark shadows of the Toa.
137. Could Nuhvok-Kal, with his gravity powers, use gravity to the extreme to make... oh, say, a black hole? 14Not on purpose. He was folded into a singularity when his power went wild.. but it would be kind of pointless for him to create a black hole, because he would be sucked inside it.
158. Can the Rahkshi talk? 16No.
179. Are the Rahkshi sentient? As in, they aren't mindless slaves but self-aware, know who they are, etc, etc. 18Well, the kraata are sentient, so yes.
1910. In the MoL, do the Rahkshi have hands? 20I don't know, I didn't pay attention to that. But my guess would be yes, for the same reason the Toa do in the film.
2111. Are there plas for any more masks than already mentioned this year or the next? Cause there are still a couple of powers left open, like the Kal and Rahkshi powers, or some other wierd themes. 22We don't plan on doing masks for the Kal and Rahkshi powers... it wouldn't make sense for a benevolent Toa to wear a Mask of Anger for example. There will be some new mask shapes next year, yes.
1Here are some of my new Q's
2Mr.Farshety.. 3I have a couple more questions. Please answer them. 41: When do they find the mask of light in the movie? 5At the beginning.
62: What do you think MOL will be rated? (PG,G,R) 7I would guess G, offhand.
83: What do you think of the charecter voices in MOL? 9Some matched what I expected, some did not.
104: How many PMs do reiceive with questions per day? 11Between 10 and 25.
125: Do you ever get sick of them? 13No, not really.
146: Does Makuta have any other Minions besides the Rahkshi? 15Yes.
167: How do the Matoran get their masks? 17Can't answer that one yet. You'll find out in '04.
188: What is the Makuta fish? 19What Makuta fish?
209: Have there been any new Matoran on the island since the begining? 21Since they came to Mata Nui? No.
2210: Is Makuta's Lair in Kini-Nui? 23I believe so, yes.
2411: Where are the Bahrag located at this time in the storyline? 25They are still in their protodermis prison.
2612: Do the Matoran age? 27Yes, I would assume they do.
2813: Where How big do you think Makuta is compared to the Toa in the storyline? 29How big? Well, his shape varies to be whatever he wants it to be, so that can change.
30And now a couple of easy ones.
31Whats your favorite: 32Toa: Kopaka 33Turaga: Don't have one 34Matoran: Don't have one 35Bohrok: Lehvak 36Bohrok-kal: Nuhvok-Kal 37Rahkshi: Ummmm... Lerahk

1These question's will be of some interest to Australian BZP members.
2Hi, I have a few more questions, most of them concerning toy releases.
31. Will we see the "Rahkshi Kaita/combiner" in the storyline? 4Probably no room for it.
52. Are there any plans to release the Lego magazine in Australia? The only way us Australian's can read the Bionicle comic is on bionicle.com, and the site hasn't even got Comic 11 up yet, and that is a bit behind the storyline. Will Australia ever get the Bionicle comics? 6It basically depends on whether the local LEGO market area decides to spend the money for it. Each area of the world is governed by its own market people and they have different budgets and different ways they want to spend it.
73. Why wasn't the Bohrok-Kal released world-wide? 8I was not aware that it wasn't.
94. Which element is the most popular? In Australia, the water characters (Gali Nuva, Gahlok) are always sold out. Is this the case in America, or other places around the world? 10Actually, no, in the US at least it is always the red characters who sell out first.
115. Are there any plans to release the Vahi again? 12It is possible that may happen, yes.
136. Will the Makuta/Takanuva pack, "Takutanuva", be released in Australia? 14Don't know.
157. Panrahk and Vorahk are already in American stores. Kuurahk is in the UK. Which Rahkshi, and when, will be released in Australia? 16Don't know -- I don't work the sales end of the business.
17Thanks for your time,

18:h: :n:
15. Are there any plans to release the Vahi again? 2It is possible that may happen, yes.

3So, can the vahi be out again?: yeah:: great info: thanks:
1Hi::: I got more Q's: Here they are:
21. This is completely random, but does Makuta have the powers of all the rahkshi? 3Yes, I would guess he does.
42. Do the kraata have a ton of legs, or just a few? 5No, not a ton.
63. Can Matoran masks be infected, because you said the masks are just symbolic? 7Yes, they can.
84. The rahkshi are coming out June 10. Will Makuta, the Gukko Bird, the matoran, and Pewku be released then, too? *crosses fingers hoping he's right* 9They come out in August, I believe.
105. Are the powers of the kraakahn and Makuta's staff the opposite of the Avohkii and Staff of Light? 11Yes, to a great extent.
126. Will the movie Kraakahn be able to be positioned in two ways? 13I don't think it comes into play in the movie.
147. Do you know the color of the "shadow kraata" yet? 15Last I heard it was purple.
168. Do you know if the instructions for Graalok will be in the MoL DVD yet? 17Don't know.
189. In the 2004 storyline, will the matoran be in the 2003 form? 19Yes.
2010. Does the Mata-Nui language have a name? 21Matoran.

23Cool, Makuta with all the rahkshi powers: And I made 2 good guesses:
1It's really cool Greg is a so nice person:He answers how many questions each day:Here are some questions I asked and got some great answers to,thank you again Greg you are truly a wonderful soul that take time to talk with the fans: :) OK,Lets get started:
21.Q:Are the Bahrag connected to Makuta in some way,since he say he released the swarms? 3A:No,Makuta did not create the Bahrag.The Bahrag and the Bohrok react to a pre-arranged signal,and Makuta simply activated that signal.Their awakening was intended as a distraction for the Toa.The Bahrag don't even know Makuta exists,most likely.
42.Q:Wont there be any villains in 2004? 5A:No,there will be new villains,but we will take a little longer to establsih them because they will be around longer.
63.Q:Why did lego change the color pattern for the Kaitas? 7A:Have no idea -- I assume the designersjust did it as they saw best.
84.Q:Will Makuta be the big-bad-boss in the whole saga or will he dissapear so another character could take over? 9A:Can't discuss future story at this point.
105.Q:Is there any hope of seeing Matorans from Onu and Le-Koro next year? 11A:Yes.
126.Q:Are the design team working on the sets for next year? 13A:The 2004 designs are pretty much all done,at least for the first half of the year.They may still be thinkering with the second half products.
147.Q:Do you have a clue when the Rahkshi will be released in Sweden? 15A:I think it's July everywhere.
168.Q:Are there anything in the story you dont like? 17A:Nope.
189.Q:Does Kopaka have his shield in the movie? 19A:Yes,he does.
2010.Q:Will the origin of the Bohrok be explained soon? 21A:I think you are more likely going to get info on that in '04 or '05... Thing is,the true nature of the Bohrok gives away a lot of other story material we are not ready to discuss yet.
2211.Q:Will the theatrical movie be made the same style as the Mask of Light movie or will they go for a more set-accurate look? 23A:Not sure.There isn't even a script for the theatrical movie yet,so we are a long way from that.
2412.Q:Will there be any new Kanohi next year? 25A:Yes.
2613.Q:Are there any characters you came up with? 27A:Totally on my own?No.
28I love these answers:I ecspecially like the 1,2,5,6,7 & 10 ones. :D Those made me very happy:
1Ok, here are some Q's and A's. Some of the answers are interesting.

2Good question.. but in the movie (and in the comic) Makuta refers to the Rahkshi as "those who should never see the light of day".. or something like that, it's not an exact quote.. so he does not see them as something to be unleashed lightly. It is something he does reluctantly, because he sees no other way to keep Mata Nui asleep. 3Greg

41 Makuta seems very afraid of Mata-Nui's awaking as he tries everything to keep him asleep but why? He already defeated him once so why not twice?
5You will find out why in the movie.. it is not because he is afraid Mata Nui will defeat him.
62 The place with al the pillars were Takanuva is walking on the Rahkshi CD's is it the Makuta's new lair or is it something just created to make the movies for the Rahkshi CD-roms?
7I believe it was just created for the CD-ROM. That scene never happens in the story.
8Takanuva would never have had the opportunity to challenge Makuta (because the master of shadows would have been just too powerful). You needed the six Toa in order for there to be the seventh... 9Greg

103 Does this mean that Makuta has grown weaker after the battle with the Toa cause I thought he had been waiting to regain all his strenght before his comeback.
11If Takanuva had shown up first thing, he would have had to fight the Rahi, and the Bohrok, and the Bohrok-Kal, before he could even get to Makuta. That was not his destiny. His destiny is to confront Makuta. Also, the six Toa have a very different destiny from Takanuva's, they have a different role to play that he cannot play.
124 The Matoran rebuild themselves but were? At the Kini-Nui in the same place were the Kaita were first joined or at the Kini-Nui or somewhere else?
13I don't think we have specified a location. My guess is that it happened in the individual villages.
14Thanks for answering my questions Greg:LOL:

1Here's more from Greg:
2Hello Greg, I have a few more questions:
31) I read that someone asked you what a Makuta Fish is, and I'd like to know as well. {Just so you know, it says on Bionicle.com (I think,) that Nokama's staff is made from the bones of a Makuta Fish.}
4There is no mention in Nokama's bio of a Makuta fish. This is the first I have heard of it.
52) You said that Makuta didn't make an army of Rahkshi because he was reluctant enough to make 6. Why is this? Are they so powerful he's afraid that they might overtake him? 6Because they are incredibly destructive and incredibly powerful.. but given that, why would he need more than six? Six is enough.
73) There are 6 Rahkshi because there 6 breeds of Kraata, right? Since the Kraata came before the Rahkshi, why did Makuta make 6 kinds? 8There are six breeds of kraata that you have SEEN -- that doesn't mean those are the only kind of kraata or Rahkshi that there are, can be, or have been.
94) I read somebody ask you a question in which he gave the examlpe, "Two Nui-Rama combine into a Nui-Kopen." While two toy Nui-Rama form a Nui-Kopen, I was sure that Nui-Kopen were a different animal. Look at the Nui-Jaga, for example. I'm sure two Nui-Jaga don't merge to form a big bird the Le-Koroans ride, (the name excapes me.) So, the question: Can two Nui-Rama form a Nui-Kopen; can two Manas form a Mana-ko, etc., or are these "alternate models" totally different creatures who were born/created the way are? 10Some do involve combining, some probably are alternate creatures. Many of these creatures do not figure into the storyline, so I have not worried all that much about them.
11Thank you very much, bjj6

12I'll have more soon:
1i just got a new PM from greg f again,here it is
2greg, 3i have been wondering for a long time what the matoran eat on Mata Nui?
4Answer:Well, I spoke to one of the honchos on the story team, and mentioned that in MNOLG there is a reference to fish being sold.. and he said it is reasonable to think that they might eat fish (among other things), since Matoran are partly organic and would need sustenance.

1QUOTE  2Hello, Mr. Greg. Sorry to bother you again. I only have one question which will possibly not be answered:
3Can you tell us what we are to be looking foward to this coming year(or at least some)? 4i.e. Turaga history; Kanohi makers; Great being thingys.
5-the ChEaPo: 6El ChEaPo thanks you for your own personal time:

7No, I really can't start teasing 2004 yet.. it's too early.

9Here we go...
10QUOTE 11Sorry I didnt ask you this with my other PM, but I was in the shower when I thought of this question:
12Do you help with any of the brainstorming, like naming the Rahkshi or creating their powers or any other charactersin the storyline or do just do the comics and storyline?
13-the ChEaPo: Thanks for taking my question.

14Yes, I do some brainstorming... we did quite a bit for '04. I usually don't name characters though... that has to go through so many legal hurdles that I prefer to let people higher up in the story team do that.

16Hope this says something :unsure:

17This is only one question(I know it is not that good) but i will update it becuase i asked him another question.
1I pmed GregF about the 7th kraata atage and this is what he said::
2QUOTE 3Is it true that there will be a gold kraata (7th stage of evolution) and if so will it be real gold or gold colored?

4It was originally intended to be gold-colored, not gold metal, and it is now more likely going to be purple.
1I pmed GregF asking about if the kraata are sentient beyond Makuta and he responded that they are, although they have very low intelligence, low enough so that he wouldn't consider them having a life both as themselves and Makuta. I can't provide direct quotes because I accidently deleted the pm.
1Okay, ther has been a LOT of confusion about the Toys'R'Us Takutanuva set and its contents. Some people have said that GregF has given them an answer, saying that the set does not include the Ussanui, or other various things. HOWEVER, I PM'ed GregF, and here's what was said:
2Hi, Mr. Farshtey. I heard you on the latest BZPowercast. Thanks for taking the time to do that interview, we really learned a lot: :D
3I have one question: I know that you mentioned the "Takutanuva" set a while back, and said that it is a combo set/combiner of Takanuva and Makuta, and includes a Movie-version Kraahkan mask. Does this set include everything from the other two sets? I.e., would I be getting everything that I would get if I bought the regular Takanuva and Makuta sets separately? Does it include the regular Kraahkan along with the movie-version one, and the Ussanui?
4Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm glad that going to BZP is the highlight of your day. :)

5Unfortunately, I don't know.. I will have to ask the marketing folks.

7Therefore, GregF does not know what the set includes yet, contrary to what some BZP members ahve said.
8Hopefully he'll find out and be able to tell us.
11. Are the Kraata sentient(smart and self aware) beyond Makuta? For example, they can have different perspectives of things besides Makuta's perspectives. 2The kraata are sentient, but they are not deep thinkers.. they are driven by instinct.
32. I know this has been asked before, but do you finally know whether or not Matoran eat? 4Yes, they do eat. I got it confirmed last week. Exactly what they eat was not discussed, although protodermis was ruled out... I brought up the fact that someone is selling fish in MNOLG and was told it is possible they eat fish, among other things.
53. Will the origin of the Bohrok and their relationship with the Toa be axplained in '04? 6Not specifically, but you might get a better idea of things in general next year. But we are not going back to the Bohrok again, it's time to move on.
74. Is the Gukko Bird a changes Kewa(Goko-Kahu) or a changed Kahu? I believe it is a kewa.
8It's a kewa.
95. Can any Matoran join into Matoran Nui and Kaita? For example, could six random Matoran join? Or does it have to be Onepu, Huki and the rest of McDonalds Matoran?
10No, I think any six could join, but it would need to be one from each village.

116. Is the Maha the same as the Mata Nuian Cow(Mukau). Because both are very similar, if not exactly(besides color). I was wondering about that.
12I have not seen the Maha, so can't really answer that.
137. On the back of the new comic, Kolhii is the new name for Koli. Is this yet another name change? 14Yes.
158. Like the previous, the "Wall of History" is on the back cover of the latest comic, where it says Takua's Chronicles are recorded. What is this? 16The Wall of History is a special area of Mata Nui where Takua records important events. It will be featured as a DVD extra feature, I think, and may come up on the website as well.
1Here is my conversation with GregF
2Q: Okay, next year we learn about the history of Mata Nui? Correct? But, will there be villians that cause the history to be known? 3You will learn some of it... but the villains do not "cause the history to be known," no.
4Q: Will there be ultra strong villians that are more powerful than Makuta? 5Can't answer that.
6Q: Will the Toa have to fight some Great Beings, like say, some evil Great Beings? 7No.
8Q: Will there be more animal sets next year? 9There may be, yes, or the year after.
10Q: Last set question, Will there be sets of ancient creatures of Mata Nui? 11No.
12Q: Do you have any idea on what comic #13 is about? 13Comic #13 is about the Rahkshi.
14Q: Can Takanuva's head move unlike the Toa's, the set I mean. 15I don't think so, no.
16Q: And what is your favorite comic you've made? 17Probably #1 and #12.
1Hi Greg, I have a few questions...
21) Because the UK has to wait until July to get the next 3Lego Club Magazine, what will happen with the comic, 4we have basicly missed and important one out.
5I think you guys are getting two issues in one.. but the May comic is very similar to the latest update on BIONICLE.com
62) If Takanuva's destiny was to defeat Makuta what was 7the other Toa's, was it to awaken Mata-Nui? 8Yes.
93) Is Mata-Nui sleeping somewhere on the island, or in the 10heavens? 11Can't answer it.
124) How would putting Kraata into the Ussanui make it seek 13Makuta? 14Because, as Takanuva puts it, "what belongs to Makuta will return to him."
155) What is used to power vehicles such as the Boxor or the 16Ussanui? 17I assume the Boxor is run by the same time of power device that makes the Bohrok move.. the Ussanui is powered by the kraata.
186) Is the only use of Protodermis to build stuff or to transform 19beings? 20No.
217) Does Mata-Nui have transforming powers? And when can 22we expect to see him next? 23I have no idea.
248) Is the next book a prequil and is the enemy completely new 25and never seen before? 26There will be completely new enemies, yes, but i cannot answer on whether it is a prequel or not yet. I am not allowed.

1Hey Greg. I've got some questions that I was thinking about.
21. Was there anything important on Mata-Nui (the island) before the Bahrag and Bohrok? 3I am not sure I understand what you mean? The koro were there.. the Matoran were there...
42. What is the ussanui supposed to be? it looks like a cross between a cow, and a sled. 5It's a vehicle. It's not a living creature. I see it as sort of like a super-fast, kraata-powered bobsled.
63. are Makuta and the Bohrok swarms related in any way? 7Only to the extent that Makuta used them against the Toa. I doubt he created them.
84. did the Bahrag build the bohrok? 9I don't believe they did, no.
105. if you put a krana in a boxor vehicle somehow, would it become part of the swarm? 11No. Although it is made from Bohrok parts, it does not include the parts needed for a krana to control it.
126. How did Mata Nui grant the Matoran their "nuva forms" if he's asleep? 13I have been getting this question a lot, because you guys take the Turaga very literally. To the Turaga, all knowledge and all blessings are a gift from Mata Nui.. it doesn't mean Mata Nui showed up and handed it to them personally.
147. How did Makuta put Mata-Nui to sleep. 15That is a story for later on. But you will get an answer.
168. after the movie, is Makuta gone for good? 17Wait and see.
189. will we see the bohrok swarms again? 19You will see Bohrok again, is my guess, but not as swarms and not on the island.
2010. are their 6 Rahkshi, or swarms of Rahkshi? (like the bohrok) 21Just six.
22Thank you, Greg:
11. What store will the Shadow Kraata be dist. in? If it isn't decided, what places are you guys looking into? 2I think it's Target.
32. How do you pronounce Kraata? Is it like "Krotta" or "Crate-a"? Or maybe "Krawta" like the Dutch? 4It's "Krah-tah"
53. What are the names of the Kraata? 6I will let you know when I get an official name list.
74. What are the different abilities in the Kraata stages? 8The changes in stages make the Rahkshi faster, stronger, and more powerful... they don't have individual powers the way krana do.
95. Why is there a Dark Grey Hau on the Ussanui? 10Don't know... wasn't in on the design.
116. Will the Takutanuva just be like the Makatu and Takanuve/Ussanui sets plastic wrapped together, or will the Ussanui be unable to be built? Will it have instructions for the Ussanui? Takanuva? Makuta? Along with Takutanuva? 12I don't know that much about the TRU exclusive Takutanuva. The Takutanuva kit Shop At Home will be selling will have both sets complete with all instructions needed.
137. What will Takutanuva look like in general? 14I really don't know how to describe it... if you are asking about the special set, I haven't built it or seen it yet.
158. What is Makuta's weapon called? 16I believe it is the Staff of Shadows.
179. How do you pronounce the name of Makuta's Mask, Kraahkan (sp?)?
18Krah - can
1910. Will there be more Kraata than the 37 we've seen/heard of?

20Not that I know of, no.
1Greg sent me these (the answers not the questions)
2Q:You said Bionicle has seven books. Will each book have different characters and locations or will it all be on Mata-Nui? 3Some will have familiar characters, some will have new ones.
4Q:Will the Toa go throuh any more transphormations? 5There aren't any planned right now.
6Q:Lastly If Takanuva is an Olda in Nuva form isn't that just a Nuva?

7Huh? A Nuva is a Toa exposed to the transformational properties of protodermis. Takanuva has not been transformed by protodermis, therefore he is not a Nuva, in my opinion.
1Here are some answers I got this morning.

2Mata Nui, help me... 3----
41. Was the end of the Kal using the Vahi planned or did 500 members shouting "Vahi" into your ear make you go down a different path? 5I had a plan for how the Kal would end, and the Vahi, as it turned out, fit very well with what I wanted to do. But the inclusion of the Vahi into the story at all was because of fan demand.
62. When the Kraata communicate, do they do it in a series of hisses and screeches, like the bug-like creatures of virtually EVERY fictional storyline, or do they speak English? 7They don't speak English, no. They are sentient, but not that intelligent.
83. Now that we know how to pronounce Kraahkan, how do we pronounce Avohkii? I call it "Ah-voh-key." 9Ah-voe-key.
104. Since the Matoran masks are purely ceremonial, are they hand-made by the Matoran? 11You will learn all about this next year. I can tell you no new masks have been made since the Matoran arrived on Mata Nui.
125. Who are the Great Beings? 13The Matoran consider Mata Nui to be a Great Being.. and since Makuta is his brother, Makuta could be classified as one also. Who else they might be referring to has not yet been revealed.
146. Why is it that there are so few Shadow Kraata? Evolutionarily-wise, not story-wise. 15The ability to become a shadow kraata is a genetic mutation that only a very, very small percentage of kraata have.
167. Will Takanuva appear again after the MoL storyline? 17Yes.
188. Is there an official dictionary on how to say Matoran orally? 19No, I don't think so.
209. Has ANYTHING from BZP even VAGUELY tempt you? Storyline-wise, I mean. 21Not really, no, for two reasons. One, I don't read any fan fic.. and two, the overall high concept for BIONICLE is put together by the story team, not me, and they had it all planned out long before BZP even existed.
2210. Are you tired of hearing my voice? 23No :)

11. What are the changes that happen in each stage, both physically and colorfully. I know they change at each stage, but what are the specific stages in each stage? 2I don't have a specific Stage 1 through 6 list, but I am working on one. Stage 7 is shadow kraata, when they become more intelligent, able to communicate, and can infect masks at a distance.
32. How do the Toa Nuva feed their power through the symbols if there is a silver barrier? 4The silver barrier protects against physical attack. The Toa are simply projecting their willpower to the symbols they are linked with.. the barrier does not see that as a threat.
53. On the back of the latest comic, it mentions MNOLG2 and how Hahli goes off to practice Kolhii. Is this new Koli to Kolhii a new spelling? I guess Koli does sound like it came from a language, so I am assuming it is. 6I believe the change was made due to language considerations, as most things were.
74. Another thing mentioned in the back of the latest comic is the "Wall of History" where Takua's chronicles can be read. Do you happen to know exactly what this is? Is it an online thing, or in the comics, or what? 8I think it is in Ta-Koro, but I will double-check. It is planned to show up on the web and in the DVD extra features.
95. How does Takua find the MoL? In the trailer it looks like it was in a rock. :huh: 10You will have to watch the movie and see.
11. When will the Toa find the Kanohi Nuva? Or have they already, and I just missed it? 2They found them during the Kal storyline, but there was no room to show it in the comic.
32. How will Tahu react to no longer being the unofficial leader of the Toa? 4Do you mean because the team split up? Well the split-up was his decision, so he can't complain too much.
5I meant how will Tahu react to Takanuva, who will apparently be the new leader of the Toa? 6As for Tahu and Takanuva.. there really is no rivalry there. Takanuva has a different destiny and has no interest in being the leader of the Toa. He has enormous respect and regard for Tahu and would not seek to supplant him.
73. What are the powers of the Mask of Shadow? 8The Mask of Shadow, I believe, can create fear and anger in Makuta's opponents, turning them against each other.
94. Is Makuta capable of being good? Has he ever been good? Or is he pure evil? 10I am sure Makuta sees himself as being good. He may have even started out with noble purposes, but he has been twisted over the years...
115. Why didn't Tahu, Lewa, and Pohatu use the Kakama Nuva to catch up with the Kal? (If I had to guess, I would say it's because they were powerless, and they didn't want to come upon ferocious new enemies too suddenly... but you probably have a better answer.) 12As for the Kakama, what instance are you referring to?
13I meant when Tahu, Jala, and Takua were pursuing the Kal, and they found Lewa and then Pohatu with his goat 'passengers.' It seems like they could have caught up with the Kal right away (or at least gathered the other Toa quickly) if they had used the Kakama Nuva at that point. Or maybe they did? 14Oh, okay... well, I think your theory on the Kakama is probably correct. I didn't realize you were talking web update. But after all, if you are suddenly without your powers (except mask powers, which are limited utility), do you really want to rush into a potential ambush?

15We are the luckiest fans in the world to have Greg here: :D 16:kaukau:
1Hy, here are some questions I have.
21. Which is a higher rank of krana, krana ca or krana xa? 3Oh, Za is .. Za is swarm commander, ca is defense.
42. How did Mati Nui give the Matoran a gift if he is still asleep? 5I have been asked this one a lot. The Turaga consider all knowledge and all blessings to be gifts from Mata Nui.. every day that they are alive is a gift from Mata Nui. It doesn't mean he woke up and handed them something...
63. Is Makuta's void in the movie. 7No.
84. Is there any comedy in the movie? 9A little, not much.
105. Do you like Vakama's giant eye brows in the movie? 11I have no problem with them.. I understand why they are there. 12--------------------
13Now I know that Makuta's void is not in the movie. :blink: How strange. :huh:
1You said you have Kraata names, but they are unofficial.What are they?

2There are six different breeds of kraata that we know about (that does not mean that is all there ever have been or could be). They are:
3Kraata-Vo (Vorahk) 4Kraata-Xi (Panrahk) 5Kraata-Ye (Lerahk) 6Kraata-Ul (Guurahk) 7Kraata-Cu (Kurahk) 8Kraata-Za (Turahk)
9Kraata are a part of the substance of Makuta. They are sentient, but they are not deep thinkers. They act on instinct. Each kraata goes through six stages of development (I do not have names for the stages, I just call them Kraata Stage 1, Kraata Stage 2, etc.). As it develops, the kraata makes its Rahkshi stronger, faster, and more powerful.
10If you look at the pictures of the kraata on the back of the Rahkshi instruction book, a Stage 1 kraata is at the bottom (the weakest), a Stage 6 kraata is at the top (the most powerful).

11Here are my answers... answer.
12~bionicleno1: seeing in rusted colors~