1well here's some anwsers:
21)if there's no Infected masks in the movie like you said,then whats with graalok the ash bear?
3Well,not all rahi are infected by the makuta(or ever were),rahi is just a matoran word for "creature".
42)what's an ash bear?
5An ash bear is a type of bear,where it got its name remains a mystery.
63)what are the rules for koli?
7I've been asked not to share the rules for koli because LEGO wants to post them on bionicle.com
84)In the trailor,there's a slimy green thing,Is that makuta,or is that green smoke and makuta's that small shadow thing in the bottom-middle?
9I haven't seen the trailor in a while,but my guess is that that thing is a movie version of the kraata

10:smiletol: xxxx :smiletol:
1I don't have any answers,but I do have some questions for GregF,here they are:
21.) Do the Rahkshi have any transformations,example:Tahu,Onua,& Pohatu=Akamai? 32.) How many Rahkshi ARE THERE? 43.) What is Takanuva's & the Ussanui's main power?
5GregF,can you please answer these?:

6P.S. I made the 16th page:::
1um you need to PM greg, you can't just post questions, but I can help you some of them
21: yes, there are Rahkshi Kaita 32: 6, and only six 43: Takanuva(I don't think he is aloud to tell yet) 5Ussanui, they put Kraata in it, and it can find either the Rahkshi, or Makuta, I forget which.
1sorry about the "k" thing :( my computer got messed up 1.in the greg disscution you said that there were only 12 matoran in each village.but on bionicle.com in the movie section.if you watch the movie lewa and onua battle when lewa resives his golden mask you see more than 12 matoran in the background.
2Answer: The whole "how many Matoran are there" is an interesting question.. I had heard 12 from the very beginning, but if you check out the web, and the upcoming movie, you will see a LOT more than 72 Matoran. So it's obviously not a figure that the heads of the story team are worrying about... so I would say there are a lot more than 72, evidently.
32.did the turaga always know about the rahkshi and the TOL or is it something they didnt know about?
4Answer:The Turaga always knew the legend of the TOL.. whether they knew about Rahkshi.. I tend to think they might not have, at least not to the extent they knew about Bohrok.

1The Ussanui uses Kraata to home in on Makuta, not thr Rahkshi - That makes sense, because the Kraata were directly created from Makuta's own essence. And this is known because it has been revealed by GregF in the past. And matorans rule, one word posts are not allowed on BZPower - and one letter posts are definitely not allowed: :glare: Also, I may edit this later with new questions / answers:
2EDIT: Sorry, matorans rule - I didn't know you had a computer error. please forgive me: :unsure: I posted about when you did:
1QUOTE 2Sorry to bother you again, Mr. Farshtey, but I've come up with some more questions.
31.) You said you believed there are only twelve Matoran in each Koro. I've got a few subquestions for this one. 4a.) If the Matoran cannot reproduce, than surly some of them must have been killed. I don't see how they can have an equal number in each Koro?
5Well, as you will see in the movie, there are hundreds of Matoran in the koli ball stadium. So I don't think the "12 per koro" rule is one the heads of the story team are worrying about too much.

6b.) In the MNOLG, when the Guard came to help at Kini-Nui, there were hundreds of Ta-Matoran. In the Comic #5, there are at least five-hundred Ta-Matoran: How is it possible there only twelve?
7See answer to #1
82.) Are the Exo-Toa made of hardened protodermis? 9I have no idea what they're made of.
103.) Can you tell us what the names of the Rahkshi Kaitas are, and what colors they are?
11Rahkshi Kaita Za and Rahkshi Kaita Vo.... and they are made from the same groupings of three as the Toa Kaita are.

124.) Are there only seven books of Bionicle, or are there just seven so far?

13Just seven so far.

1QUOTE 2I know I've got too many questions, but I came up with some more.
31.) The Vahi is not a Nuva, we know that, but can it act like one, like it slows down the whole world except for the areas around the six Toa Nuva? Or speed up time only around the Nuva? 4No, it's not a Nuva.
52.) Takanuva is not a Nuva, but, does he have the same powers as a Nuva? (Ex.- sharing mask powers, greater control over element) 6I don't believe he can share his mask powers, no, but he has enormous power in and of himself.
73.) Takanuva gives instructions to the Toa to build the Ussanui, but how does he contact them, does he radio them, or do they meet? 8They have already met at that point.
94.) The Rahkshi are Protodermis enhanced Kraata. The Toa Nuva are Protodermis enhanced Toa. The Kal are mutagen enhanced Bohrok. Would anything occur if these characters were re-introduced to these substances? 10Who knows? It's an interesting question.
115.) You once said that the Toa would and would not go to other islands. Does this mean they will travel through underground under the ocean? 12You'll have to wait and see.
136.) Mata-Nui brought his people, the Matoran, to the island. Where did they come from? There must be other places on the planet? 14Can't answer it.. gives away too much storyline.
157.) The Matoran believe there are Great Beings. They also believe Mata-Nui is one. If Mata-Nui isn't one, because that is not based on fact, are there Great Beings. 16Can't answer it.
178.) If there aren't, who sent the Toa? 18Can't answer it.
199.) Are there other planets, too? 20I would assume there are. We know there are stars in the sky.
2110.) What is the name of the planet which Mata-Nui (the island) is located? 22I don't know... that has never been shared with the story team.
2311.) If the Matoran are the same ones that came to the island with Mata-Nui long ago, how have their beliefs changed; their beliefs weren't passed down, so there can't be mistake via misinterpretation, because they were there. 24Yes, they can.. even oral tradition can change over time. And remember, when Europeans first reached Easter Island, the native peoples did not even remember their oral traditions anymore.
2512.) If their beliefs have changed, something must have happened to the Matoran to lose their memory of the events. What? 26Well, we know that Makuta was exerting an influence on them all that time..
2713.) Someone might not have wanted them to remember. Makuta?
2814.) If the Turaga are not native to the island of Mata-Nui, how do they know all the prophecies and legends.

2915.) Did someone tell them? Who? 30I can't answer 14 and 15 -- I can't give away storyline like that.
3116.) Mata-Nui's shape was different in the Before-Time. What is the benefit of the Bohrok returning it to that state? 32Gotta wait and see.
3317.) Is the MoL a Nuva?
3418.) Is the Mod Nuva? 3517 and 18 -- not that I know of.
3619.) Is Takanuva's element light? 37Yes, but it is not used in the same way that the other Toa use their elements. It is light in a figurative as well as literal sense.
3820.) The Toa were surprised to see the Bohrok came from inside Mata-Nui. Where else would they have come from? 39Another island, maybe.
4021.) Why did the Matoran and Mata-Nui travel to the island? What were the benefits? 41You'll have to wait and see. Maybe they were looking for a new land.. like colonizers.. or maybe they were fleeing someplace worse.
4222.) Is Mata-Nui a Matoran shape, or can he change form, like Makuta? 43Don't know, haven't seen him.
4423.) Do the Turaga know the answers to all my storyline questions? They seem to only let out info to the Toa when it is drastically need it. 45They know some answers, but in some areas their knowledge is incomplete.
4624.) In Comic #4, Vakama said he would tell the Toa how he knew all about the Bohrok. Was it because they came from within Mata-Nui? 47The legends of the Bohrok existed, but I don't believe Vakama necessarily knew where the Bohrok were.
4825.) Were the Matoran on Mata-Nui since the Bohrok? 49Since the Bohrok what?
5026.) How did the Turaga become their present form? 51Gotta wait and see.
5227.) Do the Turaga outdate the other Matoran? 53Yes and no.
5428.) Were the Bohrok around in the Before-Time? 55Yes.
5629.) Were Matoran around in the Before-Time? 57Yes.
5830.) Possibly the most important question- everything on Mata-Nui happens for a reason. Is someone/something guiding the Toa? Controling everything on Mata-Nui? 59Well, since you know how central a question that is, you can also understand that I can't answer it.
60I know you may not be able to answer them all, but please answer as many as you can. Thanks in advance:

1I PMed GregF about the pronounciation of Lewa and will the Exo-Toa ever return:
31. I have been wondering how Lewa is pronounced. On the Lehvak-kal disk it says LE-WAH but the Lego club magazine said LAY-WUH. Do you think you could clear this up?
42. Are the Exo-Toa still operable?
61. It's Lay-wah.
72. And the Exo-Toa appear to be pretty trashed, but you never know with those things...

8So thats the problem of Lewa pronounciation cleared (for me and other confused fans) and the Exo-Toa might return in the future.
9-LNK :smilelewanu:
11And the magentic power of Gahlok-kal means the end of the Exo-Toa

12Or so it seems.
lehvak nuva kal
1I PMed GregF about the pronounciation of Lewa and will the Exo-Toa ever return:
31. I have been wondering how Lewa is pronounced. On the Lehvak-kal disk it says LE-WAH but the Lego club magazine said LAY-WUH. Do you think you could clear this up?
42. Are the Exo-Toa still operable?
61. It's Lay-wah.
72. And the Exo-Toa appear to be pretty trashed, but you never know with those things...

8So thats the problem of Lewa pronounciation cleared (for me and other confused fans) and the Exo-Toa might return in the future.
9-LNK :smilelewanu:
11And the magentic power of Gahlok-kal means the end of the Exo-Toa

12Or so it seems.

13maybe the toa's build from their's and the bohrok kal's peices the ussanui
1Hi Mr. Farshtey i have a few Q's for you
21: K, first I hear that the Rahkshi are armor suits for the Kraata, now I hear that they are Kraata that hit protodermis, what gives? 3They're both. A kraata evolves into Rahkshi armor when exposed to liquid protodermis, and then another kraata (of the same type) occupies it.
42: can any stage Kraata enter Protodermis? or does it have to be the final stage? 5I don't think it matters what stage they are at when they enter the protodermis.
63: do the Kraata have names like the Krana IE: bo vu etc... 7Yes.
8what are they? 9I don't have official names for them yet.
104: do you collect comics? if so, how many do you have (approxamatly) 11Yes, I do -- I have about 28 of the long boxes at home, and another two small boxes.
12wow, I have 200 I thought that was a lot.
135: does the Makuta/TOL combiner wear a Kanohi? which one is it? 14It comes with an exclusive replica of the Mask of Shadows worn in the movie.
15wait what? I don't understand, does it where the Kraakan, or is this a new mask?
16It is the Kraahkan, but the one in the set only looks partly like the one in the movie, because the set was designed earlier. So the one in the combo model looks exactly like the one in the movie.
176:have you ever been to Denmark to meet with the story team? 18Not to Denmark, but to NY and soon L.A. for meetings. I was supposed to go to London to meet them in March, but had to cancel due to illness.
197:do you like: Star Wars: Transformers: Dune: or Star Trek? 20I like original Trek and Dune is okay. I have never seen Transformers.
21what about Star Wars?
22It's okay, but I like original Trek better.
238: will the new matoran have powers? will their Kanohi have powers? 24No.
259: is the way Makuta's mask facing significant? (in the new toy I mean) 26Not sure, haven't seen the set yet.
2710:will there ever be any guest appearences by the Throwbots in the comics? 28Um, no... they are not in the same universe (and we don't produce them anymore).
2911: are there any plans to sell the Bionicle comics at comic stores? 30No, we don't want to lose the "exclusivity" of the Club.
3112: are there any more foil or otherwise "special" comics planned? 32Not at the moment.
3313: are there any more 2003 combiners other than the Rahkshi Kiata, Makuta V2, the Matoran Nui V2 and the TOL/Makuta combiner? 34Nope, those are the only sets coming out this year.
35thats all for now, thanks in advance,
36your fan
1I have a few questions, if you have the time:
21-Will the Turaga Nui ever be in the storyline? 3Possibly, someday. Not this year.
42-Will the new Matoran sets have a Kaita and/or a Nui? 5Most LEGO sets for BIONICLE are capable of combination models.
63-Does Bionicle.com plan to add any more Matoran bios? 7Have no idea.
84-Will there ever be any new heroes (besides Takanuva)? 9Can't answer it.
105-Since the Matoran can rebuild themselves, can the Toa, Turaga, or anything else on Mata Nui? 11I don't think "anything else" could because Rahi would not have the brains. Arguably, other beings could, but I don't think it is something done lightly.
126-If so would they perhaps have a reason to in the future? 13No idea.
147-Do you know what the 2005 Bionicle movie is about (I know if you do you can't tell us, but I was just wondering)? 15Nope, I don't. I do not believe a script has been completed for it yet.
168-Who is your favorite Matoran? 17Hmmmm.. probably Nuparu.
189-Is the "Before Time" before the Turaga and Matoran came to Mata-Nui? 19Well before that, yes.
2010-Will we learn how many Matoran there are in 2004? 21I don't know if you will get an actual number or not.
22Thank you so much,

24Weel, there they are:
1boy oh boy oh boy: i have a juicy piece of info: the name of the makuta and ToL combined form and where you can get it:

2if you are allowed to tell me, how will this special movie kraahkan be available? will it be in the kratta packs, a special thing with the movie, the game, or something else? and if you cannot tell me, i understand that some things you aren't allowed to say

3It's going to be available in an exclusive set, I think through TRU only, called Takutanuva -- it's the combo set of the Makuta and the Seventh Toa. That is the only place it will be available.

1heres so new info on this whole tahu and gali relasonship.
2forgive me for this dumb queston, i am sure that you have been asked this before. but i just think i need your answer, instead of a members answer. is there somethig or going to be something for a relationship with tahu and gali? one memeber said he saw the roght draft for a comic and it said on the side "work on relationship between gali and tahu" something like that. Well? thanks for even reading this dumb queston.
3The idea behind that note was to start planting seeds that they are not getting along, because they don't get along well in the movie. As far as a romantic relationship goes, that won't happen in the comic -- I have no room for that in only 12 pages of story and I think most BIONICLE fans would rather see more action than "Young Toa In Love." If that happens anywhere, it will happen on the web.

4*hint, hint,* might be on the web::lookhere: well what do you think?
1Hello again.
2I have a few questions concerning the film (most of which you probably won't be able to answer), and some set, plus the general questions.
3Anyways, 4Could you tell us how Pohatu Nuva's claws will appear in movie?I think that they will be like gloves. 5To be honest, I really didn't pay that much attention to how they looked when I watched the film.
6Second: The movie will have Koli in it, right?If it does, what kind of Koli will it be?The new or the old? 7It's the lacrosse-style koli.
8Third: (This is more about a set)You said that a Makuta/TOL combinder would be coming out.Any idea on how much that will cost? 9Afraid I don't know yet.
10Fourth: Will we see a lot of koli in the movie?(Well, I mean, if we see it for a little part, will it be a plot builder, or will we actually be seing them play?) 11You will see a koli match, yes.
13(Ok, you don't need to answer that one)
14Fifth:(The real one)You said in a topic about the new Matoran that Pahrak Kal (The member) had it figured out.Were the Matoran like that (The new shape) before Makuta came?And if so, how did Makuta change them?
15Yes, I believe the Matoran were in the new shape prior to being on Mata Nui. As for specifically what Makuta did, I can't answer, but I know it was established early on that he had been "draining their powers" since they arrived on Mata Nui.
16Sixth:You said that Makuta and Mata-Nui might be fleeing, or colonizing a new place.(It was a question asked by Crystal Matrix, I think)If they were fleeing, what would they be fleeing from?
17Well, I don't know that they were fleeing, that was just a suggestion. One of the interesting things about history is that when the Mongol hordes descended on Europe, and seemed so fierce and tough, no one realized they were fleeing from someone tougher than they were.
18Seventh:What is your favorite power so far?(Including Rahkshi)
19Probably gravity, because I had a lot of fun with that one.
208th:Is there a reason that in the Comic Books, when we see a Toa's mask, it looks a bit scratched up?Is that just for show?
21It's an artistic choice... to show that the Toa have been through a lot. They draw Iron Man's armor like that a lot too.
229th:What would happen if a Matoran put on a Toa's mask?
23He wouldn't be able to make it work.
2410th:IF the masks for the Matoran are ceremonial, then why is loosing one so bad?Do you get expelled from your village?
25You'll find out next year.
2611th:How much say do you get into the storyline of Bionicle?
27I get to have some input, but I don't make the final decisions.
2812th:Are you planning to quit writing for Bionicle anytime soon?(before, and IF, the story stops.)
29Not unless they make me.
31(Again, you can ignore that, but if you want to answer it... PLEASE do. )
3214th:Ok, is there a limit to how many Kraata Makuta can have out at a time?
33Good question -- let me think about it. I tend to think not, but there might be a limit to how many he can PRODUCE at one time.
34And a zinger here 15th:What is the square root of 365 divided by 15 times 1000?
36Ok, thank you for your time:

37Hehehe... Lotta questions, aren't there? :P
1Here is what I got:

2Could you please explain Vohrahk's power?

3Vorahk is sort of like an energy vampire... he can drain the power out of an opponent and use it for himself. As his opponent gets weaker, Vorahk gets stronger and more energized.

5What about that about harnessing elemental power? was that another mistake? :huh:

6If you check out the Vorahk article on BZPower, there is no mention of him harnessing elemental powers, nor does he do it in the movie. That information came from the ToyFair guide which wasn't written by anyone connected with the BIONICLE team, hence the errors in it.

8And finally, could you explain the kodan ball?

9I believe it's a ball used in an old variant of koli, but not positive.

11I wonder if the kodan ball will ever be explained...
1I didn't put this up before because I didn't think you would be interested but here goes
3Do you ever get to watch the updates/read the comics.
5I write the comics, so yes, I read them. The updates I get to when I can. Sometimes I get to read those before they go up, sometimes not.
1Here's some Qs(the second one has been ____ing off for quite a while)
2Hey Greg: 3I have two questions for you.
41. I heard that if you insert kraata in Ussanui, he can locate Rahkshi(or Makuta). Could you confirm this? 5Yes, that's true, but it isn't used for locating Rahkshi -- it is used for locating Makuta's lair.
62. Why do the Turaga never inform the Toa of their prophecies until it's too late??? 7That's a good question - the Toa would like to know the answer to that too, and you will see in the July comic that some of the Toa are starting to get pretty fed up with all the secrets.
1One of the many questions I've asked him:
2Q:You said that Tahu and Gali would not get along with each other in the movie.Why, and will it stay that way throughout the movie?
3A:Gali is still angry at Tahu over his breaking the team up after they became Nuva... and this will be a challange during the film, but how it plays out, you will have towatch and see.
11. Can you tell me what changes occur in the six life stages of Kraata?
2In terms of what? Power or appearance?
32. Will any sets besides the Rahkshi, like maybe Takanuva, contain CD-ROMs?
4Not that I know of.
53. In the movie, how do the Toa Nuva build the Ussanui? And how do they know how to build it? What do they build it with?
6All you see in the movie is them completing it. It doesn't go into where they got the pieces, although I would assume they are crafted from solid protodermis. They construct it as you would any vehicle.
74. Besides the staffs, do the Rahkshi have any "elemental" powers as well? For example, could Turahk summon fire? If they don't have any elemental powers, would they be titled after their staff's powers? (i.e. Guurahk, Rahkshi of Disintegration)
8No, they have no elemental powers.
95. What is Lehvak's element? I have seen countless times the "Bohrok of Swamp" but isn't it air? Could you clear this up for me?
10No, the official designation is swamp. Not air.
1Okay, here.
2I have a few questions.
31. I have heard several theories that the Toa Nuva will distroy the Nuva cube, therefore keeping the Bahrag imprisioned forever. What would happen to the Toa Nuva if the Cube was distroyed?
4Doesn't matter, because it's not going to happen.
52. Howcome we never see the Kodan ball in updates/comics?
6Just hasn't come into play. In the comics, at least, there is really limited room to show everything that needs to be shown.
73. Can Matoran use their disks when they get their new form? They don't have a disk arm anymore.
8The toys can't, but I am sure the real ones can.
94. Someone once asked you if the Bohrok bite in the comic, and you said it was too violent to put in the comics. But do the bohrok have the aibillity to bite?
10Not that I know of, no.
115. Do you have many days off from work?
12This year I am doing a lot of traveling for work, so I don't have as much time to take off as normally.
136. Who is the fastest Toa without a Kakama?
14The fastest in water is Gali; the fastest on land... either Lewa in the trees or Kopaka with his power ice skates.
157. Who is the the most agile? 16Lewa.
17And one last question:
188. Does Tahu have power over lava? and what would happen if he fell in it?
19He only has partial power over lava, because lava is only partially fire... it's also a lot of rock. And falling in it would be a bad thing. He has limited resistance to that sort of heat, but not immunity to it.
20Thanks in advance:

21:silver: -KotT- :silver:
11 will there be another form of the toa after the nuva? 2Can't say at this point.
32 will protodermis ever be used again 4Yes, but probably not in the way you think.
53 does the tol stick around after the rahkshi 6yes
1I PMed Gregf some questions recently, here are the questions i asked him. Me:hello Mr.farshtey i hope i am not bothering you but i was wondering if you could answer some of my Questions.Question#1 if Ta-koro has a military,does that mean it has a larger population than the other villages? Gregf:No.Ta-koro has a guard,but we know that Le-koro has the Gukko bird force and Onu-koro has the Ussalry.Me: Question#2 are there any other Matoran(besides the one that was selling infected Koli balls)that are evil?They can't all be peace loving can they? Gregf:Idont think there are a lot of evil matoran.Lets face it, if they don't all work together for the good of the tribe they are going to be picked off by Makuta.Me:Quetion#3 what is the hieght of a matoran compared to an adult Human? Gregf: Oh, i would say probably between 3 or 4 feet.Me:Question#4 not that this could happen but what would happen if a Matoran encountered a Human being?Gregf: i have no idea, depends on the matoran.
1We all know most of this stuff, but anyway
2Q: Okay, a guy said that you said Taka Nuva will come in 2 sets. The one that includes the Ussanui and another with just himself in some set called Takuta. I don't believe him, so can you clear this up for me?

3A: There is a Takanuva set with the Ussanui.. there will also be a TRU exclusive combo model set that will include pieces from Takanuva and Makuta.. and a kit that will include both the Takanuva and Makuta sets.

5Q: Will it have anything special?

6A: The TRU exclusive set will come with a special Mask of Shadows that is a a replica of the one shown in the film.

8Q: Mmph: I got a $50 S@H certificate, I was going to use it to get Taka Nuva and Makuta, but now it looks like TRU is having a thing. Any chance LEGO will sell it on S@H?

9A: The TRU exclusive? No, but we will be selling the Takutanuva kit on SAH, which has both sets in it. It just doesn't have the exclusive mask.

11Q: I guess I'll get the mask on ebay. Hey, in a proto-squad pack are we goimg to get the MoL movie?

12A: I believe that is the plan, yes.

14Q: How would that work, will they send paper work asking you what you use, VHS or DVD? Then yo send it back and they will send you what version you asked for?

15A: Probably, we may also just include that question in a survey we are sending out in May.

17Q: Cool: Okay, now you said we get a Rahkshi T-Shirt in a in-between package if we return the survey? But you told me also we get a Rahkshi Poster in the next Package. Plus more? Am I right?

18A: Yeah, there's a lot of stuff in this package.

20Man: This is going to be great: Thanks for all the help:

1Here are mine: I haven't ever PMed him before so I gave him a LOT; a real lot (and you guys think you give him a lot, lol). Thing is, I was expecting to get five or so answers back in a month. But he answered ALL of my questions in a matter of DAYS: I just can't thank the guy enough for all he does for us BZPers. I'll make his answers bold. Enjoy: :D :D (oh, and I'm correcting a few of my spelling errors too)

2QUOTE 3Hi Greg: Iv'e been worried about PMing you as you're so busy but I seem to have gotten evidence that you'd tell us if you got annoyed with all our questions. Thank you SO much for everything you're doing; you don't know how much I appreciate you::
4I will send questions by comics, and then other units. I do NOT expect you to reply soon, or to reply to every questipon at once. It's already an honor to ask you one question.
5Comic One: Can Nuju speak? He and Matoro hold a conversation in the comic-

6Nuju "When they wear infected masks, they are servants of Makuta... ...and only one of the dangers you will face."
7Matoro "Turaga, he's come: This is--"
8Nuju "I know who he is Matoro."
9It is never said that Nuju CAN'T talk, and he also talks in the first GBA (made by Lego), and in the beginning of Comic Two. It is known that Matoro is needed to translate Nuju's wisdom, and his stories. But is he needed to translate everything?
10I believe it more for his stories than anything else. I am sure he talks when it is urgent.
11Comic Two: Why is Gali in danger at the beginning of the Comic in the water; she controls it doesn't she? Why can't Gali just levitate back up from hte Nui Jaga and Tarakava with her Miru? The Miru has the power to lift the user off the ground in Desktop Toa, the Mata Nui Online Game (Lewa in Rama Hive) and other descriptions.
12Makuta is controlling the water in that issue, the same way he makes the tidal wave of sand appear, etc. And I have never used the Miru to lift someone off the ground from a standing start, I have used it to keep them from falling when they are in the air.
13How could a volcano threaten the island? I think that the Mata Nui scale says that Mata Nui is miles long compared to a six inch Toa.
14It's a really big volcano. Think Krakatoa (I think that's the name) .. if a volcano explodes, it would take a big chunk of the island with it.
15Comic Four: The Comic Four intro says "it begins with the appearance of small, scurrying creatures called Bohrok Va, scouts and heralds for a more powerful species". The Toa "hear sound of chaos coming from above" as they asend from Makuta's layer. In the MNOLG Episode where the Toa fight Makuta (you can see it in Episodes on Bionicle.com without playing the MNLOG (Mata Nui Online Game) the Makuta wakes the Bohrok after the Toa ascend to the surface. Can you please explain the Makuta-Bohrok transfer to me more clearly?
16I would go with the comic version, only because I know that was approved by the head of the story team.
17Is the runner Kapura (as was originally stated on Bionicle.com as is seen in a clip from the sight in the back of the comic)?
18Have no idea.
19It's almost impossible to distract a Kohrak from what it is doing, so why did one quickly attack Lewa?
20Because Lewa put himself between the Kohrak and what they were doing.
21Lewa is said to have been kranaed because he didn't want to harm his own villagers; he didn't have to harm them to take their krana of did he, and couldn't he have used Hau?
22Well, two answers .. one, the krana controlled the bodies of the Matoran, so they would have fought back and he might have had to harm them. By the same token, if he used Hau to protect himself against them, the Lehvak might have threatened the safety of the Matoran. He had no choice.
23Do the Toa battle the Shadow Toa before or after they launch their elemental powers at Makuta simultaneously in the MNOLG Episode/Moviewhere they defeat Makuta?
25When in the Bohrok storyline was Tahu kranaed? Early, middle, or late? I'd think early because in the promo shots of the krana scene ahow him examine the Bohrok; if it was late in The storyline he would've used Hau. But I could be wrong.
27What's the point of krana XA if all krana need direction from the Bahrag (it's supposed to strategize)?
28Well, it's great having a general far behind the lines, but you also need field commanders who can think on the fly. That is what the Xa is for.
29If krana can't comunicate, how can krana Ja pass the message of obstacles ahead to krana ZA for it to broadcast to the swarm?
30The krana can communicate among themselves, just not to outsiders.
31I'd think a canyon is above sealevel so how would water flow upwards (the Tahnok trap)?
32Had a little help from Gali.
33How does Gali escape the falling rock the Tahnok dropped on her?
34She dodged it.
35What mask are Gali and Pohatu using to escape the Tahnok (panel after Tahnok scale cliff)? There is no water benteath them, and I don't know how they could be using Kakama.
36Mask of Levitation. They float to the ground.
37Why doesn't Lewa have Lehvak gurading him? He's all alone in the wilderness. Wouldn't the Bahrag want to keep him so the Toa couldn't defeat them?
38The Bohrok krana'd him to get him out of their way. Once that was done, they went back to their job. Using Bohrok to guard him would be a waste of resources.
39How does Onua "know" the krana doesn't control the mind? Gali, the wisest Toa, thought they could in the last comic and Vakama (although he turned out to be wrong) told the Toa that krana could control the mind. Did Tahu tell Onua?
40Simple. Lewa was obviously struggling against its influence... if he could do that, his mind was not controlled. And Onua was also trying to encourage Lewa to fight back.
41Why is the Boxor such a breakthrough? The Bohrok have elemental powers and could still headbutt the Boxor pilot before they were hit, or launch a krana at the pilot. Plus they have krana powers.
42Because it was a lot more effective, especially en masse, than a Matoran alone would be. It at least gave the Matoran a fighting chance.
43How were the Le-Matoran freed? As Lewa couldn't harm his villagers the first time, wouldn't he just get kranaed again? In the Update Le-Koro Liberated Nuparu's Boxor squad frees three Matoran but there are many other Le-Koronan and the Boxors can't climb trees last I knew.
44Lewa and Onua worked together to do it. Onua caused earth tremors that threw the Matoran off-balance, giving Lewa the chance to swoop in and take the krana. Once some were freed, they were able to help free others.
45Where did the lava come from at the end of the comic come from? Wouldn't the Toa notice it coming through the "unbreakable" barriers?
46Nope.. the unbreakable barrier was only on one side of the tunnel. The lava came from the other side.
47Was that an illusion Lewa had of the Exos? 48It was a vision, the result of being connected to the krana for so long.
49Comic Seven: What mask did the Toa use to get out of the chamber wherer they were "trapped" with the lava; where could they levitate too? If Tahu THOUGHT he was trapped, how could he blast through the cavern? Did the krana's influence help him realize the truth?
50They didn't need a mask.. they simply needed to realize the wall wasn't real and go right through it. They didn't go up, they went through. And Tahu was trapped.. that barrier was real... which is why his trick worked.
51What use is the Hau if it can't operate under "strain"? 52The masks are not like coffee makers that you turn on and off. They are controlled by the will of the Toa, much like Green Lantern's ring is. If the power you are up against is too great, you begin to get a mental feedback. Same reason the shield goes down when Tahu is stunned in a later issue.
53Why don't the Toa use their mask powers (more) on the Bahrag; like Kakama, Matatu (they could pull out the rods that allow the Bahrag to snap-and what happens when the Bahrags' rods are pulled out?), Huna etc.
54Wouldn't have worked. For one thing, except for the Mask of Strength, the Mask powers are almost all defensive powers, not offensive powers. And they strength of a Toa would be a rain drop to the Bahrag.. plus getting close enough to pull out a pin from the Bahrag wouldn't be that wise.
55As the Toa didn't volunteer to change, why didn't they use the Miru to levitate out of th tubes as they were starting to sink?
56Happened too fast.
57Isn't becoming the Nuva a demotion? They lost all but their primary mask, got their elemental powers shackled to symbols, etc. Plus, how could their elemental powers get any stronger? You can't get elemental powers much stronger than Tahu's fire-sheet at the begining of comic 3, or his ability to cause a cavern to explode; Gali's water blast vs the Nui Jaga in Comic 3, the ability to freeze with a single touch (Kopaka, Comic 3) etc. The powers the Nuva showed in comic nine weren't any better than powers they had previously shown.
58Armor is better.. tools are better... Toa Nuva are faster, more agile, and stronger. It is a demotion, to an extent, and I see your point, but that is because the Toa also need to learn humility to achieve their goals.
59How did Lewa know that all the Toa, save Tahu, had lost the Hau when the big rock fell?
60Tahu has the most experience with the Hau, so he would be the one most likely to use it. Plus I am sure Lewa sensed that he no longer had all the mask powers, so he assumed the others didn't as well.
61Why was their a need for the Kakama Nuva to get out of the Bohrok's realm? If you can levitate off the ground w/ a Miru I'd think you'd be able to w/ a Miru Nuva (I think this is confirmed in Lewa Nuva or the Miru Nuva's ansk descripion on Bionicle.com.
62I have never used the Kanohi Miru as a "flight from a standing start" mask.. if it were that, it should just be called "Mask of Flight." You can jump off a high place and stay in the air with it, but you cannot fly like Superman.
63Did the additional "crazy Tahnok" in the FOIL comic really happen in the storyline?
65Comic Nine: Pohatu shared the Kakama Nuva with Gali, so why wasn't she "fast enough"? 66Comic nine? What scene are you referring to? Gali is only in the opening scene, and there is no mention of Pohatu sharing his mask with her.
67Why was Lewa in trouble in a tornado?; he controls them: 68It wasn't a tornado of wind, it was a tornado of earth and stone... and even if you control something, if it takes you by surprise, you can't always muster the will to counter it.
69In desktop Toa Tahu can stop abruptly with the Kakama. Why could Pohatu stop (or turn like he did a few moments ago w/ Lewa) when he saw Onua's trap.
70I don't think you can consider desktop Toa to be authoritative... in every use of super-speed I have ever seen done in a comic, you cannot stop on a dime. The laws of physics probably don't allow that.
71How could Kopaka get out of a fire cage? Fire beats ice, doesn't it? 72Kopaka froze the fire... part of his additional powers as a Nuva.
73How were Tahu and Kopaka going overboard?; look what Onua did to poor Pohatu. 74Yes, but Onua was doing it in fun... it wasn't done out of anger. Kopaka and Tahu were genuinely angry at each other.
75I've heard Nuhvok and Kohrak Kal worked together to steal Kopaka's symbol. But in his bio, Kohrak Kal works alone the most. If he worked together w/ Nuhvok Kal to steal a symbol he'd be working together the most: Was it just Kohrak Kal that stoole the symbol (was the elemenatl power messed up) or was it just Nuhvok Kal who stole the symbol? T-Kal seems to be shooting plasma earlier on in the comic.
76No, they worked together. And being seen working together once does not mean he "works together the most." You never saw the other symbols get stolen, so how do you know the other Kal did not work together as well?
77Comic Ten: Can you please tell me which Kal stole which symbol? Tahnok Kal stole Tahu's, but although there are many clues to the others, no one truly knows who stole the other symbols. At first I thought each Kal took on the Nuva of his same color 78I never kept track of that, because I didn't see it as important. What's important is that the symbols got stolen.
79The comic indicates Tahu was saved by Nuju, but I think Nuju saved Kopaka. Which is right? Kopaka was still stuck up in the cliffs after breaking his fall and I don't know what Nuju would be doing in Ta-Koro; plus we saw what happened to Tahu Nuva in the Updates. 80No, Nuju saved Kopaka.
81The Toa act like they've never seen the Kal in this comic, but we know Pohatu, Tahu and Lewa did due to the Update on Bionicle.com. 82Again, the updates go one way, and sometimes the comic goes the other.. but since I know the comic is always approved by the head of the story team, I consider the comic to be more authoritative.
83Why didn't the Hau (which, by official definition, can protect the user and those close by from the most POWERFUL attacks. Nuhvok Kal said what he was going to do so Tahu wouldn't have been suprised. 84Shielding can protect you from a physical attack... what Nuhvok Kal does is not physical. In fact, Nuhvok-Kal is so powerful that he could have increased the gravity of the SHIELD as well.
85How can Lehvak Kal have the power of vacuum? If he sucked up some air more would fill its spot and the atmosphere would be a little thinner. No implosion. He's have to stink up all the air on Mata Nui to cause an implosion, wouldn't he??? 86He can stink up air and store it.. the air used for the implosion could have been drawn from a chamber before Lehvak-Kal ever reached the surface.
87What happened to Gali, Onua nad Kopaka going underground to see what happened to Cahdok and Gahdok? The Nuva seemed suprised to see the patrolling Exo in the next comic. And did Tahu, Lewa and Kopaka do their group thing? 88Yes, but it happened between issues.
89Comic Eleven: Why does Tahu lead the Tahnok against Nuhvok Kal? The other Bohrok Kal wouldn't have been able to stop all the Bohrok so cleanly, and may have lost. 90Tahu has a Tahnok swarm handy, because they were the ones working near Ta-Koro and the ones Nuparu had worked on first. And my guess is the Bohrok-Kal could have taken out all the Bohrok if need be.
91Why doesn't Tahu's mask fail to protect him from Nuhvok Kal, again? 92Same answer. He is affecting the gravity of Tahu, it is not a physical attack. And if Tahu used the shield, he would have just made the shield heavier too. Anything that has mass can be affected by Nuhvok-Kal.
93In a Lego Magazine it is said that the Toa Nuva Kaita can defeat any foe. Why does Wairuha Nuva lose to the Kal Kaita? 94He didn't lose. It was a stalemate.
95How does the Le-Ga-Ko Kal Kaita run it has no Krana Kal. 96Of course it does. There are always krana-kal in the kaita.
97Can the Bohrok Kal use krana, and vice versa? 98No.
99I don't believe lightning can reflect of a polished surface like glass so I must not understand how Onua nad Pohatu's trap works. Can you explain? 100Sure, it can. I have seen mirrors used to reflect energy blasts and magic spells plenty of times... same principle. And this is a comic book -- you can't always apply real world science to it, especially Earth science. It's fantasy.
101The Tahnok Kal has lightning quick reflexes so why didn't he just bolt out of the way? (literally:) 102Wasn't fast enough.
103The Bohrok don't obey orders without krana so how did they know to go back to the nests? Where they programmed to whenever the Kal found the Nuva Cube? 104They were sent a signal by the Bohrok-Kal that overrode the programming Nupau put in.

105Those are the comic ones: Take your time and thanks so much::: Oh, and thanks for putting the Vahi in the comics, and having it be given to Tahu:
106Here a few more questions too be answered whenever/if you have the chance. I know you have to answer other people's questions too though and have many years left in my life to wait for a reply.
107Can you tell me some good things about Tahu, like his strengths? It seems like he isn't regarded well by Lego, being hot headed, irrational and the like in his Bios whereas all the other Toa have many good things about them. Kopaka also seems to get a lot of attention (a comic to himself, the discovery of where the krana come from and that they're alive, the discovery of where to place the krana, etc) which may be why Tahu (his opposite) doesn;t look too good. Sorry, but Tahu's my favorite Toa and I want a few good things to be attributed to him. In one Update, where his symbol was stolen from Tahnok Kal, his Hau didn't protect him from a few fallign rock; I was a little insulted by that. I hope you understand me; I'm not trying to be annoying or anything.
108I feel the Updates were remiss when it came to the loss of powers issue.. this happened with Lewa too. The authors didn't get that the Toa Nuva did not lose their mask powers when they lost the rest. 109As far as Tahu goes, he is very headstrong -- but he is also extremely brave, very focused, and fiercely devoted to his people. If he gets short-tempered, it is because he takes his job very seriously. This is not fun for him or a chance to explore... it's not a game.. it's a heavy responsibility that he feels he has to bear alone.
110Did Takua where a Kongu-colored Pakari, have yellow arms, and have yellow feet when he collected the Toa Stones? In the GBA he does. My theory on why his leg and arm colors got switched is because he was exposed to six powerful beams matching the Toa's colors at the end of the GBA; this happened, but I'm not sure the color change happened because of this. He changes color again when he rebuilds himself for the MOL movie, so he is more susceptible to color change than other Matoran. Maybe his color change is why nobody recognizes him in the MNOLG. Or was Takua always the color he is shown in his current Bio and the MNOLG? 111Have no idea. Have not played the GBA game.
112Will all the Matoran (save Takua and Kopeke) keep the same color scheme and mask when they rebuild themselves into the new to-be-released Matoran sets? I'd hope they do, as I've just spent a chunk of money to get a red Ruru for Kapura (yes, I'm insane). 113I believe so, yes.
114Do Matoran masks reflect the personality of their user (I know they give no powers)? It seems they do, but I'm not sure if this was intentional: 115Not that I know of, no.
116Jala is a good Defender, Kongu is good with Birds, Tamaru is Matau's chief Kahu Tamer (MNOLG) (so he must be good at comunicting with them, Taipu is Onu-Koro's Strongest villager, Onepu is Taipu's best Friend and a Champion of Strength, Hafu has Quick Koli reflexes, Hafu sees work through his art (original Bio), Maku Sneaks away to visit Huki, etc.

117That's all: The toy Ga-Le-Ko Kal Kaita has no krana-kal in its directions though, but I bet that was an error. Greg also told us which sources were the most reliable, which really helps. Greg also gave us some new info on the Miru and Hau: I always thought Matoran masks reflected the user's personality, but I guess I was wrong. Oh, and I was referring to one of the 1st panels in Comic 9 when Tahu, Gali and Pohatu Nuva were together (maybe Pohatu wanted to be able to defeat Lewa himself, and didn't share his powers...
118Thanks a bundle to GregF again: None of this could've happened without him:

119Referring to another answer, GaliGee won't like the fact that Gali's mad at Tahu... I'm glad he got kranaed early though, so he was ignorant.
120This is all for a while, so I hope you enjoyed them: :)

1Storyline Questions
2Here the normal batch of questions. Hope you can answer them:
31. I have a questions of the Takutanuva set. Will I be able to build the normal Takanuva and Makuta set from the TRU Takutanuva set? Or should I buy Takanuva and Makuta seperately from the Takutanuva?
4Not sure. Will have to ask.
52. Does the Takutanuva and the Pewku-Gukko-Makuta-Takanuva combiners appear in the movie?
6Takutanuva does, the other one does not.
73. Where on the Ussanui can you latch the Kraata onto?
8The Ussanui features the "spine" pieces of the Rahkshi in various places, and you put the kraata inside them the same as you do on the Rahkshi.
94. Have you gotten the Kraata labels yet? :glare:
115. How did Makuta release the Bohrok? Did he send out some signal that ignited their hatching?
136. What are the physical and power changes in each of the six evolutionary stages of Kraata? Can you tell me all of them?
14The only difference in evolutionary stages is that the Rahkshi becomes stronger and faster and more agile. The kraata do not have separate powers the way that krana do.
157. Do the Kraata themselves have any defensive or offensive powers? For instance, if you met one in a jungle crawling around could it attack you or defend itslef other than the infection of masks?
178. When is each of the next 3 comics due out to ship?
18Comics always ship with the LEGO Magazine.. so mid-May, mid-July, and mid-September.
199. In 2004, will we learn more about the Takua-summoning-toa-and-makoki-stones episode?
2110. Does Takanuva have a physically-harming power of his? And does the Mask of LIght do physical or "spiritual" damage to darkness?
22Light does affect darkness, yes, but I don't believe that Takanuva has a physically harming power.
2311. Is the MoL movie really only 70 minutes long/ That's kind of... short.
24Not for an animated direct-to-video feature. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm was 77 minutes, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker was 76. It's a standard length.
2512. Will Graalok's instructions be featured on the Mask of Light DVD? (I have heard rumours about that one) If so, what sets do you need?
26I have heard rumors about that too, but have not seen the instructions so I don't know what sets are needed.
2713. When does the next Proto-Squad package come out? I'm anxious for my fourth Vahi because, seeing as I already have three, I can spray-paint it gold or something.
2914. I believe you are writing the Official Guide to Bionicle. Will this book feature facts we do not and have not known before, and maybe pictures of items in the lexicon we have never seen before?
30I don't think it will have pictures of things you haven't seen before, because all the art is the CGI art done for BIONICLE. If things don't figure into the main storyline, art usually isn't done for them. Hopefully, there will be some things you don't already know, although there is little BZ members do NOT know.
3115. What are the finalized books(the novel ones) called, and what will the each feature?
32Tale of the Toa, Beware the Bohrok (I think), and Makuta's Revenge. The first one is the Toa's arrival and battles with the Rahi and the shadow Toa.. the second is the Bohrok storyline.. the third is the Bohrok-Kal/Toa Nuva storyline.. and then there will be a movie novelization.
33Game Questions
34I'm very curious about many aspects of the upcoming BIONICLE: THE GAME that features many exciting exploits of the entire island. I was hoping you could answer some of my questions about the game, although I know you don't have that much to say as that is not really your department.
351. In the new game, is everything approved by the storyline? There are many things I'm curious about that the game will solve, unless it is not approved. Has the storyline team discussed this?
36I can't really answer unless I know what you are asking about. I can tell you that a lot of times things get changed for the purposes of game play from what the official interpretation of the storyline is.
372. I know you probably can't answer this(and if the above questions is no, then you can't at all), but could you tell me the names of these: The Robo-Bug and the Flower Pods(Daikau maybe?).
38I doubt there are official names for them.
393. Does this image of Lewa Nuva resemble the Mask of Light Lewa Nuva with the exception of hands and mouth?
40I don't have access right now to an image of the movie Lewa, so really can't answer.

41-Crystal :silver: Matrix
11. What are the differences between the gold and silver masks? I always imagined that the silver masks gave the powers of the wearer's Toa Kaita's masks, and the gold gave powers of every mask, but I have a gut instinct that I'm wrong.
22. What is the name of the Mata Nuiian language? Spain speaks Spanish, Germany speaks German, so what does Mata Nui speak? Mata Nu-ish? :D
33. What exactly does the Kodan ball (Pohatu Nuva's secondary weapon) do? Does Pohatu Nuva kick it? Does he hurl it at enemies? Is it just decoration? I'm completely bemuzzled.
44. There's a whole topic on this, but I thought I'd ask you myself. Are the Bahrag and Swarms attempting to destroy the Kraata, by "cleansing" the island? Here are some supporting details:
  • Cahdok and Gahdok @ Comic #8, The End of the Toa?
    5You dared oppose your brothers: Therefore you must fall: Mata Nui will be cleansed:
    6"Oppose your brothers" could mean that they, too, were trying to destroy evil. "Mata Nui will be cleansed" just supports the "getting rid of Kraata" theory.
  • Cahdok and Gahdok @ Comic #8, The End of the Toa?
    7Fools: You think you have won... But you cannot imagine what you have unleashed:
    8By surrounding the Bahrag, and surrenderring all hope for the fate of Mata Nui, the Toa unlocked the tubes of protodermis. If they hadn't done this, the Kraata wandering around the island found the protodermis and therefore, turned into Rahkshi. ("You cannot imagine what you have unleashed") In that sense, the Toa got transformed into super-strong Toa Nuva, but left the tubes of protodermis wide open for a Kraata to wander over to, and then WHAMMY: another Rahkshi.
  • 9The Kal came about when the Bahrag were defeated. The Nuva symbols are the key to the Bahrag's prison, and all the Kal mean to do is to unlock Cahdok and Gahdok so that they could cleanse the island. Sure, they were a bit violent to reach their goal, but they might have felt that a) the Toa Nuva deserved it for unlocking the protodermis, and b)the Toa Nuva would just naturally try to stop them, which would be bad for the fate of the island.

10Now, the Bohrok did end up half-destroying the island, but then again, I've heard the Bohrok be referred to as "mindless" thousands of times.
115. What would happen if you were to touch the shield generated by a Hau or Hau Nuva?
12That's my two coppers (well, more like five, but that ruins the saying) 13-SuperCowNuva
14EDIT: Okay, my bad. I've sent them to Greg. Sorry, I didn't read all the rules:
1I know you must start to get mad at these once in a while, but i am urging to know stuff---
2In comic 10, i think it was, when the bohrok first make their arrival, kohrak kal uses gravity in ko-koro, was kohrak kal first planned to have gravity? 3No, he doesn't -- Nuhvok-Kal was with him in that scene, you just didn't see him. Not knowing if there would be Toa present in the villages when they raided, the Bohrok-Kal worked together in some cases.
4will we be seeing ANY form of Kaita in the movie? 5No.

6if makuta can be anyform, why doesnt he turn into some ultimate monster: it would make sense sorta: 7Well, he is pretty formidable in the movie... but he tends to count on his powers of fear more than physical strength to win, plus he tends to be very confident about his ability to win battles.
8were the Sterling silver and white metal krana kal ever shipped to Canada? because so far all the people that have found them, are all in the USA? 9They may have been, but I would have to check on that. Because they are randomly packed, we don't know exactly where they are, but I will ask for you.

10why did makuta choose the form of a Tohunga when he first fought the toa? 11Partly to throw them off-guard.. partly to get his point across that the people they were fighting for were the same ones whose fears fueled his darkness

1When bionicle first came out, my friend and I were talking, and he said that Lewa can't be infected: He also said that if you were to put an infected mask on Lewa, it would become un-infected. Is this true?

2No... any Toa risks falling under the influence of Makuta if he wears an infected mask. And it takes a great deal of power used by more than one Toa to cleanse an infected mask.

4There is one, here is a related one,
5I had another question. How can they de-infect a mask? I mean, how would they go about doing it. A special ceromony or something?

6Yes. While it is not actually shown in the upcoming PC game, I believe it is similar to something the Toa do in the movie to help heal one of their own.

8It would appear that one of the toa get injured in the movie. Food for thought.
1This is what I asked Greg Farshty
2Q: I was wondering what Puku, Takuas pet crab is like in mask of light . Online Puku is a female, can't talk, and is rather small. How does she differ in the movie?
3A: Well, she's still female, she still doesn't talk, but I believe she is larger than she was online. She's grown. 4Greg

1Hi Greg,
2I have a question. It is my understanding that the combined 3forms of three beings is called a Kaita, but could you confirm 4these terms:
  • 5Nui- Combined forms of six beings, eg. Turaga-Nui
  • 6Nuva- A being altered by Protodermis, eg. Toa-Nuva
  • 7Kal- Beings altered by powers other than Protodermis, eg. Bohrok-Kal
  • 8Va- Smaller being that aids bigger one, eg. Bohrok-Va
  • 9Exo- A large suit that can be worn by a being, eg. Exo-Toa

10And another question; Are there any more masks other than 11the ones released prior to 03' and in 2003 that have not 12been discovered by residents of Mata-Nui (meaning any bei- 13ng who lives on Mata-Nui)?
14Thanks again,

16Well, there are masks that existed prior to their coming to the island, but i am not sure if they are undiscovered or just haven't figured into things yet. Odds are they are lost, undiscovered, or have somehow changed into something else.
17And yes, your terminology is accurate.

1hay i got some qestioms i hope im note desterving 21.does greelok have a mask and if she does what is it? 3Not that I know of.
42.how did makuta got the mask of sahdow's? did he craeted it? 5Possibly.
63.is lego going to do any promotions in israel? and are they selling the makuta/tol cominer in the tru in israel?
7Don't know.
84.why is makuta traying too kill the toa's i mean he didnt woke up one day and said lets kill the toa
9He's not trying to kill the Toa -- he is trying to keep Mata Nui asleep, and the Toa are getting in the way of that.
105.will the bohrok/bohrok kal ever meet makuta or the rahkshi?
11No, not anytime soon.
126.does the tol/ussanui set has a second modell and if he does will it appaet in the movie?
13Beyond the TOL-Makuta combiner, I don't know, but there probably is one.. won't be in the movie though.

147.why do the rahkshi listen to makuta i maen they arnt centrolled by him and i know i dont listen to my dad
15They are controlled by kraata, which are part of Makuta's substance.
168.from what were the bohrok kal muteted?
17From original Bohrok.
189.how can the matoran and turaga and toa hill? do they have hospittles?
19I am sure they have healers, yes.
2010.ar eny more bahrag's i maen their a spaiceis(sp) of an animel or something als?
21There are no more Bahrag that I know of.
2211.does the vahi play an importent role of the toa's defiting the bohrok kal?
24well thats all thank you very much for your time


1QUOTE 2QUOTE 3QUOTE 4I heard about the gold kraata , now will lego make some of thm or wont. if they do make them will it be for a contest thanks.i love to hvae one

5They are gold-colored, not gold metal, and they will be available through an in-store promotion, but I don't know which store yet.
6Greg 7so u mean that any one can get it. like the bohrok thing toy r us did with the cards and organe krana. or is it like the promotion withthat

8Yup, it should be an "anyone can get it" kind of promotion.

10edit he said more
1Here's some more I got, not much though:
2(Greg's answers will be in bold )

3Hey Greg, I've got a few more questions for you:
4In MNOLG Huki was apparently getting infected from the Comet brand koli balls, if infected masks can't get uninfected, how did Huki get better? I'm guessing that maybe a FULLY infected mask can't get uninfected, but a partly infected mask could. Like Huki's mask.
5Actually, I got revised information on this from the top -- apparently, a mask can get cleansed, but it takes an enormous amount of energy and power from the Toa to do it, so they don't do it that often.
6Also, do you have any idea at all what the 2005 storyline is? (I'm not asking you so you can tell me what it is, I'm just wondering if maybe it's been planed at least a little bit.)
7It has been planned, but I haven't been informed about it yet. So has 2006. Maybe later in May I will know more...

8I've got some other questions but I can't remember them right now, so I guess I'll ask them later.

1I got some:
21. You said that the Kraata-hiding caves were in Po-Wahi. The infected Koli balls were in a statue's cave in the Po-Wahi Quarry (in the MNOLG). Are these quarry-statue-tunnels where the Kraata are hidden?
3Not that I know of.
42. If Bionicle keeps going the way it is (new enemies keep coming up on a regular basis) won't it get boring eventually?
5No.... if new foes don't appear, what will the conflict in the story be? Batman has been around for 50 years, with new enemies appearing all the time.. that's what continuing adventure stories are all about.
63. Is it coincedince that Mata-Nui looks like a 2-spoke pinwheel?
7I wasn't aware that it did.
84. After the movie, will Takua's "reign of heroism" be finished?
105. Don't you think that there should be better names for the Bohrok/Kal/Rahkshi Kaita? I personnally think that for the Bohrok/Kal, "Wahlok(Kal)" and "Akhvak(Kal)" work good.
11Conceivably... but our situation is that it takes 9 weeks and a fair amount of resources to get a name approved for BIONICLE, because of the multiple legal checks it has to go through. So if something is not figuring in the story, we do the best we can to name it without going through all that. Try coming up with a name on your own, run it through Google, and see if it gets any hits -- you'll see how hard it is to find something that doesn't mean something in another language.
126. I heard things about the Kraata having 6 stages, others sources stating 7. Which is correct if you count the "starting point"?
13Normal is 6.. there is a special seventh, but not all of them reach it.
147. Why do all good-character names end in a vowel?
15Most are based on Polynesian languages, which traditionally have a lot of vowel endings... I am sure it is also to ensure some consistency (then again, Makuta ends in a vowel too... )
168. Will the Bohrok-Kal ever have another role in the storyline?
17Probably not.
189. About how long DOES it take for Rahkshi to come from Kraata? The duration of the Bohrok Saga? Two weeks?
2010. Why does the Vahi look like Swiss cheese?
21I don't think it does.

22There they are. Not much, but still...
1QUOTE 2I know I must be getting annoying, but I have just one question:

3If the Toa Nuva were to combine their powers like they did with the bahrag, would it still create protodermis?

4Thanks in advance

6Yes, solid protodermis.

8So that's the answer:

1Are the Rahkshi powers contained in the staffs, or are they more of focuses, like the toa's weapons/tools?

2I would think they are more for focusing.

4Is the nuva's armor pysically integrated?

5Physically integrated? To what? The kraata?

6No, I mean is it pysically integrated to the nuva.

7Um, I don't understand.. if it were integrated, it would be joined to the Nuva... and it's not.

9OK, thats what I meant, thanks for the answers.
10Ok, thats something I've been wondering for a while if they could remove the armor. Aside from that, I have no commentary.
11:s: :a:
1Here is what I asked GregF about the Mask of Light Movie.:lookhere:
2Q: I have heard that the proto-squad members are going to the Mask Of Light movie for free. But will they get the movie earlier than everyone else. 3A: Actually, the most recent information I have (as of last Friday) is that 50 P-S members will be chosen at random to receive the movie, and the rest will receive a segment of the film. I tend to doubt it will go out much earlier than it will hit stores, because I don't know if we will have them in-house much earlier than that.
1Okay. Just so you know, Greg made a quick announcement in THIS topic.
3I am leaving tomorrow for a conference in FL and won't be back until late Friday night. So if you have questions you need answered, hang on to them until next week. I will be back at work on the 12th, then leaving that next week for BIONICLE story meetings in Denmark.

5So please make sure to respect that request and hold back your questions until he returns.
1I'm really sorry to ask another question so soon, but it's been nagging at me. Well, two actually.
2Firstly, will Nuparu have ny more importance? The fact that he was in a retail set suggested to methat he may be around for some time. Or was it merely so the Boxor could have a pilot.
3He certainly might, but not this year.
4Also, we see in the MNOLG that the Puku carries Takua sideways to Onu-Koro, like a real crab, yet in the Theft of Fire update, he walks straight forward, so which is correct?
5I THINK she walks forward in the movie.
1Here is a question I asked Greg,

2Dear Greg, 3I was just wondering which book will the shadow toa appear? 4:l::g:

5I think it's in the first of the novels coming out this summer.