1Okay, I actully had 2 answers, but I forgot to put the 1st one here, so here's my latest: Sorry to bother you again, but I have some more questions. (Anything in parenthases is added now)
GregF and My PM
21 I was looking at your answers topic, and once you said "What Makuta fish?". The fish that Nokama's staff was made out of, is a Makuta fish. What is it? 3Don't know, I have to ask the web people. They made up the Makuta fish, I think. 4(I STILL want to know what it looks like...) 52 I have both current US Rahkshi, Vohrahk and Panrahk, 6and neither of them came with CDs. Is this only avalible in store ones? 7I am trying to find out. I am wondering if they may not have the CDs because they are early releases. Hopefully, I will know more next week.
83 As I said, I have the Rahkshi, and I noticed that Makuta's arms are their legs, and his legs/armour thingies are the Rahkshi's back. 9Is this just recycling peice molds, or does it have somthing to do with how he made them. 10The Rahkshi armor comes into being when a kraata is exposed to protodermis and evolves into it. Makuta does not actually craft the armor.
114 Does it bother you that so many people ask if it bothers you when they bother you for questions? 12No, but i do get a lot of the same questions. 13(Lol, I like my wording for this) 145 What's the newest thing you can tell us, without breaking the "line" where you say you can't tell? 15Really nothing. I can't share movie plot, and since I can't do that, I can't share 2004 stuff because it ties in to the end of the movie. 16(I wish I knew... well, at least we know that the Turaga/Matoran stuff has nothing to do with the movie.) 176 not really a question, but I recently got the new comic, and I'd like to congradulate you on it. I especially like the scene where Nuvohk Kal crumples up. 18Thanks for your time, 19-Toanuvafreak123
20Thanks. See answers above.

1Here are some Q's and A's from GregF:
21.In the MNOLG 2 title screen it says:the final cronicle,what does that mean? 3You will have to wait and see.
42.Is it:Taka Nuva,or:TakaNuva? 5It's Takanuva, one word.
63.Will there be like a Tak-Koro or something? 7No, Takanuva doesn't have a village.
84.In MoL makuta is deafeted right?well then how come the toa cannot awaken mata-nui then? 9Because they don't know how.
105.Will there be other islands? 11Wait and see.. I think you will be pleased.
12- :t: :a: :l:
2You should be so tired about this PMs, but as you are 3our only link with BIONICLE story itself, then.... well, I have some questions:
41. Does the Ussanui transform into something? 5No... it's function is that it can flip its three "legs" up for more aerodynamic flight.
62. Does this rare (black-red) kraata are involved in the story? 7No.
83. Do you know/think there will be other Kanohi(s)? If so, and if you can talk about it, in what year? 9There will be some next year, but not very many.
104. We won't see the last of Makuta neither in '04 nor '05, isn't it? 11Can't answer it.
125. You said '04 explained turaga's past, and what about '05 and '06? 13Can't answer it.
14Thank you very much::: 15-rah

16does that counts as posting. In this topic you should just post in quote. My oppinion. Don't scream at me ExNewbie-Eater-Elders::: :fear: 17lol:LOL:
1heres a answer I got asking what the powers of the kraata are.answer: The kraata don't have individual powers like krana do... each evolutionary stage of the kraata makes the Rahkshi it is in stronger and faster and more powerful.
1Here are more answers from the great GregF, some rather interesting ones that you will want to check out.
2Turaga have been capturing the Kraata since almost aslong as they've lived? 3Since as long as they have lived on Mata Nui.. not as long as they have lived overall.
4Have the Matoran known about the Kraata? 5I am sure the Matoran have seen them around, but probably didn't know what they were.
6Have the Turaga kept the Kraata a secret? 7Yes.
8Have they always known they were part of Makuta? 9Yes.
10Have the Turaga always known of Takanuva? 11They knew that there was a legend a Seventh Toa would come, but they didn't know his name, etc.
12Where have the Turaga stored the Kraata? Not what in, I know what they store them in, but where do they put them after they are in the cases. 13In caverns in Po-Wahi.

1More answers found. Some are good, I know I like the answers.
2Hi again. I don't know if any of these have been asked before, so I apologize if they have.
31. When Takanuva isn't out adventuring, what village does he generally hang out it, if any?
4He doesn't -- in the movie, he makes his first appearance and then goes to challenge Makuta. He has not time to hang in a village.
52. I've seen around the forums talks of wanting a female Guurahk. Is this possible, considering that Makuta is a male character?
6No -- kraata have no gender, therefore Rahkshi have no gender.
73. What color do you think the Rahi masks would generally be if they weren't infected by the Kraata?
8That's a very good question... I will have to think about it.
94. What measures do the Toa Nuva and the Matoran take to further the security of the Nuva symbols? I mean like, more Matoran guarding it, a harder location to reach, etc?
115. In the "Official Greg Discussion" topic, I saw something that said that Tahu and Gali still don't get along too well in the movie as a result of the Bohrok-Kal affair or something. Are there any other arguments between Toa Nuva, Matoran, or Turaga in the movie?
12The primary point of friction in the movie is Tahu and Gali, although Jaller and Takua have their share of arguments as well.
13Thanks in advance.
11. What would happen if a Toa wearing the Kakama Nuva shared the power of his mask with a Toa using the Vahi? 2You would basically have a Toa with super-speed wearing a mask that allows him to slow down or speed up time around a target. Remember, someone wearing the Vahi is not affecting time around himself.
32. What would happen if a Matoran were to put on a Great Mask? 4Not much of anything. Matoran do not have the mental discipline or knowledge needed to make Great Masks work.
53. This question was actually a topic. What would happen if an infected mask and a Krana were placed on the same Rahi? 6Yes, someone asked me this. The infected mask would win out -- it carries the essence of Makuta, which is much more powerful than any krana is.
74. Do you know if the new Matoran will come packaged with any info on playing Kolhii using the sets? 8No, not that I know of. The problem with including text directions is that they have to versioned into a zillion different languages because we sell globally.
95. Out of curiousity, have you started playing the second Mata-Nui online game? 10No, not yet. I have been busy writing up material for some BIONICLE things for next year.
116. In this article, you said you do not have names for the stages of Kraata. Do you know if there are or will be names for them? 12There probably will be, as soon as I make them up :)
1Hello, GregF. I know that this isn't exactly your department, but I was hoping you might be able to help me out anyway. Today, I got my package from Lego, containing all 6 Rahkshi and 1 Kraata can.Anyway, when I opened the can, I saw something odd: a 1st evolution-stage Kraata that was red and black. I looked on the back of the Rahkshi instructions to see the Kraata colors, and they are:
2Vorahk Kraata- black and gray 3Turahk- orange and red 4Lerahk- dark green and light green 5Kurahk- peach and gray 6Panrahk- dark gray and white 7Guurahk- gray and blue
8So what in the world is up with a RED and BLACK Kraata? And I know that mine is not the only one; I saw a picture of another one on BZP.Any clue at all?Thank you, bjj6
9PS- Do you know anything about the little stickers in the Kraata cans?
11Sorry, have no idea about this. It's a production issue.
12Greg 13-------------------------------

14Would you have any idea whom we at BZP could ask? Many of us have found odd color cobinations in our Kraata from the Kraata cans, and we'd like to know if it was a first-production-run mistake, or what. (Infact, once I got looking closer, one of my other ones isn't a Lerahk Kraata, it's a strangeling to. O_o)
15Sorry for the bother, bjj6
17I am going to write someone in BIONICLE product design and try to get an answer from them. My guess is they are meant to represent some of the multiple breeds of kraata that have been present on Mata Nui since long before these six Rahkshi appeared.

1As We Know The Ussanui is made up of the rahkshi is asked:
2Me:how Can The Ussanui be Built of fallen Rahkshi If The Rahkshi are roaming about? 3greg: You will have to watch the Movie
4That is basicly what i asked and what he said
1I asked three questions but there is only one important one.
21) Does Makuta have the power to destroy a kanohi? (ex. Melt it down, crush it)
3Hmmmm... I would say no. It is possibe, I believe, to melt down a Kanohi, but it requires special facilities which Makauta does not currently have access to.
4I thought this was pretty cool. Of course this brings a thousand questions to mind. Will Makuta ever use this machine? When will he use it? How is it built? Perhaps, if there is another island, these machines would be built. :D
1Q: In the online update After The Storm, we found out that Hahli and Jaller loved each other. Is this in the movie? Because there is a voice for both Hahli and Jaller in the movie.

2A: There is certainly some mild flirting between them in the movie, but it does not focus a great deal on their relationship... that's not what the movie is about.
1Me: When you said protodermis would play another major role in the bionicle universe, were you speaking of the Kraata becomming Rahkshi when exposed to proto? Or will it play more major roles in the future world of bionicle?

2GregF: No, it will have many more roles to play in the story besides just the kraata thing.
3I also confirmed with GregF that for sure Takanuva and Makuta DO combine together.

1Me: Will there be any other 'main' baddies, apart from Makuta and the Bahrag? (yes or no is all I want)
2Greg: Hmmmm... well... if you mean a new "boss," I can't answer that. If you mean new bad guys in general, yes, there will be.

3Me: Will there ever be any new main heros apart from the Toa? Sort of alongside them( Answer yes or no thats all I want)
4Greg: Can't answer it.

5Me: What is with the red comet in the sky?
6Greg: Not sure. I would have to ask.
7Me: Will they ever have to or do travel off Mata-Nui?
8Greg: Mmmm.. yes.
1I have a few questions I asked GregF, mainly due to a topic I saw.
21. Do the Nuva symbols cover the cube, or form it? 3They fit into the sides of it. 42. Are the symbols rounded on one side? 5Yes.
6:silver: -KotT- :silver:

7:silver: -KotT- :silver:
11. What year will we learn the secret of the Toa-Bohrok relationship. I realize that this has a lot to do with the overall story. 2Can't say for sure.. I don't make those decisions.
32. I'd like to know the enitre truth about how the Bahrag make Krana. You said you leave out the parts that we wouldn't want to know, but I would like to know -exactly- what happens. I mean, is it inappopriate? Still, I'd like to know. I'm a very mature young man. (Straightens Tie) 4lol, okay, I will try to put something together for you.
53. What is the purpose of the Kanohi Rau, Mask of Translation? I mean, the Turaga already can read Matoran, so what is the piont? Is there an ancient language or something? 6Yes, there is. There are a lot of ancient writings.. in fact, although the inscription in the Mask of Light in is Matoran, Nokama uses the Rau to translate it in the movie. So there are more ancient versions of Matoran.
74. Which Rahkshi Kaita is which? For example, is Rahkshi Kaita Za(I think) the blue, black and brown one? Or is he the thrre headed wierdo? 8Vo is the blue, black and brown, Za is the red, green, and white.
95. Same thing as the above answer, except with the Kal Kaita. I forgot both of the Kal Kaita names, so could you point me out to which is which?
106. Are you sure the Gukko used to be the Kewa, or the little birds? I think they are too big to be transformed Kewa, and you once called the Kahu Air Force the Gukko Air Force. So wouldn't that meant the Gukko replaced the Kahu? I'm very confused... :glare: 11Well, all I can tell you is that in the movie, the reference to Toa squabbling like kewa birds was changed to squabbling like Gukko birds. Hence my answer.
127. At what point in the storyline did Tahu actually get Kranaed? 13Hmmmm.. if I had to guess, it would have been when he was trapped in the nest during their search for the Bahrag. Not sure everyone else would agree with that theory.. but I feel it had to be after Lewa was krana'd, since Tahu had very little sympathy for him.
148. Are the Boxors still in existence? Or are they just not used much anymore? 15They are, yes, but they will have to be modified to fit the Matoran's new forms.
169. I was just wondering. Is Kolhii the only game you have rules for? If so, could you ask the story team if they had rules, or history for that matter, for any other games besides Kolhii? I'd love to know how to play Ngalawa or Ignalu. 17As far as I know, no other game rules exist.
1810. What happens when a Matoran loses his or her mask? Do they get a new one or what? 19Really bad things happen. I was just talking to someone about this the other day. The scenes that have been shown where Matoran have lost or removed masks have been very brief... removing a Matoran's mask for an extended period of time causes the Matoran to stop functioning normally.
1Hello, I have some more questions:
21.) Protodermis does have an important role, doesn't it? Was it produced, like the Kanohi, or has it always been around? 3Yes, it does. And while it can be refined in different ways, it is a natural resource, like coal.
42.) Why, exactly, is Makuta on the island? In the mini-CD that came with the original Toa, it said that Makuta followed Mata-Nui to the island, and that he was jealous that the Matoran worshiped Mata-Nui. Is this true? 5I can't answer that, BJ, would give too much future storyline away.
63.) What's the deal with the Matoran? Were they always on the island, or did Mata-Nui bring them with him when he first came? In the mini-CD from the Toa can, it sounded like they were always there. 7No, they did not always live on Mata Nui. You will learn more about their past in 2004.
84.) Is the MOL Matoran design how the Matoran originally looked before Makuta 'drained their powers'? 9Yes.
105.) I read somewhere that you said Makuta had all of the Rahkshi's powers? If so, then why didn't he steal the Toa's elemental powers (like Vorahk can,) in his first battle with them? 11Because, one, he would have had to come into physical contact with them to do so.. and two, he was trying to get a sense of how powerful the Toa were. He underestimated them in the first battle and didn't see any need to pull out all the stops.
126.) Will the Shadow Kraata be in the movie? 13No.
147.) WAAAAAAYYY back when we first saw the Bohrok and Bahrag, I thought, "Oh, look: The chicken things lay Bohrok eggs: (Bohrok rolled up.)" Is this in any way true?? 15Nope.
168.) The Toa defeated the Kal by using their minds to feed their powers through their symbols, correct? I'm not sure I understand how they did this, could you explain? 17Okay, basically, the Toa Nuva had a link to the symbols. When the symbols were taken, a fundamental part of who they were -- their powers -- deserted them. But the symbols BELONG to the Toa... they have a natural link to them... and so no other force can control them as well as the Toa can. When the Toa pooled their willpower, their belief in the power of the symbols and their own power, the symbols responded by releasing a flood of energy -- the stolen powers.
189.) Why didn't they try this before they got to the chamber with the Bahrag? (Refer to #8) 19Because Gali didn't come up with the idea until they were there. And it was a pretty desperate gamble even then.
2010.) I notice that "Koli" is now "Kohlii." Is "Kohlii" the new name for the new variant of the sport, played with the fish-stick-thingies? Or is it a change like Tohunga/Matoran, like it's always been "Kohlii" ?? 21I believe it is meant as an overall name change.
2211.) By the defeat of the Kal, have all the Toa found ALL of their Kanohi Nuva? 23Yes.. and you will find out more about that before the end of this year.
2412.) In the Kal mini-CD, it pronounces the names of the Krana-Kal for you. It says "Za" just like you'd think, "Za." But then it pronounced "Xa," ZA again. How do you say "Xa?" 25You do say it Za.
2613.) "5. Do you like Vakama's giant eye brows in the movie? 27I have no problem with them.. I understand why they are there." 28I have no problem with them either, really. For the people who do, I think there are a lot more things than that to pay attention to in the film.
29Why ARE they there? :blink: 30To allow Vakama to better express emotion on screen... the toys are not designed to be able to convey feeling, which is necessary in a movie. Hence the redesign.

31Thank you SOOOOOOOO much, Greg: I bet I was annoying, but thank you:::    ~bjj6

32Wow, and all this time I'd been pronouncing "Xa" like "Sha." :blink:
34Wow, nobody's posted yet? O well, here's more answers:
35I've had Bionicle on the brain lately, so I've thought up a few more questions:
361.) Last night I found the Rahkshi opening clip from the mini-CD on BZP. I saw Lerahk, Kurahk, and Guurahk stick their staffs in the ground and send their powers toward Takanuva. Can they really do this? It'd be sorta odd to send Anger or Fear through the ground. 37I am sure they could, if they wished to, although that is not how they do it in the movie -- but energy is energy, after all.
382.) (I think I've asked this before, but I can't remember.) Can the Turaga form the Turaga-Nui, or was that just for the toys? 39Yes, they can.
403.) Can the Matoran still combine, now that they're in their new forms? 41I believe so, yes.
424.) Can the Rahkshi use their powers without forming their 'staff' thing? 43They need to staff to focus and direct their powers.
445.) I only ask because my dog's been sitting on my lap as I type. Do you have any pets? 45Yes, I have a big gray cat.
46Thanks again, bjj6

1A few PMs between Greg and me.
2What happens if you put a Krana-Kal into an ordinary Bohrok? I know the Kal saga is over, but I 3just had to know.
4I would say a Kal krana could make a Bohrok run.
52. Ever since the Toa fought Makuta in the online update, I thought, "He isn't dead, he was 6merely defeated." Is this true?
7Yes, it is true. Makuta was never killed by the Toa, he was just driven to retreat.
83. Will we ever get to see Mata Nui in the MoL or the next movie?
104. Will the movie after MoL be about Matoran history?
11Can't answer that.
125. Is Mata Nui spelled Mata Nui or Mata-Nui? I always thought there was no hyphen, but it 13seems to be coming up a lot.
14I have always seen it with no hyphen.
156. Can you tell me whether this theory is true: Makuta tells the Rahkshi to keep his brother asleep. 16His brother is Mata Nui, not Takanuva. The only reason he doesn't want the Matoran and Toa to 17find Takanuva is: Takanuva can defeat AND destroy Makuta, and then Mata Nui would wake up.
18Well, I wouldn't say destroy, but yes, your theory is correct. The Seventh Toa is prophecied to 19come and defeat Makuta and free the island from darkness. Makuta, for obvious reasons, is not a 20big fan of this idea.

21Sorry I have so many questions. 221. Is there a way to disinfect a mask?
23Yes. 242. Do all Ussal crabs change to the new form, or just Pewku?
25No, they would only change as they age.
1GregF Questions Part 1 :: 1-30
2Since there are 60 questions ready to read, I am splitting them into two parts.
41. Have you put together the Bahrag and Krana production thing yet? You said in a previous PM you'd PM me the enitre(I am mature) truth about that. 5No, not yet.. I have been busy working on 2004 material.
62. Are there any side effects to a Matoran losing his mask for a very brief amount of time? 7Not that I know of.
83. What are the major side effects of a lost mask on a Matoran? Can you expand on the previous answer, "They stop functioning normally"? What do you mean, normally? 9Well, think of what happens to a Toa when he loses his.. he gets weak and disoriented, etc. .. then consider that a Toa is a lot stronger than a Matoran, so times the effect by 10.
104. What are the official names of the Kal Kaita? And why do you keep dodging this question? 11See answer to question #15.
125. Can Shadow Kraata turn into Rahkshi? If they do, is there any special effect on the Rahkshi it turns into? 13I don't believe that a shadow kraata who evolved into Rahkshi armor would make THAT much of a difference. A shadow kraata in the driver's seat might, but that is something we will most likely address on BIONICLE.com or in the comic.
146. Have you compiled the stage 1-6(or 7) Kraata list yet? 15What info do you need on the list?
167. Is there any effect on the Rahkshi result of a Kraata mutation based on the stage of the Kraata? 17No, because a kraata who evolves into a Rahkshi just becomes armor. It is the stage of the kraata driving it that matters.
188. Will there be any baddies for 2004, or hints of them? 19Yes, there will.
209. How will the storyline progress in '04. Will the Turaga go around, telling facts about life? Or will Takua go around trying to discover about Mata Nui's past, or what? 21Can't answer it.
2210. Why don't the Turaga just tell the Toa all thof the legends at once? I mean, that way the Toa don't keep getting suprises and stuff. I mean, they could have prepared for the Bohrok if the stupid Turaga had just read the Toa all of the prophecies. 23Well, for one thing, they knew of the Bohrok, they had no way to know Makuta would unleash them. If they run down the list of every potential menace, they will never do anything else. I also think that a) they don't want to needlessly panic the Matoran and B-) they may have other reasons for keeping things a secret. The Turaga know a lot of things that affect how they view the Toa and their world.
2411. What is the power of the Kanohi Kraahkan? 25Darkness, anger, and fear..
2612. Are the Kanohi Avohkii and Kraahkan Nuva masks, or olda masks? 27I see them as olda, because they were not mutated in protodermis to my knowledge.
2813. How can the Ussanui be made out of old Rahkshi parts when there are only six Rahkshi out there? 29Watch the movie and note when in the film the Ussanui is constructed.
3014. How do the Turaga keep the Kraata in "hibernation" in that cave. Do they keep them in liquid or something? 31No, they keep them in the equivalent of stasis canisters. The Turaga know a lot more about how to do things than anyone else on Mata Nui does, for reasons you will learn in the near future.
3215. What are the matches with the Kal Kaita? Use question number 4 to answer the. I.E. Kal Kaita Za(I made that up) is the red, brown and black one. AND DON'T DODGE THIS::: 33I feel obliged to point out that answering questions here is something I do in addition to my regular job, and often on my own time. If a question doesn't get answered right away, it is usually because it is something I have to go and look up because I wrote it a while ago, and I don't always have the time to do that with the other demands of my work and especially all the travel this year. I have no need to "dodge" your questions -- if it is something I am not allowed to answer or don't have an answer for, I say so. And questions asked rudely I feel no obligation to answer at all.
3416. In the rules of Kolhii, on the 11th rule, what does it mean for a Rahi to "pitch" on a field? Do they make the field their territory, make a dent in it, nest on it or what? 35It means invade.
3617. If Tahu got the Vahi from Vakama, then where did Vakama get the Vahi? 37You will learn the answer in 2004.
3818. Is the guy who made the Kanohi the same person who made the Kanohi Nuva? Or did he just dip some spare Kanohi in some protodermis? Because as you said, Kanohi Nuva arose from the underground to the surface. 39That would make sense, but I do not believe just one being was responsible for all masks.
4019. Is the Amaja-Nui the table thing where the Turaga use the stones to tell stories? 41Yes, it's a sandpit.
4220. Were the Bohrok Va under the Matorans influence during the Kal time, because I saw a Va help Tahnok Kal in the comic, and the Va should have still been "reprogrammed" at that time. 43No, the Matoran did not have control of the Va. They assumed because the Bohrok were subdued and the Bahrag imprisoned, the Va were not a threat, not knowing the Kal could assume control of them.
4421. What is the purpose of the Kini, or Temples around the temple? Are they to worship the Toa? 45No, the Toa are not objects of worship. The temples are (I believe) related to the masks and the the worship of Mata Nui.
4622. Are you really Redini from the LEGO magazine? A contact said you were. 47In the magazine, yes, but not always on the web.
4823. Why is the Gukko bird so much bigger than the Kewa, it's previous form? 49More than likely, has to do with the demands of the film.
5024. How many new Kanohi are planned for the future? 51Six that I know of.
5225. Can Matoran get hurt, sick or injured? 53Yes, because they are partly organic.
5426. If a Matoran gets takes off his mask, does it turn grey like the Toa's Kanohi do? 55Not certain, but my guess would be yes.
5627. Exactly how does a Kanohi get deinfected, or cleansed of Makuta evil? 57We have never shown that, but in the film, there is a scene where Toa combine their powers to do a healing. I would suspect it is the same process, and as you can see in the movie, quite draining.
5828. Can Kanohi be destroyed? 59Don't know. I will have to ask.
6029. What are the names of all the future comics written so far? 61July is "Rise of the Rahkshi" and September is "At Last-- Takanuva:"
6230. Could the Toa Olda form the Kaita at will like the Nuva could, or did they have to be in Mangaia to do that? 63I believe they could, yes.
1GregF Questions Part 2 :: 31-60
2Since there are 60 questions ready to read, I am splitting them into two parts.
431. In a game screenshot, it showed the Ko-Suva as a gigantic claw shaped bowel. Isn't a Suva supposed to be small and round, like the canister tops: 5Have not seen the screen shot, so cannot comment.
632. If Makuta is the spirit of destruction, and (when)the Toa destroy him, won't all evildoers go away? 7No. You are assuming that how Makuta describes himself, and how others describe is, is 100% accurate. Nothing is quite what it seems on Mata Nui...
833. Is Makuta returning in '04 or '05? If so, in what form? 9Can't comment on future storyline.
1034. If a Toa were to put on, oh, say, Matoro's Akaku, would that Toa be able to use the X-Ray vision? 11No. As you will learn more about next year, masks are invested with power at different levels. Matoran masks don't have those extra powers.
1235. Do the Turaga's staffs have powers? Because in the Battle for Mata Nui game they have wierd "nature" powers. 13Would have to ask.
1436. Are there any creatures that exist in Ko-Wahi besides the Muaka? 15Yes, probably.
1637. What region does the Kane-Ra dwell in? 17I believe that Kane-Ra was originally listed as being from Ko-Wahi as well.
1838. Do the Bohrok Kaita or Bohrok Va Kaita have names like the Kal and Rahkshi Kaita do. 19No, we never conjured names for them because they did not figure in the storyline.
2039. Will there be new sets next year, since all it will really focus on is the past? I mean, no new enemies doesn't present much sale for next year... right? 21Yes, there is a full slate of products for next year.
2240. Are there any village sets planned? I'd love to build Ga-Koro and Ta-Koro: 23Not at present.
2441. When will the next Proto-Squad update be? And what will it have in it? 25There is another update planned, I would assume it would have a Rahkshi in it, but do not have details.
2642. Will there be any Rahkshi in the next Proto-Squad mailings? 27Yes, possibly. I know that was planned originally.
2843. Is it true us Proto-Squaders will get to recieve the Mask of Light DVD in a package? 29Last I heard, a limited number of P-Sers will receive the movie, and the rest will receive a video trailer, I think.
3044. WHat would have happened if Tahu had not been able to control the power of the Vahi? 31Well, the Vahi would probably have run out of control.. possibly slowed down or sped up time over a much wider radius.. possibly torn a big hole in reality and made time curl in on itself, so that the past and the future existed simultaneously.. or something else equally bad. It is not to be messed with.
3245. How long does it take for a Kraata to evolve into a Rahkshi once dipped into Protodermis? 33Don't have an exact time for you, but it is not instantaneous. I would say it takes months, at least, Earth time.
3446. Have there been any Rahkshi released before the Toa came to Mata Nui? 35Can't answer it.
3647. In the Mask of Light, do the Rahkshi have hands like the Toa do? 37I have seen the movie, but frankly was more caught up in the cool way the kraata looked than paying attention to their hands.
3848. Where did Takanuva come from? 39Oh, come on, you know I can't answer that one :)
4049. How long has Takanuva been on Mata Nui? Was he placed on the island since the before-time? 41Same answer as #48.
4250. If the above 2 questions are answerable, what has he been doing this entire time while Makuta was about attacking Matoran and attempting to fend off the other Toa? 43They aren't answerable.. I can't give away movie plot.
4451. Why is Makuta so afraid of Mata Nui awaking? 45Hmmm.. is he afraid? Or does he have other reasons to want him sleeping? Watch the movie and find out.
4652. Are Mata Nui and Makuta "Great Beings?" 47In the eyes of the Matoran, I would think they are.
4853. Are there more "Great Beings"? 49Mmmm.. could be. Can't say for sure. I only know the story through '06 at this point.
5054. When will we learn who made the large underground tunnels that run through the the island of Mata Nui? 51Oh, well, you may have a better idea next year.
5255. When will learn what makes the Turaga look different than the Matoran? 53I don't know of any specific plans to discuss that, but you may get a better idea next year. I believe it has to do with power levels, age, experience, and other things.
5456. In the movie, will it show any flirting or "romance" between jaller/hahli and hewkii/macku? 55Hewkii and Macku really don't play a huge part in the movie, beyond in the kolhii game. There is some flirting between Hahli and Jaller.
5657. If you watch The Makuta Encounter, it shows the Toa being transported in columns of light. What were those columns, and where did it take the Toa to? 57If that is from the original fight with Makuta, they were manifestations of Makuta's power that sent the Toa back to the surface.
5858. What are the 2004 collectibles called? Or can you not tell us? 59Can't say.
6059. Where does Takanuva get the instructions for the Ussanui? 61That is never specified, but my theory is that he "awakens" with that knowledge already in his head.
6260. Can you give us -ANY-, even the vaguest hints of 2004 besides the obvous fact that it will be about the past of Mata Nui? 63No. I am not allowed to discuss 2004 storyline at this point. Mainly because doing so would give away the end of the movie.
1QUOTE 2Hi, I was just looking at a couple topics and got some questions.
31) Someone else asked you has the Bahrag produced krana. I was wondering if you could tell me because I'm kinda curious. Don't worry, I gross my sister out all the time. 4I am still putting together a write-up on this.
52) Could Vorahk use the energy he absorbed to give to the other Rahkshi? 6No.
73) What would happen if you dipped a shadow kraata in protodermis? Would it just turn into a regular Rahkshi? 8Yes, the armor would not be that much different.
94) In one topic you said that the Toa collected all of their masks in one of our years and not theirs. Could you translate their time into our time for me? 10We really don't know how the Matoran measure time, mainly because their lifespans are so long.
115) Have the Matoran ever tried to venture away from Mata Nui and try to find other islands? 12Not that I know of.
136) I was wondering how Vorahk releases absorbed enrgies other than physicaly. Can he level a mountain with pure energy or does he release it in other ways? 14I believe he releases it through his staff.
157) If Vorahkfound a kanohi, could he absorb its pure energy? (I know I asked you this before but I wasn't sure if you understood) 16I don't believe so -- I believe he can only absorb energy from a living thing.
178) If the Toa Nuva ventured far from Mata Nui (lets say another island) could they still use their masks? 18Yes.
199) What would happen if you destroyed a kanohi nuva? 20That's a very good question. First, I have to confirm one can be destroyed.
2110) Can you tell me how long the matoran and Turaga have been on Mata Nui? 22Oh, thousands of our years, easily.
2311) To construct the machine used to destroy kanohi, would you use regular pieces made out of protodermis? 24I don't know if there is such a machine, so can't really answer.
2512) I know this happened a long time ago, but in comic six, Tahu seemed to enter a level below where other Bohrok had hatched. can you say how many levels to the Bohrok nest there are. Also, why didn't the Bohrok hatch all at once? 26At least two And probably more. And I believe the Bohrok kept some in reserve in the event natural disaster depleted the swarms.

27Thank you for answering my questions.

28I knew that the Matoran had been on Mata Nui for a long time but not that long. :wacko:

11. Do the Bahrag have the powers of the Kal as well as the powers of the original Bohrok? 2No.
32. What are the physical and the "specific" power changes in the Kraata? 4There are no specific power changes... an advanced kraata simply makes the Rahkshi stronger and faster and better able to wield its powers. They don't have specific powers like the krana.
53. You said that there are 252 Kraata in existence. What happens if one of the "misprints"(I'm just calling them that, althouugh I know they are real) is dipped in protodermis? Will it turn into a new form of Rahkshi? 6Yes, it will, with different powers.
74. With 252 different kinds of Kraata, will there ever be a list documenting the colors, maybe on Bionicle.com? 8Yes, there should be. I have sent to production for a list.
1Here's Some Questions He Answered.
2Hi Again, Greg. I hope You Are Well. I Have A Few Questions 3For You.
4Me:1#:Will The 2004 Series Be Focusing On Before Or After The Toa Came? 5GregF:Can't answer it.

6Me:2#:Is The Ussanui Going To Stay With The Villages Or Will It Go Back To A Cave? 7GregF:I would assume it would hang around.

8Me:3#:Can The Toa Use Takanuva's Weapon? 9GregF:Probably not.. anymore than he could use Tahu's magma swords.

10Me:4#:If There Is A Shadow Kraata,How Can The Toa Defeat It? 11GregF:You'll have to wait and see.

12Me:5#:Will Any More Matoran Get Name Changes? 13GregF:None planned. I think we did what we had to there.

14And Lastly.......

15Me:6#:Lewa Olda's Infected Mask,Is It Still In The Rama Hive? 16GregF:Yes, think so.

17I Have Left Some Space For You To Write Your Answers. 18Good Luck On Comic 13(If Your Up To That One) 19Your Thanks, 20Diablo.

21He Also Said Your Welcome. 22Diablo.
1I have two questions about the Kraata: 21.) We know when a Kraata encounters Protodermis, it becomes a Rahkshi.Does it BECOME a Rahkshi, or does it grow Rahkshi armor?
3Greg: It evolves into Rahkshi armor. Then a second kraata is needed to activate the armor.
42.) What makes a Kraata evolve?Number of battles, time, what? 5Greg: Time and experience.
6Thanks for your time. 7~K_N

8There are my questions to him. The second one should be helpful to a lot of people.
1Here were my questions, and his answers:
21. Q:What is the Ussanui? Is it some kind of animal, or is it a machine? 3A:It's a vehicle.
42. Q:What can the Ussanui do? Fly, tunnel, swim, or drive across terrain? 5A:It flies (at least it did in the movie) and it's really good at zipping through tunnels.
63. Q: Will we ever see the Vahi again after comics 11 and 12? 7A:Yes.
84. Q: Will the Bohrok ever have any part to play in the storylines to come? 9A:Mmmm, here and there.
105. Q: Why was Kopeke's mask and color changed for the toy? 11A:Not sure. Will have to ask.
126. Q:How come some toys, like Huki and Puku, have been spelled Hewki and Pewku? 13A: Because "Huki" and "Puku" mean things in other languages, and we are trying to avoid that as much as possible. So when we can, without seriously impacting the major characters, we make changes.
147. Q:How come in comic 10, Tahu tells Gali, Pohatu and Onua to go down into the nest to find Cahdok and Gahdok, when in comic 11, they're still on the surface? 15A:They did all that between issues.
168. Q: On the Mata-Nui Online Game, will the Po-koro salesman's mystery be sloved? I mean, it was clear that he was serving Makuta, but I wish there'd be more info on the story. 17A:I don't think he is in MNOLG2, but I doubt he is gone for good, either.
189. Q: Lehvak-Kal's vacuum power: Got two questions about that. First, how come Lehvak-Kal didn't implode or anything like Nuhvok-Kal? Isn't that what a vacuum does? Why is it always the opposite when Lehvak-Kal is featured? 19A:Because the reaction to his power overload was to expel the vacuum, not have it press in around him. His power was the ability to draw in all the air and then let it out in a blast. So he let it out in a big blast.
2010. Q: Does Lehvak-Kal fly on forever? 21A: Nope.. I am sure he stopped when he reached orbit :)
2211. Q: What happed to Pahrak-Kal? Did he melt or fall through a hole? 23A: His sheer. intense heat melted a hole in the floor which he fell through. I am sure he was falling for a while, since he was probably melting his way as he went.
2412. Q: On the update on Bionicle.com, the Turaga said that they would be given a gift from Mata-Nui. But if Mata-Nui was asleep, then how could he give it to them? 25A:This is like the dozenth time I have gotten this question this week. I think I am going to have to post the answer in a Storylines and Theories topic, so look for it there.
1Here you go:
2Hey Greg: A few more questins:
31.) In the last episode of MNOLG1, Vakama say to Takua something like, "You stand with the Toa as one of our greatest," or somethin' like that. But then on the latest update, it goes:
4"Inscribe these names upon the Wall of History, as is your duty," said Vakama sternly. "And try to spell them correctly."
5Why is he acting so stern? And I thought Takua acted the most brave when the Swarm attacked Ga-Koro, why no name change for him?
6Because, although Takua has done many brave things, he is also reckless and irresponsible. You have to be nominated for a name change, you don't get one automatically, and Vakama does not feel that Takua is responsible enough. (Keep in mind that Takua's thanks for finding the Toa stones was to be made an outcast.)

72.) I know you've said we will learn more about the Matoran and Turaga next year, but I just thought... Will we ever learn how the Tuaga seem to know just about everything??? 8Yup.
93.) Do you personaly have a complete Kanohi collection? 10No, far from it.
11Thank you, bjj6

13Boy, it'd sure be a lot easier if I coud think of a bunch of questions all at once, wouldn't it? But I'm afraid my mind doesn't work right, so here's 1 or 2 more that popped into my head.
141.) In the last episode of the MNOLG1, Vakama said that Takua found his Mask and Firestaff. When/How did this happen? Surley he's not talking about the first GameBoy Advanced Bionicle game, is he? 15Don't know... will ask.

162.) *In a very kind, sweet, undemanding voice* Would you happen to know the names of the Kal Kaitas?? *bats eyelashes* 17Bohrok-Kal Kaita Za (brown, black and red) and Bohrok-Kal Kaita Ja (white, green and blue).
183.) I know that you (probaby) can't tell us how the Matoran chose which mask would be theirs, or any thing like that, but can I was wondering if the kind of mask affected the Matoran? Like, would Hahli's personality be any different if she had a Mahiki instead of a Kaukau? 19Probably not. And I am not sure that, initially at least, they do choose their mask. I think it is chosen for them.
204.) Has any Matoran ever died? If they fear the Muaka and Kane-Ra and other Rahi, they must be afraid of being hurt. And ifMakuta's been on the island all this time, surly there have been a few deaths? 21They certainly can die... but remember that Makuta's goal is not to kill Matoran. If he wanted to do that, he could have done it long ago. In large part, he was trying to keep them under control and out of the underground.
225.) What's the deal with the Manas? When the Toa Kaita destroyed the generator things, (they were generators?) the Manas, what, died?? Were they entirly mechanical, like the Bohrok? 23No, the Manas are living creatures. They are no doubt still wandering the tunnels someplace..in fact, they may make an appearance before the end of this year.
246.) I am really confused on what level of technology the people of Matanui posess:At first glance, they seem primative. They live in uts of rock and dirt and plants. They use pack animals and use torches to light their streets. (At least in Ta-Koro.)But when you look deeper, they seem more advanced; they have welders, (like those used to make the Boxor,) they have mining machinery, they have telescopes, pumps, accurate maps, and now currency: ("Widgets" from MNOLG2) I know they've been busy fighting Rahi and Bohrok, but couldn't they be more advanced by now?? 25Hmmmm.. well, you make a good point. As you will find out soon, they were once more advanced... but like a people coming out of the dark ages, they need to rebuild their tech level using the very limited resources of the island (remember, they are not from Mata Nui originally).
26Thank you:::::~bjj6

11. What would happen if a 'Nuva' like the Toa Nuva or a Rahkshi was dipped in Protodermis, what would happen? 2Well, first, it would have to be the right kind of protodermis. And secondly, it would have to be their destiny to be evolved by it. So quite possibly nothing would happen.
32. What would happen if something other than a Toa or Kraata was dipped into Protodermis, like say, a Matoran accidentally finds the pools and falls in, what would happen? 4Nothing, unless it is his destiny to be changed by it.
53. How did Nuparu reprogram the Bohrok? Because I don't think Mata Nui has computers. :rolleyes: 6Well, the Bohrok obviously have to have some technology (I don't think they have computers either) that allowed them to receive instructions through the krana from the Bahrag. Nuparu simply changed this tech so it accepted voice commands from Matoran.
74. What would happen if a Kraata attempted to infect a Krana? 8My guess is the krana would get infected.
95. What would happen if a Kraata touched a Matoran's SKIN instead of his/her mask? 10Nothing.
116. If a Toa focused enough, could (s)he eliminate the will of the Krana and use its powers like a Kanohi? 12Hmmmmm.... no. The only way to access its power is to surrender to a swarm.
137. Do Matoran have blood? 14Don't know. They do have an organic component, but I have never seen one bleed.
158. When the Krana were buried, would they die eventually, or stay alive or in stasis until some foolhardy cool dude dug them up again? 16Most likely they would gointo a form of hibernation.
179. Do the Toa hand the Turaga their Noble Masks before earning their Golden Masks? Because I saw the Toa use their Noble Masks in the MNOLG, but there's only six Kanohi slots on the Suvas. 18Yes.
1910. If the Rahkshi could think for themselves (which I doubt), would they revolt against Makuta because of their power? 20No. The kraata are a part of Makuta's substance. They would not revolt against him. it would be like attacking themselves.
2111. If Makuta knew that the immense damage the Rahkshi can do didn't eventually work its way to him, would he create MORE Rahkshi? 22He might.
2312. Is there a chance that Nuparu could reprogram the Bohrok AGAIN? 24Not really, they are all back in their nests. I don't think anyone wants to wake them up again.
2513. What would happen if Makuta rigged a Rahkshi with a Shadow Kraata? 26I doubt a kraata could spread infection through the armor. However, it would be a very strong and fast Rahkshi.
2714. What's the deal with the vial the Kraata was in in the MoL trailer? Is that how their bred? 28No, the kraata slithers up the tube to inhabit the Rahkshi armor. They are pulled from Makuta's substance.
2915. Do the Kraata have mouths in the movie? Because I thought I saw something that looked disturbingly like a lower jaw when the Kraata was wreathing in the vial. 30Oh, sort of... it's kind of a tentacled thing.
3116. When Makuta holds up the Kraata in the trailer, there's a face in the background. Is that the depictment of a possibly darker, more powerful evil, or is it just there for scary effect? 32I believe the face you are referring to is the giant stone Hau that is in Makuta's lair.
3317. Is the fact that Makuta looks like a corroded Toa in the movie have anything to do with production purposes (like why the Toa have hands)? 34Nope... it's for other reasons.
3518. Can the Ussanui run without a Kraata plugged into it? 36No.
3719. Is there any significance to why the Ussanui sounds like 'Ussal Nui?' 38Not that I know of, but I didn't comeup with the name.
3920. Will the Vahi be used again? 40Yes, most likely.
4121. You told someone that if Tahu lost control over the Vahi, the past and future would exist simotaneously. What does that mean? Is it something like...
43~gestures to olda Takua~
44Meet Takua.
45~gestures to '03 Takua~
46that? 47It would mean that while the Toa were fighting the Bohrok-Kal, other Toa would be fighting the Rahi at the same time. And since you can't exist in two places at once, it's very likely the timestream would have ceased to exist.
4822. Now that Kohlii's the new kick, what'll happen to Koli? 49Kolhii is simply a new name for koli, and there are many different types of kolhii.
5023. What would happen if a Toa took another Toa's mask instead of using his or her copy of the mask? Let's say, for example, Lewa steals Pohatu's mask and puts it on. What would happen? Would it give him super-speed? Or would it do nothing? 51When masks are not being worn, they are gray and can be used by anyone. If Pohatu takes his brown mask of speed off, it would turn gray and Lewa could put it on and have it turn green.
5224. Does the Kanohi Nuva's effects only work on everyone within a certain range? Because I noticed that every time a Kanohi Nuva's effect work on all six Nuva, everyone was within viewing distance of each other (meaning they were in each other's range of vision). 53They don't have to actually be in sight, but yes, they do have to be relatively close. You can't use a Hau to protect someone on the other side of the island, for example.
5425. Is the telescopic vision thing that Matoro used in the MNOLG a Kanohi power, or a technical perk? 55Not sure... didn't see it done. As far as I know, Matoran Kanohi have no power, but at the time MNOLG was written, that may not have been established.
5626. How fast do Kraata move alone? So fast that I would have to slam a car to 100 MPH to escape it, or so slow I could pace to another room and close the door behind me to escape it? 57They move like really fast snakes.
5827. How tall is a Rahkshi in comparison to a human? 59Ohhhh... maybe 9 feet tall.
6028. In a pic on Mod, there was a tablet that showed something like a Krana evolve into something like a Matoran, then into a Turaga, then into a Toa (more speficially, Kopaka) to a Bohrok, to something that looks vaguely like the Bahrag Spider. Does this have any significance? Or was it made for our creative little minds to spawn various theories of evolution? 61As far as I know, it was an early concept drawing that does not have major significance. Matoran do not come from krana.
6229. Do you like getting all these questions? I mean, between this and being the famous Redini from the mag, you must have SOME opinion on them. 63I don't mind them.. there are only a few people who don't ask politely.
6430. In the movie, since the Kanohi have mouths now, are they still removable masks (fueled by Mask of Light), or are they actually part of the face now? 65Actually, if you watch carefully, you see that some of the Toa have jaws that move behind the mask. So the actual mouth, while it is capable of making the mask "mouth" move, is not a part of the mask.

66these are my Q&A's from Greg. Now we know how tall a Rahkshi is: Very tall.
1I have a few questions for you Greg. 21:Is there a King Bahrag? 3No.
42:Will you give me a very tiny hint on what happens after the movie? 5Nope.
63:Will we ever see the Rahkshi Kaita in the movie or comics? 7Yes.
84:How big of a role will the kraata play in the comics and movie? 9Oh, well, they are in it a lot.
105:How long will the bionicle saga go? 11As long as the toys sell
126:Will there ever be a new form of toa? 13Anything is possible.
14I would really appreciate it if you could answer my question.

1If there are 252 Kraata with six colors, than 252 divided by 6 is... 42 Kraata types: Thank of all the Rahkshi... (starts drooling)
21. What kind of powers would the other "crossbreed" Kraata have if they were dipped in Protodermis and transformed into Rahkshi?

32. Like the questions above, what kind of colors would they all have? Some possibilities that ome to mind are purple, teal and orange, and light "noble mask" colors.
43. Will these supposed "other Rahkshi" ever be introduced into sets? I personally doubt it, since LEGO would have to produce 42 different Rahkshi.
5I really can't answer 1-3, because at this point I don't know what the colors of kraata are (I am still waiting on a list from Denmark), and I didn't even know there were more than 36 until last week. So I haven't had time to figure out what powers they would have, etc.
64. Do all types of Kraata turn neon purple when they go into the 7th stage? 7Yes, all shadow kraata are purple as far as I know.
85. Do the Matoran have computers? In the MNOLG, I have seen miners with little "palmpilots." How advanced are Matoran naturally, because I know Turaga are pretty advanced, making stasis chambers and knowing all of the prophecies.
9No, they don't have computers. Keep in mind that when MNOLG was written, a lot of things about the BIONICLE universe had not been nailed down yet. (They had taxi stands in MNOLG, too, and you haven't seen anything like that anywhere else.) They were, at one time, more tech-oriented than they are now, but that was before they came to Mata Nui.
1Here are the questions i asked. 21)What are the names of other islands? 3GF:No idea 42)what are the powers of the six new kahoni for next year and where do they come from? 5GF:can't answer 63)What kind of future baddies will we see? 7GF:can't answer 2004 storyline questions 84)Will there be another master builder set? 9GF:none planned. 105)What are the pegs on the sides of TakaNuva's hand for? GF:Maybe for holding his tool, but not sure. 116)Will there ever be machinery set (besides the boxor)? 12GF:Nothing possible 137)Would it be possible for just 2 toa to fuse? 14GF:I suppose it's possible,not sure what would result though. 158)Will there be another chance soon to become a protosquad member? GF:Yes,possibly next year. 169)Why were Takua's feet changed blue? 17GF:I don't know it was a decision for the movie. 1810)Did all matoran upgrade or just a few? 19GF:All 2011)What were the shadow toas' powers? 21GF:They basically had the same powers as the toa they just used them for evil.They are in the first of the Bionicle novels out this year,I believe.
1Hi again: Got another set of questions:
21:Do kraata fly? 3No.
42:Can Makuta fly? 5If he assumed a form that flew, yes, he could.
63:Do the borohk-va have powers? 7Yes, minimal powers.
84:When will Takutanuva be released? 9August, I think.

105:How much will it cost? 11Don't know.
126:Why wasn't Hahlii at Toy Fair? 13No idea. I wasn't there either Maybe the prototype had not been produced yet.
147:Is the Ussanui made of fallen rahkshi? Because I thought you said that it was made from protodermis, and there is no silver rahkshi... 15It is made from Rahkshi and Bohrok parts... and just as with Great Masks, when you dismantle a Rahkshi, its parts lose their original colors.
168:Before you said that some of the voices in MoL did not fit what you imagined, which voices were they? 17Not going to go into that.
189:You answered someone who asked if you created any sets, and you answered "on my own? no" So, have you ever made any sets not on your own? 19No, I don't have the time to do MOCs. I am writing almost constantly, here or at home. I build sets from the instructions, but I don't do a lot of original building.
2010:If you answered yes, which sets were they?
2111:Will there ever be a lava-board set (besides Tahu Nuva's)? 22Not that I know of.
2312:Does the gukko bird have a name/gender? 24In the movie? I am sure it does have a gender, but it is never referred to in the film, nor is it given a name.
2513:Can Pewku fly? Because she looks like a beetle... 26No, Pewku is a crab.
2714:Can a krana get infected? 28Yes.
2915:Just to clear this up, could absolutely any kraata turn into a rahkshi? 30Yes.
31Thanks a lot:::::::::: :) 32-BF73
1I asked Greg a few more questions:
2Hi greg. Could you please answer these questions? Thank you.
3You said that the shadow kraata can communicate. Does this mean that they can talk in a way that the Matoran and Toa Nuva can understand? And does this ability pass on to the Rahkshi they operate?
4Rahkshi can't communicate, they are suits of armor. If the kraata inside can communicate, then that is what talks. And yes, Matoran can understand shadow kraata.
5You said that you wrote the Kolhii rules that were put up on MNOLG2. Did you write the history of Kolhii too?
6I didn't write either. The kolhii rules were written by other members of the story team some time ago.
7What's going to happen to the Bahrag? Will they keep the energy they were given by the Xa-Kal? Or will they just get weaker and weaker until they die?
8They aren't organically-based, so they can't starve. They will just stay imprisoned.
9And what happens to the Bohrok Va? Will they keep roaming Mata Nui, will the Matoran catch and disable them, or are they already out of commision? If so, how?
10The Va returned to the nests when the Bohrok did.
11-Master of the Rahkshi

11)arent the toa the least bit agrivated at the turaga for not informing them about prophicies untill something really bad happens? 2Yes, the sure are. 32)what are the difference between Panrahks and Gurahks power? 4Panrahk makes things explode... Guurahk makes them crumble into fragments. 53)whats the difference between Onua and Pohatu's power? 6Onua controls the earth and soil... Pohatu controls stone only. 74)whats so special about the shadow kratta? 8The shadow kraata is able to infect Kanohi from a distance -- it does not have to touch them. 95)how long[in matoran time does it take for a kratta to evole into a rahkshi? 10We don't have a precise measure, but I would say months at the very least.
116)If the kratta is removed from the rahkshi armour,would another kratta be able to come and "pilot" it? 12If another kraata of the same species entered it, yes. If a kraata of a different species entered it, it would not work right.
137)after the kratta evolves into the Rahkshi,is it still a setinent thinker,or idoes it become mindless armour the bohrok? 14The kraata who actually becomes the Rahkshi transforms into an inorganic substance and is no longer capable of thought.
158)why is the sky blue?XD 16Because green would look stupid. 179)why does makuta refer to the toa as "products of protodermis"? 18Because protodermis turned them into the Nuva. 19thanks in advance:
1Hello again Greg,
2Hope that you can aswer most of these.
41)  You said in an answer to a question, that it was the Toa's combinding of powers against the Bahrag that made Protodermis, that caused them to change.  Does this mean that protodermis is a combination of all 6 elements? 5Well, we know that the six elements combined did form liquid protodermis, so it's possible. But I hesitate to say YES, because there is a lot that even I do not know yet about the nature of protodermis.
62)  IF a Toa died, wouldn't there be an elemental un-blalance on Mata Nui? 7No, I don't think so. It's not like you need all six to keep the island afloat.
83)  Assuming that the Toa HAD combined their forces against Makuta, like they did against the Bahrag, what would have happened? 9My guess is Makuta is a lot more powerful than the Bahrag and would have just smashed the cage.
104)  Could the Toa have been able to defeat Makuta without being Nuva, or without the Toa of Light? 11I don't think they could have handled the Rahkshi without being Nuva, and you really did need the TOL to handle Makuta.
125)  Assuming that they COULD have beaten Makuta without the TOL's help, what would have happened then? 13Well, if they did, then the same thing that happens at the end of this year's movie
146)  Ok, in answer to another question, you once said that if you touched that maw thingy behind Makuta (seen only in updates, I think), that something bad would happen....  This is a theroy of mine:  The Toa of Light touches the maw, and is asorbed into Makuta, hence Makutanu (or whatever it was.  ) 15So, I suspect that you can't answer it, but is this a reasonable theroy? 16You mean the void? No, the void has nothing to do with their merging.
177)  If Makuta has the Kraata, which are part of his essence, does that mean that when he sends out Kraata, he essentially spreads himself over the island? 18Yes.
198)  Ok, if the TOL combinds with Makuta.... who's in control of the body? 20They both are.
219) You said that the Matoran CAN evolve into Turga if they want....  what happens if there is already a Turga? 22Again, this only happens if it is the Matoran's destiny, and there is a long road between Matoran and Turaga. You will learn more next year.

2310)  In your opinion, what (or who) is the most dangerous in every "class".  Like, a Muaka is deadlier than a Nui-Rama.  And a Tahnok is deadlier than a Kohrak. 24Oh, gee... well, I have always considered the Manas to be the nastiest Rahi, probably followed by Muaka.. to me, Nuhvok-Kal is the most dangerous Bohrok-Kal... again, my opinion, Lehrak is the most dangerous Rahkshi, I think... as for the Bohrok, not sure. Is fire necessarily more dangerous than ice?
2511)  If the Matoran spoke.. uh.... Matoran? without you changing it into english, what would it sound like?  (In YOUR opininon, like French, Spanish, Greek)  (Ok, silly question, but I was wondering) 26lol, I am not sure, but pretty cool question to ponder.
2712)  What would happen if a Toa put a Krana on now?  Would it take over their mind, or would it just go *bzzzttt* 28I don't think it would do much, because the krana are cut off from the signals from the Bahrag.
2913)  Question that I have been wondering for a while.  Why does the mask getting knocked off make the Toa so weak?  They still have their elemental powers...  Is the mask like a battery?  Or is the air/sun/whatever of Mata-Nui deadly to their faces, and that causes them to slow down? 30It's more the first answer... the mask provides a lot of energy. If, for example, you take a Matoran's mask off for a LONG period of time (not just a few seconds or a minute), the Matoran shuts down.
3114)  In the Nuva masks, the power is shared.  So, I was wondering, is that power shared by who the owner wants it to be shared, or by whoever knows how to tap into the power? 32The Toa can use it to affect others around him who are not Toa. If you are wearing a Hau Nuva and have a Matoran nearby, you can protect the Matoran, because the Matoran is not using the power.. you are, and just sharing it.
3315)  Again, with the sharing, is the power lessened over distance, or is it, when you hit a certant distance, the power just cuts off? 34The latter
3516)  Another one with the sharing:  Onua Nuva, with his mask, is the strongest of the Toa Nuva, right?  So, if Onua challened Pohatu to a stregnth contest, where both could share the power, who would win? 36I would assume it would be a stalemate.
3717)  Which set, including the future ones, is your favorite? 38lol, you're not getting me to talk about future ones that way
3918)  Has anyone on BZP ever flamed you? (just wondering) 40No, just a few people have been impolite
4119)  Which (without mask powers figured in) of the toa is the strongest/fastest? 42I would imagine Lewa is the fastest (in the trees, anyway), and probably Onua is the strongest.
4320)  WHY does Makuta want the villagers to worship him?  Is it because he's jealous, he gains power from their worship, or is this a question that should be asked later? 44He doesn't want worship.. he wants them to obey, for his own reasons.
4521)  Why didn't Makuta destroy the Toa when he had the change? (In the cave)  Well, besides a storyline point,    But seriously, he could have squashed them, and then his troubles would have been over: 46Because when he first faced them, he didn't believe they really were Toa, and he didn't believe they could defeat him. When they did, he had to retreat to regain his energy.
4722)  In MNOLGII, the Matoran use currency called "widgets".  Do you know anything about this? 48No, that is something new with MNOLG2.
4923)  Are the creatures of Mata Nui made of metal?  If so, who made then? 50No they are made of protodermis.
5124)  With the new form, do the Matoran gain anything, other than just stregnth and such? 52No
5325)  Where did they get the pieces for the new forms?  Fallen bohrok again? 54No, protodermis
5526)  IF we ever see the Bohrok again, will they be friends or foes?  With the Nuva's powers, the bohrok would be a piece of cake. 56Don't know
5727)  The Bahrag:  Are they good or evil.  And in their own eyes. 58They are good in their own eyes. They have a job to do and they are doing it
5928)  I have a theroy that Mata Nui (the island) was perpetually a barren place, much like Po-Whai.  The Bohrok kept it that way, and the Bahrag liked it.  Then, Mata Nui (The "god") came, and caused the Bahrag to fall asleep, and hid the Bohrok away.  This was because he knew that he was going to leave someday, or whatever, and he didn't want them to harm his people.  However, he made it so that when he left, they would wake again.  Makuta came, kicked Mata Nui.  After the toa beat him, he broke the spell, and the Bahrag woke up, and started clearing the island...  (Wow... long. ) 60Is THIS a reasonable theroy? 61No, the Bohrok never inhabited Mata Nui. Mata Nui was unihabited before the Matoran came.
6229)  These are not Bioni related:  How many comic books do you have? 63About 28 long boxes worth.
6430)  What is your favorite comic book?  (Like "X-men", "Spiderman") 65Avengers
6631)  If it takes 2 or 3 years to finish 1 book in the bionicle stage, and you do all seven, won't you be able to retire by then?  (14-21 years....) 67Some books are shorter than others
6832)  What is your favorite movie? 69Too many to list
7033)  Do you have any pets, and if so, what are they?  (I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 fish. ) 71Ok, so the last 5 were things I was just wondering.  72I have a cat
73Thanks for helping us poor addicted fans. 

75Question 17, and 2 I re-sent, with a better question point. :P I'll have those up as soon as he answers those.
76Well, you have a point, without all six they would not be able to join their powers to produce protodermis. There would have needed to be a new Toa of (insert element here), or they would have had to find another way to win.
77My favorite BIONICLE sets are the exo-Toa, the Rahkshi, Makuta, and the Ussanui.

1I know you are very busy awnsering questions, but I also have two questions:
21) Mnolg 1 was updated everytime in a month. Will Mnolg 2 be updated a month after its public release, or will Mnolg 2 be updated when it is released in the public? 3I'll have to ask the web producer, I really have no involvement in MNOLG2.
42) I know that you cant say anything about the 2004 Storyline, but will it be about the past of the Turaga? 5Can't answer it, sorry.
6Thank you for your time: :)

1I have some more questions for you now. Hope you can answer them.
21. Why'd they name the black Rahkshi " Vo rahk" when it should be " Nuh rahk" or " Onu rahk"?
32. Same thing, but with " Tu rahk", " Pan rahk", " Ku rahk" and " Guu rahk".
4The Bohrok had the names they did because they are, in some way, connected to the villages (actually, they are connected to what existed before the villages). They were not a creation of Makuta. Makuta created the Rahkshi, and so had no need to follow the naming conventions of the Matoran.
53. Do you know if either the Kal, Kal-look-alikes, more Kal, or the Kal's elemental powers will return?
6No, there aren't any plans to bring them back.
74. Why only six Rahkshi? I know he's imtimidaded to make more, but how?
8First, Makuta produces the kraata from his own substance, so he can only do so many at one time. Second, six Rahkshi manage to kick Toa butt across the island, so you really don't need more than six. (And, on a practical note, if there were 15 or 50 Rahkshi, we would have to ask fans to buy all of them to complete the collection, which would be a lot of money and people would probably get angry at us.)
95. Read this topic of mine. Then tell me what you think, know, or just give up the secrecy. :rolleyes:
10No, the "Nui" in Mata Nui does not refer to there being six of anything, as far as I know.
116. You said that Matoran do not have enough will to fuction a Great Mask. What about Noble Masks? Will they just not work, will they work, or will they partly work? (Like half-invisible, night vision to a certain point, etc.) 12No, they won't work for a Matoran.
137. Same as previous, but about Turaga using Great Masks. 14Turaga simply would not be able to handle the power levels of a Great Mask. Not only would they not be able to get it to function correctly, but it might even be unhealthy to try (like plugging something into a socket with too much voltage for the device).
15That's it for now:

1QUOTE 2fisrt of all, id like to thank you for your time.
3Now for the question. I thought that you said makuta didnt send the bohrok and kal but in Comic 12, makuta said that he sent them himself. Is it an error?

4Makuta unleashed the Bohrok early, but he did not create them. All he had to do was send them a signal, which was not due to be sent yet. They were doing their job, not working directly for him. The Kal came out automatically when the Bahrag were defeated.
1QUOTE 2Hi: i have prepared some question:: 31. mask of shadow is a kanohi? or it's infected? 4It's a Kanohi, and does not need to be infected, Makuta is already wearing it.
52. why don't Turaga give the gift to Matoran before toa arrive? 6Because they did not feel the Matoran needed it to deal with Rahi. 73. Why don't mukuta infected all people before toa arrive? 8He tried. 94. Why don't mukuta stand with bahrag ?(attack mata nui together?) do they have relationship? 10No, they don't. The Bahrag were not attacking Mata Nui.. they were simply trying to restore it to what it was before. Makuta used them against the Toa, but they don't even know who Makuta is, most likely.
115. can Turaga use toa's mask? 12No. 136. can Toa use Turaga's mask? 14Yes. 157. can mask of light be infected? if not, why? 16Sure it could. 178. are there another noble mask like mol or mot? 18No. 199. where is mata nui exist? a planet? 20Well, it is on a planet, but we are not saying where. 21i'm looking forward to receiving your reply
11. Has the story team disussed what kind of Rahkshi the other "misprint" Kraata will turn into once Rahkshized, what the names, powers and colors are? 2No, because we don't have plans to produce Rahkshi product beyond those six. So while I may come up with a list of powers later on to match the colors, it probably won't be a priority of the team.
32. Are the Shadow Kraata included in the list of 252? Because if that is true, there would be 36 possible Rahkshi combos instead of 42. 4Not sure.
53. Why did Makuta make the six Rahkshi he chose over the other possible Rahkshi? 6Because he felt these six were the best to get the job done.
1Here's a truck load::
2Howdy Greg:

49. Do the Toa hand the Turaga their Noble Masks before earning their Golden Masks? Because I saw the Toa use their Noble Masks in the MNOLG, but there's only six Kanohi slots on the Suvas. 5Yes.

6But how can this be? In the Bionicle.com update, "Hafu Saved in Daring Rescue," Pohatu, (who has his GOLD mask,) uses the Komau. (To save the day, I might add.)
7I don't know, I'll ask. I am not sure why he would use a Noble Mask when he has a gold mask on.
82.) Are there REALLY 252 different kinds of Kraata? Or are there just 252 individual Kraata? Because if there are 252 kinds of Kraata, good luck thinking up 252 powers, brother:: 9No, there are 252 individual kraata.
103.) Could you explain the difference between Guurahk's power and Panrahk's power for me? 11Panrahk makes things explode. Guurahk makes them crack and crumble into fragments.
124.) I saw you say that there are different kinds of protodermus? Is this something you could share with us at this time? 13No, but you will learn all about it in '04.
145.) Now, this is not an insult, I'd never do anything to make you mad after you've so kindly answered all of my questions: But just a suggestion: I see very often that you say "I havn't seen it," when people ask about the scenes from the MNOLG and all that. Heaven knows you are a busy man doing important work for all of us fans: But maybe you should set aside some time to go to Chronicle: Episodes section on Bionicle.com and watch the clips. Then go to the Chronicle: Updates section and find the ones with videos and watch them. Please, I don't mean to make you mad, I just thought it might help you answer some questions: *Please don't hurt me, all-knowing-Greg:* 15I would love to get all the way through MNOLG and MNOLG2, but frankly I have not had time. I am writing almost constantly these days, so while I agree it is important, it is just something I have not gotten to yet.
16Thanks so much, bjj6

17OK Greg, I'm making and oath right now. I won't PM you with silly questions for at least a week after this:
181.) There's been a lot of speculation about what happens to a Matoran if his mask is removed. Well, I was just watching the "Le-Koro Liberated" online update, and Tamaru voluntarily removed his mask to taunt the Nuhvok. What's up with that? 19I actually asked the web producer about that, and she pointed out that youhave never seen a Matoran remove his mask except for a very brief period. It is having it off for an extended period that causes a problem.
202.) Did you ever find out how many Matoran live in each village? I remember you saying 12 once, but there has to be many more than that. I was just wondering, because in the Ga-Koro updates I saw a Ga-Koronan with a Komau, and I didn't see her in the MNOLG2. 21The original thing I heard was 72 total, but that has since been amended based on our last story meeting. As you will see in the movie, there are large crowd scenes of Matoran.
22Thank you so much Greg, I wish I could do something for you: (Besides not asking any more questions, lol.)~bjj6

23I know I said I wouldn't ask you for a week, but I just got some answers from you and I gotta know:

24"5.) What's the deal with the Manas? When the Toa Kaita destroyed the generator things, (they were generators?) the Manas, what, died?? Were they entirly mechanical, like the Bohrok? 25No, the Manas are living creatures. They are no doubt still wandering the tunnels someplace..in fact, they may make an appearance before the end of this year."

261.) Okay, but what were those mechanical things the Toa Kaita destroyed? And why did the Manas de-activate when they were destroyed? 27The Manas were biomechanical like everything else (almost) on Mata Nui. And they weren't destroyed, because we don't destroy things in BIONICLE -- it is not LEGO values. They were defeated by intense cold.
282.) What ever happened to the (evil?) Matoran that was selling the Infected Comet Kohlii balls?? 29He's still around.
30Thank you x1000: You're the best: ~bjj6

11.what exactly is the bahrag's job ? 2To return Mata Nui to what it was in the before time.
32.If makuta "woke up" the bohrok,when exactly where they sopposed to wake up? 4When there was no one inhabiting the island.
53.what exactly are the bahrag?mutant bohrok? 6No, they are queens of the Bohrok, like queen bees.
74.who told the bahrag to do their job? 8Their creators.
95.will makuta ever leave? 10Not by choice.